Philippine Prudential Life Scammers!!!: Explained


Finally, PPLIC has responded to us. Apparently, the new leadership is more forthcoming with answering us than the old leadership who has chosen to be silent. I believe it is only fair that we give them the chance to explain and to allay fears of those who have already purchased their plans. I have met with them to air the original grievance, which is the deceptive marketing strategy employed in the malls. As it turns out, I have learned two important things:

1. That PPLIC is a legitimate insurance company, complete with licenses and legalities in place.
2. That because they are a legitimate company, their insurance policies are backed up with the necessary funds and that they do have some satisfied customers.

I have published part of their letter below.

Two years ago, when you wrote your post about Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC), you probably did not realize that PPLIC agents are not employees of our Company; they are independent contractors. This does not excuse unfair sales practices, however, and so as a result of your blog post, we began to regulate the agents more closely. We now have customer service staff (full time employees of our Company) stationed at all of our retail sales offices. Their job is to interview every customer before they purchase insurance to ensure that the sales presentation was fair to them and that they are not asked to do anything against their will.

Given that life insurance is not something that most people think about when visiting a shopping mall, we do approach potential customers and ask them if they would like to be entered into a raffle draw to win a car or other big-ticket prizes (e.g., cash and trips abroad). By simply attending the presentation, they are entered in the raffle. No purchase is required. Interestingly, many of our actual raffle winners did not purchase insurance from PPLIC. While most of the winners do not wish to be identified or publicized (for personal safety/security reasons), we do have a couple of individuals who are willing to speak to you about their experience, should you wish.

Another major customer service innovation that sets PPLIC apart is that, while most life insurance companies only offer a three-to-five day “free look period,” as sanctioned by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines, PPLIC offers a 15-day free look period, during which time a customer may cancel his/her policy and request a full refund. As such, we ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

Also, and unfortunately for us, there are a number of companies that have similar names to ours, including Prudential Life Plans and PruLife UK . These companies have no affiliation with ours. Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. has never had its license revoked, and does not market and sell pre-need plans. We would thus appreciate your deletion of the links to such stories on the other companies from your post.

Regarding the “XXX” telecast late last year, the customer initially asked for her money to be returned immediately. However, credit card reversals have to go through the customer’s banking institution, and this takes time. Dissatisfied with waiting, she next went directly to the Insurance Commission and the media. We processed her refund as soon as we could, and regret that the financial institutions do not process this much faster. Under the current system, it generally takes four to six weeks to process a refund after a cancellation.

Should you have any other concerns or need additional information, please feel free to contact us. Current clients may reach us via our Customer Hotline at (02) 902-2300 or visit any of our offices nationwide where a Customer Service Representative can readily assist them.

Thank you again and best regards.


Assistant Vice President and Head
Corporate Communication and Planning Office

I am hoping that the thousands of comments in this post will now call PPLIC directly for their concerns and that they will be properly answered and refunded, if need be. Like I mentioned in the original post, I will continue to

UPDATE: Finally the media has seen this post and have investigated the matter. The TV show XXX by ABS-CBN has raised awareness about the deceptive marketing insurance fraud. See whole episode as pasted in Carlo Ople’s blog.

Just now I received a nasty call from the number 0920-9705881, a post-paid number no less. Some lady named Carla said my name was selected from an SM raffle because I won a brand new Honda City. Luckily for me, I wasn’t at all swayed by all her babble about winning, winning, winning!!! Firstly, I NEVER shop at SM Megamall because it’s far from my residence. There’s a Super 8 Club next door and I have no need to travel when doing groceries.

Then Carla says the call is recorded along with all the spiels that the call is legitimate. Even gave me her office number, complete with extension (755-1562 local 4018). I was asked what sort of IDs I have and when I said I have SSS and a passport, she goes on to say that it’s not the ID they need. She says I NEED A CHECKING ACCOUNT OR A CREDIT CARD as their ID of choice. TALAGA LANG HA?

When I said that only my wife has a checking account, all of a sudden, SYA NA DAW YUNG REPRESENTATIVE! All I need to do daw is call them back and they will make me come to their office to spin some dastardly wheel, claim a premium gift and bring home the blasted car. People who know me are well aware that I WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA because you can’t use it as a taxi cab and my loyalty to NISSAN and MITSUBISHI is way past my financial capabilities.

These people at Philippine Prudential have learned atrocities of these independent sales agents. It destroys their business and dupes hapless consumers into putting their life savings into products beyond their budget simply because they are out to make a quick buck. Shame on them! should be sued or something. They dupe people into thinking they won something only to make them waste their time and sit through a presentation then force-sell their products to people who really can’t afford it. Hey, there has got to be a better, effective and legitimate way to sell insurance! They’re behaving like Family First and all those other scammers who cheat us out of our life savings.

And I told Karla that if she wanted to sell me insurance, she should have just told me flat out. I might consider buying but I will never go through an unscrupulous agent.  I WILL NEVER BUY FROM PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE.

If Philippine Prudential DOES make someone win just to prove it’s not a scam, think again. There’s a multitude of people out there that you’ve already duped. If you need to prove something, return THEIR money AND CHANGE YOUR MARKETING STRATEGIES! It’s insulting! Your methods only show what you really think of your clients.   It’s OK to be forthcoming when selling insurance, your new set of agents must realize that.

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  1. Posted by cheftonio, at Reply

    tsktsktsk.. mga manloloko!

    • Posted by Xyz, at Reply

      Anybody who asks for you credit card as a valid form of ID is up to no good. Please don’t be victimized. There is no free lunch. Sa mga taong namimigay ng kung anu-ano na libre kuno sa mall o kung san pa man, stay away from them. Sana kung ganun lang kadali makakuha ng car and ganung mga bagay..wala ng mahirap! Also never sign a contract without reviewing it. If you must, take the contract with you at home and tell the other party that you will respond within 24 hours. Anybody who pressures you to decide now is also up to no good. The key to avoiding them is ignoring them at first site. They are very well-versed at duping people. They will suck you in until you sign something at ma-pain ka. One time, somebody called me and said: Ma’m how would you like to win a brand new Ford Expedition? Imbis na entertainin ko siya, dahil alam ko namang sa hirap ng buhay wala namang lokong mamimigay ng car na ganun na lang at di niya mababawi ang cost nun, I said to him: “Oh don’t even bother calling because I already have two Ford expeditions” hahaha Di na tumawag uli!

      • Posted by Marie, at Reply

        hello po, im from singapore but i want to cancel po ung napurchase ko from PPLIC last Aug 1, you have any idea po pano ko macancel?kc andito po ako sa Singapore.
        Thanks po.. God bless.

  2. Posted by Mr. Ward, at Reply

    I hate those company, telling you that you won after you buy their product. Then in the end you will need to raffle or spin a big wheel for your prize. SHAME on them.

  3. Posted by yan2z, at Reply

    hello po i was one of those people na naloko nila sa mall…i didnt really have any idea bout it for i dont live in manila i was just there to visit my relatives..they took about 9 thousand from my atm!sabi nila e tra try lang daw pero immediately nakakuha agad sila ng 9thousand saakin..pero pincancel ko na yung policy plan na e navail ko then ang sabi nila e rerefund daw nila yung pera ko after 30-45days bank to bank..ang saakin lang baka di na nila isauli yun then baka di nila e honor yung cancellation ko at patuloy pa rin kunan yung pera ko sa atm,.,,im just worried bout this,what shud i do?

  4. Posted by GP, at Reply

    Hello, Sa akin din nag paka tanga ako. kinuha nila yung 16800 sa credit card ko sabi nila e try nila kung pwede so pwede syah nag ok ako.. after two days nag change mind ako sabi nila e ho hold nila ang money upto 5 years. kun gusto mo e continue. sabi nila hindi na daw mabalik yung credit ko sa credit card ko kasi naka bank to bank daw.. what should i do?

  5. Posted by polpo, at Reply

    GP, sulatan mo sila ng letter of cancellation with a request not to charge your credit card account. Tapos araw-araw kang mag-follow up.

  6. Posted by polpo, at Reply


    dapat ifollow up mo yung cancellation document na ipapadala nila sa credit card company mo para sureball. inotify mo rin yung credit card company mo na di ka namagbabayad ng premium.

  7. Posted by polpo, at Reply

    Ang gawain ng PPL ay labag sa mga karapatan ng mga consumer. Ginagamit nila laban sa consumer ang pagiging likas na magalang at mabait ng mga Pilipino. Sa kaalaman ng lahat, maaring magreklamo sa piskalya (sa paglabag ng consumer law); sa DTI, SEC o Insurance Commission. Marami na ang nabiktima ng DANVIL/Berkeley. Hindi kataka-taka na mag-ala-Danvil sales ang PPL dahil ang isa sa mga VP ng PPL ay taga-Danvil dati. talagang matindi ang PPL. kailangang ma-Imbestigador ang mga ito para matigil na ang kanilang gawain.

  8. Posted by grace, at Reply

    was a victim of this scam too.its not only prudential life doing this but also Phil-Am life…when you get back to them to ask them to return your money, para silang hari o kung sinong napakatapang na ichallenge ka to go to court and they have all the documents daw na under sa policy or terms and condition na pinermahan mo ay ngagree ka sa lahat pero hindi naman lahat nandun inexplain. this kind of business wont have a last long relationship with the their clients.

  9. Posted by yen, at Reply

    buti na lang….nakita ko tong page na to at nabasa mga comments nyo…coz a while ago, i received a call from nabunot daw ang name ko sa raffle sa SM.Pinapapunta nya ko dun to pick-up my 2 Premium Gift Items…and to play for a chance to win brand new car and $10,000…basta lng daw ang Credit Card ko ang magsisilbing ID ko…kaya kadudaduda…..kaya naisipan kong i check sa internet at hindi ako nagkamali..scam nga…buti na lng…atleast hindi nasayang ang oras at pagod ko..hindi na ko pupunta dun..

  10. Posted by lhen, at Reply

    amf.. anu ba yan kahapon kasi na ganyan din ako sa mall eh.. 7600 yung nakaltas sa atm ko kala ko naman talaga totoo kasi nga nasa mall sila and ang dami talagang tao na nakukuha nila to sign up.. pano ko poh ba ipapa cancel yun baka kasi kaltasan nila yun ng kaltasan eh.. kaasar naman.. kala ko pa man din secured na ko.. kainis tlga..

  11. Posted by cecyl, at Reply

    hay na lang..bakit kaya may mga taong ganito ano…i am from Mindanao and my mother use to received calls from them…very persistent sila on looking for me until I received a text from them husband was very annoyed, pero I insist to check on them kasi i thought it was not a coincidence they located my cell #…I was able to talk to someone named Ronnie David and I informed him that I would want to check lang since I am from Mindanao nga and I thought they were a scam…he just responded by saying..”naiintindihan ko po..”, the next thing I knew, my husband was browsing the net and showed me that it is truly a scam…NAKAKADISMAYA lang sila…sana hindi bumalik karma sa family nila sa ginagawa nilang yan…:( :( :(

  12. Posted by mervin, at Reply

    i had this same experience as well last sunday. I was just invited sort of, to play, for me to have a chance to win a honda car or $10,000. pretty cheesy and tempting so i went along with the sales rep in to their office in sm annex, ground floor. i was passed to another representative for a presentation which should supposedly take 45 min only and turned to last for almost three hours.
    they will lure you to the benefits of saving, endless question and answer until you get fed up and you just wanted to give in. this rep named leya asked for my cc and said they will just check IF i will be qualified for their program. before i even knew what was happening, my card has been swiped and i was automatically charged 9,500.
    i wanted to cancel now the policy after getting to read all of these.
    what are my options so i dont get charged for this and much better to get rid of this for good. your help will be greatly appreciated. thanks.. anyone?

  13. Posted by PPLI SUX, at Reply


    we encountered this s**t last sat nacharge un card ng gf ko pero ako primary card holder..she’s just my supplementary. i called my cc company right away and filled for dispute and cancelled my gf cc. they still send those shitty docs for policy stuffs but i dont give a damn about it.ill be going back to annex to throw in their face the docs and if they still insisted for that shit insurance ill be going to call DTI since my aunt is working there. God speed all! keep this thread alive to inform others with this crappy scam.

  14. Posted by kat, at Reply

    nagoyo din ako last night, kinaltasan ako ng 24,000 thousand. iwant to cancel na my policy. meron ba d2 na nag-cancel then nasauli ung money nila.

  15. Posted by renz, at Reply

    hi po.. me too na encounter ko din kanikanina lang sa sm.. una sbe saken na mglalaro k lng ng prng slot machine then pwede ka manalo ng $10,000 or honda city na wla ka ilalabas na pera, then i try to play.. dnala ako sa office nla den kinwento ung brief history ng company, nung ptapos na, sbe nla try dw nla ung bank ko kung ok dw kumuha ng 28000 plus pra dun sa savings dw sknila.. tpos un nbgla ako, hindi ako pumayag, sabi ko nlng my emergency sa house, hindi ako pwede mg bgay ng pera.. tpos un kinukulit ako, ayaw ko prin ngpilit ako na kylangan ko na umalis.. so sana po matuto na tyo po tyo, wg tyo bsta bsta mgtitiwala sa mga gnyan bgay.. BEWARE NLNG PO…

  16. Posted by Edmarie Inda, at Reply

    ako rin nabiktima ng Prudential Sa SM north Annex. 24,000 ang na icharged kaagad sa account ko. Please magtulugan tayo para mahinto na ang panloloko nila at maibalik ang pera natin . Amy alam po ba kayong email ng imbestigador o telephone number?

  17. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    I am a victim too. ang gusto ko ring i refund ang pera ko. Can you help me out.. I am planning a legal action on this. If involving MEDIA would be better then I will do it. all I need is support from you guys! pls reply to this post. thank you.

    To Ermarie Inda.. I will cooperate on that.. kaya lang d2 ko s middle East.. Jan ung Fiancee ko, xa ang pinag aayos ko ng prb ko with that Idiot Prudential Life.

  18. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Hi All especially to yan2z kc I want to get may money back.
    I am a victim too. ang gusto ko ring i refund ang pera ko. Can you help me out.. I am planning a legal action on this. If involving MEDIA would be better then I will do it. all I need is support from you guys! pls reply to this post. thank you.

    To Ermarie Inda.. I will cooperate on that.. kaya lang d2 ko s middle East.. Jan ung Fiancee ko, xa ang pinag aayos ko ng prb ko with that Idiot Prudential Life.

  19. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Hi Edmarie,

    I’ve got imbestigador Hotline and it’s +632 928 4713. I want to call them, but I want also to do first the cancellation letter and see their response. From there, I can call imbestigador.

  20. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Hi Edmarie,

    I’ve got imbestigador Hotline and it’s +632 928 4713. I want to call them, but I want also to do first the cancellation letter and see their response. From there, I can call imbestigador and rely the issue.

  21. Posted by Edmarie, at Reply
  22. Posted by Edmarie, at Reply

    Grabe, dapat ibalik ng Prudential company ang mga inital deposit o kanselahin ang premuim ng mga nabiktima ng Bagyong Ondoy at Pepeng. Maawa naman sila, tulad sa akin na halos naubos ang mga gamit at nawalan ng tirahan. Kung totoong for in help/service for Filipino nation ang goal nila, dapat maawa naman sila sa mga taong nasa gipit na kalagayan at huwag nilang ipilit na pagbayarin ng kanilang premuim loan.

  23. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Hi Edmarie. Im online now. Lets talk sa YM. Tnx for the response.

  24. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Hi all,
    Is there anyone who wants to participate with us. It’s a big help. so we can get our money back. Pls email Edmarie or me. NX in advance.

  25. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    hahaha. so funny.. naka down ang system nila? pero bakit nung kukunin nila ang pera wala atang error ang system nila. Pag may complain may error ang system. waht bullshit explantion!

  26. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    i am breaking my silence and offering what little i can do as a blogger. since i have started this post, i will see it to the end. i agree that decent hardworking people should not be duped out of their life savings. i will ask my blogger buddies who are lawyers to help those who have been victimized. a word of caution, we are entering THEIR realm and before they implemented the whole scam, they’ve thought about all the possible loopholes and legalities. if they have been doing this for the longest time, that only means they know more about it than we do. information is the power they wielded over us and it is only right that we fight fire with fire. will email you guys on my suggestions/recommendations for a call to action. there must be a loophole they might have overlooked.

    • Posted by rhea, at Reply

      Hi im rhea from cebu
      i just know plilippine prudential life insurance just today around 12noon while i and my friends were inside the sm mall. then here it goes they have agents who called us and invited us to join their promo wherein we will be able to win a honda brand new car or a trip to Macau without letting us to pay any amount of money. they will just ask if we have an active debit or credit cards and a valid id*take note they need to see a receipt from our debit card that the acct must still have an available balance which should not be less than 5000!after that they told us that we’re already qualified to join their promo so there it goes they gave us the coupon and we did fill up the coupon with our name and the name of the cmpy where we work. and they told us that we need to go to the 2nd floor because it is where we will drop the coupon and they only need us to stay in their office for 45 minutes for some explanation on how their promo works……….. which is apparently different coz when we were inside the office they have lots of agents there and they and they will do one on one discussion with us(apparentl 1agent is equivalent to 1 client 1:1) so we were shocked coz they said that it would only be just a discussion regarding about the promo but when the agent started his discussion with me he was talking about S-A-V-I-I-N-G-S and asking me on how much would i be willing to save from my salary so the discussion goes on and on until he offered me to put a savings in to their cmpy wherein i can start an opening acct for only 3000 with benefits(there are products covered upon setting up that acount i became interested about that…to make it short i did sign up the paper that i will open an acct to them so they did swiped my card and a costumer rep did a recap about the savings and the benefits to it such as hospitalization and etc…….. but then i was just so angry coz they said the disclosure regarding about the savings that i opened to them will expire ater 1 year from the date i opened my account!so i shouted to the customer rep coz if we say savings there should not have an expiration date right? so i told her that its not a savings it would just look like that i bought their products for 3000 and there is nothing that i can do anymore coz they already swiped my card so i walked out from their office realizing that it looks like a scam so i went back in and ask them for a refund of my 3000 right away coz i ain’t gonna let them take my money for nothing coz the benefits of the products under it is not really applicable to my everyday living but they said ”NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE!!!!!!’ so im thinking to to file a case against them even though that the money they took out from me is only 3000. it is still a money and i did work hard for it then they will just took it from me so easily?
      I hope i can get a response from you arpee as soon as possible coz im really worried about this and the worst is case is that they have my card no……….

    • Posted by john, at Reply

      peke po ba ang Philippine prudential?

  27. Posted by mackybam, at Reply

    hello all, just want to share with you re-Phil. Prudentialife Insurance or DANVIL/PPL .
    I you havent recd yet your ins. policy you can write letter address to their Pres. that you are going to withdraw and claim/get back your money. You may furnish copy of said letter to SEC. State in your request letter a strong and valid reason why you’re withdrawing it…..dont forget to inform or send also copy to your Credit Card Co. so that they will cancel your transaction related to DAVIL/PPL.

  28. Posted by melissa, at Reply

    Hi mackybam & Arpee.

    Thanks for the idea and concern. They will not do such things like this if they have not planned well everything. They were prepared for this situation. They used dirty marketing strategy to incourage people to avail the product. As I have said If involving media would be a big help I am willing to do it. ARPEE, please email me for any updates. KIndly help us with this. They know nothing how we suffered just to earn the money they have taken from us. MACKYBAM, i have used my international credit card for this. Du you think they will accept my request and coordinate with my issue. Thank you. ( [email protected])

  29. Posted by melissa, at Reply


    I mean if i will send a copy of my letter to the credit card company do you think they will help me this as I have used an international credit card fot this. Tnx.

  30. Posted by melissa, at Reply


    I mean if i will send a copy of my letter to the credit card company do you think they will help me on this as I have used an international credit card fot this. Tnx.

  31. Posted by melissa, at Reply


    I mean if i will send a copy of my letter to the credit card company do you think they will help me on this as I have used an international credit card . Tnx.

  32. Posted by arpee, at Reply

    everything starts with writing letters. i strongly suggest, melissa, you try mackybam’s suggestion. always document every step of the way so that when it escalates into a legal battle, you have all the necessary documents as evidence. hwag daanin sa init ng ulo kasi dun masisira diskarte mo

  33. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Tnx Arpee.. Nag release nako ng init ng ulo coz I really cant think well.. But now Im ok. I will do and follow your advice. tnx to both of you.

  34. Posted by norma, at Reply

    hi arpee, isa din ako sa victima ng danvil, gusto ko rin mabalik ang pera ko kasi palagi kaming nag away ng asawa ko ng dahil sa danvil tulungan ninyo ako please..tanx po

  35. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    Life is like a game. You must know how to play. But some people playing the game of somebody else game, then you must TOO know how to play, BETTER than the game they played! :-)

  36. Posted by earl alvarado, at Reply

    OH MY GOD!!! malaking OMG shit… ngayon ko lang nabasa to… kaninang 4″30Pm nadisgrasya ang 9500Php namin sa PPL insurance SM CEBU… katulad din sa mga experiences nyo… my god… ang pinagtataka ko lang, na pwede pala sa kanila ang fiancee, mag-boyfriend or girlfriend at friend ang benificiary,.. sa pagkakaalam ko wala sa batas or bill ng republic of the philippines… when i heard that they are allowing na kahit hindi kadugo pwede daw ma-cover sa mga benificiary… nag-duda na talaga ako… kaso ang partner ko gusto talaga kase maganda ang mga promises nila sa mga plan holders… i told them that we will think about it coz’ it’s a lot of money… but they refuse coz’ the promo is until TODAY!!!… i know that its a shame that we were a victim of this scam…

    i will surely report these matters to ABS-CBN and GMA7 news, para naman mag-tanda sila…

    monkey wearing lions coat, is still a monkey…

    condolence nalang po sa mga pera natin… i know that we are trying to fight for it pero, medyo malabo… after a month or a year they will surely declare bankrupcy sa insurance nila…

  37. Posted by earl alvarado, at Reply

    i am hoping that they will return our money… GOD Bless nalang po sa inyong lahat…

  38. Posted by Jeune, at Reply

    hello everyone, I’d like to refer you to a blogpost about a person who successfully recovered their money from this scam. I think we should do something about this, report them to DTI or something.

  39. Posted by greg, at Reply
  40. Posted by rash rasid, at Reply

    hayyy…naku nabiktima rin si mrs. nung oct.16 lang , friday sa sm north may car pa raw na naka display para maakit ang mga tao at syempre maraming lalapit. parehong pareho ang modus nila, ang hinanap sa kanya ay citibank cc para raw ma-qualify sa palaro nila at may mga libre pang kung ano ano. Ang sabi nila hindi insurance kundi savings raw parang trust fund at malaki ang interest at after 1 year pwede na raw i-withdraw, ayaw ni mrs. dahil kailangan ng consent ko bilang principal card holder kaso talagang mapilit sila bale tatlo yung nag tulong tulong at iba pang nagpapalakpakan. sa makatuwid napilit si mrs. kasi nga sa dec.1 pa naman magsisimula ang bayaran , nagulat na lang ako kanina na pumasok na sa billing statement ng cc ko ang 24,000, so ang ginawa ko nag download ako sa citibank ng cardholder dispute letter na i-cancel nila ang said amount at nag fax ako ng letter of cancellation sa prudential pero ang worry ni mrs baka narelease na ang pera ng citibank sa kanila at sa amin na ikaltas, pero ang sabi sakin ng citibank i-hold nila, sana naman. Ito ang pinadala kong cancellation letter sa prudential tru fax

    October 23, 2009

    PHILIPPINE Prudential Life
    Insurance Company, Inc.
    Suite 305-308, 3rd Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
    EDB Avenue corner Garnet & Sapphire Roads,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

    RE: Cancellation of Insurance Policy # PPLxxxxxx

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Please take this letter as a formal request to cancel my insurance policy and stop all charges to my Citibank Visa Credit Card from your company. Please make this effective as of October 23, 2009. I also request written confirmation of this cancellation, as soon as possible.

    Your Name
    Address & Signature

    Eto po yung letter para may masundan kayong guide, yung dispute letter form download nyo sa creditcard company nyo kung citibank just go to Sana po magtulungan tayo pwede nyo akong tawagan sa 799-21-37 10am-8pm only)kung ano tamang gawin. Salamat po! Update ko na lang po kayo.

