The Cake Club


The Diamond Hotel finally let’s us all eat cake with the opening of The Cake Club, a dessert oasis smack in the middle of Power Plant mall’s Archaeology area at the second floor. The Diamond Hotel’s Executive Sous Chef Melchor Taylo and Pastry Chef Rodel Galvez have painstakingly brought their wonderful creations nearer to non-Manila residents, and now, you can even enjoy these dessert masterpieces at your own party as Cake Club caterers bring these to you through their fleet of refrigerated vans. You can have your own Cake Club party by calling the Diamond Hotel at 528-3000 or 526-2255.


What can you get by going to the Cake Club? The best cakes and desserts that the Diamond Hotel has been famous for! Remember their ensaymada? For me, their ensaymada is the best around, but a visit to the Cake Club should you give you more than just one or two specialty items. You should sample the entire collection. Just look at these cakes!





This is the “mystery cake” that was used for a game that required us all to taste the cake and tell which nuts were part of the cake. Definitely it had walnuts.


More cakes!






They were nice enough to have fed us before the program.


And everyone was really happy about it!


Including the bloggers…


And the manager.


Interested parties may call Diamond Hotel at +632 528-3000 or +632 526-2255.


  1. Bambi says:

    hey arpee! nice meeting you all! yeah im super bundat from the dessert but yum yum!

    will post the entry soon. I grabbed pala our pic… if it’s okay for my personal multiply page. 🙂

  2. Arpee says:

    to bambi: thanks a bunch for gracing my blog! the girls learned so much from you last night, and so did i. go ahead and grab the pic you want. will wait for your post too! it was nice meeting you too. see you in the next event.

  3. ajay says:

    wow! ang bilis mag-post;) nice seeing you and your wifey, Arpee. (sorry, couldn’t see your photos from here. Flickr is blocked in our office.)

  4. Arpee says:

    to ajay: too bad you couldn’t see the pics. di bale, i’m sure you can view when you get home. it was really nice to see you again!

  5. Bambi says:

    check my food blog at 🙂 i even had the cheesecake for breakfast. my mom finished her slice nga eh!

  6. Bambi says:

    and it was my pleasure to teach the girls a thing or two about makeup and beauty. when we see each other again promise there’ll be more. i want nga to conduct a makeup seminar but I’m looking for a venue na hindi mahal.

  7. ayi says:

    sarap-sarap nman nyan..tulo laway ko eh!!

  8. Arpee says:

    to ayi: that’s why you should come home this christmas

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