Laguna’s foodie haven: The Kanin Club


The final leg of the Tagaytay food tour with Verdana Homes and Anton Diaz was capped by a sumptuous dinner at Paseo de Sta. Rosa’s The Kanin Club in Laguna. This was first time to dine at this restaurant and after doing a quick search on the Internet, I realized that this is very popular among amateur and professional foodies.


Seen here is the couple who own the restaurant. For inquiries, Kanin Club can be contacted via email ([email protected]), via telephone at their Alabang branch (771-1400) or the Paseo de Sta Rosa branch (049-5440332).

Kanin Club has several ways of serving rice. This is their version of Yang Chow.


For the indulgent, there is Aligue Rice, rice stir-fried in crab fat.


Their liempo (pork belly) was deep-fried until crunchy. This is truly the best Liempo I have ever had.


Asian green mango salad with coriander. So very good.


Sinigang na Tadyang or beef ribs in sour broth. Unbelievable.


Tahong or mussels. Yummy!


Crispy Tenga or deep-fried pig ears. Heavenly!


Chicken Curry. Wow!


Sitaw at Sigarilyas Guisado or sauteed string beans and winged beans with beef flakes and sesame seeds. Quite a mouthful indeed!


Seafood Kare-kare or seafood and vegetables in peanut sauce. A Kanin Club signature dish.



Crispy Dinuguan or pork innards in blood stew. My personal favorite!


The king of Turon! Kanin Club has taken the traditional wrapped banana dessert by adding ube (purple yam), macapuno (sweetened young coconut strips), langka (jackfruit strips) and mongo (red beans). Topped with sesame seeds and made ala mode by accompanying the dish with a generous scoop of Arce Dairy Ube ice cream. Nothing else beats the king of Turon!



Stop drooling. Take the family to Kanin Club and taste these foodie goodies now!


  1. Laarni says:

    YUMMY!!! 😀

  2. Arpee says:

    to Laarni: yes it really is yummy! thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. nina says:

    You know, I really hate reading about that food tour or having to blog about it. It reminds me of all those awesome food that I’m not eating at the moment -_-

  4. Prudence says:

    I want that King of Turon!

  5. Arpee says:

    to nina: well good memories deserve to be remembered. so we can relive them all over again. that was a really good food tour, wasn’t it?

    to prudence: you can actually do that king of turon thingy at your home. i read in someone’s blog that it would taste better if you used filo dough pastry instead of lumpia wrapper. i’m actually gonna try it one of these days.

  6. Mercy says:

    These are native dishes that dont look native to me…innovations indeed…

  7. Arpee says:

    to mercy: true, they’re giving traditional favorites an international twist.

  8. Hiro says:

    the crispy tenga looks delish…

  9. Rey says:

    Hi I added a link to your Kanin Club post at the KC Facebook group page

  10. Arpee says:

    to rey: thanks a bunch!

  11. u8mypinkcookies says:

    ove the sinigang na tadyang and seafood salpicao!

  12. u8mypinkcookies says:

    love the sinigang na tadyang and seafood salpicao!

  13. Arpee says:

    to u8mypinkcookies: the tadyang is enough to make me going back for more. incidentally, there’s another kanin club at the alabang area. do check it out!

  14. peach says:

    i want seafood kare kare…

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