    • Posted by xtin, at Reply

      rash can i call u ? i’m a victim of this shit Phil. Prud. i want to ask u about this …pls i need ur reply asap ..pls do help me

  41. Posted by rash rasid, at Reply
  42. Posted by rash rasid, at Reply

    kagagaling lang po namin ni mrs. sa ppl sm north, at successful ang cancellation at buti naman hindi kami pinahirapan pero time consuming talaga. hindi na makatulog si mrs. kagabi dahil iniisip nya pano namin gagawin ang laban nga ngayong umaga sa ppl. maaga kaming pumunta halos kabubukas palang ng sm , baon sa aming isipan ang mga nabasa naming tips na narito sa blog, completo sa mga documents na kailangan at nagpaxerox na rin in case.. dahil napaaga kami naisip ko na magmasid muna at bubwelo ng magandang timing kasi ang daming agents nila na nasa lobby sabi ko sigurado sa dami nila mapagtutulungan kami saka para na rin mag hintay ng iba pang complainants ,si mrs. nagmasid sa may sm bingo ako sa may lobby dahil di naman pa ako nila na meet so di ako makikilala, inabot ng 2 hours walang dumating na ibang complainant kaya nagpasya na kami pumasok na naka poker face yung mabagsik ang dating itsurang parang gustong manapak agad, pero syempre sa loob loob namin worried talaga kasi 1 week na ang nakalipas e ang sabi dito dapat w/in 24hours lang, saka sabi mahirap ang ppl mag-grant ng cancellation, so pag pasok may pina fill-up na kapirasong papel tapos biglang sabing bumalik na lang ng 1pm kasi nasa meeting yung kakausapin, sagot ko agad sa astig na boses …hindi pwede maghihintay kami!!! sabi nung bading sa front desk ‘sige po’ ….sabay sabing pakisulat po reason ng cancellation nyo, e di ba nakahanda nga kami kaya iniabot na lang namin agad at nagulat sya…….antay na naman ng matagal tapos complain uli kami…..matagal pa ba??? itsurang banas na kami…kayo na po sususnod dahil inuna pa nila yung bagong dating na student na biktima nila baka nga naman makausap kami at madale pa comission nila, pero panay ang tingin ng studyante sa amin nagtataka siguro sa expression ng mukha namin, nung wala na yung dalawa, bigla na lang sinabihan kami na okey na po sir na cancel na po, so nagtaka pa ako ni hindi na kami kinausap pa, tulad ng iba na pahirapan basta okey na raw agad, so natuwa talaga ako sa loob loob ko pero hindi pa rin nabago facial expression namin na poker face……humingi kami ng confirmation at parang atubili pa sya …sabi ko kailangan ng cc bank namin ng confirmation na na cancel talaga…..grabeeee!!! inabot na naman ng matagal ……sabi ko bat ang tagal e confirmation na lang naman isusulat sa papel na may pirma ng ppl ang gagawin. kalahating oras bago na print ewan ko kung bat ganun katagal… read and check kong mabuti para sure tapos umalis agad kami. Dun na kami nagkita at inabangan nung mag bf na student na nabiktima nila, kawawa nga kasi pati kabataan binibiktima walang patawad, tinulungan namin kung pano gagawin, and the rest is history sana nakatulong kahit onti ang kwento ko, o tawagan nyo ako o email ,nasa unang post ko yung #. thanks to Allah natapos rin ang problemang ito sana po kayo rin maging successful sa cancellation nyo. Inshallah!

  43. Posted by Weng Castro, at Reply

    Yesterday lang nangyari sa akin sa SM North Edsa bibili lang kami ng anak ko ng computer table tapos me representative na lumapit at kung anu-anong pambobola. Kesyo wala daw money involved, the usual thing gaya ng experience ng ibang blogger dito. Tapos offer pa sila ng iced tea or coffee talagang hindi namin ininom ng anak ko baka me kasamang hipnotismo yung io-offer sa iyo. Pero inabot din kami ng mahigit 1 hour kasi nga nagdududa na ako dahil bakit kailangan magdesisyon ka within 45 minutes eh! malaking pera din yung kailang initial deposit mo. Sabi ko di ba kailangan pag-isipan yan overnight kasi 24k is 24k, tapos lapit yung supervisor me offer na maliit na amount na kailangan ipa cc mo pang estudyante daw. Pero nagmatigas na ako ang hindi iyon ang priority ko sa ngayon dahil magpapagawa kami ng house dahil nasalanta ng typhoon pero makukulit talaga sila tinayuan ko na at nag walk out na ako. Sana naman hindi pinapayagan ng SM yang mga ganyang modus operandi na yan. Sana magsilbing aral ito sa mga tao sa mall na wag talagang magtitiwala kahit kanino. God Bless po!

  44. Posted by lhet, at Reply

    want to say thank you kay rash racid for providing us your sample letter..nacancel na yung policy ko kanina. just got it last october 24, 2009. before ako pumunta sa ofic nila nagprepare na ako nang letter of cancellation. nagulat ang staff doon na may prepared letter na ako. sasabihin pa sana nilang walang office kasi monday at ang manager lang daw ang pwedeng magcancel pero i insisted.magagalit pa sana pero sinabihan ko nang “noong may kailangan kayo sa amin halos lahat e offer nyo coffee, juice and water tapos ngayon pinababalik nyo pa ako for tomorrow para macancel yung policy ko.” e d pinapasok ako, pwede naman pala kahit sino ang magcancel ng policy..for a few minutes nakuha ko na ang SOA na cancelled transactions. just ready your letters and photocopies when you go to there office coz kinukuha nila yung original copies and OR…be sure to to let them sign in your received docs especially the OR..GOD BLESS to all…

  45. Posted by Melissa, at Reply

    To all successfully got their money. congrats! and thanks sa pag post ng tips. Di ko p rin n refund yung sakin as it’s been one month na.

  46. Posted by labyrnth29, at Reply

    Talaga pwede kahit sino mag cancel nun? Grabe nakakainis! Sobrang mga manloloko sila.. I was a victim as well 19k yung naswipe sa card ko, ang sabi nila ichecheck lang daw kung papayagan. Hindi nyo masisisi yung mga nabiktima, most of them are caught off guard. I surrendered my plan last september. I checked yesterday with my CC bank and they told me that only 16,800 was credit back. I will call PPL’s office later and why didn’t they refund the whole amount to my CC. Ang daming nangangailangan ng tulong regarding the unethical marketing strategy of this company. Saan ba sila under at kanino ba pwedeng magreklamo para naman magtanda na sila.. Kung meron sanang nakakaalam kung anung law ang nagcocover ng unethical at misleading marketing please, tulungan nyo naman po ang mga taong walang magawa.. Salamat!

  47. Posted by labyrnth29, at Reply

    just called them, the customer service representative (jeff) said the remaining amount will be credit back to my CC. I guess i’ll just have to wait again. I really would like the sales rep to be repremanded. Aside from their misleading information, i can’t forgive the fact that they will lie straight to your face just to sell their plan. Lalo tuloy silang nagmumukhang scammer dahil dun. Sa SM North din ako nabiktima. At first ang sabi sa akin, hindi daw pwedeng icancel yung plan downgrade lang daw! (WTF!) tapos nung hindi ako pumayag, pinaghintay ako ng matagal at saka sinabing itataya nya daw wok nya para macancel yun. It is not fair! I do not know if the admin of the company knows what their branches are doing. Or if they are only concern about their branches meeting their quota. This is not the right way of doing business.. If any of you are planning on doing some legal actions please post in this forum your action plan and what kind of support is needed. I’d like to help.

  48. Posted by flushbowl, at Reply

    I went to their Megamall Branch yesterday to have mine cancelled as well. I presented my cancellation letter to one of their staff. Galit na galit talaga ako because I let myself be deceived by these people. The staff told me that if they were to cancel it outright, I won’t get a full refund. She said that they would elevate it to the management and I need to wait for their call for about ten working days or so. Grabe sila, sobrang panloloko ang ginagawa nila sa mga walang kamalay-malay na tao. I even stated in my letter that if I will get a full refund, I will take the necessary action. I even asked to talk to the manager but they told me that she was on a meeting. To *ell with them, they are a bunch of scammers. As of now, hintayin ko lang muna then I’ll think about my next move.

  49. Posted by flushbowl, at Reply

    Just a correction:
    “I even stated in my letter that if I will not get a full refund, I will take the necessary action.”

  50. Posted by labyrnth29, at Reply

    Called their customer service again (since the agent didn’t call me back as promised). The freaking sales agent named Edwin from SM North Branch sabotaged my cancellation. Just found out that only my Endowment plan was canceled and the “rider” which was supposedly free is still active! They still owe me 2,200!!!!! Even if their company is legal it seems as if they are operating like syndicates whose only goal is to reach their quota no matter what! I hope that this company goes all the way down to hell for employing such employees! Will give everyone an update.

    Please advice what kind of necessary actions/legal actions are you planning so we could help. I’d really like to see this company reprimanded

  51. Posted by MEL, at Reply
  52. Posted by labyrnth29, at Reply

    What kinds of legal actions do you have in mind?

    Does anyone know where we could file our complaint regarding this company?

  53. Posted by Melissa, at Reply
  54. Posted by Mel, at Reply
  55. Posted by flushbowl, at Reply

    exposing their modus operandi to the media will definitely hurt them. sama ako if ever may contact kayo sa media.

  56. Posted by mel, at Reply

    Got a good news guys! they will cancel the policy and refund the full amount. Just need to return original documents and dats another prb. I dont have it until now. Let’s see again. need another step. But atleast got a gud news..I’ll tell you how I’ve got it when everything is ok..

  57. Posted by mie, at Reply

    hello guys, sa akin na cancel ko na, may letter ako galing sa danvil na i refund ang full amount but maghintay ako ng 30 – 45 days..processing daw sana hindi aabot nga 30 days kasi magbayad man ako na interest sa cc ko….sana kayo din marefund din sayo…regards nalang sa lahat sa danvil victims…

  58. Posted by MEL, at Reply

    Hope everyone should read this blog every now & then…so we willl keep posted.. Let’s see and watch PPLIC ends. TNX to ARPEE’S blog.

  59. Posted by Mel, at Reply

    I mean PPLIC dirty tactics end.

  60. Posted by thei, at Reply

    grabe, they are fucking scammers: every last one of them lying shitfaced freaks! i was scammed also just last oct24. after a very long day of work i paid my bills sa sm north then UNFORTUNATELY my friend and I just had to pass by the area connecting sm north the block and the cinema area of the main bldg then ayun – may lumapit na: ARICA ung name niya if i am not mistaken – smoothtalking bitch – asking if we wanted to win a car, etc- wll to make the long sad story short eh i was duped bigtime: 19.2K charged on my cc. i am not a stupid person – but because i was literally a walking zombie in desperate need of sleep (nightshift kasi ako) and rest kasi talagang may sakit ako that time plus the fact that the rep, BRIAN, and everyone in their office (sm annex) are all conniving monsters out for money eh ayun..BUT naman i did have the common sense naman to ask at least 3x whether if i cancelled the plan eh kung macha-charge ako for anything eh angsabi sakin WALA daw. grabe, tapos i tried cancelling come monday (oct26) by first calling up customer service eh sabi sakin i have to go back daw where i signed up pero wala daw ako makakausap regarding cancelling the plan on Monday so Tues na daw ako pumunta so fine. Then when i went there on Tuesday eh sabi sakin pwede daw icancel ung plan pero refund hindi daw kasi nacharge na daw ung 19.2k sa cc so idowngrade lang dwa ung plan ang possible way – kung sana daw same day of signing up eh dun daw ako nagpacancel eh dun lang daw pwede mavoid ung contract (sabi nung Eric) – WTF!!! but being the slow-to-anger type of person that I am eh di ko naman na-contest un so better may mapala ako so tinanggap ko downgrade – tanga! pero ngayon that I have read this thread eh i feel like i am just about ready to do anything to get my money back. thank you all soooooo much for being fighting for your rights – i will certainly do the same.

  61. Posted by Mel, at Reply

    Hi thei,
    follow the steps that we did.. but the best of all go directly to their main office. They will action more faster than where you signed up. Just prepare your request letter for cancellation.
    PHILIPPINE Prudential Life
    Insurance Company, Inc.
    Suite 305-308, 3rd Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
    EDB Avenue corner Garnet & Sapphire Roads,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

  62. Posted by thei, at Reply

    thanks, Mel.. hay, grabe, i relaly felt sooo helpless thes past days. Di ako makakain, i barely sleep and its affecting my work na din. my family doesnt even know about this kasi I cant bear to see them disappointed in me for falling for a scam such as this. pero paano kaya un, pina-cancel ko na din the day i accepted the downgrade – pero I guess since tinanggap ko ung downgrade then the plan is still in effect right so I can still formally cancel it and request for the charge to be stopped when I go to their main office right? other than the Request Letter for Cancellation and the docs PPL gave – is there anything else I need to bring like the dispute form from my cc? pag-di sila umayos eh I will go to the media. My ates are from ABS-CBN and all hell will break loose talaga pagnagkaalaman…

  63. Posted by thei, at Reply

    oooppss, sensya na sa lahat ng typos ko sa previous posts. hehe
    di halatang nanggagalaiti lang naman ako sa galit diba.
    hay. no more ms. goody two shoes.
    kung hindi lang holiday bukas eh pupunta na ako sa main office sana.
    well sa tuesday na lang…
    again, maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. this is something we can’t just let go eh – di pwedeng sabihin ay charge it to experience na lang – we all have to do something about this. let us spread the word para mabawasan ang mga mabibiktima nila sa ganitong dirty tactics nila. lahat naman tayo nagtratrabaho for a good future eh paano mangyayari un kung ngayon pa lang nilalamangan na tayo…

  64. Posted by Mel, at Reply

    Hi Thei,
    yes your right. Kahit sino naman ng burst like a pipe nung malaman na nacharge agad s cc natin. Kc di naman yun ang exactly explantion nila. Pwede mo pang i pcancel yan I believe. since kailan lang naman nangyari. you can email me at [email protected]. I’ll tell you who is the right contact person in PPLIC Head office. I’ve got it from one of the victim. Like us.

  65. Posted by J, at Reply

    Obviously, this is a scam that they have been doing for years now to lure people into getting their effing Endowment Account. Malas lang namin ng best friend ko. We never really take time to even get fliers from anyone anywhere, ewan kung bakit on that day ay we gave a chance to that agent “Blemai” sa SM North na ipresent ang hoax na promo nila..

    I called up their main office just now and spoke to a certain Carla Norada (perhaps this is the same person that Arpee was pertaining to on his original post. I’m planning to go through their main office muna para diretso ang transaction/request. Carla is now asking me to fax her a cancellation letter and an Incident Report.. Good thing I have that prepared already. I’m sending it to her within an hour. Let’s see where this would go.. Hopefully, it will be a smooth transaction. If it is, then perhaps I can try to help others who have been “pushed/bullied” as well to sign up for an Insurance Policy with them.. How I envy the lady who went in before me.. Ang bilis niya nakalabas with matching MURA to all staff within their office.. Wish I was that mataray at that time – too bad am too polite of a person kasi.. But NO MORE Ms. Polite for them…

  66. Posted by Jennifer A. Sunga, at Reply

    Hi everyone, sad to say talaga isa din kmi sa na biktima ng manlolokong “PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE INC.” na yan. naloko kami dahil ang pagkakaalam namin ung savings is within citibank credit card parin mapupunta sabi nga nila “sa bangkong pinagkakatiwalaan mo” at wala dw silang pera na kukunin samin kundi sila pa dw ang magbibigay ng protection sa amin at tuturuan ng tamang pag save ng pera. Ang mali lang kc ng bf ko binigay nya ung card nya sabi kc ng nag oorient samin is susubukan lang dw nila if maaaproved kami if di dw wala sila magagawa.tpos ayun na swipe na nila agad nakuhanan na siya ng P24,000 ng ganun kadali..nagrequest kmi na icancel nila ung policy namin pero maghintay dw kmi ng 30-45 days pra sa processing.
    Nakakalungkot kc ang dami na talaga nilang nabiktima dpat talaga na mapa-imbestigador na sila pra di lang ilan sa knila ang mawalan ng work kundi mawala na rin ng tuluyan ung company nila kc marami pa ang mabibiktima.
    I pray and i hope na maibalik ung perang nawala sa boyfren ko. Now we realize na hindi pala tau basta basta dpat magtiwala sa isang tao. :-( alam kong may way si God pra masupil ang panloloko nila.

  67. Posted by lhet, at Reply

    hi to all…talagang very well trained yung agents nila para manloko…same strategies ang ginagawa…pareho sa sinabi ni jen, ganun din yung sabi nila dito sa smct iloilo…basta tawagan mo lang kaagad yung CC mo para makapagfile ng dispute letter at puntahan yung office ng PPLC…taas noo ka dapat kung pumunta doon para matakot cla sa iyo at macancel kaagad yung plan…ganoon din yung ginawa ko…hehehe…

  68. Posted by flushbowl, at Reply
  69. Posted by Jem, at Reply

    hello po sa inyo… around three weeks ago, i received a phone call from PhilAm Plans ata yun, aying I was referred by someone and I have a Php25k worth of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage from them. Sabi pa, in order to claim it, I need to present three valid ID’s. My sister went to PhilAm Plans Cubao office to claim her cash loan check, since I remember the phone call, i gave it a try. I was asked to sign form, then the first person who talked to me, asked for a Bank ID and he told me the credit card will do, also he asked for my company ID and gov’t isued ID so I gave him my Driver’s License too. After that I was introduced to a Receiving Manager, she looked nice and presentable. She started praising me, asking me personal questions then she said she knows something that might be of my interest. She told me not to let my sister know because it i a limited offer and not everyone qualifies for that offer. I asked her to tell me more about it, after some presentation, she asked for my HSBC credit card, asked for my other credit cards then she left, she said the approval will take about 3-5 mins. When she came back, she introduce me to a Unit Manager, then they have a landline and they’re trying to call HBC. they said my card was declined, I got confused as to WHY they SWIPED my CARD?!! HSBC said they charged my card Php 11,000+. The had me sign on the receipt and said I was approved for a Php50k plan. They let me sign other forms, sobrang bilis ng mga pangyayari. Walang explanation, they just let me print my name and sign them all. I tried reading them but the fine prints and lengthy words made my tired eyes grew even more stupid. Di ko siya naintindihan, and since I have my sister waiting for me outside, i was in a hurry. When we got home, I reviewed the photocopied paper they gave me. I saw that it was a for authorizing them to charge my HSBC credit card, and I am expected to pay the other amount of Php 30 before november ends.

    It was around an hour when we reached Home and I contacted the Lady I talked to, I told her I want to cancel it, and she said Low-batt na yung cellphone niya. She asked for my landline and I waited for her to call. Then I sent her a text message, I begged for her to help me cancel it. And she is prepared with her rebuttals like “so yung budget yung primary concern mo?” and also “if you will not be asked to pay 30K will you still be interested to continue with the plan”. She said ipapa-approve daw niya sa mga managers niya then she wil update me, 24hrs have passed, I still didnt get a feedback. I dont know what to do. Please tell me how to cancel this.

    Yung nasa paper “Progidy and Educational Plan ang nakalagay, and i remembered the manager saying “yun kasi yung naka-register sa SEC”… oh.. my.. i really don’t know how they made me say Yes to it. I just really went there to accompany my Ate and to check the offer for Accidental Death and Dismemberment kasi sabi i-claim ko lang. Then I am torn now.

    My mom said di daw ako nag-iisip, which is true, I still cannot accept that I agreed to something like this. I am only 23 yrs old and working for less than two years. I have other bills to pay. and yung 11k na charge sa credit card ko is too much, even more the 30k that they are asking me to pay on the 13th of November.

    Help me naman po.. I understand yours was bout Prudential. Mine’s from PhilAm Plans. I dont know where to start disputing this. Should I call HSBC? How do we dispute a charge on the credit card and how can I cancel this when they have the docs with my signature on them.. :(

    you can also send me an email at [email protected]

    Thanks! you’re feedback and tips will be appreciated.

    God Bless mga kababayan! I hope to get this resolved soon. I can hardly sleep and eat because of this. Di ako makapaniwala na ganun lang, napa-oo ako. i wasnt really thinking. I need to stop blaming myself and start resolving my problem now.

    • Posted by Jem, at Reply

      hi. ask ko lang po if possible na i-delete po yung email address ko na na-post sa reply ko back on Nov 6, 2009? if not, how about the comment i have placed? privacy reasons lang po sana. Thanks po. :)

  70. Posted by cherven, at Reply

    Hello to all.. I had the same experience, same modus operandi. Mine is from Benlife. I made cancellation letter already faxed to PMRC and to Benlife, unfortunately until now there’s no clear result pa din. When I called them they always making excuses. Please help me..

  71. Posted by sheila mae reyes, at Reply

    November 7, 09 SM City Cebu

    I have a experience din sa mall sa prudential life, 1st i was walking sa mall then my ng aproach sa akin na taga prudential tapos mananalo dw me ng 10,000$ & brand new car honda civic mglaro dw into spin & raffle, after itanong sayo na u hav CREDIT CARD o any ATM card na activated at my money, and then sabi ko my atm me sa Metro Bank tapus activated pa xa, sabi ng staff ng prudential company pra sure punta kami ng metro bank machine pra e chek o verify my laman o active ba cya, after nuon punta dw kami sa office nila sa loob ng mall Infernes ha! maganda ung office nya ang bunga ng set up, after noon dami sila ng accomodate dun, after papasok na kyo sa opis nla to explain regarding sa saving then u have deposit sa kanila almost p6,000+ after my monthly u nababayaran ko to saving deposit…after how many yrs 5 to 7 yrs.makukuha ung money mo na savings na dodoble or a million na…i was thinking is this desame w/ LEGACY SCAM? ang nakakainis dun nung araw na dun ung lang oportunitis mo ma deposit pra sa savings nila if u decide na nexday pra mg deposit ng saving nila p6,000+ hind na dw pyd kc this day lang dw promo nila…mga gago talaga ung skim nila dapat customer is always WELCOM, style nyo bulok kc pag interesado ung Customer nyo dapat e entertain nyo kc ibang araw…talagang SCAM talaga, ang importante sa kanila mka sign ka o mka saving account ka sa knila to get ur money then u dont know in the future saan pupunta ung money mo the same of LEGACY scam… Hopefully taga cebu o sugbo hindi maluluko na skim nato…beware na ganyan… ( Prudential Life Insurance located SM CITY CEBU near LTO office ) Hope u share din sa experience nyo lalo na sa CEBU City . . .

  72. Posted by Mel, at Reply

    HI Chreven…Yo have to visit the head office directly para mabilis ang action. If you will just wait for their calls..Naku, malabo..

  73. Posted by rupert, at Reply

    nakakasama ng loob kasi naloko ako. hindi ko alam na niloloko na pala ako nong nasa opisina nila ako don sa megamall. pumunta ako sa megamall kahapon 11.08.2009.they got 33,600 from me through my credit card. they said they had to check if my bank will allow the transaction. ayon nga pumasok na yung transaction. honestly, i smelled na kaduda-duda nga ung nangyayari non pero i could not explain kung bakit na-fall pa rin ako sa raket nila. can anyone help me how to get my money back? Ako kasi ung taong tahimik lang, hindi ako magaling magsalita, for sure mahihirapan akong ipaglaban ang sarili ko at karapan ko. sadly, napirmahan ko na ung kontrata kaya alam kong mahihirapan talaga ako.

  74. Posted by mary grace, at Reply
  75. Posted by Weng Sarillo, at Reply

    OMG! ngayon ko lng to nabasa! My citibank card has been deducted for the premiums 2 months na. Same strategy that they use here in Iloilo. The people of PPLI are really bad. They do take advantage of the Filipinos talaga. Pwede pa kayang ma cancel yung policy ko? Anyone wouldn’t feel comfortable by the strategy they implement and now reading all these reactions, I would say that I don’t trust their company anymore. So anyone with the same case? How can I cancel the policy when it is already in effect? And is there any chance I can have a refund of my previous payment? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  76. Posted by lhet, at Reply

    hello weng…i am from iloilo too..just go to their office bring a letter of cancellation (see sample letter on older post)…if they tell you to come back another day, insist on cancelling your plans on that day…it’s one of their delaying, i came on monday, it’s their day off daw and sabi is wala yung manager but i insisted i even gave them a strict look..they immediately cancelled my plans even without the manager and gave me their cancelled plan letter…you have to photocopy first all your documents and let them sign received…you should also call your CC ask them on what you should do to cancel your payment..they will refer you to their concerned department…me, i faxed a dispute letter to the CC plus the cancelled letter i got from PPLC and less than 30 days i got a call from my CC that my account has been removed…GOD BLESS

  77. Posted by dru, at Reply

    actually me and my friend was on our way to our reunion yesterday sa sm north edsa then suddenly this girl ask us about winning a car from out of nothing then maya presentation and with got to go to the office downstairs near the bingo office,45 minutes was turned in to closing of sm north edsa grabe ang mga to dapat sila i report sa imbestigador or bitag kapal ng mukha di naman nila kami na persuade pero dami tao na nakakaawa pa na mabiktima pa nila…kapal ng mukha ng mga bulok na pukinang ina mga babae at mga bakla na nagoofice sa PPLC na yan go to hell!!!

  78. Posted by dezerie, at Reply

    hi there!
    grabe nman kau magcomment about PPLIC 220 naman d b na may taong manloloko at may taong nagpapaloko so kung ginamit lang ninyo ung mga utak nyo so sana di kayo naloko db??? wag nyo lahat ibuntong ang galit nyo sa PPLIC kc kasalanan nyo din yan!!!

  79. Posted by dolores, at Reply

    hi dezerie,
    tama nman talaga kc maY mga pinag-aralan namn lahat ng tao at wala nmang taong bobo na nagpapaloko kung ayaw nman talga db???

  80. Posted by labyrnth29, at Reply

    @mary grace: grabe naman 48K? were you able to submit a letter of cancelation? grabe ang mga tao sa north edsa. They’ll lie straight to your face! sabi sa akin hindi ko na daw pwede irefund yung paln tapos downgrade na lng pwede kong gawin. Pero hindi ako umalis at pinilit ko silang ibalik sakin yung down payment ko. Pwede kaya sa head office tumawag at sa kanila ipasa yung letter of cancelation? Mga sinungaling kasi ang tao sa branches nila. Kung umuulan lang apoy kada isang kasinungalingan na lumalabas sa bibig nila sobrang inabo na mga tao dun. Update lang yung 2,200 hindi pa din narerefund sakin..

