S & R’s Garlic Shrimp Pizza


So it’s Maundy Thursday and there are no open restaurants in the city, but you want to eat something substantial because you have a lot of free time lately. Solution; S & R membership shopping. S&R is a really nice place to shop and their main branch at the Fort was so jam packed with people when I went there this afternoon. Here, you can buy groceries, clothes, appliances, electronic gadgets and even car accessories and tires at lower than usual prices.


I took the family (by this I mean Noreen, Eden and my dear Tito Udol) to S&R at the Fort and we had a whole garlic shrimp pizza to ourselves, accompanied by bottomless soda and iced tea. The damage? Per slice, the pizza costs P99.00 (US$2.00) and the whole 18-inch pizza costs P549.00 (US$11.50). Not bad for four hungry tummies.


Check it out when you can! They still have this pizza until the end of the month, according to one of their in-store supervisors.


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  1. the garlic shrimp pizzza of yellow cab used to have a lot, and i mean a lot of shrimp, but now. it not as looaded. I hope SNR will not be like that in the future

  2. James says:

    Pizza is very very tasty. Lots of shrimp, they are very like me. Garlic, thin dough, cheese .. S & R prepared an excellent pizza.

  3. rein says:

    it’s my favortie pizza flavor… i think will be for life!

  4. maggie says:

    the pizza looks very appetizing? does it taste like yellow cab’s shrimp pizza?

  5. ripdiet says:

    i miss S&R’s pizza! can you buy this even without a membership card? i mean it’s technically outside the cash registers hehe

  6. u8mypinkcookies says:

    Must agree.. uber love S&R’s piiza!!!

  7. Christopher Choa says:

    Does amyone have S&R delivery number?

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