akitaya japanese restaurant

The Akitaya Japanese Restaurant is probably one of the oldest Japanese restaurants near the Little Tokyo area stretch of Mile Long along Amorsolo St. Makati. I was on my way to my favorite Japanese restaurant Jyukai, when I chanced upon the sign board of Akitaya Japanese Restaurant. The sign board[…]

Akitaya Japanese Restaurant


The other day while I was walking along Rufino St corner Amorsolo in Legaspi Village, Makati City, I decided to stop by and see my old favorite Sango burger place but I was surprised to see that a place called Yokohama Ramen has replaced Sango. I tried going there with[…]

Yokohama Ramen: Yoshida Seimen

Just now I have arrived from attending the wake of the family of Janine Ray Manzanida, a 23-year old nurse who was coming home from work one fateful morning when drunk driver Luis Assistio III, grandson of former congressman Baby Assistio, flipped his Montero over and landed right on top[…]

The tragedy of Janine Manzanida