  81. Posted by Ann, at Reply

    To Dezeri..
    No offense..You could not blame them why they all saying those bad words.. We have diffrent ways of expressing our own feelings and thoughts.. I believe this blog is open to everyone to leave their own opinions and comments like yours. Your definetly right in saying that walang maloloko if walang magpapaloko.. but u cannot tell sometimes when and where people cheating you as some of them were professionally train in cheating.. They just have said that because of anger. Money is involve here and its to diffucult to earn for a living. So i believe you are the one who is nuts and not using the brain. Sorry for the term.. Waht can you say GUYS??

  82. Posted by Ann, at Reply

    To: Dezerie & Dolores
    Better to help those people who were victimized rather that saying those comments. Your worst compared to them.. As it’s normal to say some bad words when your mad.. It’s part of being normal here on earth. Hundreds of people were victimized using PPLIC unethical marketing strategy. So this means that they are really good on this. Congrats! Job well done. but time will come for their FINALE.. And you are lucky as you are not one of them.. So lahat ng naloko is BOBO??? at ikaw hindi?? yabang..

  83. Posted by Mi, at Reply

    hhuhuhuhu… good thing I googled “Philippine Prudential Life scam”


  84. Posted by Mi, at Reply

    Question: as long as I didn’t actually go there and provide a credit card number, they can’t start charging me right?

    btw, you can add these numbers to the list 09178222132, 09178732151

  85. Posted by ian, at Reply

    gud pm, cno ba makakatulong s kin dito, gusto ko ng ipa cancel ang plan ko dito, tama nga ang basa ko sasabihin syo na i try daw nila kung ma aaprove ako pinilit nila akong ipa swipe talaga yugn card at pinagtulungan ako ng 3 girl…. 33600 din ang nawala sa akin at pinagawayan pa namin ng wife ko ito… anyone can help … if u want i can call u now…. post ur number here… tnx

  86. Posted by jaybee, at Reply

    Gud pm. sad to say I am also one of the victims of Phil. Prudential and it happened just last night. Sumakit ang ulo ko and hindi ako nakatulog after reading the provisions pagdating sa bahay kasi lahat nga mga sinabi nila e iba sa nakalagay sa insurance clause. Ayaw ko talaga sana nong una kasi nga naman I don’t have enough income para don. Kaso lang ayaw nila akong pakawalan. E malapit nang mag close ang mall . ang sabi nila ita try lang lang if my credit card company would approve me. E yun pala swipe na kaagad ang credit card. They are all liars!!! Gusto ko mang magalit at magmura sa kanila hindi ko na ginawa kasi may pinag-aralan din naman ako kahit paano. Sabi ko cge na lang para na lang sa future ng mga anak ko But not until I read your comments. Ang galing talaga nilang mambola! Congrats to all of them and condolence sa ating mga biktima nila.

  87. Posted by Ed, at Reply

    hey Jaybee, wag naman condolence sa atin.pera lang yan. baka sa kanila condolence kasi nag pauna na tayo ng abuloy. May awa ang diyos sa ating naloloko. Pagtiyagaan mo lang ang proseso, iggrant ka rin nila.

  88. Posted by She, at Reply

    Alam mo Jaybee, gumawa ka ng cancellation letter addressed to President ng prudential at maki usap ka na icancel na nila ang iyong policy. Actually, ngayon ko lang natangap na naibalik na ng prudential ang 24k ko sa credit card account ko. Cancelled na rin ang finance charges sa akin ng bank.May awa ang Diyos.Kailangan lang talaga na makiusap kayo. Wag daanin sa init ng ulo. Mababait naman sila.

  89. Posted by amir, at Reply

    @she…heard na 45days bago maibalik ang refund, totoo ba?Grabe naman sana inilaan ko na lang sa ibang bagay baka tumubo pa pera ko! Swerte nman nila pina roroll pera natin para may pambayad sa sweldo ng empleyado at rent sa SM. Magaling sila mag business walang kahirap hirap sa puhunan o capital.

  90. Posted by Ann, at Reply

    to all new victims. visit this site.. This might help.. ..dont worry ,makuha nyo rin yan. Basta ayusin nyo agad and follow the steps. Also, visit this site. Look for emails wherein you can send your complaint. This is the higher commission for all the insurance companies in the Phil.

  91. Posted by ian, at Reply

    sir/mam, papaanong diskarte po ang ginawa nyo at naibalik ang pera ninyo?
    gusto ko na rin ksi ipa cancel ito at hindi rin ako nakatulog ng gabing yun nung time na na swipe na yung atm ko, at pinagawayan pa namin ng misis ko… help help help nman… sa SM north annex din ito nangyari s kin… tnx

  92. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    hi ian. give me your email add & i’ll tell you how. It might help u.

  93. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    Hi all,
    You can email / fax your complaint and request for cancellation to the below.
    tested ko na. Mas mabilis ang action.
    1071 United Nations Ave.,
    Ermita Manila, Philippines
    Tele/Fax (+632) 5238461-70
    E-Mail: [email protected];[email protected] Hope this might help you.

  94. Posted by jayson, at Reply

    they were really FORCING me to lend them my atm card to check if i can take advantage of their offer. i said NO. even the manager told alot of things to try to persuade me.andami na nilang namimilit sa akin. i refused to listen in any of their rebuttals.its a good thing that the manager is stupid that accidentally, he was able to tell me that “may money back naman”, kaya naconfirm ko na tama talaga hinala ko na sa simula palang ichacharge na nila ako agad. nung una ayaw pa nila aminin na ganun talaga. they even told me na maawa na daw ako sa buntis na agent na kumausap sa akin, pumayag na daw ako para di siya mawalan ng trabaho. pasensiya sila, i dont vie sob stories. in the end, dahil mga 2 hours na nila ako pinipilit, sumuko na rin yung mga loko. umuwi ako ng may libreng tumbler at hindi nila ako naloko. thank God. i hope those of you have become victims will get justice. di makatarungan yung ginagawa nila

  95. Posted by ian, at Reply
  96. Posted by ian, at Reply

    sa mga naloko ng PPL , im planning to close my account bukas, sinong gustong sumama pra sabay sabay na tayo at ng di na sila makapag paliwanag pa, ang balak ko pag open pa lang ng mall bukas at habang wala pa silang naloloko pa ay dun ako pupunta umagang umaga siguro mga around 10am ksi 10am ata ang open ng mall
    sabay sabay na tayo full force… bring your cancellation letter & all the papers na galing sa kanila… tnx

  97. Posted by She, at Reply

    Hi Ian, actually hindi 30-45 days ang cancellation period. Last Nov 6 lang nila nacancelled ang sa akin pero nung tawagan ko ang credit card company ko ay ibinalik na pala ng prudential ang 36k at fianance charges.. please call or fax to Jenny Santamaria-costumer service officer 6376473- sa main office ng prudential.siya ang nagpapabilis ng transaction para makapag issue kaagad ng Memo ang prudential sa bank including the finance charges

  98. Posted by She, at Reply

    Sa totoo lang, kailangan sa main office kayo mag padala ng cancellation letter at cc nyo ang SM north kasi mas maasikaso yan at pansinin doon. Sa sm north, idelay lang nila request nyo for cancellation. makipagusap kayo kay Jenny at Carla.walang magawa ang PPL branch kung may order galing ng main office.

  99. Posted by ian, at Reply

    tnx She, balak ko ksi pumunta bukas or sa Sunday pra mapa close yung acct….
    tnx ulit

  100. Posted by She, at Reply

    Kahit po ako noon ay hindi rin nakakatulog dahil sa malaking pera na mawawala sa akin. Kailangan lang talaga na ifollow up parati sa main office, kung pwede lang araw araw paki usapan si carla at jenny.Pagsabihin nila 35-40 days ang proseso, araw araw pa rin ang follow up.kailangan pa rin silang kulitin in a nice way o magandang paki usap.

  101. Posted by She, at Reply

    Kung maari lang, ngayon o bukas mo na gawin ang cancellation letter at address sa President ng Prudential.

  102. Posted by ian, at Reply

    tnx mam, natawagan ko na si Carla at mag fax na lang daw ako ng letter sa kanya at ilagay ko daw lahat ng complain ko at tutulungan daw nya ako maayos yun khit di na ako pumunta ng SM North

  103. Posted by Rodel, at Reply

    ngayon ko lang to nabasa comments nyo guys, isa n pla ako sa mga na scam, tnx at natagpuan ko tong site nato, Sna guys matulungan nyo rin ako kung pano ang steps pra macancell yong plan ko sa PPLIC, mam she pls help me tnx, bro ian punta ka ba sa SM North bukas?

  104. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    hi Rodel,

    Just prepare your cancellation letter & complaint and send it via fax and email to:
    3/F Suite 305-308 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
    ADB Avenue Cor. Garnet St. and Sapphire Rd., Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel. No. (632) 638-8163; 631-2028; 634-5294; 635-5126; 636-3645
    Fax No. 631-3228

    [email protected] – MS. GENIE STA MARIA
    [email protected] – Ms. Carla

    They are nice and they should be.. Then, follow up mo lagi..
    File ka na rin ng dispute form for the bank.
    once nakuha mo na ung CANCELLATION from INCEPTION from PPLIC
    forward mo yan sa bnk mo para mabawi mo rin ung interest charge. I hope this might help you.

  105. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    hi Rodel,

    Just prepare your cancellation letter & complaint and send it via fax and email to:
    3/F Suite 305-308 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower
    ADB Avenue Cor. Garnet St. and Sapphire Rd., Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel. No. (632) 638-8163; 631-2028; 634-5294; 635-5126; 636-3645
    Fax No. 631-3228

    giniestamaria@ – MS. GENIE STA MARIA
    cnorada@ – Ms. Carla

    They are nice and they should be.. Then, follow up mo lagi..
    File ka na rin ng dispute form for the bank.
    once nakuha mo na ung CANCELLATION from INCEPTION from PPLIC
    forward mo yan sa bnk mo para mabawi mo rin ung interest charge. I hope this might help you.

  106. Posted by rose, at Reply

    hey! im one of you, tomorrow early in the morning 10am ill be there sa sm north annex to file my cancellation letter!!! waaaah!wala pang 24hrs, kanina lang around 9pm ako naloko ng PPL na yan

  107. Posted by rose, at Reply

    merun po bang pupunta ngayun sa PPL sm north annex? im about to go there, pwede nyo po ako itext (09291989944) para sabay tau to complaint… whew! Our God is faithful kaya alam ko di nya hahayaan na walang mangyari sa lakad na ‘to…
    Godbless sa atin…

  108. Posted by Glen, at Reply

    nakakuha rin ako ng endowment plan. Magaling talaga sila sa sales talk at na train ng mabuti. Gusto ko ang plan dahil sa “savings” ang priority nila.

    Meron lang akong tanong about this savings they are offering.. Is our money safe with them or protected by local government?

    Sana may protection sila sa mga endowment plan or saving plans.

  109. Posted by ianhi rose, ngayun sana ang punta ko pero di ako matutuloy, at Reply

    hi rose, ngayun sana ang punta ko kya lang di ako matutuloy..
    try ko na lang bukas or next week…
    rose kung ano man result ng lakad mo ay i publish mo dito para makakuha ng tip ang iba pa… good luck

  110. Posted by Glen, at Reply

    sino ba dito meron idea about sa endowment plan? protektado ba tayo dito o hindi?

  111. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    PPLIC is a legitimate company but they are doing unethical marketing strategy. Protektado talaga tayo sa plan. But why we would waste our time and money for this, ‘coz sa umpisa palang there’s something fishy.. for my own opinion, if you really want an insurance, look for the other company as equal or better than them..

  112. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    PPLIC is a well known insurance company anywhere, but b’coz of this marketing strategy they are also starting to become a very well known ins. co. in cheating.

  113. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    Prudential is a well known insurance company anywhere, but b’coz of this marketing strategy they are also starting to become a very well known ins. co. in cheating.

  114. Posted by Rodel, at Reply

    Gudpm! tama kadyan sir eli, hindi talaga maganda ang marketing strategy nila, tnx po sa advice, pero sir wla po akong idea pano gawin ung body ng letter, tsaka hindi po ako gaano kgaling sa english, sana po sir matulungan nyo po ako sa paggawa ng letter ng pag cancel…Godbless you sinbihan ko narin mga kaibigan ko na magingat sila lalo na kung pupunta sila ng SM North…Salamt ng Madami.

  115. Posted by sai, at Reply

    Shit nabiktima ako kahapon sa sm mega,na swipe na ung card ko..pano ko marefund yung pera ko?Pls. need help

  116. Posted by sai, at Reply

    pls need help

  117. Posted by amir, at Reply

    @ Rodel & Sai
    Eto po yung letter para may masundan kayong guide, yung dispute letter form download nyo sa credit card company nyo kung citibank just go to

    November 21, 2009

    PHILIPPINE Prudential Life
    Insurance Company, Inc.
    Suite 305-308, 3rd Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
    EDB Avenue corner Garnet & Sapphire Roads,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

    RE: Cancellation of Insurance Policy # PPLxxxxxx

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Please take this letter as a formal request to cancel my insurance policy and stop all charges to my Citibank Visa Credit Card from your company. Please make this effective as of October 23, 2009. I also request written confirmation of this cancellation, as soon as possible.

    Your Name
    Address & Signature

  118. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    To Rodel and any1 outder..
    follow the letter that Amir did. Very straight, add mo na lang din na you want to refund the full amount that has been charge to your account.

  119. Posted by rose, at Reply

    wag po kayo mawalan ng pag-asa. ako kasi wala pang 24hrs eh napuntahan ko sya agad, ayun kanina naging successful yung lakad ko. kinancel nila yung plan ko sakanila, pero before yun ang dami dami nilang tatanungin. the best way is to ignore everything what they say.. magaling silang magconvince, be smart lang sa pagsagot, show to them na hindi ka nila maloloko.. ayun, yung kagaya nung letter of cancellation jan yung binigay ko sakanya, magprint nakayo bago pumunta para ready agad. tapos pa counter sign nyu yung letter. then after nun nagpunta ako sa bank ko, ayun ifoforward ko sakanila yung letter of dispute at letter of cancellation confirmed by PPL, tapos yung bank ko nadaw ang bahala. sabi kasi sakin sa PPL 30-45 days daw processing, bago nila maibalik yung pera nakuha sa cc. basta mahalaga makipagcoordinate kau sa bank nyu, at may hawak kayong letter of cancellation. inassure naman ako ng bank ko na maganda sa letter of dipute ko i-state ko nadin na charge-back yung pera nakuha sakin w/in 75days,, ayun, babalik balik padin ako dun sa PPL to follow up,, Godbless us guys! ang sabi pala sakin, refundable naman yung money kaya ayun.

  120. Posted by rose TO IAN, at Reply

    hi ian, kelan kpaba kumuha ng plan sa PPL?
    sa sm north annex ka din dba? mas maganda personal ka pumunta dun para ma-assure mu na aasikasuhin nila yung request mo for cancellation. tatanung lang naman nila reason mu bakit ayaw mu na. wag mu na pagtagalin, puntahan mu na agad…
    ok naman cla kausap eh, basta wag ka papaintimidate sakanila… medyo matapang pero nice ka makipagusap dapat… Godbless sau, wag ka magalala makukuha mu din yun, basta asikasuhin mu na agad..

  121. Posted by rose TO ELI, at Reply

    hi eli, 30-45 days din ba yung sinabi sayo ng PPL na processing days bago marefund yung amount na nacharge sa cc mu?
    salamat po.

  122. Posted by eli, at Reply

    hi rose,
    yes 30-45 days. n approve for cancellation ugn request ko on nov 5. and i have to wait 5-7 more days para makita ko sa statement ko na totally charge back n s cc ko. will keep u posted. other says, less than 30 days lang.

  123. Posted by Astroboy, at Reply

    Oh my God! i was at the SM Megamall kanina lang, same exact “power sales talk” from the rep and the manager. the first rep sabi 45 minutes lang daw pero ilang oras inabot, long story short, check daw muna nila yung CC ko kung payagan ng bank, etc… di talaga ako pumayag, sabi ko pag iisipan ko muna. sabi nila duda daw ba ako sa company, issue ba ang money, etc. sabi ko hindi issue ang money at wala akong duda sa company, I know the company is LEGIT. I just need to think about it first. ang lagi nilang banat pwede mo nmn pag-isipan pero check muna daw yung card kung ma-approve ng bank at one day lang daw valid, kung hindi maaprove, wala sila magagawa. dun pa lang ako may hint na ko na parang scam to ah. ang ganda sana nung plan kaya lang why do they have to do it that way? why can’t they wait until I have decided, at least mapag isipan ko man lang? dahil makulit talaga (this time dalawa na sila), kahit LOWEST amount na lang muna daw tapos pag isispan ko after. medyo naiinis na ko kasi gusto ko na rin umalis, sabi ko I have to think about it first BEFORE YOU CHECK my card and if it is only valid for one day, sorry for me, maybe I just need to look at some other options. what’s worse is parang galit pa sila at walang napuntahan ang sales talk nila. anyways, buti na lang pala di ako pumayag kanina re: the “verification of the card” thing. THANK GOD! I could have been charged Php 96,000.00.

  124. Posted by rose TO ELI, at Reply

    hi eli, kelangan ko paba ng SOA? kasi merun ako letter of cancellation at dispute letter to be forwarded to my bank, nid pba ng SOA na may nakalagay daw na sa status field nya eh “cancelled upon inception”?
    tnx so much.

  125. Posted by ian, at Reply

    hi rose, tnx sa info….
    iniisip ko nga kung anong magandang gawin kung pupunta ba ako sa SM annex or i fax ko na lang yung letter for cancellation sa main office nila , ilang letter ba ang dala mo?
    maliban sa letter for cancellation may ibang letter ka pa bang dala?

  126. Posted by ian, at Reply

    naisahan ako ng PPL last Oct 29

  127. Posted by rose TO IAN, at Reply

    ian mas maganda kung personal kang humarap sakanila at pumunta ka ka talaga dun sa sm north. agahan mu,, pero darating pa yung customer service rep. nla mga 1pm. they are nice naman, at iaaccomodate ka nila. maging nice ka lang sa pakikipagusap, ask lang nila reasons mu bakit ka magpapacancel, sa akin kasi 3 ang kumausap. tlgang pinipilit ako na sayang naman daw. takot cla sa lawsuits, saka ayaw din nila masira yung name nila. may dala ko 2 original letter of cancellation lang, tapos may countersign nila. after mu dun, ifax mu yung letter of cancellation mo confirmed by PPL ska letter of dispute sa CC company mo pati pala yung SOA na nakalagay “cancelled upon inception” para alam nila na cancelled na ang transaction at hindi kna mkakareceive ng mga bills. ako magrerequest plang ng SOA bukas. sa mga ibang blogs na nabasa ko, naibalik naman yung mga nacharge sa CC nila. kaya wag tayong mabahala, basta take time na mapuntahan mu talaga cla. God will make a way 4 us.

  128. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    To Rose & IAN.
    you need to get the SOA with status Cancelled from Inception. Once you have it, forward immediately to your bank. Mas maganda talaga pag punta ka personally. but case to case basis din. For example wala pang 24hrs ung subscription mo, madaling makuha ung SOA- cancellation from Inception but if medyo matagal na, I would suggest that you have to visit head office personally. Fax first your letter then visit them. para pag punta mo may i follow up ka na nag fax ka nag cancellation letter. Kasi sa case ko, twice lang nagpunta representative ko to SM north as they cannot give me what I have wanted. panay na tawag ko, dami ko nang nagastos na overseas calls to follow up my case. So we decided to visit the head office personally and finally na cancel naman.

  129. Posted by rose TO ELI, at Reply

    hi eli,
    tnx for the info..
    nga po pala, panu ba yung format ng letter of dispute?
    anu yung content ng letter?
    can you give me a sample dispute letter?
    tnx so much! Godbless..

  130. Posted by Eli, at Reply

    HI rose,

    Lagay mo lng ugn transaction detail n i report mo for dispute. i.e.. transaction date.. merchant name ata yun then ung amount… then reason why mo nireport for dispute. may mga option dun. only that… kasi sakin nasa ibang bansa ko ngaun, hiningi rin ng bank ko ung letter or complaint ko…

  131. Posted by rose TO ELI, at Reply

    pwede po ba pa-mail sakin ng sample ng dispute letter? ([email protected])
    i have no any idea how to do it, may nadownload ako na form from my bank, pero yung mga option dun parang wala naman po dun yung need ko na ireport… please!
    bukas kasi punta ako ulit sa PPL to request for my SOA, para sabay2 ko na maforward sa bank yung mga documents needed…
    salamat ng marami…

  132. Posted by ian, at Reply

    good am… finally na cancel ko kahapon yung PPL plan ko,
    buti na lang may SOA na rin ako na binigay nila nung time na nagpunta ako at naisahan ako … humingi na rin ako ng letter for confirmation na cancel na talaga yung plan, isa lang ang kumausap sa akin kahapon siguro hindi na rin sila nagtanong ng nagtanong kung bakit ko i cacancel ksi marami silang client yesterday, ang ginawa ko nga ay inilatag ko yung letter for cancellation ko sa table at bka nga mabasa ng ibang nsa table na katabi namin… waiting pa raw ako ng 30-45 days bago maibalik yung pera na swipe sa cc ko…
    tnx sa mga tulong nyo, pumunta na kyo kung saang branch kyo nag avail ng plan pra maayos agad.. tnx ulit

  133. Posted by jaybee, at Reply

    She…sorry for the word na gnamit ko…dala lang ng sobrang init ng ulo. I went back to pplc last nov. 19. Same time nung dinala ako ng promo agent nila the night before. I am not feeling well that day but pinilit ko para lang ma i–hand in ko yung cancellation letter. pina fill up nila ako ng form and ask me why ipa-pancel ko. I said I was given a misleading information. Nung inisa-isa ko na ang mga reasons they were trying to disclaim it. hindi raw nila sinabi yon and they are very sure dahil lahat daw ng mga sinabi nila nka script. Ipinakita ko na rin ang dala2 kong print out ng mga negative comments from the internet. Actually medyo nagalit pa young sales manager nila nang kunin ko to sa isang couple na nkasabay kong mag file ng cancellation. hiniram kasi nila sa akin bago kami pumasok sa orientation room . Pero sila sa another encloed room pinapasok. cguro dahil mas malaki yong amount na involve sa kanila… mga 38,000+ yata…They threaten me pa nga na pwede daw akong kasuhan at makulong ng 46 years because ang gusto kong palabasin na niloko nila ako. Sabi ko nga, granting na hindi nyo ako niloko, still I want to cancel my policy. Sa sobrang galit ko at init ng ulo na hindi ko mailabas labas lalong sumama ang pakiramdam ko. Medyo sinigawan pa nga ako ng sales manager nila kasi from time to to time nakatingin ako sa paligid. Huwag daw cla ang tingnan ko kasi iba ang transaction nila. Sabi ko sa sales manager i-receive na lang ang cancellation letter ko because I wanted to go home dahil baka himatayin ako dun kasi nga naninikip na dibdib ko. Pero ayaw nyang tanggapin. aware daw ba ako na wala na akong makukuha pag pina cancel ko yon and magbabayad pa rin ako sa credit card co. ko despite of that….sabi ko k fine magbayad na kung magbayad basta i-receive nya lang yong letter. Pero ayaw talaga and nobody else daw would receive the letter dahil ayaw kong makinig. Nanginginig na ako and halos hindi na makapagsalita So sabi ko kung ayaw mo wala akong magagawa but I need to go. I fax ko na lang ang letter sa head office nu. hinabol pa niya ako hanggang sa labas dahil baka mawawalan daw sya ng trabaho…I said to myself buti nga kung mangyari yon pero hindi na ako nagpa awat sa kanya. So I faxed the letter na lang sa head office nila the next day. Gaano ba katagal bago cla magpadala ng confirmation? Hindi ba pwedeng mag file ng dispute kung wala yon?. Hay… Nov. 18 and 19 is a nightmare to me. Nag absent nga ako sa trabaho last friday sa sobrang sama na pakiramdam ko because of pplc. Ok lang sana kung marami akong pera but I am just a mere clerk and a breadwinner of my family who’s trying naman sana na makapag save para sa mga anak ko…

  134. Posted by She, at Reply

    hi, Jaybee.Pakifollow up mo na alng parati kay ms. jenny o kay carla para mapabilis ang proseso. pero kailangan mo kasi maisurrender sa branch nila ang PPLC documents. pilitin mo sila na irecieve yon.

