Selecta Gold Series: Ice Cream Royalty



Just when I thought the old taste of Selecta was lost, here comes Filipino cuisine’s best and spruced up an old favorite. Chefs Gamboa, Laudico and del Rosario have collaborated to give three of most exquisite ice cream flavors available in the local market.


Personally, I’ve always preferred imported ice creams over the local ones because I’ve always found locally made ice cream to be too sweet for my taste and yet, less creamy. Not to mention, I hate strawberry.


However, this strawberry flavor by Selecta was different. I just tried it because there was some in the fridge. To my surprise, it was really good! Not too sweet and very creamy, just the way I like it!


Chef Laudico’s Chocolate Truffles and Chef Del Rosario’s Hazelnut Brownie were winners too, in my book. The Selecta Gold Series is much cheaper than imported ice creams, but the taste is just as good is not better. Not to mention, the price is more affordable.


I have personally dined at Chef Gamboa’s Cirkulo restaurant, as well as it’s sister restaurant, Milky Way. I just LOVE their food and I go back there when I can. Chef Laudico is also a wonderful chef as I have had the privilege of sampling his best at his restaurant Bistro Filipino. Enough reason for me to have a taste of their cooking through the Selecta Gold Series, which is just more accessible and affordable to have as often as I want!


I highly recommend the Gold Series by Selecta. It’s something you should stock up in your fridge. They’re Noreen’s favorite too!


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  3. Posted by bambi, at Reply

    taob! yum yum ym!

    hahahaha i like the chocolate truffles!

    i miss you na friend! let’s hang out! i can eat na pala, in little amounts nga lang.

  4. Posted by Marc, at Reply

    Just bought choc truf 2day sarap hehe

  5. Posted by cody and elle, at Reply

    have to try this.. looks good

  6. Posted by Mike, at Reply

    I’ve tasted the Hazlenut Brownie and Chocolate Truffle and since then I cant live a week without buying at least the 800 ml.The taste and texture is really like of imported icecream but not as expensive.Good job by the creators of the gold series 2009.Really a class of its own

  7. Posted by rin, at Reply

    “Personally, I’ve always preferred imported ice creams over the local ones because I’ve always found locally made ice cream to be too sweet for my taste and yet, less creamy. Not to mention, I hate strawberry.”

    Selecta isn’t local, so technically, this ice cream is also imported…

  8. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    to rin: true, but i was referring to the old selecta brand which was local, the time when it was still owned by the Arce family. now it’s owed by a foreign company. but then again, everything local use imported ingredients. right you are when you say it’s just as imported as imported gets! thanks a bunch for visiting my site.

  9. Posted by Fredick S, at Reply

    Selecta is my favorite ice cream, but i have a comment, one of my favorites is the quezo real flavor, since high school, but now, why is it change the flavor, there is no longer whole graded cheez inside the ice cream?

  10. Posted by Hazel, at Reply

    My favorite is the Caramel Cheesecake flavor of Selecta Gold. It’s a new flavor. Luscious, creamy vanilla ice cream with chunky nuggets of cheesecake and oozing with thick caramel sauce hayyyyyy… I miss Pinas :)