How to best enjoy eating at Kamay Kainan

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Priced at P244.00 (US$ 4.88) per person, Kamay Kainan is probably one of the cheapest buffet restaurants in Metro Manila. Down South, there are cheaper buffets, but Kamay Kainan is known for serving mostly Tagalog or Kapampangan delicacies. The name means to eat with your hands, a practice as common to ancient Filipinos as it is now. We love to eat with our hands because it makes you eat heartier, without inhibitions, never coy, though sometimes messy more so for those who have never tried it.


Everybody loves to eat at buffet restaurants. It gives us the freedom of eating as much as we want, whatever we want, however we want. However, let’s all remember that food is sacred and should be treated with respect. It is sustenance that we put in our mouths and nourish our bodies, thus we must be careful when handling it in a buffet spread. Beware of chaffing dishes tend to be too close to each other that sometimes food will fall from one container to the other.


Things to remember when eating buffet style:

  1. Be patient. Buffets are not timed and there should be no mad rush to get to the food. Keep in mind that the food is replenished constantly, especially at Kamay Kainan. Take your sweet time so you can make the right choices and enjoy your money’s worth to the maximum.
  2. Always assist the children. When you are dining with your kids, teach them proper etiquette by setting a good example. Tell them to wait before the person in front is done getting food before they can get for themselves. Be on hand to assist them to prevent accidents, like spilling food on the table or on their clothes. Better yet, before leaving for the restaurant, explain to them that they have to be in their best behavior at all times. As a rule, it is not advisable to bring nursing babies to buffet restaurants. They can’t eat any of it anyway. Bring them when they are old enough to feed themselves.
  3. Do not leave the serving spoon in the food. This is a big no-no. Most buffet spreads have a small plate to hold the serving spoon after use. Put the serving spoon there rather than back on the chaffing dish.
  4. Be properly dressed. If you are wearing long sleeves, better roll them up before falling in line for the buffet. Your sleeves have a tendency to get on food while you are reaching for the serving spoon. If you are wearing a jacket, leave it at your table. Dropped sleeves tend to spread the mess on your clothes and contaminate the food.
  5. Do not pile food in your plate. Because it is a buffet, you are free to come back for seconds, thirds or as many times as you want. Try to not to put 7 or 10 different dishes in an eight-inch plate and make the noodles dangle from your plate. It’s uncool and unhygienic.
  6. Get only what you can eat, leaving the food spaced from each other so that the flavors do not mix.  You don’t want your spaghetti tasting like fish fillet in tartar sauce. This is also the reason why you should bring a clean plate to the buffet table when coming for seconds. Leave the dirty plate and expect the staff to have taken it out by the time you get back to your seat.
  7. Do not bring your cutlery while getting food at the buffet table. Not only will it be difficult for you to put food in your plate, consuming it while you’re in line is a complete no-no. It’s a little too savage, so better leave the forks and spoons on the table and dig in when you are properly seated.
  8. Treat the waiters with a little respect. They are decent employees who make our dining experience wonderful, but there is no need to treat them like slaves. Ask them nicely. Surely you will get the best service available.
  9. Avoid leftovers. Restaurants have rules that if there are leftovers, you will be charged double. Keep that in mind.
  10. Never touch the food. Food like rolls and breads, should not be touched with your bare hands. If in case you do, do the right thing and put them in your plate, rather than putting them back and touching the others while choosing.
  11. Wash your hands before eating.  This is for purposes of sanitation and disease prevention. I’m sure we’ve all been taught this since we were kids, so let’s practice it.

Just remember that these tips will empower you to make the most out of your money and help you enjoy your buffet experience.





  1. Duke says:

    Thanks for the info. This will surely prepare me and the kids when we go.

  2. Arpee says:

    to duke: kamay kainan is a great buffet place at less than 300 pesos. it’s a good place to eat!

  3. Woah! scrumptious photos Arpee!

    Great post! Even if you are free (or cheap) to pick up anything on the buffet table there are still rules (or set of reminders) to be followed… unless you wanted to pay more, di ba? Dapat may delikadesa din sa pagkain (in my case, sa paglamon) Hahahaha.

  4. Arpee says:

    to chris: it’s always good to be in your best behavior when in a restaurant or party.

  5. melvin says:

    I agree with you arpee and i hope everyone will adhere to the tips that you shared. I’ve been to Kamay Kainan Greenhills branch way too long ago and I should say that the food were really great! it’s cheap for buffet and the food were satisfyingly enough.

  6. fides carlos says:

    hi arpee! congratulations on the post but more so on the tips that you shared. lets face it, sadly, many have already forgotten the do’s and dont’s of dining buffet style. na-appreciate ko talaga that you’ve included these in this post! keep it up!

  7. zee says:

    reminds me of their beef sinigang… with all the fat, cardiac delight! now im hungry.

  8. lowie says:

    sarap jan arpee…i love “suso”…

  9. ayi says:

    i remember 2 years ago ng kumain tau jan wid the whole family…hmmmm,da best ang food jan,sa next vacation namin jan uli tau unang kakain..

  10. ajay says:

    I ate here recently. Sulit nga! I want to bring my fiance here next year, so he can sample all the Filipino food. Pero sayang, walang lechon?! (At P244, am asking too much I know :D)

  11. 13th december anonymous says:

    we had a horrible case of food poisoning at kamay kainan market market, so i do not recommend bringing a balikbayan or a foreign guest to kamay kainan. i must admit, arpee, the food in your photos look so scrumptious!

  12. nwvonemv says:


  13. bkzlilmiss says:

    wth is the thing in the shell?… is that a snail?

  14. Marivic says:


    Would like to know if your serving for a big event like reception for silver wedding for about 50 persons.. Is there any menu’s for that and how much cost would it be.


  15. nevan says:

    are there any rules on how many plates you are allowed to use in a buffet restaurant?

  16. nina says:

    visited the place once with friends.. place is good. staff is nice. food is ok. and affordable price
    – im thinking of having my team to have our lunch there…soon..

  17. kevin says:

    food are great, pero ang mga may ari are not, pangit magpasweldo ndi mganda magdala ng mga empleyado, grabe,ambaba p ng sahod.dpat di pinipunthan mga katulad nilang ang baba ng tingin s mga empleyado.

  18. arlene says:

    hi! can you send me the exact location of kamay kainan? thank you, we want to try that restaurant. thanks

  19. ivy says:

    Hi,ask ko lang po if Kamay Kainan accepts buffet for occasions. My daughter is turning 7 and I would like to have an eat all you can for the visitors. But still, I want to have the typical kids party set up. Pwede po ba yun sa branch nyo in market market or trinoma. All I want is an eat all you can for the visitors and other stuff like clowns,games,magicians what so ever is sagot ko na. Kindly email me with the details.Thank you.

  20. rose muñoz says:

    ask lng po kung pwede mag hold ng xmas party sa dec. 19 ro 21 mga 60 personnel at may parlor games at kung available po ang vedioke at magkano charge?

  21. Ghee says:

    Yes, Kamay Kainan is a great place to spend time with family and friends. Cheap and foods are absolutely delicious. I even lost my diet and ate everything I saw. Try Kamay Kainan’s branch in Trinoma.

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