  135. Posted by -nnehj-, at Reply

    hello guys! I was so shocked with what I have read with your blogs. I have availed one of their plans last October 10 and after that day I can’t stopped myself but to think if I have done the right thing. Until this time that I came up with the realization that my intuitions are correct that I shouldn’t have availed the plan. Guys, please help me on what to do. Is it possible that my cancellation would be approved though it had already took a span of time before I realize that I want it to be cancelled?Thank’s

  136. Posted by -nnehj-, at Reply
  137. Posted by -nnehj-, at Reply

    I was amazed with how they encourage us to save and for me, mas lalo akong nadala since I want my salary na may puntahan…since I’m still single and still young this is the perfect time. But if the money was not in good hands, better na mapunta na lang to other things than to think your’e saving but at the end…you have nothing… Better na sa Savings Account na lang tayo mag-save so if we need it urgently or badly we know where to get the money,not like this that we’re all in a situation that we we’re thinking that we have nothing at all…

  138. Posted by ciara to -NNEHJ, at Reply

    hi nnhej,
    punta ka lang sa branch nila kung san ka kumuha ng plan,
    prepare ka ng cancellation letter, like this

    November 24, 2009

    PHILIPPINE Prudential Life
    Insurance Company, Inc.
    Suite 305-308, 3rd Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
    EDB Avenue corner Garnet & Sapphire Roads,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

    RE: Cancellation of Insurance Policy # PPLxxxxxx

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Please take this letter as a formal request to cancel my insurance policy and stop all charges to my Citibank Visa Credit Card from your company. Please make this effective as of October 23, 2009. I also request written confirmation of this cancellation, as soon as possible.

    Your Name
    Address & Signature

    then, ask ka nila bakit mu pa-cancel.. be firm lang sa pagsagot, they are nice naman.. basta kahit anu sabihin nila wag ka nalang makikinig… after nun, pag-ok na hingi ka ng SOA, then iforward mu sa bank mo yung letter of cancellation confirmed by PPL, SOA and dispute letter… after that we 30-45days processing bago maibalik yung na-swipe sa cc mo. ako din til now waiting pa ma charge-back sa akin.. kaka-cancel ko lang nung 21 eh.. Godbless us all!

  139. Posted by ciara to -NNEHJ, at Reply
  140. Posted by ian, at Reply

    jhenn – try mo gawa ka ng letter for cancellation, ang inilagay ko sa letter ko ay “halos 20 times akong sinabihan na walang babayaran pero ano ito halos malubog ako sa utang sa credit card ko” , isa pa, inilagay ko rin na sinabi nila sa akin na “check lang po natin kung ma approve kyo pero di nila sinabi sa akin na ma charge na pla ako sa credit card ” , nung mabasa nila yan wala na silang tinanong sa akin kung bakit ako mag cancel, humingi ako ng mga confirmation letter na cancel na pati SOA ko ay cancel na rin… then pina sign ko yung customer service officer then sabay alis, sabay fax sa CC company at follow up ko na lang ngayun

  141. Posted by GI, at Reply

    To: Dezerie & Dolores


  142. Posted by She, at Reply

    oo nga kasi nalulungkot at nagagalit na nga mga tao, yan pa ang sinasabi nyo halata naman talaga na PPLC kayo.tumahimik na lang kayo dezerie at dolores kung wala naman kayong maitulong kundi manloko

  143. Posted by goyo@boyok, at Reply

    do you really know what insurance is all about? im not 1 of pplc but im 1 of there is good to those people knows how to those who are dumb about what insurance is all about better shut up!!!!!

  144. Posted by prettyfez, at Reply

    you know i was invited to attend a presentation in SM, so far maayos naman ang naging experience ko doon although yes its true they will convince you at talaga namang matagal bago ka palabasin pero di ba tinatanong naman if happy kayo and satisfied tapos pag ayaw niyo talaga pwede naman nila i-cancel void ang transaction just like what happened to me. they cancelled the transaction on the spot kasi sabi ko nabigla lang ako. i just dont understand bakit kayo galit na galit wherein pwede naman kayo kasi magpakatotoo pag nasa loob pa kayo ng office nila hindi yung ok kayo sa loob tapos paglabas niyo kung anu-ano ang sinasabi niyo di ba sino ngayon ang nanloloko? magagalit kayo kasi kumuha kayo ng ino-offer nila pero di ba kung may isip kayo hindi kayo basta pipirma ng mga documents na hindi niyo naiintindihan tapos lalabas kayo pa ang inagrabyado. wala akong kinakampihan, kasi wala naman ako mapapala sa company na yan ang point ko lang magpakatotoo tayo kasi hindi naman mapa-process yung mg papel na yan kung hindi tayo pumayag di ba????????

  145. Posted by ches, at Reply

    ofcourse! everybody knows what insurance is all about… what they are talking about here is the way how they are selling the product.. ” UNETHICAL MARKETING STRATEGY”..that’s it! My father is working with Prudential Life plan since I was a child and resigned from his duty coz he is 65 now. And its enough to serve PPLIC for that long period of time. He is also a plan holder and most of my relatives were PPLIC plan holder.. But this year 2000 onwards they are using this unethical marketing strategy which puts PPLIC in bad situation despite of being one of top insurance company in the phils. Some of the commentors of this blog has been posted their opinions wrongly bout PPLIC b’coz of what happend to them and better correct them nicely. So, you should be the one who better shut up and cover your mouth.. NUTS…..

  146. Posted by susie, at Reply

    ang promo officer db ng explain naman ng maayos sa akin na ang promo ay libre saka totoo naman na bibigyan ka ng gift.. ang sa akin ay pillow hindi ako siningil… sa loob lang ay may presentation na bebentahan ka talaga ng insurance nila pero bago nila tatanungin ka naman kung ok sa yo ang insurance at kukuha ka ba… magaling talaga mg kumbinsi ang presentor tapos ng kumuha ako ay tinanong ako ng cashier kung makano ang kukuha sa credit card tapos pinirmahan ko na ang receipt ng credit card ko paka tapos ay pinalaro na nila ako.. hindi nga lang ako nanalo… yun ang na experience… umabot nga lang ng oras yung sabi nila na 45 mins presentation… i dont know if yun din ang naranasan nyo… hindi ako kumakampi sa kanila ha.. sinabi ko lang kung ano ngyari sa akin… pwede nama n yata na mag reklamo kayo sa mismong office nila… na invite kasi ako sa SM Cebu

  147. Posted by kiss, at Reply

    hay bkit ba kau ngagalit sa pplc mas may mga masasamang ginagawa pa nga ung iba jan, mas scam, bagay na makakatulong nman sa inyo at d nman tlaga panluluko minamasama nyo, sabihin na nting magagaling lng tlaga mag convince pero u know what kung ayaw mo talga bat ka magpapapilit,. tinutulungan na nga kau magsave for your own nman, sbihin nyo pang manluluko, pano kau naloko? nakuha ang pera nyo? nalipat ba sa ibang tao? hindi nman dba? kumuha nga kau ng plano, pero kanino nkapangalan? sa ibang tao ba? sa inyo nman dba? pa scam scam pa kaung nalalaman, e d sana matagal ng hinuli at pinasara yang company na yan. hay mga tao talaga, di nyo kc naiintindihan kaya kau ngagalit….

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      i should reply to this one i think. i called it a scam because of the marketing strategies they have used to sell insurance. that’s what upset people, including me. if you read the whole post, i did mention that they should have just said outright that they were selling insurance, which i would have gladly bought because i was looking for some anyway. they never said that. instead, they made it look like a promo that will make you win a car and lots of money. THAT’S what made it a scam.

  148. Posted by She, at Reply

    OO nga. scam nga talaga.andaming binibiktima. totoo naman talaga sabi pa nila, wala daw charges sa banko, yun pala anglaki pag hindi mo kaagad naibigay ang fullpayment ng initial deposit.

  149. Posted by unknown, at Reply

    Arpee is definetly right. You’re (KISS) the one who cannot understand… read and understand the whole story of this my friend before you said anything…

  150. Posted by mkt, at Reply

    is anyone there na nakapaghulog na for the past 3 months and nai-refund pa?please help us.

  151. Posted by amir, at Reply

    para sa akin yan insurance na yan ay nababagay lang sa may extrang pera, mayayaman, gustong mag save at dun sa may paniniwala sa word na “insurance”. Ako, gustuhin ko man yan ay hindi talaga pwepwede dahil hindi swak sa budget kaya sana nung sinabi ko na di ako interested wag na sana mangulit. Piliin na lang nyo yung aalukin nyo siguro naman may iilan ilan pa namang gusto nang insurance tulad nina kiss, goyo at prettyfez.

  152. Posted by mie, at Reply

    sa wakas nakuha ko na ang full amount refund ko ,thanks God makatulog na ako ng maayos, sa mga hindi pa nakuha huwag kayo mag urong sa pag follow sa main nila pag meron na kayong letter galing sa danvil na na cancell ng plan ninyo i fax kaagad sa main nila ang fax# 02-636-3645 hanapin lang ninyo si Ms Jenny Sta Maria mabait siyang kausapin tumulong siya sa inyo, siya ang mag po push sa acctg.nila para ma process kaagad ang refund or charge back sa inyo at tawagan lang ninyo yung bank ninyo mag fax kayo ng dispute form. God Bless…

  153. Posted by kat, at Reply

    YUP this is terribly a scam! I was been patiently listening to that 45-min orientation that takes 2 hours ..Nagduda na ako nung i swiped na nila ung credit card ko i refused that then sabi ko baka mamaya nian bawas na ung account in chorus pa sila ngsalita dun na HINDE!!!they will just check lang daw kung active and points lang daw dun sa naginterview,besides bank to bank naman daw ang transaction.. so panatag ako binigay ko ang isang credit card ko na active pero with small amount and to make sure na hinde makakaltasan..very unethical ung nasa cashier tanungin ba naman ako magkano daw laman ng credit card ko sapat ba daw to open the initial account sabi ko HINDE! nagtinginan sila,and the other girl said baka may iba ka pa jan na credit card, even i have sinabi kong wala na..and i said akala ko ba active credit card lang ang wala sila magawa…kitang kita ang modus nila they wanted to withdraw from your credit card in that moment!…So dun sa nagsasabi na it was not a scam…PKI-ORIENT ANG MGA TAO NYO WAG NG MAGPALIGOY LIGOY KUNG NAGBEBENTA KAU NG INSURANCE TELL DIRECTLY IT WAS A YES OR A NO LANG NMAN SA MGA CLIENT WALA NG PALABOK NA INAABOT NG 2 HOURS! BIGYAN NYO LANG NG FORM ANG MGA TAO AND HAYAAN NYO MGISIP HINDE UNG ARAW LANG NA UN!YANG HONDA CITY AND $10,OOO PALABAS LANG NILA YAN!

  154. Posted by george, at Reply

    I had the same experience. Gusto ko din makasave kaya ako nappayag magavail ng plan. I felt wrong after signing the policy. Cguro kc napakabilis kong ngdecide. Partly it was my fault kc pumayag din naman ako. I did some research, in good condition company nila and the product was ok din. But still even though ok company nila,still feeling ko, naloko ako. their market strategy is not ok. Sa hirap ng pera now, dapat isipin muna several times before gumasta…un ang di ko nagawa,ang magisip. When i got home, dun lang nagsink-in sakin nagawa ko.Then i read this blog, lalo ako natakot. 2 sleepless nights,grabe. What i did was i made a letter to cancel my policy. I was scared kc parang katakot magpacancel. Sa main office nila ko nagpunta, sa ortigas. In fairness to them, all went well. Manager ata nila nakausap ko. I explained my side calmly. They cancelled my policy agad. Pinirmahan agad ung letter of cancellation ko, ganun kabilis. Maybe mas ok if dun kayo direcho sa main office. Talk to them calmly, ganun kc ginawa ko. Im still waiting na macharge back sa cc naswipe. 30 days pa daw kc. I’m just praying na maging ok na tlaga lahat. Anyway i have a letter naman with their sign kaya mejo panatag na ko now.

  155. Posted by SHE, at Reply

    Please tulong.
    nakarinig na po ba kayo ng Prudential Life Plan dito sa Cebu?
    Yong office po nila sa Keppel Bldg sa 14th floor..i think it is also a SCAM.
    Please help me get my money back.naka charge din po kasi sa ATM ko yong dapat sana i-save ko sa plan nila..
    Need you help please…
    maawa kayo..malaki yong perang nakuha sa wla na po akong trabaho ngayon..

  156. Posted by Brian, at Reply

    pinacancel ko na policy ko bago mag december 1 kc ito ung first monthly premium ko wla din pambayad, tinanggap naman ung letter at pinirmahan, kaso wla na daw refund kc wla pang 1 year, wala akong magawa kasi hindi ko maafford, kaya pumayag nlang ako kaysa lalaki ang utang ko sa CC ko, pinakiusapan ko na nga na kailangan nmin pera ng asawa ko, pra sa kapangankan nya this april wla daw tlaga, binigyan ako ng SOA na Cancelled w/out Refund, may mgagawa pa ba ako na marefund un, Rose, ian, Eli, She at Jaybee? thanks guys

  157. Posted by glen, at Reply
  158. Posted by glen, at Reply

    tinawagan ko kanina ang branch ng pplic. sabi daw secure daw ang money at mamabalik daw kung mayrun mangyari sa company nila.

    sabi nila ang documents ko daw ang patunay para maclaim ang savings ko. totoo ba toh?

  159. Posted by Mel, at Reply

    Like my case, before ako i charge ng 1st monthly premium ko pina cancel ko na.. Na approve naman for cancellation at wala namang sinabing no refund as I really insist to cancel my plan. Na avail ko ung plan Sept 16 then nag file ako ng cancellation on the Oct 25. Within this week baka ma charge back na s CC ko ung amount..I try mong marefund full amount Brian.. Kailan ka ba nag avail ng plan from them?

  160. Posted by mai, at Reply

    I gave up lastnight because they delayed me in their office for more than 2 hours even if I asked persmission to leave the office. Ayaw ka tagang pakawalan then same thing they made a transaction through my account at wala akong nagawa than to signed. Today I wrote a letter of cancellation sa main office sa Manila hoping my update bukas. Wla po ba kayong other way to cancell the policy agad at wag pagmunta sa branch office nila? I am from iloilo ayoko na pumunta sa branch office nila dito sa SM kasi they will only pour bad words and insult me why I filed a cancellation. Please do help me…

  161. Posted by inoj, at Reply

    hayzzz.. gumawa pa ako ng problema ko nadengoy din ako ng scam na iyan. ayan tuloy galit na galit ang kapatid ko. fifile na rin ako ng “letter of cancellation ” tommorow. ayan tuloy hindi na ako makapag rport sa opisina today..

  162. Posted by cherven, at Reply

    hi mel… i went to their head office with police pa nga pero alang ngyari hindi pa rin na cancel. my credit card was asking for cancellation from PMRC kc naka bill na daw yun sa akin. sobrang bastos pa nga kc lakas na ng voice ko sa galit then nilakas din nila ang sound system para siguro hindi marinig na iba.. upon reading this website i notice that mine is different, mostly prudential/denvil, mine is from benlife but the marketing group is PMRC.. please help… anyone?

  163. Posted by cherven, at Reply

    mahirap kitain ang pera. i lost 22k just like that. please help naman guys.

  164. Posted by MEL, at Reply

    To and fax your concern to:
    1071 United Nations Ave.,
    Ermita Manila, Philippines
    Tele/Fax (+632) 5238461-70
    E-Mail: [email protected];[email protected]
    Kasi ibang insurance company ka pala, but they are using the same strategy..Kasi base sa experience ko, naging mabilis ang action ng Prudential PLIC head office nung mag email ako sa higher commission which is the INSURANCE COMMISSION.. Less than two weeks nagkaroon na ko ng response from head office. Nag email sakin ang insurance commission and attached to that was the letter to PPLIC head office informing to grant my request for cancellation and refund. So, I hope this can help you.

  165. Posted by cel28, at Reply

    ;-( sad to say navictim din po ako sa PPLIC last Nov. 17 2009 sa SM pampanga, but the saddest thing is naipaswipe ko po ang debit card ko, :-( para po akong nahypnotized kasi sa sobrang bilis ng ginawa nila. Pero naipacancel ko rin po dat day, so akala ko maibabalik agad ang pera na nakuha sa akin, so bumalik po kame kinabukasan sa company naggawa [po me ng complain letter, sabi nila after 10 working days daw po ibabalik na, so tumawag po ako after 10 working days, nakausap ko c HENRY PUNZALAN sabi mga 1 week pa daw dahil on processing na daw…,;-( sana nga po maibalik ang pera ko, help naman po please ….. paki imbestigahan naman po kung totoo ang company na yun kasi madami pa clang malolokong tao…

  166. Posted by lhet, at Reply

    to mai…u can go to their office at smct iloilo…it only took me less than 1 hour to cancel my plan…just be firm to ask for a letter of cancellation…please read my previous comment regarding how i got mine…GOD BLESS

  167. Posted by cel28, at Reply

    to lhet
    gudpm. ask ko lang po ilang days po ang sabi sa inyo bago ibalik?

  168. Posted by rani, at Reply

    although kahapon pa ng gabi yung transaction ko… after 24 hours pa ng sink-in sa akin lahat ng ito… i was so freak out on my way home kanina… i even dropped my Cellphone twice. im going to cancel my insurance account definitely. haays! i know insurance is good but the way they do their marketing strategies were so insulting and degrading on their customer’s part.

  169. Posted by rose to rani, at Reply

    hi rani, dont wori mbabalik din yung naswipe sa cc mo, basta puntahan mu nalang agad sa office, wag mu na pagtagalin…

  170. Posted by cel28, at Reply
  171. Posted by cel28, at Reply
  172. Posted by ellada8, at Reply

    wow, just this afternoonmuntik na kong mabiktima ng PPLIC na yan.. i was strolling near sm dept store in SM north Edsa when a gay named “happy” A.K.A “romnick” stop and ask me if which is better, mastercard or visa card.. then he offer me a free gift if just sign the paper and he keep on saying no money involved. tapos i get along then he told i have a chance to win a brand new car and USD 10,000 for the raffle ticket if i play a stupid touchscreen game. then he told me 45 minutes lang daw for all the process then i can go home na. then i finish filled up the forms and they ask me to sit down and be talk by another Gay named “sam” and assisting me is “JOLLY”.. they talk and talk non stop and almost lure me to swipe my credit card.. i dunno what happen but when they are about to swipe my card and the manager is telling me the process i suddenly stop them and tell them a big “NO” as in.. and i said wait i think i need to relax a little bit and think one more time.. then they sit me down again and try to convince me on anything telling me stupid things and tactics just to make you swipe your card and PHP 28,000.. i told sam i feel like your company is a scam and he answered that “omg, why you say that, we’ve been in the bussiness for 65 years, how come you’ll say that” then i had big feeling and make me stay for another 30minutes but they never had my “YES” at all.. i left the office and rush to my laptop just to find out this blog.. thank god i was noot victimized and i was able to escape that horrible scenario and regrets that i was about to gone through.. i learned my lesson and never again be push with those gays and beautiful cars.. haaizz..

  173. Posted by mie, at Reply

    hello guys puntahan ninyo ang sm admin patulong kayo diyan, prepare lang ninyo yung reason bakit gustong mong icancel mo ang plan , tulongan ka nila at sana strong ka ha at ready yung letter of cancellation at magbigay ka ng copy sa sm admin ….

  174. Posted by tisay29, at Reply

    I got a call a while ago for the same stupid transaction..binola pa ko kasi yung boses ko daw parang 21 years old lang hahaha. Ayun, pinapapunta ako sa southmall and asked me to bring 2 valid id for a chance to win a car and $10,000. Nahalata ko agad na scam kasi pinadadala din sa kin cc ko. Sabi ko company and school dalhin ko identification lang naman di ba?? (anyway wla nmn talaga ako balak pumunta,hehe!) Then sabi di pwede kelangan yung isa credit card. Kahit super duda na ko, naisip ko magsearch and really so THANKFUL sa mga comments. Sana ma-stop na ang ganito and those guys leading all these scams go to HELL!!!

  175. Posted by mai, at Reply

    Thank you so much for all the help, it help me a lot. Ms. Ginie called and she investigated me last wednesday and Ms. Carla called me again today and informed me that my policy s cancelled na daw. Though it is not 100% sure pa medyo happy na ako that my they acted my complaint right away. Ms. Carla told me that she will email the SOA with status cancelled on monday. Thank you again guys… Keep you posted of my status.

  176. Posted by snny, at Reply

    mga sons of b**tches cla!!!!!!!! at malaking A**HOLE tlaga… kagagaling ko lang sa office nla sa sm city iloilo pra magpa-cancel, prang ako pa ang my kasalanan, bakit ko raw binigay ung cc ko? loko ba cla eh sabi skin hiramin lang at subukan if ma-approve ng cc company, then sa isang swipe lang swak kagad ung cash… But many thanks talaga sa mga post nyo d2, na file kna ang cancellation letter ko at my soa nko status cancelled from inception… update ko nlang if nkuha kna ung refund… tnx tlaga sa lahat at kay arpee…

  177. Posted by tin_tin, at Reply

    good afternoon guys ako din po na victimized ng pesteng insurance company na yan kahapon lang..buti na lang nabasa mga side comments niyo na ganun sila magsalita na kala mo ikaw pa may kasalanan at bukas mag aabsent lang ako from work just to go in their office to cancel my account.ask ko lang po ano ang dapat kong gawin before ako pumunta sa office nila?do i need to go first to SM PAMPANGA ADMIN?matutulungan ba ako agad ng SM ADMIN kasi malaki ang nakaltas sa cc ko 15,800 malaki pong amount yun para saken kasi i have a daughter and i’m a single naman niyo po ako..any advice would be a great help guys..
    thanks in advance

  178. Posted by rose to tin_tin, at Reply

    hi tin,
    no need pmunta sa SM ADMIN, wala naman sila alam dun..
    just go directly to PPLIC office, bring your cancellation letter… at hingi ka SOA…
    they are nice naman… Godbless! mababalik din yan…

  179. Posted by tin_tin, at Reply

    thanks rose ngayon morning punta ko magsimula nung sunday two sleepless night na ako hindi makatulog kasi di basta basta yun yung 15,800 na kinaltas nila from my c.c. at ayaw ko magbayad ng ganon ganon lang kasi di madali kitain ang pera…update kita mamaya sana masettle na ‘to once and for all para akong na trauma sa nangyari..

  180. Posted by NOR, at Reply

    Hi guys, help nman.. what if almost 4 months ka ng ng nka subscribe sa PPL, is there any chance na macancell pa un and get back your money.. ngaun ko lang kc nabasa e2ng blog na to eh.. my alam ba kayong instance n nkapag cancel pa.. hope you can help me.. many thanks

  181. Posted by nnehj, at Reply

    hi guys! I went to SM North last NOv 25 para i-pacancel ang policy ko. Aun the guy with whom I talked always insisted that I can have it cancelled with no refund. Until now nag-follow up pa rin ako and it was still under evaluation pa daw. They are not consistent, the one I talked last time said na may makuha akong refund for a certain amount and then ngayon wala daw since more than 30 days na bago ko pa-cancel yung policy…Gosh! Is that true? paiba iba statements at xempre di ako papayag na walang refund. Guys, ano na bang steps dapat kong gawin? Thank’s

  182. Posted by nnehj, at Reply

    hi ian– magkaiba yata tayo ng case since yung sakin I have already paid the first premium. Anyways, thank you sa info…:) Sana talaga ma-refund yun.. pang-birthday ko na sana yun…Basta follow up ko na lang everyday, pag wala pa din…I’ll bring my friend lawyer na talaga sa main office. I just want to settle it first myself lang muna talaga. Thank’s guys!

  183. Posted by Mel to NNEHJ, at Reply

    In my case, I avail d policy Sept 16 then forward the cancellation on the oct 28 and requested to stop the monthly premium. My request for cancellation and refund has been approved and it’s been more than a month nung inform ko sila. So, I dont believe na no refund..

  184. Posted by Rads, at Reply

    Hello guys, I’m also a victim of this bullshit insurance plan. Kakagaling ko lang sa office nila (Dec 8, 2009) sa SM Fairview 3rd Floor and submit my cancellation letter for that plan. Last Dec. 6, 2009 ako na-“convince” ng mga mala-anghel at may pagka hypnotizer nilang mga staff. Lahat ng mga experience ng mga blogger dito is same din sa akin. Sa awa ng dyos inacknowledge naman nila ng letter ko pero 30-45 days daw yung processing. On my part pina-block ko na yung credit card ko and bukas submit ako ng dispute form to hold any charges from my credit card. Dapat ma-“IMBESTIGADOR” or ma-“BITAG” na sila para matigil na yung mga panloloko nila…

  185. Posted by rose to everybody, at Reply

    helo there! agree ako kay radsimize,
    dapat masiwalat na yung ginagawa nila, napakaunfair,panu na yung mga navictimized nila dati pa…

  186. Posted by CHris, at Reply

    Nasa Iloilo na din ang mga lokong toh!!beware nasa SM ILOILO CITY sila at the lower ground floor!!!

