Car aircon problems? Problem no more

Last February I went to a former Sanden aircon casa somewhere in the Shaw boulevard area at the behest of a friend. Some other mechanic in same city tried to dupe me into shelling out for a new compressor. So my aging Nissan Sentra needed some attention and I was there to give it, though I was hesitant in paying through the nose for parts and labor. Even when you thought you knew them…

Anyway, I had my expansion valve and drier replaced and all was well with the world. A month later, it started to conk out and eventually lose the ability to churn cool air. I was very disheartened, then angry, with the situation that I asked for my wife’s ATM because I wasn’tpayday yet. I was expecting to spend around 5k or more, as car aircon shops tend to bleed their customers dry, but I was delightfully surprised that my woes were ended with 600 pesos.

Introducing, Mario Reyes aircon shop at 146 Fort Santiago St., Bago Bantay, Quezon City phone number 9201708. When I got there, they checked it and told me that there was nothing to replace except that the evaporator and its assembly needed to be removed from the car. Mang Mario was excellent with his work, as usual, and pointed out that all I needed was a good cleaning. The joints were not so tightly fitted, thus the leak. Mario’s boys fixed it really good that when I tested it, I was overjoyed.

For those on the lookout for a cheap aircon repair shop this summer, please give Mang Mario a call. Below is a map taken from the website. Enjoy your summer.


  1. storm says:

    My boyfriend took his truck for repairs last month. So now he got his truck back from being fixed: 2 heater hoses! Would you believe that there were no heater hoses in all of Hawaii that would fit, so they had to air freight them in!

  2. satisfy_u says:

    hey, writing a blog bout my dad’s shop won’t hurt will it?! hehehe…paulo

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