If you haven’t been to Ramen Daisho in a while, this would be a perfect time. The Japanese owners have been making significant improvements to the food while also offering new items on the menu. The reason why their ramen is good is because of the Ukokkei broth. Ukokkei chicken[…]

The new improved Ramen Daisho


After some of his stolen pictures were uploaded on Facebook, Mr Christopher Sengseng, an employee of KFC along NLEX, became an instant Internet sensation. More for his good looks than his ability to serve gravy, Mr. Sengseng has been noticed by thousands of women and men in all of cyberspace.[…]

The real Christopher Sengseng


I was given the privilege of doing a product review for CDR King’s Stark Hotpot Multicooker. It’s basically a multicooker because you can cook anything with it. I’ve made Paksiw na Bangus (milkfish cooked in vinegar), Beef Pares (thick beef broth) with noodles, Pork Adobo and even fried sausages, eggs,[…]

CDR King’s Stark Hotpot Cooker