  187. Posted by Paul Anthony, at Reply

    Tips to cancel your account:
    — Be respectful to them when you requesting for a cancellation
    — control your temper
    — make a photocopy all documents that they have given to you also make a copy of your cancellation letter.
    — Bring all documents that they gave to because you will surrender it to them
    — If possible, bring friends or relatives as many as you can to avoid in bullying you inside their office
    — Make a strong decesion that you want to cancel your account
    — Lastly, expose this scam to public using media to avoid more victims

  188. Posted by Rads, at Reply

    Gusto ko na i-report sa Imberstigador yung maling marketing strategy ng Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Inc. pero natatakot ako sa kadahilanang baka mapahiya lang ako dahil sa katangahan ko sa pagpirma ng mga dokumento na binigay sa akin na ayaw ko naman talaga. Napilitan lang ako dahil sa mga magaganda at matatamis nilang mga salita na makakatulong daw yun sa amin. Kawawa naman kasi yung mga magiging biktima nila. Please po sa mga nabiktima, may laban po ba tayo kung magrereklamo tayo gamit ang media. Magtulungan po tayo. pwede nyo po ako email sa isa kong account [email protected]

  189. Posted by riza, at Reply

    Hi rads, i agree with you…i was a victim too last nov 18,na pa cancell ko na rin ung plan ko,pero wla pang advise from them kung na reverse na sa card ko..grabeh talaga cla, pano nila nacckmura na ung mga pinapakain nila sa family nila eh galing sa mga panloloko nila..gusto ko rin cla ipa imbestigador kaya lang super busy me ngaun..kakalungkot lang dami pa rin kc nila nabibiktima…open na rin cla sa iloilo and cebu….SM should not allow this kind of willing to testify in case..e-mail me @ [email protected]…thanks

  190. Posted by ENNA, at Reply

    I hate going to SM Southmall because I see those vultures all the time calling your name asking if you have credit card. I feel stupid and gullible for falling into their trap. When I cancelled it they said there’s no way to get my money back and already it’s forfeited since I signed their contract. I want to get my money back jut like everybody else here. here’s my e-mail: [email protected].

  191. Posted by Rads, at Reply

    Enna hingi ka ng advise kay Rash Rashid. ako napa-cancel ko na yung account sa kanila. Sir Rash Rashid salamat po sa advise. You can call him @ 799-21-37.

  192. Posted by mai, at Reply

    Hi to all, I was forced to get the policy last Nov 30 and I filed a cancellation letter last December 1, 2009. I send a letter of cancellation addressed to the president, PPLCI Manila through email and fax, copy furnished the Insurance Commission and SEC. Main office responded kaagad after 2 days and they emailed me my SOA with status canceled last December 7. Put all your contact numbers/email address in your letter because if they received your letter they will call you. In my case they called twice, one during the investigation and second when they informed me that my policy was already canceled. They are nice at madaling kausap basta be sure to control your temper when you are talking to them. Now I am waiting for the result of my letter of dispute to my credit card.

  193. Posted by J, at Reply

    For mai. After they emailed u the SOA, na send mo rin ba thru fax yung SOA mo at ang dispute letter mo sa iyong bank? Or hindi na kasi cla nlang ang magbigay ng memo sa bank mo? Please give me some info. Thanks

  194. Posted by S, at Reply

    Kailangan pa bang ipadala yung SOA at dispute letter sa bank ko kasi ang sabi cla nlang daw ang mag transact kasi nga bank to bank transactions. Totoo ba ito?
    Please give me your advise. Thanks

  195. Posted by cel28, at Reply


    MAG EMAIL KA SA [email protected] gawa ka ng request to get your money back as soon as possible den sabhin mo ang reason kung bakit gusto mo mabalik ang pera mo. Cla ang tumulong sa kin kaya nabalik ang pera ko, Yung PPLIC sa Sm pampanga mga sinungaling cla, Hanggang ngayon hnd nila ako ini inform na nabalik na ang pera ko, mali pa ang mga bnigay na contact number, mga manloloko cla , makakarma din cla ang dami nila binibiktima. Pero last week pa naibalik dahil nag email ako sa [email protected]( MS GINNY)
    Goodluck po sa inyo.

  196. Posted by to S, at Reply

    kelangan mo pa din ipadala sa bank ko, for supporting documents…

  197. Posted by S, at Reply

    To CEL28
    Nang mkuha mo yung SOA mo from PPLIC, nag send kpa ba ng iyong dispute form at SOA sa company ng iyong bank? At totoo po ba na 30 – 45 yung sa iyo bago naibalik yung pera mo? Please me your answer. Thanks talaga in advance.

  198. Posted by eggie ann casero, at Reply

    anyone here? may ngrant n b n cancellation from prudential?

  199. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Eggie: OO mayron na. When ka nag avail ng iyong policy?

  200. Posted by keren, at Reply

    Hi. Nagpasa ako ng cancellation letter yesterday Nov. 13, 2009. However, they said that hindi ko na marerefund ang pera due to the “30-day termination period” at i-elevate na lang ang petition ko for full refund sa management. Is there any way possible that i can get my money back? Huhu. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! T.T

  201. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Keren: When ka nagpasa ng cancelleation? yesterday? Kasi Nov. ang nalagay mo pero when mo na avail ang policy mo? at saan?

  202. Posted by keren, at Reply

    To S: I “availed” the policy last Nov. 6, 2009. Errata: Dec. 13, 2009 kahapon ako nagpasa ng cancellation letter. i’m from laguna pa kaya hindi ako madalas nakakapunta sa SM Megamall kung saan ako nagoyo. Hindi ri ako aware dun sa 30-da y termination period. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  203. Posted by Mel to Keren, at Reply

    Hi.. you can get your money back.. I availed the plan Sept 16 then passed my cancellation letter on the Oct 28. and tehy approved it for cancellation & full refund. Email your concern to
    1071 United Nations Ave.,
    Ermita Manila, Philippines
    Tele/Fax (+632) 5238461-70
    E-Mail: [email protected];[email protected] Hope this might help you.

  204. Posted by mai, at Reply

    To J: Yes they told me na sila nalng bahala sa bank pero nagsend ako personally ng copy of the letter of dispute together with the SOA status canceled to the bank through fax.

  205. Posted by george, at Reply

    Sa mga magppacancel ng policy, i suggest na sa main office kau magpunta sa ortigas. Mas ok kausap mga staff dun. Just be firm with ur decision na u want to cancel ur policy. Talk to them calmly. Naibalik na sa kin ung naswipe last nov15. Ibabalik naman nila within 30 days. Makipagcoordinate na lang kayo sa bank nio. Make a dispute letter and hingi din kau letter from PPLIC stating na cancel na policy nio. Then send those letters to your account para mas mapabilis ang cancellation. Then lagi nio follow up sa bank nio if nacancel na nga.

  206. Posted by cindy_kiks, at Reply

    grabe! hindi ko akalain na mangyayari din sa BF ko ito. It only happened last Saturday, December 12, 2009 sa SM Southmall. We were both invited to this orientation thing after offering us freebies and telling us that we have a chance to win a new car or $10,000! I really had a huge thought about it, that this is a scam. Pero, wala. nangyari na ang kinatakutan ko. At first, during the orientation eh talagang hindi na ako bilib dun sa kausap ko. Immediately after declining his offer, hindi na nya ako kinausap ng matino and pretended na may sinasabi sya sa akin. I told him, “ang galing naman ng strategy nyo!” he was teary-eyed na. Pinipilit pa rin nya ako kahit ung pang-student daw or yung medical insurance. Sabi ko, NO. I was worried about my BF who was being oriented sa medyo malayong table from us. feeling ko eh talagang pinaglayo kami.. I also reasoned out dun sa kausap ko na i need to consult this thing to my BF, kaso un BF ko naman ang bumigay. Nag-insist na ako sa kausap ko na gusto ko na lumabas. sabi ko pag di nya ako pinalabas magwawala ako. and then, he let me out. ayun, kaya pala matagal ang BF ko sa loob, naloko na sya. at tulad nyo nga, sabi nung kausap nya mag fill-up lang nung form at titingnan lang kung mattransact ung account. next thing eto na ung SoA. Nung lumabas ako, I tried calling him and texting him na uuwi na kami. kaso he kept on ignoring me. na-goyo na talaga sya. at super bad trip na ako talaga.. yes, we had a fight about it and saka lang nya na-realize ang ginawa nya. Nagalit talaga ako kase hindi ko din naisip that he would give in. Anyway, imbes na magsisihan eh inisip namin kung ano ang gagawin. first thing we did was, call the customer service. I already made a cancellation letter for my BF kase yun yung sabi ng nakausap nya and thank GOD, nakita ko ang site na ito. Thank you so much! We are off to SM Southmall on Wednesday, 16 December dala lahat ang dokumento at tips galing sa inyong lahat. Salamat talaga! Although 6K plus lang un na-credit sa BF ko, un fear na ma-continue ung charging talaga ang inaalala namin. sabi nga nya, okay na di mabalik un 6K plus basta maputol na. kase sabi nya he deserved it because of his stupidity (sorry for the term), pero inamin naman nya.. I hope wala ng maloko at magpapaloko.. yes, they do good marketing strategy, as in. pero not in a proper way. grabe talaga.
    btw, guys my BF’s cc is BDO. I just downloaded the dispute letter pero since this is my first time doing this, i don’t know what to put doon sa POSTING DATE. alam ko lang transaction date, un ung araw na nagoyo si BF ko.
    Again thanks guys. Sana maging successful ung pag-refund ninyo, including my BF. God bless po! thanks so much! :)

  207. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Keren: This is my strongly advise for you. Make a letter and fax it to them.
    Tested ko na po ito. More than a month din yung sa akin. Basta go straight sa reason mo at makiusap ka din na approbahan yung cancellation letter mo. I hope makatulong ito sa iyo. Pra matigil na ito. Hindi pa naibalik yung pera ko. Atleast nag- aantay nlang ako.
    1071 United Nations Ave.,
    Ermita Manila, Philippines
    Tele/Fax (+632) 5238461-70
    E-Mail: [email protected];[email protected] Hope this might help you.

  208. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @S .. Last october p un.. ang n debit s akin is 16,800.. s officemate ko is 44000..grabe nd me nakatulog that time… ang bilis ng mga pangyayari… pero s ngaun inaayos ko n cancellation… buti naopen ko tong site n to… hopefully maging ok n…
    guys.. s mga mgpapacancel sa Head Office kau punta or fax nu letter of cancellation (631-3228). Mas mabait mga tao don kesa s mga nasa mall…
    hay… GOD BLESS US ALL>>> nxt time… mag-ingat s mga decisions natin…

  209. Posted by jen, at Reply

    nakausap ko si miss ginny… ngp fax sya ng cancellation d2 631-3228..
    mga ilang days kaya bago maayos to… huhuhu….

  210. Posted by george_girl, at Reply

    to cindy_kiks : i suggest sa Ortigas ka dumirecho. Madali lang makita ung bldg. Likod lang ng robinson.
    Suite 305-308, 3rd Floor,
    AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
    ADB Avenue corner Garnet & Sapphire Roads,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City
    Yan ung address. Mas madali kausap staff jan. Madali mcancel policy basta wala pang 30 days mula ng nagawa ung transaction. Marrefund mo din ung naswipe na bf mo. Just be calm. Wag agad init ulo. Naibalik na sa kin ung naswipe. Un lang it took almost 30 days tlaga. Pero ang important naibalik. Dont forget humingi ng SOA sa kanila and letter na may pirma na cancel n nga ung policy. Then fax mo sa bank m. Btw, BDO din bank ko. They ask a letter of dispute tiaka letter of cancellation from pplic. Goodluck and advance merry xmas. =)

  211. Posted by keren, at Reply

    To S: thanks so much! :) i hope we’ll all get our money back. here’s a link kung saan nafeature ang danvil/phil prudential life insurance:
    Best of luck to us! :)

  212. Posted by keren, at Reply

    To Mel: thanks din! im so glad kasi nagwala na ako’t lahat sa branch nila sa sm megamall eh hindi na raw pwede marefund yung pera ko. God bless sa atin talaga! sana may groups na ganito sa facebook

  213. Posted by cindy_kiks, at Reply

    @george_girl — Salamat! Opo, dun na nga kami pupunta ng BF ko bukas. I am not so familiar with Ortigas kase po taga-Laguna talaga kami. Hanapin na lang namin kung nasa likod lang ng Robinson. Wow, buti naman po nakuha nyo na. okay na ung 30 days kesa naman sa wala pong nangyari. Til now nga mainit ulo ko sa BF ko, di naman sya makareklamo sa akin. Sana maayos na po after tomorrow.

    Kanina tumawag na si BF ko sa BDO and he was advised to not to fax them anymore kase iinform naman daw ng PPLIC sila about dun. Pero I told my BF to still fax yung mga dapat i-fax sa bangko para sigurado. Ask ko lang po, what to put doon sa Posting date na nakalagay sa Dispute letter ng BDO tutal pareho pala kayo ng cc bank ni BF ko. Thanks so much in advanced! :)

    Balitaan ko po kayo agad kung ano mangyari bukas at sana hindi kami maligaw. LOL! Merry Christmas din po! :)

  214. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    just to brighten your day, i have a contest in my blog. click this link to win Nothing to buy, just answer a question. first comment wins a schutzen perpetual planner.

  215. Posted by cindy_kiks, at Reply

    hello all! I just got home from Prudential Life’s main office sa Ortigas kanina and my BF was able to cancel his insurance plan in less than 30 minutes. Si Miss Carla yung humarap sa amin and the discussion was too brief, hindi na nagtanong kung bakit ipapa-cancel at sa lobby lang naganap ang lahat. hinintay lang namin yung SOA at letter of cancellation na ifa-faz sa bank. Tama ka george_girl, sa main office talaga pala dapat pumunta para mas mabilis, yun nga lang intay pa ng 30 working days bago mabalik yung na-credit.

    Salamat po sa inyong lahat. Sana po maging successful na din yung sa iba. Merry Christmas! :)

  216. Posted by S, at Reply

    To cindy_kiks:
    Buti nlang yang 30 days kaysa wla talagang mkuha dba?
    We are so thankful kasi mabait talaga c GOD.
    Sana maging successful din yung cancellation ng iba. Merry Christmas!

  217. Posted by george_girl, at Reply

    to cindy_kiks
    Ayan, makakatulog na kau ng mahimbing.hehe. Ako kc 2nyts tlga dilat kakaisip. Pati work ko affected. Tapos nabasa ko pa ung mga blogs dito na sobrang hirap magpacancel. Buti na lang naicipan kong sa ortigas dumirecho. Actually ok naman tlaga ung company nila, ok din product. Kaya din cguro ko napapayag pumirma. Tiaka gusto ko din naman tlaga magsave. Ang mali lang tlga sa kanla, ung market strategy nla.Kaya parang feeling nating lahat, naloko tau.
    About sa dispute letter, di ko maalala ung posting date. Para sure, call ka sa BDO, ask mo format. Then fax mo pa din sa BDO lahat pra kulitin nila ang pplic na icancel.
    Dont worry, ok na yan. wait ka na lang. WAg ka na din mainis sa bf mo. Tlaga lang na magaling magconvince tao dun kaya sia pumayag.Pinagaaralan nila un, pati ung pagsusulat ng baliktad.hehe. Baka ang nasa icp ng bf m dat tym is ung future nio. Basta moral lesson nating lahat, bago magdcide, icipin muna maraming beses lalo na if money ang concern.hehe. :) Cge po,advance Merry Xmas!!! :) GodBless!

  218. Posted by cindy_kiks, at Reply

    To S — Oo nga po, 30 working days daw so aabutin pa ng January 2010. Okay na kesa sa wala. Grabe, akala ko papahirapan kami dun kanina.. I took a pic pa nga of their lobby and their Christmas tree para souvenir haha 😀 Opo, super thankful ako kay God kase pinag-pray ko talaga ito na malampasan agad namin. Lalu na at magpapasko. Merry Christmas S! :)

    To George_girl — ay opo makakatulog na talaga ako, lalu na si BF. Naawa din nga ako sa kanya kase worried sya sa cc nya at sa galit ko, hindi ko kase kinakausap ng ayos mula nung nangyari yun. May nakuha na akong format nung dispute form ayun nakalagay nga ay posting date, transaction date etc. pinatawag ko na BF ko dun tomorrow para magtanong sya hehe.. Hindi na po ako naiinis, okay na ulit. Siguro nga ganun ang naisip nya, yung future, kaya bigla sya napasubo. Talagang malaking lesson ito. Na-share ko na sa mga kamag-anak at friends ko na mahilig mag-mall… Merry Christmas ulit! :)

    Sana nga po magkaron tayo ng group sa Facebook para mas okay. Join po ako dun, promise! God bless po. Thanks po kay Arpee for posting this blog. Laki ng tulong mo sa amin.. :)

  219. Posted by gie, at Reply

    hey guys… n grant n cancellation ko… (thanks God)
    and thank you so much arpee for this site…
    To those people n mgpapacancel ng insurance.. be nice when talking to them (employees from Head Office) be calm… wag mkipagtarayan… mababait mga employees s Head office unlike s mga nasa mall…(kainis sila)
    Good Luck Guys!!!!
    Thanks so much ARPEE ^.^

  220. Posted by Ed, at Reply

    Naibalik na rin sa akin ang 24K at finance charges.nabawasan ang problema ko sa buhay. Maraming salamat Arpee. God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.

  221. Posted by nor, at Reply

    Hi all, help nman.. what if 4months na ung policy mo?? my chance pa bang macancel un?? gusto ko na sana i withdraw un kahit small portion n lng makuha.. need ko na kc money.. hinayaan ko lng kc dahil wala na kong mgawa d ko agad nbasatong thread.. hope you cal help me..

  222. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Ed: When naaprobahan yung cancellation mo? at when nila naibalik sayo? Ngayon lang? Kung ngayon lang e more than 30 days pala..tapos nag send ka rin ba ng iyong Statement of account sa bank mo? O pinaubaya mo nlang kay kanila? Thanks in advance.

  223. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Ed: When naaprobahan yung cancellation mo? at when nila naibalik sayo? Ngayon lang? Kung ngayon lang e more than 30 days pala..tapos nag send ka rin ba ng iyong Statement of account sa bank mo? O pinaubaya mo nlang sa kanila? Thanks in advance.

  224. Posted by gie, at Reply

    hey guys… may question pala me.. kc ung case ko is …september 5 2009 n debit ung 16,800 s credit card ko.. un ung initial premium and then october , november pati now dec 1610 n charge as subsequent premium n… so total is P21,630… can i refund full this amount? n ayos ko n kc cancellation ko.. wait ko n lang ung amount n maibalik s credit card ko… help me nmn… before pala may finance charge s credit card ko… dahil nga nd ko nbyaran ng full ung due amount ko… pwede ko rin b i appeal un n ibalik dn… (sorry guys kung mgulo explanation, pero bhala n kau umintindi.. HEHE)

  225. Posted by gie, at Reply
  226. Posted by Ed, at Reply

    To S:

    Last October 23 ano nag apply for cancellation. Naibalik sa akin ng November 16, 2009.Ifollow up mo lang parati kay carla o ginnie sa Prudential main offcie.

  227. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Ed: Nag send ka rin ba ng iyong Statement of Account at dispute letter sa cc bank mo? Thanks in advance! Merry Christmas na rin sa iyo.

  228. Posted by rose to everybody, at Reply

    thanx sa mga nagpost dito, na-charge na sa cc ko yung full amount…
    wala pang 30 days naibalik na xa,
    Godbless us all, i will pray for us all, sa mga hindi pa naayos, just have faith… nothing is impossible with God!
    Merry Christmas to all..

  229. Posted by nor, at Reply

    Hi Gie,

    Would you able to get your money back or even a portion of it?? anyone in same situation with me.?

  230. Posted by Ed, at Reply

    To S:
    oo,nagparecieved ako ng request for cancellation letter sa bank ko pero hindi na ako ako nagdala ng SOA.. nakiusap ako sa banko ko. sila ang nag ayos para mapabilis ang proseso. doon ka mismo pumunta sa banko mo.

  231. Posted by S, at Reply

    Thank you for that information Ed. Have a joyous christmas to you! ^^

  232. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ nor
    yah, makukuha u pa pera u.. may charges nga lang sila 30% ng gross payments u… thats accdg to miss ginny of prudential costumer service… un dn sabi s kin.. pero try ko p rin n mkuha tlga ng full ung pera ko.. waiting n lng me n m charge back s credit card ko ung money… balitaan kita if naayos n..

  233. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ ed
    ask ko kung pano gnawa u para mbawi ung finance charges…
    laki n rin kc ng charges ng credit card ko dahil nd ko nbayaran ng full ung due amount ko…

  234. Posted by Hyphen, at Reply

    hi poh, i had same experience poh kc kahapon nagpunta kami ng husband ko sa sm southmall taz same ngyari… sabi daw check daw poh cc then parang nagtaka nako kc kinaskas nila ung cc namin ng husband ko kahit umayaw kami, sabi for record purposes lang daw wala naman daw tatatak sa SOA ng cc… i thought, “talaga lang ha?!” pero confused na talaga ako. may pinapirmahan sila samin na acceptance to debit and charge na form, un nga sabi record purposes naman daw… naloko kami. if may mag reflect na transaction sa SOA namin next month ewan ko nalang… susumbong ko na talaga yan sa authority… dami ko nabasa today eh, dami na din pala naloko nila…

  235. Posted by Mel to HYpen, at Reply

    Why to wait next month to see your cc statement. Check you na po agad para ma cancel mo na rin agad ung policy.

  236. Posted by Hyphen, at Reply

    i just called today sa customer service ng credit cartd namin, medyo at ease nako. wala naman daw nagawang transaction nung chineck ng danvil at tinawag. hahay. pero naiinis parin ako sa danvil na yan! dami ko pang mga nabasa grabeh mga walang hiya talaga sila… in fairness galing nila magsalita as in you’ll fall with their tactics talaga at napabilib nila ako dun (kahit ba naloko din kami haha). ewan ko din ba bat pinapayagan ng mga malls mag rent sa kanila mga company na ganyan. kc in a fact nasa malls sila, iisipin ng tao maganda at mapagkakatiwalaan dba? dapat sa una palang, di na nila pinapaupa yang mga manggugulang na mga company na yan para walang nadadaya…

  237. Posted by A, at Reply

    May kapareho ba na case dito sa akin? Na pa cancel ko na po yung sa akin pero hindi
    nlang ako nag send ng SOA at dispute kasi sabi sa akin hindi na raw kailangan.
    Pero nkabayad na po ako ng aking credit card bill this month pero hindi ko po na full payment. So, yung interest na kasama dun sa premiums na kinuha nila nasali na dun.
    Ngayon, may new bill na nmn ako yung interest nandoon pa rin kasi nga hindi ko nabyaran ng full. Nag hihintay pa kasi ako na maibalik nila yung pera ko..kung skali na maibalik na nila yung full amount..paano nlang yung mga interest na nabayaran ko? maibabalik pa din ba sa akin yun? E magbabayad na nmn ako ulit kasi hindi pa nila naibalik yung pera ko kasi nandoon pa din yung interest sa bill ko..yung sa mga nkakuha na ng knilang pera naibalik ba sa inyo pati yung na charge na interest? help nman oh~thanks talga in advance. Happy new Year!

  238. Posted by cel28, at Reply

    TO S sori late response….

    after po ibalik ang pera ko naginform lang ako sa kay ms ginny ([email protected]) hnd po totoo na after 30- 45 days ibabalik kasi after ko po magemail kay ms ginny kinabukasan naibalik na po pera ko… pero yung branch ng PPLIC SM pampanga until now d nila ako tinatawagan, d nila alam na naibalik na cguro ang pera ko. mga sinungaling kasi cla

  239. Posted by Daneal Adam, at Reply

    Hi everyone. I’m glad i found out this blog. First of all, I am not filipino but my girlfriend is. She was also conned into signing up for this. I then found out they charged my mastercard 57,000P! My girlfriend will be going down to SM Pampanga to sort out the cancellation with them. It’s very difficult as I am in Singapore and i am not there to oversee this. Appreciate any advise on how i can reverse the charges. I have already called my bank to cancel the credit card so there won’t be any future transactions on it but now, i need to get my 57K back!
    HELP! ~ Daneal

  240. Posted by S, at Reply

    Hi Daneal. It’s very easy to get your money. When was that happened?
    Is it new? She can still get it. She needs to go back to SM pampanga or send to Manila her cancellation. Their main office is in manila. So, it is easier to send it there. In her
    papers, there’s an address in manila and the fax number. She can still get her refund.
    Don’t delay. Better to do it as soon as possible.
    Just send more of your letter and I’ll help you more.
    Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!

  241. Posted by Daneal Adam, at Reply

    @S: Thanks for your assurance :) They made the transaction on 22 Dec. She will go down to SM Pampanga either today or tomorrow to do the cancellation. I hope they won’t make it a hassle else she will have to make her way down to Manila which is a little inconvenient. Sigh..Starting the new year bad :(

  242. Posted by Daneal Adam, at Reply

    Good news. My gf went down to SM Pampanga today and the people there asked her to write a cancellation letter. They asked her to come back on Monday to do the refund back to the credit card. Please advise if this is how things are done in PH?

  243. Posted by S, at Reply

    @ Daneal. Yes, it’s good news! It’s true. That’s how things done in here. Surely, she can get her refund. See? It’s easy. I’m happy for you and to your girlfriend. :)

  244. Posted by Ann to CEL, at Reply
  245. Posted by Ann to CEL28, at Reply
  246. Posted by S, at Reply
  247. Posted by Ann to S, at Reply

    TNX S.. coz got confused.. coz I know ms gini’s email. so just thinking maybe something fishy again goin on.. now it’s clear..tnx once again.

  248. Posted by S, at Reply

    @ Ann. You’re always welcome. God bless you!

  249. Posted by Ewan Ko., at Reply

    Honestly po, meron kasi tayong “proud effect or yabang” sa katawan kaya when people asked if we have credit card, we just proudly say ‘yes’. I am not sure why, but I also feel the same way sometimes. Maybe having credit card in the Philippine is a very big thing. Wala pong offence sa inyo. Eto yung, bitag ng mga manloloko kaya madali nila tayong masilo tulad ng PPLI na ito na wala yatang alam gawin kung hindi ang mamerwisyo ng mga taong namumuhay ng maayos.

