A visit to the Bulalo Republic


Yes, there is such a place. Along DRT Highway in Baliuag, Bulacan, is a dining place frequented by locals and tourists alike. Aside from the good food and cozy ambiance, the serving staff have a novelty of their own that keep customers coming back. The waiters are dressed as policemen, Meralco linemen, SWAT officers and paramedics, each with his own bag of tricks to keep you entertained and make you dig deeper into your pockets for more substantial gratuities at the end of your meal. For speedy service and entertainment, the good food becomes a bonus. I wouldn’t mind chucking a heavy chunk o’ change.


Admittedly, the place is not easy to find. It is along the highway to Nueva Ecija, which they now call the DRT Highway. It’s after Jollibee Pulilan and before the Tarcan bridge. If you cross Tarcan bridge, then you would have missed it. The photo above was taken facing south, to Manila. In any case, if you want to dine here, give them a call and they’ll give you better instructions. If you’re in the Bulacan area, just dial 673-4981from your Smart cell phone. From any other phone network, you need to dial 044-673-4981. By the way, look for Glenda when you call. I think she’s the manager.


There’s a lot of parking space when you get here. If you’re coming by public transport, all jeepney and bus drivers passing through this route know about this place. So it’s actually easier if you go by bus. From their Cubao stations, you can take any bus that goes to Cabanatuan (Baliuag Transit buses know this place by heart) and you can alight right in front of the restaurant. Going back to Manila is just as easy. Cross the street and board any bus that has “Manila” in its signboard.


The cooks are all uniformed as correctional inmates while the kitchen area is decorated like a jail. Probably because the cooks never go out to meet the diners so they’re very much “imprisoned” in the kitchen. I personally liked this idea.


Aside from the main dining hall, you can always have your food served in any of these individual huts for groups larger than eight people. Laugh and cajole to your heart’s delight without having to worry about disturbing other diners. I heard this place is so beautiful at night.


Meet the staff! They have a cop, who will make sure you have the right to remain silent when your mouth is full, a Baliuag transit bus ticket inspector, who’ll make sure they get your order right, a paramedics guy, who’ll serve your food with the utmost urgency and efficiency, and SWAT (actually the letters on his cap spelled “SWAK”), who will make sure the wait doesn’t keep appetite hostage. There are also waiters in sailor, seaman and MERALCO lineman uniforms. They’re funny, witty and very efficient. The cashier wears a girl scout uniform while the manager wear as public school teacher’s uniform. How can you go wrong with that?


The medium bulalo costs P275.00 (US$6.11) per order but is big enough for four hungry people. Most of their orders come in three sizes, regular (for two people), medium (for four people) and large (for six people). It is a restaurant to be visited by the whole family.


Aside from bulalo, they have several other dishes to enjoy. I think this place is perfect for the balikbayan (guests of relatives from abroad). Bring them here and have a great time.


  1. Alexei says:

    high blood waiting to happen! but… yum!!!

  2. lady cess says:

    if i’m not mistaken, this resto was featured on tv…. the bulalo looks yummy! i love bulalo!

  3. anya says:

    been visiting your site for ages pero ngayon lang ako nagkalakas loob na magreply, sarap kasi ng bulalo eh.

  4. ryan says:

    wow! mukhang ang sarap-sarap ng bulalo na yan arpee. tulo laway ko. =D

  5. mercy says:

    Hey, I passed by this place numerous times i did not know it’s interior looks like this. definitely a must-see..

  6. Arpee says:

    to alexei: in moderation, there will be more bulalo days to come.

    to lady cess: the staff never told me about them being featured on tv, but i’m pretty sure they have been noticed by the press.

    to anya: thanks a bunch for visiting my site! please do comment as often as you can. i appreciate all comments, good or bad. thanks again.

    to ryan: the bulalo tasted better than it looked. really.

    to mercy: then do stop by the next time you’re in the neighborhood.

    thanks a lot for gracing my blog!

  7. patrick says:

    nice to see and hear about places you think dont exist but still there is such a place…

  8. alvi says:


  9. rosstec says:

    just saw it at jessica soho show… great concept…i must be ready for some heart burn…whehehe

  10. Glock22 says:

    ang sarap!kapapanood ko lang nito sa jessica soho reports,gma pinoy tv!hehehe.kakain ako dito pag-uwi ko ng pinas!

  11. Shiela Marie j. Galang says:

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  12. maricon garcia says:

    na try ko na kumain dyan, at talagang masarap.mas enjoy kumain dyan pag gabi parang romantic.hehehe.
    the best!!!! gusto ko ulit bumalik dyan..

  13. sherill castro says:

    love it!! the place is so nice, the food is so good yummy talaga ng bulalo nila!! try it too!

  14. sherill castro says:

    by the way…are you OPEN today? BUlaLO rep!

  15. Myra says:

    ask ko lng po on how to get there if i’m from nlex (malinta exit) wat exit shud i enter!? bocaue exit po ba? o pulilan exit? is it along the hway po b?

    • Arpee says:

      it along the the maharlika highway so exit ka ng either sta rita or pulilan and go straight along maharlika highway until baliuag. or you can go to the pasay branch too

  16. alvi cruz says:

    it’s more on SEAFOOD PALUTO, but also served TEMPTING BULALO… 09162183558 / 8361767 look for Mr. Alvi Cruz. also accepting RESERVATION for all SPECIAL OCCASIONS.

  17. ronel brutas says:

    are u open for franchising? i’d luv to put up one of the best bulalo here in Naga City Bicol..thank you

  18. Nick O. Somera says:

    Craving for Bulalo!!! Do you have any branch located in Manila or Makati?

  19. Jim BAto says:

    Hey Bobeth, this is BATO.. how are you my friend.. Long time no chat.. I will see you soon.

  20. mamimhyne says:

    I live in Baliuag Bulacan, but im working here in Manila, so excited to try mouth watering foods at bulalo republic =)
    actually i bought discount coupons worth 400 plus. It’s a very nice deal, hope to be there soon with my friends. I wanna try first the main branch before going in other branch here in pasay.

  21. Maricell says:

    pano po papunta dyan pag commute from monumento? thanks.

  22. Masarap dito! 🙂 Pero di na sila nakadamit ng tulad ng sinabi. Sarap ng Bulalo ! 🙂

  23. LESLIE says:

    hi..po…,wala po bang swot analysis ang bulalo republic..??

  24. mahlen says:

    if u think their bulalo is gooo then u havent tasted too many bulalo.it wud not make my list of good bulalo. sorry.

  25. rene simbulan says:

    musta po boss bobbet! miss ko na bulalo rep. pwede po mag re apply?

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