The Sicilian Express: fresh Italian food at the OWS

sicilian in a bag

The Sicilian Express is now available 24 hours at the One World Square building inside McKinley Hill, Taguig City. So why is this important? Because now, workers in this building/complex have more eating choices. Yes, there have been a slow growth of eating places here and I, being a worker in this building, am so tired of eating burger fast food all the time. Don’t get me wrong, this place is a kind of fast food too, but it’s still something new to the people who work here. Besides, I love pasta and pizza.

fettuccine shrimp

I chose to buy their Fettuccine Shrimp. At P195.00 (US$4.06), their pasta is well worth the price. TheirĀ  service is fast, the kitchen is clean and the people are very nice. I even unknowingly dropped my ID and one of their staff gave it back to me, along with my piping hot Fettuccine. Not bad! By the way, not only does the pasta taste great, it’s freshly cooked, warm and good enough for two people with moderate diets. So dear OWS officemate, you now have another dining choice. A bit more and there will be no need to go to Market, Market! for lunch.

fettuccine shrimp2

Dig in!


  1. Ive been wanting to try their food.. since they have a branch here in UST.. I heard the food is good… hmmm I’ll include this on my list of restaurants to visit:)

  2. Thomas says:

    Such appetizing photos! I do love shrimp, in any form! All in all good seafood!

  3. Arpee says:

    to pinoyfoodcravings: it’s not expensive and the food is good. do try it!

    to thomas: i could have done better with the pasta pictures here. sadly, my camera broke down and i am stuck with a cellphone camera. but i’m happy you liked it. do try the sicilian express. not bad for it’s price!

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