    Muntik na rin ako, pero when I realized that the lady in the office was asking me to fill-up all information about me like my birthday and mother’s maiden name, nag duda na ako. Kaya, walang ni ha ni ho, nilayasan ko. Hinabol pa ako nung babae, sabi ko “hindi ako interesado”. Hindi kasi na-iswipe yung card ko at isa pa cancelled na yung card… ha ha ha! Mastercard Titanium kasi yung card ko kaya lumuwa ang mga mata ng mga manlolokong patay gutom, kala madaming laman. Bwahahaha! Naikwento ko sa frend after that incident, na nadali din pala ng 42K. :(

    Meron pong huling part yung form, Your Dreams: Answer ko sana ganito, sana umunlad na ang Piliinas at mawala at mamatay ang mga salot at demonyo sa lipunan na walang ibang alam gawin kung hindi ang manloko ng tao. Pero wala na ako chance dahil nilayasan ko na, sayang.

    Ingat po tayong lahat. Siguro pwedeng isumbong sa channel 2 or 7.

  250. Posted by seoj, at Reply

    to all:
    i’m going to the ppl head office tomo at ortigas to cancel my IP
    hope it wud be easy as others said. it’s been 4 mos now but in some many reasons, i hardly make a payment for 2 mos dat wud result to past due status of my policy…ngaun ko lng xe nkta blog na to, dpat sana noon ko p npacancel..
    watch out if wat will b d result tomo..jeje

  251. Posted by Arn, at Reply

    To S,
    I made a mistake signing up on Jan 6,(my birthday) and id like to cancel it immediately before my mom see my next bill (lagot). Can i jz drop by the main office to cancel it with my cancellation letter? or i need to call customer service first. Id like to settle this asap. please reply asap as well. thanks

  252. Posted by Arn, at Reply
  253. Posted by marvin, at Reply

    hay na ko, napaka lupit ng mga taong ito na mahilig manloko, akala siguro nila madaling kitain ang pera na basta basta nalang nila kukunin, biktima din ako nito, madali lng ba talaga makuha yung pera na kinuha nila ?

  254. Posted by S, at Reply

    To Arn,

    Yes, just go their office. taga manila ka ba? If so, then it is easy for u to go there.
    It is better to drop their office. Drop there and bring your cancellation letter.

  255. Posted by A, at Reply

    To SHE:
    Alam mo sa Jan. 11 mag 31 days na talaga yung sa akin at hindi pa nila naibalik sa akin ang pera ko. Paano na to? nagyon na receive ko yung aking bill. E kay laki -laki parin ng interest kasi hindi ko nabayaran ng full yung card ko at included na yun ang amount ng money na kinuha nila sa akin. At magbabayad na nman ako next week, panu na yung mga interest charges? maibabalik din ba nila yun? Hay naku..nung nagpacancel ka she, nag submit ka ba ng Statement of Account? at dispute letter?
    Please she, I need your reply . Thanks

  256. Posted by Gigi Atam, at Reply

    Hay naku isa rin kami sa mga biktima sa PPL na ito. Galing kami sa Leyte. Noong January 5, 2010 pumunta kaming mag asawa sa Cebu para sa renewal ng husband ko sa OWWA. Pagkatapos noon pumunta kami sa SM para nga bumili nga mga pasalubong kaya lang, nang pagpasok namin sa SM merong kaagad sumalunong sa amin na dahil sa kulay ng damit ko ay napili akong maglaro sa games nila para manalo nga $10,000 dollars tapos a brand new Honda City. Tinanong nila kami kung meron kaming ATM cards, credits cards at checking accounts para maqualified daw kaming maglaro. Sabi ko wala akong credits cards ATM card lang at yong asawa ko lang meron credits cards. Kaya binigyan kaagad kami nang raffle tickets kasi qualified kami sa promo nila. Tapos dinala kami sa third floor para daw i raffle yong tickets na yon at para sa orientation kung paano laruin yong tickets na yon for only 45 minutes. Pagdating doon ipanasa na naman kami sa ibang staff nila para sa orientation ng company nila. Sabi nila 46 years na raw ang operation ng company nila at tinanong nila sa amin kung narinig na ba raw amin ang company nila. Masarap silang magsalita kaya inabot kami ng almost 4 hours doon sa orientation nila. Magaling din silang magsulat ng baligtad. Kaya agad nilang tinatanong ang Mr ko kung kelan huling gamit ng credit niya at magkano ang laman. Parang na hypnotise nga kami doon kasi agad sinabi ng Mr ko ang laman ng dalawang credits cards niya at doon sabi nila pwede na raw kaming mag open ng savings sa kanila. At yong savings na yon ay makukuha namin after 15 years. Sa tingin nila sa alanganin kaming mag open ng savings kasi malaki nga ang hiningi nila initial deposits of 67,200 pesos. Kaya pinagtulong tulungan na kami nilang. Hanggang sa nadala kami na at sabi pa ng manager nila i che check raw nila ang ang credit ng husband ko kung qualified ba yong credit card na yon kasi Saudi Bank yon master credit card ng husband. Kaya pinasa ang asawa sa manager nila doon sa teller at agad sini swipe yong credit card na yon at nakakuha sila ng 67,200 initial deposit. Sabi pa nila yong susunod na hulugan is on Feb. 15, 2010 of 6,400 a month for 5 years to pay. after paying for 5 years ay mag wait kami ng another ten years para sa maturity period. at doon makukuha na raw namin ang 700,000.00 pesos na maturity value ng pera namin. Nawala na yong raffle tickets at yong $10,000 dollar na raffle draw nila. Kaya pag uwi namin sa bahay agad nag open ako ng internet at para i search ko ang PPL na ito. Kaya laking gulat ko na maraming pala nag nabiktima sa mga panloloko nila. Kampon talaga sila ni Satanas! 67,200 pesos ang pera makukuha sana nila kaya lang sabi ko sa mister ko na tawagan kaagad yong banko ng credit card niya sa Saudi at para ma i block yong card na yon at ipa cancel yong transaction. At pinadalhan kaagad namin ng fax ang bank doon na hindi ang mister na gumamit ng pera na kasi approve na doon kaya hindi pa na release ang pera kasi hinintay pa ng 24 hours at confirmation ng msiter na pwede kunin kaagad ang pera na yon. Kaya Mabuti talaga ang DIOS at binigyan NIYA kami ng direction at guidance paano namin mahold ang pera na yon. Praise God talaga. Na i block na yong master card ng mister ko.

  257. Posted by snny, at Reply

    hello po sa lahat at ease nko ngayon ksi tanggap kna yong full refund ko. buti naman binalik nila ksi worry na tlaga ako tlagang 30 days bgo nabalik skin. ng file pla ako ng cancellation ko last dec 7 khapon lang nabalik skin ung refund. salamat tlaga sa lahat at ky arpee…

  258. Posted by espiritu, at Reply

    wow..buti na lang i had this feeling na this is just a scam..a certain mark perez just called me up to tell me all those s**t..i have to research pa if this is really true..fortunate enough, you have this blogs people..i dont have to waste my time going to sm megamall..makakarma din yang ganyang mga klase ng tao kaya wala yang asenso..

  259. Posted by A, at Reply

    To Snny:
    Good for you. Maitaning ko lang sa iyo, nakpagbayad ka na ba ng iyong bill sa credit card mo?
    Natapos yung mga interest na kasali sa amount na nkuha, kasali din yun sa total interest na nkalagay sa bill ko. Paano na yon? Maibabalik din ba yun ng banko?
    Answer naman Snny..I am so worried talaga.. masasayang yung almost 3k ko ng dahil lang sa amount na please.. Thanks

  260. Posted by A, at Reply

    To Snny:
    Good for you. Maitanong ko lang sa iyo, nakpagbayad ka na ba ng iyong bill sa credit card mo?
    Tapos yung mga interest na kasali sa amount na nkuha nila, kasali din yun sa total interest na nkalagay sa bill natin diba? Paano na yon? Maibabalik din kaya yun ng banko?
    Answer naman Snny..I am so worried talaga.. masasayang yung almost 3k ko ng dahil lang sa amount na please.. Thanks

  261. Posted by seoj, at Reply

    i went to ppl head office yesterday @ ortigas to cancel my policy and try to make a refund..but it didn’t go as planned since my policy lapsed for 4 they did give options on how i shud handle it..
    of course no refund, what i did now is downgraded it to 50%…
    itutuloy ko n lng, sayang ung money eh..
    i you want to cancel ur plans, make it as soon as possible..
    dont let it lapse for a month and u’ll b sorry..
    by the way, u should go to the main office to cancel it..
    genie said yesterday that no one, as of now, did go to their office to cancel their this true?

  262. Posted by seoj, at Reply
  263. Posted by snny, at Reply

    nka auto debit ksi ung cc ko kya nadeduct kagad ung amount pero nabalik rin lahat, hindi ko lang alam ung sa interest ksi la pa interest skin eh. Mail ka lang lagi ky Ginny Santamaria follow-up mu lang. d na nga ko ngpadla ng dispute lettr sa bank. just be professional lang sa e mail mu ky ginny mabait naman at lagi ka nya update kng anu na blita sa cancellation mu. good luck na lang syo A

  264. Posted by gie, at Reply
  265. Posted by Ambo, at Reply

    Too bad these people need to use dirty marketing strategy to lure people. Nakakatakot ang kanilang strategy coz it looks like a fly by night company. Last Saturday, i was cornered by these people and brought me in their office. The agent said that it would only take 45 minutes pero inabot ako ng tatlong oras! Nung una free gift lang, tapos naging free raffle tapos hayun bentahan na. Sinabi ko nga sa kanila, ang laki ng company nyo at according to them 47 years na sila pero bakit that strategy ang ginagamit nila. Why not advertise on newspapers or tv or make a brochure to promote the products. Mukhang merong milagro ang company na to na dapat makita at masilip ng mga tao sa gobyerno or sa media.

    Hindi ako kumuha ng offer nila, sinabi ko interesado ako kaso di pa ngayon. Style ko lang para matigil na ang pangungulit pero hayun pati yung P2 per day inalok sa kin na P760 one time pay meron pala sila.

    Di ako kumuha at sinabi ko you wasted my time. Nainis ako puro kasinungalingan. Kaya this time guys let’s disseminate this information to our friends, family, sa facebook ipost nyo para malaman ng ibang tao.

    By the way, i wrote the same issue on my blog. I link this with your permission. Thanks.

  266. Posted by jen, at Reply

    Hi everyOne!!

    Nakalulungkot dahil madami parin pala talaga ang nabibiktima ng grupo nila at pati sa province like Cebu at Ilolo ay umabot narin sila.Nakwento kuna before sa thread na to ang nangyari samin ng bf ko nung time na encounter namin ung ganyang problem.
    Para sa updates lang nabalik na sa credit card ng bf ko ung 24k na kimuha sa knya ng PPLIC(Sm North)umabot din ng less than 1 month bago nabalik sa knya included na rin ung interest ng bank.Thank’s God.

    Para sa mga bagong biktima nila please follow na lang the ff. steps:
    1.Prepare letter of cancellation gamitin nyo ung format ng letter na ginawa ni Mr. Rash Rasid.
    2. Make a copy ng lahat ng documents na binigay sa inyo ng PPLIC dahil pagdala nyo ng letter of cancelation sa branch ipapareceive nyo sa knila ung original copies ng policy nyo at lahat ng documents na pinirmahan nyo sa knila. Basta be sure na lahat ng documents may copy kau.
    3. Pag naihanda nyo na lhat punta na kau sa branch kong saan PPLIC kayo pumirma.Ibigay nyo ung letter of cancelation at ipareceive lahat ng copy ng documents sa knila kasama ung resibo ng transactions.
    4. Maghintay kayo na maayos nila ung cancelation ng policy nyo at kunin sa knila ung copy ng SOA ng may status na Cancelled na.
    5. Mag download ng dispute letter from your credit card at ifax agad sa knila . Ifax na rin ung SOA from PPLIC na may status na cancel na.
    6. Regular na ifollow sa customer service ng credit card nyo ung tungkol sa dispute letter na sinend nyo sa knila.

    I hope na makatulong ako…base sa experience namin yan lang ung mga procedure na ginawa namin.

  267. Posted by K, at Reply

    To Jen,
    good for you. ako sobra na 1 month tapos magbabayd na namn ako ng pangalawang interest. Pag naibalik yun sa akin ibalik rin pala nila yung interest na nailagay nila doon from the amount na nkuha nila? Kasi sobra 2k rin yung interest doon eh..kaya nkapanghinayang nman jen if pati yun hindi na maibalik.. so 24k naibalik at yung interest na less than 1k dba naibalik na rin sa bf mo? Wow! naghihintay pa kasi ako hindi kasi ako nag bigay ng SOA at DISPUTE ka agad sa kanila kasi yun ang sabi nila..
    Anyway, cge..I’ll wait ur reply Jen..Thanks in advance ha? God bless u!

  268. Posted by jen, at Reply

    Hi K!
    I’ve checked ung last billing ng cc ng bf ko bale ang transactions pala is 11/03/09 na charge ng PPLIC yung 24k tpos 11/11/09 nman naibalik na ung 24k sa knya kaya wala palang interest un.Sorry ha hindi ko lang sguro napansin un kc sobrang saya that time dahil naibalik na sa knya..ung nakita ko palang negative na amount is ung rebates pala ..hehehe sorry ha..i pray na maibalik na rin narin sa inyo..basta payo ko sayo gawin mo lang ung procedure na ginawa namin.importante ung dispute letter and SOA na maipadala mo sa cc company mo.

  269. Posted by gie, at Reply
  270. Posted by Lee, at Reply
  271. Posted by camille, at Reply

    hi can i ask for help on how to cancel my insurance sa prudential ASAP!

  272. Posted by camille, at Reply

    i have sent a leter of cancellation today sana magreply

  273. Posted by gege sanches, at Reply

    takutin nyo, pa medya no,….tyak ibabalik yong pira nyo,…na experience ko ra rin yan sa company na yan,…ewan ko bah bakit ang galing nila mag salestalk no,..parang may hiplotismo ang ginagawa nila,…tapos mong uminom ng tubig o icetea nila parang mawala ka na sa sarili at dika na makatangi,…pero talaga ipa medya nyo…sinubokan ko na nya at nakuka ko pira ko lahat, lalo na sa bago palang na recrute, basta pangit yong policy nila, mas mabuti pang e save mo money mo sa bank kahit konti lang yong tubo at least makuha mo pero sa kanila after a year pa kong e widraw mo, at take note kaltasan nila and pira nyo yong money nyo na inial diposite makuhaan ang almost 2000 lalo na pag dimo hinulogan, e explain lang nila yon kong member kana, pag dka pa member di nila sasabihin yon kasi ayaw nila na hindi ka papayag pag alam mo yon,…

  274. Posted by gege sanches, at Reply

    grabe talaga ang experience ko dyan, alam nya naisip ko nalang bahala na yong na deposit ko na 6,650 na mawala basta maka ganti lang ako at makatulong sa inyo,…para wla na ma biktima nila, pero thanks God pumayag sila dahil narin sa blog na to ,naglakas loob ako pumunta ako lang mag-isa tinakot ko, inaaway ko talaga yong agent na nakaharap ko, pero alam nyo, nong una nirecrute pa nila ako ako, ang dami agent nag convince sakin para kumuha ako, pati yong manager lumapit kinuha yong ATM ko, supervisor, at chinichikachika kapa ng ibang agent kong baga friend na kayo ang ganda ng treatment nila sayo pag binintahan ka, lahat ng ma e offer nila sayo drinks bibigyan ka, pero kong mag widraw ka isa lang lalapit sayo pati yong sales agents hindi na lalapit sayo pati natin yong manager basta, isa o dalawa lang pagtulongan kang ma convince uli, yong firt kong mag widraw umiiyak ako, lahat ng reasoons binigay ko, natakot talaga ako,at umuwi ako luhaan , wlang nagyari, ang sakit ng damdamin ko sumikip dibdib ko, imagine pinaghirapan mo pira tapos ganoon malaman ko na kaltasan nila pira mo pag nag widraw ka, kong dka naman mag widraw at dmo mahulogan ang monthly kaltasan rin nla after 1 year pa,…dba di nila explain yon , yong ibininta pa nila yong insurance? malaman mo lang yong kong mag widraw ka,…on the 3rd time tapos ko mabasa mga blog dito naglakas luob ako,at yon tinanakot ko ng tudo inaway no, at wla na akong naramdamang takot, basta naisip ko nalang bahala na mawala pira ko basta mapa medya ko sila,…takot lang nila, dahil kong d sila pumayag talaga,matagal na alam ng buong mundo na namilit sila kahit ayaw ng tao,….

  275. Posted by Anne, at Reply

    Nagavail din me ng Policy last Dec. 22, bibili lng sana me ng gift ng maligaw ako sa 5fth floor ng Sm megamall. Me lumapit saking agent kesyo maglalaro daw ako pra mukha yung car at me pot pa na $10.000 for the raffle if manalo ka. Di ko nman lubos akalain na insurance pala ibebenta sau. Inabot pako ng halos 3 hours sa kanila, ayaw nila akong palabasin at kung sino2 pa kakausap sayo para pumayag ka. Napressure talaga ako at ang sama ng pakiramdam ko. Na-late pako sa Xmas party at nagalit pa boss ko saken. Nag file ako ng cancellation this Jan 11 lang, pero di nila tinanggap at sinabi lagpas na daw sa policy viewing na 15 days.. Di ko alam gagawin ko para makuha pa yun, pandagdag ko pa nman yun pambayad ng lupa. Tulong naman guys.

  276. Posted by K, at Reply

    Hi Ann!
    This is me. Huwag ka doon sa knila lumapit..e send u cancelleation letter mo sa main office. O di kaya pumunta ka doon mas mabait cla doon at Hanapin mo c Ms. Ginny at
    explain u lahat at gusto u ng icancel. O di kaya mag e-mail ka dito sa [email protected]..tiyak tutulungan u nila..Sila ang may hawak sa lahat ng Insurance..Sabihin mo na napilitan ka lang kasi ayaw ka nilang palabasin. Magkano ba ang binawas nila sa iyo? ako nga more than 30 days..napacancel ko sa iyo pa kaya? Basta follow this.. send u cancellation thru fax.. tingnan u ung policy mo may address cla doon sa manila main office.. Hope mkatulong ito sa iyo.. Good bless!

  277. Posted by tin_tin, at Reply

    hello guyz thankz sa tips niyo nabalik na yung na charge saken ng ppl..ask ko lang po kung wala ng babayarang charges after siyang bumalik sa c.c. ko?kasi nag check ako sa c.c. bank ko at yung bill ko medyo malaki hindi yung ini expect kong bill..

  278. Posted by camille, at Reply

    nagsend na ako kay miss ginie at ngreply na siya next week daw update nya. pero naka one year na ako eh. gusto ko na icancel!! sayang pera ko, pinapacancel n ng magulang ko. sana mabalik lahat ng money ko one year at ung unang binayad ko 16k un haaay!!

  279. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    I was with my officemates last friday nang pumunta ako ng SM annex to pay my smart plan.While I’m walking somebody called me to offer a free bag, a cup and a pillow. So I stop by and then yung bading na yun nagchika chika na meron clang free honda na pinamimigay if manalo s raffle..tapos sbi nya it’s just for 45 minutes yung chika pero nung dinala nya ako s baba yung 45 minutes na yun almost magsara na ang SM. I don’t know really why I easily gave my credit card s kanila at pumirma ng contract..Binawas nila yung 14529 s cc ko at tinanong p ako kung meron akong atm.sabi ko atm lang yun ng comapny.Mabait ang mukha ng agent and he even shared his sad experience sa family nya..I really believed him Kc ang nasa isip ko it’s for my future rin na makasave since I’m still young and single..Nung umuwi na ako nd talaga ako makatulog s kaiisip sa ganuong insurance plan so the next morning nung pumunta ako ng office cnabi ko s ka officemate ko at tinuturing ko na rin na kapatid..nagulat sya s ganun pati ang manager namin at cnabi nya na puntahan namin para ipacancell ang contract and then binalikan namin.Nang dumating ako kinausap ako ni ALGEIR (agent ng PPLIC) na ok namn daw kmi last friday night na nag-usap bakit daw nag-iba yung desisyon ko. Sabi ko naman lahat ng tao may karapatang mag-iba ng isip. Pumasok ang officemate ko at kinausap cla na icancell na namin ang transaction pero nagmamatigas pa cla at cnabi na kung abogado ko ba ang officemate ko but then my friend is just really concerned with me during that time at ako kinakabahan na rin s mga pangyayari.To make the story short para makalabas ako s offie nila I agree to give them a benefit of the doubt kung ok nga comapny nila.Nagreport p kmi s Ofc ng mga security guard duon para ipaconfirm s knila na nd cla scammer at kung mapatunayan namin ibabalik nila ang pera ko..Cnabi pa nung manager (scar face) na kung illegal cla sya na mismo ang babalik ng pera ko galing s bulsa nya..But now that I have read all this comments..Kinabahan na ako..friday nila tinransact yung swiping ng gabi..immediate ba madededuct yun sa CC ko.?tinawagan ko na rin HSBC for this at nag-email baka sana nd pa naprocess ang documents for the debit s card…Pls. help..wala silang konsensya at takot sa Dyos kung ganito nga sila..

  280. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    huhuhu.. naloko na..
    i want my money back too.
    i signed under their plan yesterday
    help me

  281. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    sino ba pwede kong tawagan for help..

  282. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    where can i download the dispute thing….?

  283. Posted by jingjing, at Reply
  284. Posted by T, at Reply

    Maibabalik din ba nila yung interest na bibayaran ko sa cc company ko? please help.

  285. Posted by T, at Reply

    Anyone na naibalik na sa knila yung pera nila. Pwede mag ask?Dba first bill na kasama na yung amount na nkuha nila ay magbabayad tayo noon. So, kasama na doon yung interest ng amount. Maibabalik rin ba yun in case na ma refund na sa iyo ang pera? kasi sa akin panagalawang bayad ko na ng interest kasi hindi ko nabayaran yung sa akin noon. Kaya patong2 na yun.. please help me nman oh~~`tnx

  286. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    to jingjing

    mahirap kausapin yung sa sm north..nagalit na yung kasama ko nung saturday dahil ayaw icancell yung contract tapos cnabihan pa ako na pwede daw kasuhan dahil pumirma ako..yung parang me scar nagsabi.i’ll go to their main office tommorow dahil mas mabait daw doon..ang pangit ng strategy nila..if you want sabay tayo punta doon…here is my number (09287955087).aabsent ako bukas to settle this..

  287. Posted by mj, at Reply

    Hello! I am also a victim of their “marketing strategy”. Anyway, I went to their SM Cebu Branch earlier to personally submit the documents and letter of cancellation and also to get the statement of account with status of “Cancelled from Inception”. A sales representative tried to change my mind about it but I directly said that I am already decided and it is my right as a consumer to cancel the policy if I want to. Surprisingly they approved my cancellation after that. It was not a long wait. Overall, it took me about an hour or so for everything to be settled. They gave me a statement of account with the status of Cancelled from Inception (CFI) and said about the 30-45 working days processing of refund. I was really wondering why they agreed with my request without so much fuss. Is that normal? Anyway, before that I emailed a cancellation letter and they gave me a confirmation that the letter was received and that it is already approved and that they are requesting me to submit the documents they gave me so that they can process the refund. What else do I need to do?

  288. Posted by K, at Reply

    @ JEN
    So, only 8 days lang yung pag wait nyo ng refund? ang dali lang pala. Bakit yung sa iba umabot talaga ng 1 month or less than a month?
    Good for your bf..

  289. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    to geigs
    ngayon ko lang nabasa ung message mo.. maaga kasi pumunta sa sm north wing cebu. inaasekaso ko ung pag cancell my policy. and yeah.. it was cancelled already. i am worried kung kylan ibabalik ung money..huhuhu..

  290. Posted by Foolish me, at Reply

    Hello, I was also victimized by these scammers!!! I’m so embarassed that I let them fool me so I didn’t tell anyone about it. They managed to charge P57,100 from my credit. The agent said that she was just going to check if my credit card is valid. But foolishly I punched in my PIN number and now the credit card company said they can’t do anything about it. They suggested that I deal with the company and try to get refunded by sending a cancellation letter and advising them not to charge my credit card anymore. I can then use the letter of cancellation as back up documentation to dispute any future charges. My mistake is that I agreed for them to mail my copy of the policy. It’s been 21 days and I have not received my policy so I don’t even have a policy number to include in my letter. I sent a cancellation letter anyway with explanation as to why I can’t provide a policy number just yet. They already have my money and I don’t think I’ll ever get it back. I tried sending another cancellation letter but the company took off the contact information from its website. BE WARNED: IF A FAST TALKING GUY ASKED YOU IF YOU HAVE A CREDIT CARD WHILE AT THE MALL. SAY NO!!! I HATE THOSE MANIPULATIVE BASTARDS!

  291. Posted by mj, at Reply

    hi! i am also from cebu. What did they advise you for the number of processing days for a refund? 30-45 working days? What do we need to do after getting the statement of account? Do we need to mail our banks regarding the cancellation? im just worried because i was not able to do anything after getting sa SOA.

