Little Ongpin Panciteria: delighting Mandaluyong residents


One reader once commented about the dearth of panciterias (Chinese noodle restaurants) in the city, and how malls have been hogging all the good eating places in the Metro. Well, good news for those in the Mandaluyong area as well as those willing to travel to this Tiger City. Here is one panciteria that can satisfy your hunger for authentic Chinese pancit (Chinese noodles) and other Chinese culinary wonders at really affordable prices.


See the menu? The prices are astounding. I’ve dined here more than three times and the service has always been consistently prompt. The food arrives in less than 10 minutes, whether it’s take out or dine in. It is fresh, hot and really delicious. For three people, we only spent P615.00 (US$12.58) for all that food. I love the servings because they’re larger than that of the average Chinese restaurant.


Their Yang Chow fried rice is really good and that plate you see below is supposedly good for two people and only costs P140.00 (US$3.00)


They do have parking for two cars and a really clean restroom. Surprisingly for a small place, they even have a smoking and a non-smoking area!


This is their Chami or large egg noodles, medium-size. Only P140.00 (US$3.00) and truly satisfying. They didn’t scrimp on their ingredients with this one. I love it!


Their fried chicken came as a complete surprise to me. It was tasty, juicy and cheap! For this order, I only paid P155.00 (US$3.22) which was more than enough to feed all three of us, only because there were other orders. I love the sauce!


Their beef with broccoli costs P180.00 (US$3.75) per order. Not bad! It has very few stalks and were mostly broccoli flowers. The beef was soft and tender. Together, it was a symphony I could enjoy everyday.


So for your panciteria cravings, I highly recommend Little Ongpin Panciteria, located at:

Maysilo St, near Mandaluyong City Hall
Telephone number: 387-0946

Another branch at:
100 A.T. Reyes cor Aglipay St.
Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 534-6469, 747-3565
Yes, they DELIVER!

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  1. Banxietyy07 says:

    nakakagutom naman yang mga handa ninyo.

  2. Mr. Ward says:

    Thanks for the continuous info of alternative resto in the area. Para maiba naman diba.

  3. nonicz says:

    We just had dinner there with my wife and two daughters this evening, their fried chicken and yang chow fried rice were really good and tasty.. a really nice and affordable place to eat chinese food.

  4. ayi says:

    OMG!!! nakakagutom talaga ang mga fuds….new model ha….

  5. Jonski says:

    wow nakikita ko nga yan just beside the san felipe neri church, nagutom tuloy ako!

  6. aldwin says:

    sarap diyan, lagi kami eat wifey, mura pa. sarap pansit, kikiam. etc. you got to try EAT! Chow…..? (talo) yan he he he

  7. nojpogi says:

    E, 2-3 times a week ako kumakain dun sa branch nila sa may A.T. Reyes! Hindi nakakasawa lalo na yung yang chow rice nila.. At yung Mikibihon, panalo sa toppings!

  8. nancytanyao says:

    hi uncle peter tanyao & jenny tanyao,i will enjoy new food soon,at little ongpin panciteria restaurant, i like your food,this is cousin-auntie Nancy Elizabeth Tanyao/i’ll be home soon.

  9. Mel says:

    wow! yummy! i wanna try this.. C u nxt year little ongpin!

  10. baby says:

    do they have branch is pasig? are they accomodating small parties?

  11. nancytanyao says:

    hi uncle peter tanyao & jenny tanyao,how is your restaurant doing today.

  12. pao says:

    wala naman silang binibigay na senior citizen discount

  13. dallen says:

    hindi totoo ang contact number ninyo order pa nmn aq

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