  292. Posted by Danny A, at Reply

    Ha Ha Ha!!! Thanks a lot to this site. Katatangap ko lang ng tawag mula daw kay Jackie Pascual. Pinapapunta ako sa Megamall. Same m.o. ng mga naka-post dito. Buti na lang nag-search ako sa internet. Di na ko pupunta. Maghintay na lang sila ng ibang maloloko. Salamat sa admin ng blog na to.

  293. Posted by tin_tin, at Reply

    to T
    mababalik yung na swipe sayo basta follow up mo parati status sa c.c. plus tawag ka sa main nila sa makati and look for sir paulines for assistance. but the first thing you will do is get make a cancellation letter signed by the manager kung san kang branch na niloko tapos hingi ka at the same time ng SOA (statement of account) wag kang aalis dun hangat di mo nakukuha yun.after nun na nasabi mo ng i cancel.that is the time na verify mo sa PPL makati kung canceled na siya tapos wait ka ng 30-45 days para ibalik yun in full amount sa c.c. mo
    GOD BLESS basta always follow it up para makulitan at para nila agad ibalik

  294. Posted by dhan, at Reply

    nakasama din ako nyan sa SM CEBU..bading din ang lumapit sa akin..tapos isinama ako sa office nila sa 2nd floor..ang galing nilang magsalita mapapaniwala ka talaga..akalain mong mananalo ka ng kotse tapos $10000 sa pasok ko don agad akong pina register sa computer para confirmation for 45 mins orientation daw..namimigay pa ng isang basong ice tea…at dun na nagsimula palagi nilang tinatanong kung may credit card ka ba or atm savings account…pag pasok sa main office may ipipnapakita silang mga prove na d daw sila scammer like mga news paper..mga certifications at mga taong nanalo na daw sa kanila…tapos nyan interview na sa personal kong buhay..akalain mo kukuha ng pera sayu initila savings ng atleast 60000 up ata yun minimum yan..d ka nila titigilan pag d ka pumayag…valid ba yang ID at Credit cards mo lang ang hahanapin nila..or ATM cards para daw bank to bank daw ang process at may papers pa para aproval mo raw…ano ako gago para pumayag…akalain mong 45 mins naging 4hrs..d talaga ako tinigilan hanggat d ako maka avail..tapos kung ayaw mo talga nag oofer pa sila ng mas mababa..hanggat pumunta na sa 500 para daw registration kung gusto ko raw bumalik good for 1 yr…silbe reservation daw yun sa slot ko…ayus ahhh galing mang uto…sa time ko nun parang babae lahat ang na uto nila…pinupugay pa nila pag member na…ang bilis ng iba wla pagn 45 mins pumayag na smantalang ako naging 4hrs…nagtatanong talaga ako ehhh kinacounter ko mga sinasabi nila…d naman sila makasagot….lol…kaya beter luck next time PPLIC d niyo ako naluko…at salamat sa bag na binigay niyo…dapat dakpin ang mga taong ito…mga SCAMMERSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  295. Posted by T, at Reply

    At TIN_TIN
    Paano yung interest? kasi ang laki ng interest sa akin e..for the 2nd time aabot na ng almost 3K. Beside na ibalik nila yung full amount, how about yung interest na nasali sa computation ng bank? Maibabalik din ba yun? How about ang sa iyo?

  296. Posted by Blix, at Reply

    Just to add information:
    I withdrew mine because if you see their table of values for the 15 years, your money will only grow less than 3% albeit informing you that their endowment fund will earn rates of 10-20%. TIP: Ask for the table of values on how much you’re money is supposed to be worth in the future. Ibang klase yung kanila eh, less yung future value sa total value ng payments mo. In effect, negative interest.

  297. Posted by mcometa, at Reply

    I tried to call PPLIC main office. Nakausap ko si Carla, hindi na daw pwedeng ma-refund yung ibabayad ko. Tama ba yun? Naloko ako nung Nov. 13 pa. Ngayon ko lang naayos kasi tuliro talaga ako. Nakagawa na ako ng cancellation letter, naisipan ko lang tumawag at yun nga ang sabi sakin nung nakausap ko na hindi na raw pwedeng marefund yung ibabayad ko. Two billing statements na ang dumating sakin, hindi ko pa binabayaran. Ayun awa ng Diyos may interest na! Hahaha! Natatawa na lang ako sa katangahan ko. Anyway, baka ma-advise-an nyo ako kung ano ang pinakawais na gawin. Tumawag ba sa Insurance Commission? Dapat bang indicate ko sa letter ko na gusto kong marefund yung ibinayad ko, etc.


  298. Posted by Blix, at Reply

    You can, if you withdrew within their 15-day grace period from the EFFECTIVE POLICY DATE, which would probably be Nov. 13. After this, your payment is considered paid and non-refundable.

  299. Posted by mcometa, at Reply

    Therefore, hindi na ako makaka-refund. Ipapacancel ko na lang din. Hindi naman kalakihan yung policy na inapplayan ko. Burden lang kasi yung babayaran ko per month for 15years, na pwede ko naman ipunin na lang. Late ko na din kasi nadiscover itong blog na ito. Geez… 9T din yun… >.<

  300. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    I went to their main office last monday Jan18,2010. with me is the cancellation letter and the original copy of the docs which they provided me be4. I talked to CARLA Norada and she received the cancellation letter at sabi nya i’ll go back within a week to get my SOA cancelled from inception. Then afternoon I called to their main office looking for ms ginny sta maria ang sabi nya kinancel na nila yung account ko tapos tianong kung pwede ko makuha yung copy ng SOA cancelled so sabi nya oo.then I go back on tuesday around 8am nandon na ako s office nila and took the soa na cancelled but then I am wondering why there is no signature from any of their officer as a proof that they have accepted and cancelled my transaction s PPLIC.sabi s akin nung carla irerefund yung money ko s cc ko 30-45 days daw so sbi ko baka macharge ako nyan dapat now nyo na i-refund yan..pagdating ko ng office because of my heavy load I’m about to fax the docs to HSBC around 5pm. This afternoon I called the bank and check my credit card and I was told by the CS na natransact na ng PPLIC ang money yesterday around 3pm..WTF!!!I can’t really imagine nagfile na ako ng cancellation letter s knila on monday, then nakausap ko na c ms ginny stating that they will cancell my transaction on that day also, nakuha ko na the next day yung SOA na merong cancell nung morning pero tinrabaho pa rin nila on the afternoon..THE HELL WITH THEM!! Sana makatulog kau ng maayos…have you seen their office at North EDSA..It’s just like hell..ssame as those freaky faces..tama nga yung sa bible.wag padadala s maamong mukha because what is behind of it is a demon.

  301. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    to jingjing

    I’m surprised you’re from cebu. I thought u were here in manila..Pray lang tau jing na mairefund yung kinaltas s atin..kung minsan maging mataray rin tau para nd cla makapanggoyo s atin..hirap kc pag mabait ka madali lang maloko..

  302. Posted by ness, at Reply

    just want to share my experience last Sunday. I was in fairview to buy some grocery then may lumapit sakin na bading and asked if may credit card na raw ako and i said yes. I filled up the flier kasi i have the chance to win a car and 10k us dollar in return i need to attend for some kind of presentation. well, they showing this gift with the logo of their company and i notice it was an insurance company (in the back of my mind, posible mag alok sila ng product nila diba, alangan naman mag alok sila ng baboy,manok or whatever). so I was invited since sabi NO OBLIGATION TO BUY ANYTHING naman daw eh. indi ko talaga kinalimutan un. so punta kami office then called my name for the 45 minutes standard presentation as per the receptionest. in short, i finished the presentation. over 45 mins since i decided to stay naman kasi very warm naman ung approach nila sakin,(its my decision to stay over 45 mins, kasi if indi if i dont like the person or the conversation, walk out gallore ako noh) .honestly speaking for me, maganda naman ung plan l but i decided not to avail i really have to consult pa my husband. so the persistency of the sales agent was there, really, but i stick on my decision not to avail first kasi of my reason nga. in the end, i was able to play and got my gift na wall clock, in fairness may quality rin naman ung using it right now sa bahay namin..

  303. Posted by gie, at Reply

    YOU CAN CANCEL PA RIN UR POLICIES..ANYTIME..RIGHT NU YAN. MA REREFUND PERA NU(BUT IM NOT SURE IF “FULL”. LALO N SA MGA BAGONG NALOKO D2. p-cancel nu n agad. SEPTEMBER ME NAGING POLICY HOLDER, BUT DECEMBER KO LANG NAPACANCEL. LATE KO N KC NAOPEN TONG SITE. DEC 15 ME NAG EMAIL NG CANCELLATION LETTER S PPLIC [email protected](GINNY STA. MARIA) DAPAT cc to [email protected]. kinabukasan tinawagan agad ako ng pplic.(ginny sta maria) So December 17 grant n cancellation ko. Within 30 days daw refund. ng follow-up me kanina and within this week maibabalik n rin s bank ko.

    So guys, GOODLUCK… ayusin nu n rin mga policies nu habang maaga.

  304. Posted by ness, at Reply

    this is just my opinion ha, base sa mga nabasa ko na reason nila dito sa blog nato.base on my experience, i don’t understand why some people said na pinilit sila mag-avail nag plan?for me kasi, if you dont want to avail or buy something kahit anung pilit nila diba indi ka naman bibili diba?.parang ganito lang yan.diba may mga food tau na kahit anung pilit satin indi natin xa kakainin? or MAYBE sa PERSONALITY na rin ng tao dapat siguro people should MORE ATTENTIVE sa paligid nila. . and take note pala ha..i drink their iced tea twice, 2 glasses .. kasi nung ininvite nila ako uhaw na uhaw na talaga ako nun..hehehe..i forgot to mention sa comment ko guys,, this is my opinion. … if you will ask me if i’m going to avail or not..kung pag uusapan natin eh ung kagandahan and benfit ng product nila.. i would say yes…pero indi pa kami usap ni husband eh..have a nice day to all

  305. Posted by al, at Reply

    just hope na sana lahat ng nakaexperience ng ganito katulad ng nangyari kay ness..may tanung po ako..correct me if i’m wrong diba magkaiba ang philippine prudential life sa prudential life plans? kasi ang alam ko ang narevoke ang license e yung sa prudential life plan,, siguro ung iba kaya natatakot kasi kala nila iisa lang may ari nung companya..hehehe

  306. Posted by curious, at Reply

    to giegs,

    update mo kami kung anu nangyari sa request mo sa kanila ha. just wait siguro sa sinabi sau ng 30 to 45 workings day before siya mabalik sa credit card mo. Dapat alam mo na nacharge na talaga sau un kasi ilang araw na lumipas mula nung nag avail ka nang plan tama ba? kaya ka sinabihan na 30 to 45 working days..hay bad day ka lang siguro kaya indo mo nagets ung ibig nilang sabihin sau? well anyways. hope everything will be fine to you. god bless

  307. Posted by Blix, at Reply

    About ness’ comment on their products, my opinion is, it’s not as worthy as other similar companies would offer. Actually the requirement of Insurance Commission is, for products/plans in their tier, return should be at least 4%. But if you study their table of values for the 15 years, it’s just less than 3. For the scheme they have, I think money is better off in time deposits from banks. They guarantee 5-6% per annum.

  308. Posted by ness, at Reply

    hi blix..can you give us the computation para makita namin? and then what comapany would you recommend? it looks na marami ka alam sa insurance, share naman your knowledge..dun sa sinabi mo na requirements of insurance commission..uhm. would you think they will allow the company na magoffer ng products nila if alam nila na indi eto pasado sa standard of requirements nila?

  309. Posted by Blix, at Reply

    as i remember during pplic’s sales talk, they kept emphasizing that what they were offering was an ‘investment’ plan and not insurance.

    i really wont say i have a deep knowledge about insurance plans. but you really have to be sure what they are offering you. imo, the best plans are those that offer both a good investment, and at the same time life insurance. for the investment part, you’d here about “equity fund”, “bond fund” or a mixture of both. this is where your money will go to and supposedly, grow. a good plan will often give you various tables, depending on the possible rate it can grow, such as 4% to 10%. your investment comes in the form of premiums, which you pay monthly, quarterly or annually. and then for the insurance part, it offers death benefits for you beneficiaries by the sum insured in the policy. some also offer hospital benefits if you get confined.

    another thing to note is maturity. most insurances give the maturity amount when you reach a certain age, say 65. but recently i found a plan which does not have a maturity, and you can move your investment from fund to fund, depending on your take with which money markets.

    sorry i know ive said a lot but bottomline is, your money is precious. please be careful where it goes to, so make sure of the plans and products you are investing your money in. study and analyze, even though it can take you a long while. good luck!

  310. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    Ms ginny told me that I’ll be refunded b4 30 days but then she inserted also from her statement na baka nd abutin ng 15 days…I’ll be checking my account everyday at the bank to ensure if she’s telling the truth. I hope I can hold her words about our last talks just this morning. I’m so restless this past days after I’ve signed in that policy..I have faxed already the certification of my refund which is signed by her (ginny) to my bank and I hope everything will gonna flow well..

    To miss ginny:
    I don’t want to add the 15-day free look period in this post.I hope that 15-day policy will have a common description..not just by look..Thank you for the kind assist..May God Bless Us all.

  311. Posted by ness, at Reply

    Thanks God for looking after me while I was asleep last night and you let my eyes open again to see this morning.!!

    I don’t know why but every time I open may notebook, check my e-mails, open my ym, see some friends online I bound to visits some sites that revolves into insurances. Maybe it is a reality and should not be taken aside. Recently, I found out that a lot of people right now are availing insurances for gadgets like cellphone, laptops, and other appliances which make me wonder (perhaps some people also) why these people would avail as such, for Material things. What more if we’re talking about our lives?

    To Blix, I think we had different experience when PPLIC’s sales agent presented me the PLAN/SAVINGS/INVESTMENT/INSURANCE, or whatever other client like us or the agents called it. As I can remember also, I believe I heard from her mouth, she mentioned to me (correct me if I’m wrong) ENDOWMENT PLAN (really she mentioned “plan”–<in my mind its already an insurance) that it could be called other form of savings. She said that endowment plan is combination of saving and protection( and what could be more other term form of protection? yeah, insurance).

    The point is, all of us who were invited in the presentation had different experience, some other may say they had a very bad experience, some say good enough. Meaning to say not all agents are like those they were saying that are rude. I wish every one will do fine, and hope the company will do something to lessen the incidents.

  312. Posted by Blix, at Reply

    No, they weren’t rude. In fact I would admit the decision was all at my side. It’s just that later on I realized it wasn’t so much of a good investment, and that’s why I withdrew. Not because I felt I was scammed, but I felt stupid not being careful and skeptical about it.

  313. Posted by alrose, at Reply

    hi po to everyone, my mom and my auntie are also plan holders of phil. prudential life. ako po kasi ang nagbabayad ng plan nila kasi pareho po silang na middle east. Nag avail sila last december 2008, so over a year na po sila plan holder.SO ako po yung nababayad ng plan nila,over the counter po bayad ko kasi ayaw nila through credit card and payment nila saka para daw nakikita ko rin ung office nila and makakuha rin ako ng resibo agad ng statement of account..So nagbrowse po ako sa site nila and nakita ko nga po etong trend nato.

    so i told this site to my mom and mom can’t decide pa what she will do, but my aunt is willing to continue the plan, kase iba rin daw ung naging experience nya. indi naman daw katulad nang mga nangyari sa ibang nagcomment dito. tanung ko nga kanya indi ba siya kinakabahan, kinakabahan daw,kaya lang lahat naman daw ng investments and savings may risk part. sabi pa nya, constant naman ang notification ng company sa kanya, wala pa naman daw xa nkikitang problema talaga. Pinapadalhan naman daw xa ng notice every quarterly, which is true namn kasi yung sa mom ko dito namin naririceive sa bahay. sabi pa nya, mostly naman sa comment not about
    prob ng company or stability or financial capacity, sa mga nabasa daw nya mostly kung papano lang daw sila nahikayat or yung marketing strategy pero kung company problem daw wala pa naman daw xa nabasa.(napansin ko rin later nung sinabi ni auntie na mostly ganun nga comment dito).

    I made research din sa company. Legitimate naman nya and was given pa ng certificate of authority, indi ko lang sure kung para san Insurance Commission na website ko nakuha yung info. Update ko rin po kayo dito kung ano magiging decision ng mother regarding this, kasi pinag-iisipan
    pa nya mabuti eh. Hope for the best po

  314. Posted by E, at Reply

    salamat sa blog na ito!!! sobrang laking tulong para sa mga “nabiktima” gaya ko. maaaring scam nga ito o posible rin na legal. kung anu man ang tunay na pakay ng kumpanyang ito… HINDI TALAGA SULIT MAG INVEST SA PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE! kahapon ako na “biktima”. ibang klase sila mambenta, parang naramdaman ko na talagang hinaharass na ako, d lang ako makapalag sa patuloy nilang pag kumbinse at kung kani-kanino ako pinakausap para tuluyan ako madistract. yun naman ang naging mali ko kahit alam medyo hindi na tama itong pinasok ko… at dahil d ako mapakali sa mga pangyayari. inaral ko agad ng husto ang policy na kinuha ko sa kanila kasi di naman tayo nabigyan ng sapat na oras para pag isipan ng mabuti ang kanilang ini-offer. at yun nga ang aking napag tanto na hindi nga talaga SULIT ang investment sa kanila. nakakatakot pa, ang pinaghihirapan natin pagipunan para sa buwan buwan na “pambayad” sa ating “investment” ay baka mag laho na lng ng parang bula. kaya para sa lahat ng hindi pa gumagawa ng sulat, mag reklamo na kayo bago mahuli ang lahat. mabilis naman sila umaksyon basta idaan lang sa tamang pakikiusap. shempre d rin naman natin maiiwasan maging mataray, pero hinay hinay lang. paglaban lang natin karapatan nating lahat!!! :) sana madala natin itong issue sa media ng matigil na ito… di kasi talaga nakakatuwa..

  315. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    To jingjing
    For now I will wait for my refund. Nangako namn c ms ginny na irerefund nila yung na debit s card ko. I’m sure my isang salita namn sya. Pero sana early than 15days. Sa ngayon medyo ok na pakiramdam ko pero nung nakaraang mga araw nd talaga ako mapakali. Yung sau Jing sabi naicancel na pero follow-up m na rin para me assurance ka..

  316. Posted by Ja, at Reply

    well, kanina nung hinatid ko nung gf ko, may ganyang taong humarang sakin na mananalo daw ako ng kotche! tapos hinahanapan ako ng CC, then nagtanong ako baket? verification and qualification daw.. after nun, nagpakita ko, ID din pinakita ko sinabi ko ito ho, la salle ID.. ayun ok naman pero nung nakausap ko na yung mga nasa loob, but the thing is, nung ineexplain sakin nung girl everything about PPL, sabi ko hindi ba sya parang SCAM? kasi sinasabi mo sakin na, magbibigay ako sayo ng pera throught CC tapos para maging savings ko? nagtanong ako, bakit ko need pa ibigay sa inyu kung pwede naman ako nalang? mas ok daw sa kanila, then sabi ko TANGA NMAN NETO, BAKIT MAGIGING OK SA KANILA?.. tapos ayun, umayaw na ko tapos PILIT PA RIN NG PILIT.. THEN IM STARTING PISS OFF! KAYA NAGWALK OUT throughout sa office nila.. kaso nagfill ko ng forms, sana wag nila ko kulitin.. pero mas ok kung magusap usap tayo about that matter, para dumami tayo upang magreklamo para wala ng magoyo pa.. naawa ako para sa mga biktima dahil hindi ganun kadali kumita ng pera.. ABOUT SA CC, YOU CAN JUST CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNTS NALANG.. KASI KUNG WALA NAMAN KAYONG PAMBAYAD DUN SA CHARGE NILA SA INYU, MAGAGAWAN NILA NG PARAAN YAN ALTHOUGH BABAYARAN NYO SA BANKS YUNG INTEREST NALANG.. SANA NAKATULONG AKO SA INYU. =)

  317. Posted by corazon, at Reply

    to the owner of this blog, i am sorry to say this but you’re giving confusion to other people, to the plan holder of ppl, most importantly to the plan holders who are working abroad. Im myself got confused about what you have written pertaining the company. Why, tingnan nyo naman po ang title ng blog na to PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE SCAMMERS, who ever read this na plan holder na ng ppl and working abroad will be worried, my God, the first time I read the title, umakyat lahat ng dugo sa ulo ko, nagpalpiatate pa ako, i’ve been a plan holder of ppl since 2007 and malaki na rin ang nahulog ko sa policy ko. I was surfing for ppl’s new update then i accedentally found this blog.

    I would like to request to the owner of this blog to stop using word “SCAMMERS” as it gives confusion to people, mabuti kayo nanjan lang kayo sa philippines so you could do whatever you want sa plan nyo. I am sorry to the people who thinks they were scammed or felt fooled when they availed the plan, i’m not stoping you kung anu man ang gusto nyo mangyari sa na avail nyong plan, just use word na appropriate na itawag sa nangyari sa inyo. if you felt that you were scammed, and icomment nyo you felt scammed or fooled, dont use scammer word as if talagang scam yung company. You not being considerate to the feeling of those who are already plan holders, I even called my family in the philippines to verify everything about the company, i called their hotline, i was carried away and yelled to the customer service i spoke with. My family was able to spoke with customer relation officer the company and explained everything.

    I dont know kung anu man po ang reason ng ibang client who were able to get a policy kung bakit nagpapacancel sila ng plan nila if you think mali ang way nila manghikayat ng tao then yun lang ang ilagay nyo na comment na bad sa kanila. Wag po kayong manggaya ng ibang comment sa taas.

    To the owner of this blog, i am sorry again, in your blog you have not mentioned that you availed the plan or what, how can you say na SCAM eto? may nakuha ba sila sa yo? kaw na rin ang nagsabi, maketing strategy nila yun to GAIN clients. Masasabi mong man mali ang paraan nila, wala ka atang karapatang magsabi na scam ang isang negosyo na wala kang basehan, all your proof is all about their marketing strategy. It may be insulting to others, others maybe felt bad, it maybe aggressive as others, you may not be happy the way they serve their customers, but i dont think you dont have the right para sabihan sila na scam sila, worst part, your confusing us, plan holders. hope you may put this in your mind, your tyring to bring the company down but while you doing that your tyring to bring us down also. I hope your happy also, hindi lang naman isa ang mga plan holder ng kumpanya na yan, madami na rin.

    Sa mga new plan holders, whatever decision man ang gawin I hope sana hindi madamay ang mga plan holders na. Do as you think is good para sa inyo, kung anu man ang sinabi ng sales agent nyo, the decisions are all yours.

    one more thing. if the company is scam, why there are people who were able to get their money back? sorry for typo errors.

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      to corazon: i called it a scam because their representative did not fully disclose that she was selling insurance. she made me think i won something. the word “scam” is defined as a deceptive or fraudulent operation. in my opinion, when someone gets you all hyped up over winning a car and cash then tells you that you need to bring your checkbook or credit card because it’s the only acceptable ID, that looks very much like a scam to me. if this post worries you because you got a plan from them, that’s your decision. if you think the insurance is worth the money, then don’t be influenced by other people. stand by your decision. however, the rest of us need not be obliged to bend our opinions because the post “worries” you. live and let live.

  318. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    bakit la ng sumasagot sa hotline nila. ni samga numbers na binibigay nila..

  319. Posted by she, at Reply

    Naiintidihan naman namin Ms. corazon ang nararamdaman ninyo. Pero malaking pasasalamat namin kay arpee dahil sa blog na ito at kaagad namin nagawan ng paraan ang cancellation namin sa plan.Malaking tulong talaga itong blogged nya. God bless us all na lang.

  320. Posted by kilo, at Reply

    grabe pala yang PPL/DANVIL or whatsover na yan..alam ko na yung pinaggagawa nila dati dahil naimbita na yung mama ko jan..ako naman aanga-anga at nabiktima ko kahapon lang..
    sa SM NORTH EDSA ko at may lumapit na Charito Sesalde ba un..ganyan-ganyan din nanyari saken..buti na lang at wala ko cc..kaso ang masama eh ATM card ang dala ko..
    they even asked me to have a receipt for the balance na nandun sa card..hindi ko alam kung nahypnotized ako or ano dahil hindi tlga ako madaling magoyo…ayun napakita ko din yung balance..super Sh*T talaga…parang wala ko sa sarili nung time na yun..

    Nung nag-“talk” na saken yung isang Rep. na ang name is RG. Magaling ang sales talk niya..Muntik na rin ako magbayad ng 26K!!! pero dahil alangan nga ako at hindi magaan sa feeling yung mga nangyayari, hindi ako syempre ilang taon palang ako para maglabas ng ganung halaga almost 2 yrs pa lang akong nagwo-work at pinambabayad ko ng investement ang pera ko..

    Super pilit ung RG..hanggang sa inalok sakin yung Merci na 365 pesos. Hindi pa talaga pinatawad. halos maiyak na ko sa inis at gusto ko ng lumabas sa kakapilit nila. Naiinis ako dahil sana umiral ang pagkabadtrip ko at nag-walk out na lng! Pero ayun nga, 365 pesos..wala pa kong pambayad sabi ko sa kanya at talagang pinag-withdraw pa ko! ayaw akong tantanan. gusto ko ng takasan pero nakabuntot talaga at feeling ko talaga eh hypnotized kabutihang palad eh 365 lang nakuha sakin..compared sa inyo na malaki talaga ang nakuha..pero pera pa din yan eh..mahirap kitain na ang pera sa ngaun..

    ASk ko lang ARPEE, wala naman bang mangyayari kahit nagbigay tayo ng personal information sa kanila? i.e full name, bday, address and signature.. almost all the people who posted here must’ve given their personal information. and of course the signature..pwedeng gamitin sa kung ang kinakatakot ko dahil ok ng mawalan ng pera huwag lang magkaroon ng isang pang katulad ko na gumagamit ng parehas na pangalan, bday, address at even yung signature,..

    I hope hindi sila ganung tao..pero sa tingin niyo ba? possible ba manyari yung nasa isip ko? mahirap kasi talaga maniwala sa mga palpak na pamamalakad na sinisilaw ang mga tao sa mga kung anu-ano. Kukuhain ang trust mo tapos kung ano pang paligoy-ligoy ang ginagawa..kaya agree ako sa sinabi mo ARPEE. SCAM IS A DECEPTIVE OPERATION. at ang Marketing strat nila ay isang halimbawa nun. Nag-aral ako ng marketing at masasabi kong effective ang strategy nila dahil maraming “nabiktima”..all of us are deceived by the car and the money (na manalo ng kotse at $10,000).. sino bang hindi masisilaw dun diba? sa buhay ngaun.. biktima dahil ang main purpose is to sell an insurance na ibang-iba sa first na sinasabi nila kapag hinarang ka sa gitna ng mall! I hope you understand my point.

  321. Posted by curious, at Reply

    Iba-iba talaga ang nagiging experience ng bawat nagiging client ng PPL. cguro nga depende un sa sales agent na mapupunta, may mga sales agent cguro na indi ka pinipilit like sa nangyari kay ness at corazon at meron din nmn ang aggressive ang approach like sa nangyari kay kilo.

    Para kay kilo, indi ka na hypnotized..hehehe..sales talk lang talaga un, and doon sila magaling. Marami nagsasabi na nahihypnotized sila pero ang totoo humanga ka sa kanila sa galing nila magsalita on that moment na kinakausap ka nila, nasa isip on that time “wow galing naman nila, sana ganun din ako”..hahaha..tama ba? sapol…kaw naman, una pa lang pala ayaw mo na mag-avail, tapos nag-avail ka rin. yang pili pilit factor na yan, sus, ewan indi pa rin ako maconvince na mapipilit ka kung ayaw mo naman talaga.

    iba iba rin ang definition ng scam sa iba’t ibang tao. like ka arpee and kilo, they think ang scam eh deception operation while kay corazon naman eh if they gained something on you. Nasa tao na lang un kung anu man and meaning or interpretation mo para sau ng scam.

  322. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    to kilo: to answer your question, we don’t want to give out personal information especially to bogus raffles because they use all collected data and form mailing lists, which they sell to other companies who then profile us and send targeted ads. not all companies are discreet with the mailing lists, others sell it again to more aggressive marketing campaigners, thus we end up with all sorts of junk emails and time-wasting phone calls offering us to buy all kinds of shit we dont need. we would love to live quiet lives so let’s not allow these monsters bother us.

  323. Posted by alrose, at Reply

    hi po, just want to inform you lang po na my mom decided to continue her plan also, later po im going back to their office to settle payment for the month of february, nagpaadala na uli sila ng pambayad eh. hope everyone will settle their issues. thanks po

  324. Posted by glade, at Reply

    Sa susunod kasi makinig kau sa mga nagsasales talk n mga yan, wag kau aanga-anga..diba sinabi na no obligatation to buy anything..dapat sinabi mo nyo un sa sales agent ewan ko lang kung may magawa sila.. sabihin nyo un ung sinabi ng nagtanung sakin kung may credit card nako or wala eh,, no obligation to buy anything naman ah,,bakit pinipilit mo ako mag avail.. ewan ko lang kung indi ka tigilan ng sales agent..hahaha..katulad ni kilo,, xa na nagsabi na aanga-anga xa.. na invite pala dati ung nanay sumama pa,,sasabhin pa na parang nahypnotized xa.. pagkatapos sasabhin na pinilit xa..okay ka lang.???para sakin indi ka parang aanga-anga…aanga-anga ka talaga.. tapos sisihin mo at paparamdam mo sa iba na nabiktima ka.. biktima ka ng sariling mo katangahan.

  325. Posted by glade, at Reply

    one definition of scam…..define it as obtaining money by means of deception including fake personalities, fake photos, fake template letters, non-existent addresses and phone numbers, forged documents

    ganyan ba nangyari sa inyo?

  326. Posted by mice, at Reply

    Anu ba pinagka iba ng Life Insurance at Pre need insurance? with regards sa funding nila? May nalugi na bang Life Insurance company? kindly give naman the difference para atleast yung mga taong nagbabasa nito malaman ang difference nila kasi like myself, I believe na isang uri lang sila ng insurance..nakakalito kasi.. kya yung iba rin saka ako alangan kumuha ng insurance..thanks

  327. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    to alrose: i am a believer of life insurance myself. i have availed of plans from other companies. insurance is a good way to save money, i have no qualms about that. my only gripe against this company is deceptive way they sell it.

    to glade: so if someone you know died of a heart attack, will you tell the mourners that it the guy’s fault so we better not cry over it? these people went along with the sales agents because they did so in good faith. it is never the fault of the wronged person if he/she was cheated. a deception need not be done with fake documents. remember that it is always the intent that makes one deceptive, not the instruments.

    to mice: i’m no insurance expert. i only wrote this rant because i hated the way i was being played to buy insurance. try this link for more information. this is where i got my insurance.

  328. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    my personal motto is this: trust your money to people who already have it. because their reputation will mean more to them than the money.

  329. Posted by snny, at Reply

    ang tanong ko lang ay bakit mali ang binigay nila na phone no. sakin para mag follow-up?
    parang tama nga si glade bout sa word na scam.

  330. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    they never said they were selling insurance, thus the rant

  331. Posted by I, at Reply

    @ Snny
    Dba naibalik na sa iyo yung pera mo? bakit ka pa mag follow-up? Hindi pa ba naibalik sa iyo lahat2? sa akin wla pa rin eh..almost 50 days na..huhuhu.

  332. Posted by rani, at Reply

    Guys…can you give me their hotline? me tumawag kasi sa akin lastlast week. from their accounting dept. sabi babalik na daw yung pera ko by first week of feb. ngaun nung iffollow up ko na today… yung inwan na number sa akin is di daw nageexist. kaya does anyone know kung ano number nila? ty.

  333. Posted by pissed, at Reply

    Let’s join force and puntahan na mga yan! pakita naten yun dami naten para mabalik mga pera naten!

  334. Posted by sophie, at Reply

    please help me po. i’m from zamboanga pa po n nabiktima din po ako ng PPLIC. pareho po ang mga experiences natin sa marketing strategy nila. nag avail po ako ng endowment plan nung january 6, 2010 then pina cancel ko po sana nung january 11, 2010 but then na convince na naman po nila ako so nag ok po ako ulit. pro po nung jan 14, 2010 sinoli ko na po tlaga kasi nagalit po nanay ko kasi nag swipe ako ng cc tapos d aq nagpaalam sa kanya n pati health nya na affect po dahil sa galit nya. nung sinoli ko po ang endowment pnagawa po nila ako ng letter of cancellation n sabi ng mama ko ipa-receive ko daw po sa kanila kaya pina receive ko po sa girl na tumanngap ng letter ko. pro d ko po kasi na photocopy ang mga documents na sinoli ko po sa kanila and may binigay po silang statement of account pero wala pong nakalagay na cancelled na xa. D ko na po alam kung anong gagawin ko. 52,000 po ang nakuha sa cc ko and wala po akong trabaho ngayon kasi di po natuloy ang work na inaaply-an ko. please help me po. d ko na alam anong gagawin ko.

  335. Posted by sure, at Reply

    We should let the company know what some of there agents are not doing their job well. Para magawan nila na g action agad.

  336. Posted by sure, at Reply

    try to call 7551567

  337. Posted by true, at Reply

    oi..yung huling winner nila kapitbahay namin pero malayo sa bahay namin. honda city yung nkuha nya.. at eto pa sabi ng ibang kapitbahay namin indi naman daw nakakuha ng insurance yung kapitbahay namin. ang swerte nga ni luzviminda eh, akalain mo indi naman kumuha ng inaalok eh nananalo pa. Kala ko para manalo ka ron dapat kumuha ka muna ng inaalok nila eh,, kasi nakikita ko naman sila sa sm fairview nagtatanung nga if may credit card ka na o wala hindi ko naman pinapansin hindi naman talaga ako mahilig sumali sa mga raffle raffle na yan, mahina kasi luck ko sa ganyan eh. kayo ba may alam kung may nanalo pang iba sa kumpanya nila?

  338. Posted by snny, at Reply

    @I last dec kpa na try yung number nila, pero not in service… salamat nga my blog na ganito kaya sa main office nko ng direct ng tanong ko…

  339. Posted by gie, at Reply

    good day guys!!! good news (for me), naibalik na ung refund ko. Yesterday lang.. Full refund. despite, september me ng avail ng plan. Binalik p rin nila lahat. Hay, laki pasalamat ko talaga sa site n to..THANK YOU SO MUCH ^.^ ARPEE..

  340. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    to gie: i’m happy that you got your money back. don’t thank me, thank the people who have generously shared information through this website. feel free to click on home on the upper left hand corner. there is more here than rants.

  341. Posted by moh, at Reply

    TO EVERYONE: me…same experience po,,ang kaibahan lang yung sa akin..pagka-SWIPE,not honored kasi wala na aqng balance..posible kaya na madebit yun ulit….

  342. Posted by L, at Reply

    @ gie.
    I’m happy for you. September u nag avail ng plan? Tapos when u napa cancel?
    At kahapon lang naibalik sa iyo? how many months ka rin na nagbabayad ng credit card mo? Kasi sa akin almost 50 days na hindi pa rin naibalik eh..tapos may mga charges pa ang bank sa interest kaya wla akong magagawa bayad nlang ako ng bayad..ang sa iyo naibalik ba lahat pati yung mga interest ng bank?
    Please answer me gie..i don’t know what to do na..huhuhu.

  343. Posted by P, at Reply

    @ gie.
    Nagpadala ka rin ba ng iyong SOA at dispute letter sa bank mo?
    Naibalik rin ba sa iyo yung finance charges ng bank sa iyo? You had been paying for 3 months right? so, ano na yun? Thank you nalng ba yun?

  344. Posted by todonato, at Reply

    wala talagang dinedelete nya comment ko…

  345. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ L thank you..
    September me ng avail ng plan. 16,800 agad nakuha sa cc ko.. Oct-Dec ang monthly premium ko is 1,610 every month.. December 14 ng email ako sa [email protected] (INSURANCE COMMISION) asking for their assistance to cancel my insurance..(dapat complete details ng insurance at may signature ka, sila na ang mgforward ng email u sa PPLIC). Kinabukasan tinawagan ako ni MS. GINNY STA MARIA and ask nya reason ko. So ng explain me sa kanya.. December 16, nakareceive ako ng email from Ms. Ginny saying n ngrant n ung cancellation ko. so, pinasurrender nila lhat ng documents sa knila.(be sure n may xerox copy k lahat). Within 30 days ung refund. Pinafollow-up ko n lagi kay Ms. Ginny my refund tru email at cc ang [email protected]. Until n credit back n ung P21,630.00 sa cc ko…Ung mga finance charge try ko habulin s Bank ko kung pwed din i-reverse.
    Cancelled n rin b insurance u? wait k n lang b refund? Try to email n lang ms ginny ( [email protected]) cc to [email protected]
    Sana maayos u na agad.. Goodluck sau..

  346. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ P
    Wala n me pinadala SOA / Dispute letter s bank ko.
    Bali ang naibalik sa kin: P16,800 Initial premium
    Subsequent premium 1,610 October
    1,610 November
    1,610 December
    Total Refund P21,630.00
    Ung finance charges, aayusin ko pa lang sa bank ko, hindi ko rin sure kung ma-reverse dn un…

  347. Posted by boying santos, at Reply

    nabiktima din jan ang kami ofc mate ko, as in traumatized kmi dahil hinarang kmi sa loob ng booth ng mga taga prudential at nakunan un ka ofc mate ko ng credit card nya ng 9090++. ako kaase wala credit card kaya wala napiga sa akin, ewan para daw sya na hypnotize ng mga un at napaplit na mabigay ang credit card niya ng aking tanungin at ayun nga na swipe na. nag gawa na kami ng letter sa phil prudential life pero d pa kami sure kung me refund nga sila bibigy, pero ganun pa man, d pa din solb ang problema. ok un nakuha ko mga tips here sa site mo arpee pero wala na ba tayo magagawa sa kanilang panloloko? kung puro paglalahad lang mga story dito e after d fact na ang ngyari, parang tapos na ang kwento, so to speak. ngawa na lang tayo ng ngawa. plan ko sana mag reklamo sa DTI, Insurance commission na ang ofc ay sa UN Avenue malapit sa philtrust bank at sa central bank tungkol naman sa card companies na mukhang ka kutchaba nila sa pag bilis mag debit, sino mang me gusto sa inyo na sumama sa akin lalo na un case ko na d pa na refund un pera, pwede email nyo ko para magka usapan tayo at magsidulog sa mga ahensya na nabangit. tutulong naman daw sila ng magtanung kami. malaki na ang pera na nawala sa atin here. dapat matoldokan na ang mga gawain na ito, wala pa ba nagrereklamo sa mga tv shows like xxx, imbestigador, bitag?

  348. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    to boying: it’s not easy to just go to the government and complain about them. true that all we can do is complain AFTER the fact that it has happened. but there are certain legalities that i’m sure a big company like prudential life has already thought about. all this post can do for now is warn people.

    to all: yes, i do reserve the right to control comments on this blog because it is, above everything, a personal blog. if i see that your comment is offensive to the readers then it will be deleted. labeling prudential life victims as “aanga-anga” is adding insult to injury. we need not be victimized to complain about how unscrupulous prudential life’s marketing strategies are. calling a victim stupid is not helpful and will only make the person feel worse. they came to this blog seeking solutions, not heartache. whatever their reasons are, people who want their money back, have the right to do so, thus they have the right to information that will help achieve this goal. let us respect that, because we all work hard for our money. hindi natin pinupulot ang pera, at least most of us. kailangan natin ingatan ang mga sarili natin laban sa anumang uri ng panloloko.

  349. Posted by sophie, at Reply

    pwede ko po bang itanong kung ano po talaga ang content ng ine-mail nyo kay ms ginny? wala po kasi talaga akong alam about sa mga ganon. hope you could help me po. thank you. God bless!

  350. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ sophie
    may email ka b? or ym?
    Grabe anlaki pla ng n debit s cc u..sana maayos n nga ASAP..

  351. Posted by ivy, at Reply

    hi sophie will be going to the main office tom. if you want to come just meet us there. thanks.

  352. Posted by todonatograbe, at Reply

    ako po si glade,grabe and todonatograbe….I used this username before kaya lang binablock na ata ako eh..hhuhuhuh..peace po!!!

  353. Posted by sophie, at Reply
  354. Posted by win, at Reply

    Para sakin ha..dapat wag natin idelete yung comment ng iba pwera n lang talaga if nagmumura na siya or nakikiapg away na siya sa ibang nagcocoment dito.ginawa naman siguro to express lahat ng nasa isip natin….ngaun lang ako nagcoment pero punta ako sa site na to read comments..

    To glade,grabe at wat arpee said sa kanya ang blog nto..kung anu man ang gawain nya dito nasa kanya un..and baka may dahilan siya kaya nya delete comment mo.

  355. Posted by sophie, at Reply

    @ ivy
    thank you po sa pag invite pro di po kasi ako makapunta sa main office kc po andito po ako sa mindanao ngayon. hope po na ok po ang result ng lakad nyo sa main office. God bless!

  356. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    to win: thank you for your vote of confidence. yes i have my reasons why i keep blocking this person. he/she has been arguing things outside of the topic, thus making him/her into a spammer/inflamer.

    dear readers, you are welcome to say what you want as long as we stay within topic, which is prudentialife. pro or anti, i have no qualms. but i will NOT tolerate personal attacks on me and to other readers. normally other blogs moderate comments prior to posting but am allowing people to post automatically, to give them a venue to let themselves be heard. sadly i am no saint that i will post attacks against my person, let alone allow myself to be humiliated in my own blog. to TODONATO, or whatever your name is, i offer you the olive branch, but i recommend you stop exhausting all IP addresses just to post comments only to pursue the point that you are right and i am wrong. once you start going in that direction, you automatically become a spammer. you can always start your own blog where you can say what you want to anyone. but in my house, i call the shots not you.

  357. Posted by todonatograbe, at Reply

    hi to all, I just want to clarify to all I wasn’t looking for trouble and I didn’t leave comment just to bash other.

    To Arpee, I wasn’t attacking you. You explained you side hope you give space for mine.

    Okay, KIlo shared her story about what happened to her. She admitted na she wasn’t in herself(i avoided the word) that time. What i did, for me, ginatungan or pinalalim or kung anu man itawag nyo sa ginawa ko. if you thought I attacked her, then I could not do anything about it.

    After that nagcomment ka for her aid about “heart attack” and what you believed happened to you when someone called you. Then I explained my side, i just gave some example yun lang un. I wasnt attacking you, I never meant to humiliate you. If you will read my comment wala talagang foul akong nakikita, If hindi siya totoo then I believe there is no reason to feel humiliated.

    Like you said this is your house, your blog, and the shots is in you. It is up to you again if you will delete it again. This is my piece and if you felt humiliated, my apology.

  358. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    your apology is accepted. i would like to move on and continue providing a venue for those who need information regarding prudentialife. please post any helpful info that you might have.

  359. Posted by win, at Reply

    Wow bati na sila..heheh..eto naman idea ko..naniniwala ako na both parties ay may pagkakamali, yung sa company at ung nagiging cliente nila..
    Siguro mali nga lang talaga the way the agents of the compny gets client para mag alok ng product client nila we should learn how to reject invitation although kahikahikayat naman talaga yung offer nila diba but makinig tau sa sinasabi nila..minsan kasi nasa kanila rin yung way para makaligtas or makaiwas hindi natin kgustuhan.makinig taung nung nangyari kay ness, she listened carefully, so the agents,wala sila magawa..lagi natin tandaan na nasa atin ang sagot para sa lahat..if u will search naman maganda naman ang life insurance, pag kakamali lang nagibang agent, sigur per quota sila they tend to do some unnecessary action and speech para lang makareach ng goal nila..paganahin ntin utak natin..hehehe..thanks to all

  360. Posted by Ann, at Reply

    @ win.. strongly agree. Minsan hirap talagang to say NO.. but we learned our lessons.. We have to think carefully specially to those promos roming around the malls..

  361. Posted by L, at Reply

    hay naku..may kpareho ba dito sa akin na 2 months na nag hihintay wla paring natanggap na refund?
    pinapaasa lang ata ako nitong taga PPLIC ah! ano dapat kung gawin..lumaki ng lumaki na yung aking interest sa banko….tulong nman po ah.. thanks in advance.

  362. Posted by L, at Reply

    Cancelled na pero hindi parin na charge back yung pera ko until now. mag 2 months na nga eh..
    huhuhu. I’m so sad.

  363. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ L
    Email mo si miss GINNY STA. MARIA ([email protected]) and cc to [email protected] to FOLLOW-UP your refund.. Dapat lagi u finafollow-up.. Goodluck….

  364. Posted by just, at Reply

    Agree ako kay din ako kay win, we should listen carefully sa mga taong nakakasalamuha natin sa pang araw-araw at malalaman mo rin sa bibig na kausap mo yung mga dapat mong malaman, which could help us to prevent such incidents. Naniniwala rin ako na may pagkakamali din yung mga kleyente hindi lang yung kumpanya. Minsan kasi tayo pagmay alam tayong pwedeng sisihin, sa kanila na natin sinisisi lahat, lahat nang bagay na pwede natin ipukol, ipupukol natin, pero indi natin inisip na somewhere, maybe maypagkakamaili rin tayo, kumbaga, duguan na yung sinisisi o kalaban natin hindi pa nila alam na may ganun palang pangyayari at kung minsan yung iba nagiging exaggerated pa sa mga sinasabi, sumasakay lang sa iba. May nabasa ako dito na sana daw dapat magpakatotoo tayo, which also I believe we should.
    May mga taong kasing nahihiya rin aminin ang pagkakamali nila kaya ang ginagawa nakikiayon na lang sa iba…Lets learn our lesson…

  365. Posted by just, at Reply

    hey guys.. Some quotable quotes..

    So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it.

    -Jiddu Krishnamurti

  366. Posted by just, at Reply

    A good listener tries to understand what the other person is saying. In the end he may disagree sharply, but because he disagrees, he wants to know exactly what it is he is disagreeing with.
    Kenneth A. Wells

  367. Posted by enlightenme, at Reply

    OMG…OMG talaga….Legitimate ba yung Philippine Prudential LIfe? OMG…Nakapag avail ako ng plan sa SM Megamall, but the things is, its totally different from what I experienced compare sa mga nakacomment dito. I mean,fully aware ako…kwento ko na lang…..

    the usual katulad nang mga nakaexperience nang iba na tinanong sila if may credit card na sila..ganun din po ako.. then dinala na nila ako sa office nila..and then this agent, stupid of me I forgot the name,..pinapasok nya ako sa office then pinakita nya sakin yung mga nasa wall na frames, picture ng president, clips from newspapaer, nabasa ko pa friend ni gloria may-ari…then afterwards upo nakami, explain explain.. I put my plan,dreams sa thats it,,I know this maybe iba talaga sa naranasan nyo but aware ako ng dinebit nila ako ng initial payment ko 24taw, alam ko rin na may monthly, basta it was all explained to me, I can never say na pinilit ako kasi binigay ko yung card then the agent let me read the authority to debit. then after punta kami cashier inulit uli nung cashier yung nasa papel..after ako madebit pirma nako mga documents..syempre tanung na ko ng tanung kung anu benefits kasi sabi savings with kasamang protection daw..may pinili pa akong cash value as my non forfeiture option….then after mabigay yung papers naghintay ako dun and nakipagkwentuhan sa mga agents nila dun,siguro 3 hours ako nag stay dun kasi nakipagchikahan pa ako sa kanila..Then after 3 days may tumawag sakin asking if happy naman ako sa inavail kong policy and I said yes and willing talaga ako icontinue..

    Ang problema ko ngaun is kung legitamate pa yung kumpanya? kasi sa mga nababasa ko dito sa blog scam daw? pwede bang mangyari yung ganun na legitmate pero scam? San ko pwede iverify kung legitmate yung kumpanya? Sa SEC ba sila katulad ng CAP? kasi kung hindi siya legitimate babalik talaga ako dun..hhuhuhhu.. pero kung legitimate naman i’ll continue the plan..Thanks to win and just,, after all reading mga previous comments, nabasa ko naman yung sa inyo..medyo gumaan naman pakiramdam ko..sana masagot nyo katanungan ko…

  368. Posted by enlightenme, at Reply

    OMG…OMG talaga….Legitimate ba yung Philippine Prudential LIfe? OMG…Nakapag avail ako ng plan sa SM Megamall, but the things is, its totally different from what I experienced compare sa mga nakacomment dito. I mean,fully aware ako…kwento ko na lang…..

    the usual katulad nang mga nakaexperience nang iba na tinanong sila if may credit card na sila..ganun din po ako.. then dinala na nila ako sa office nila..and then this agent, stupid of me I forgot the name,..pinapasok nya ako sa office then pinakita nya sakin yung mga nasa wall na frames, picture ng president, clips from newspapaer, nabasa ko pa friend ni gloria may-ari…then afterwards upo nakami, explain explain.. I put my plan,dreams sa thats it,,I know this maybe iba talaga sa naranasan nyo but aware ako ng dinebit nila ako ng initial payment ko 24taw, alam ko rin na may monthly, basta it was all explained to me, I can never say na pinilit ako kasi binigay ko yung card then the agent let me read the authority to debit. then after punta kami cashier inulit uli nung cashier yung nasa papel..after ako madebit pirma nako mga documents..syempre tanung na ko ng tanung kung anu benefits kasi sabi savings with kasamang protection daw..may pinili pa akong cash value as my non forfeiture option….then after mabigay yung papers naghintay ako dun and nakipagkwentuhan sa mga agents nila dun,siguro 3 hours ako nag stay dun kasi nakipagchikahan pa ako sa kanila..Then after 3 days may tumawag sakin asking if happy naman ako sa inavail kong policy and I said yes and willing talaga ako icontinue..

    Ang problema ko ngaun is kung legitamate pa yung kumpanya? kasi sa mga nababasa ko dito sa blog scam daw? pwede bang mangyari yung ganun na legitmate pero scam? San ko pwede iverify kung legitmate yung kumpanya? Sa SEC ba sila katulad ng CAP? kasi kung hindi siya legitimate babalik talaga ako dun..hhuhuhhu.. pero kung legitimate naman i’ll continue the plan..Thanks to win and just,, after all reading mga previous comments, nabasa ko naman yung sa inyo..medyo gumaan naman pakiramdam ko..sana masagot nyo katanungan ko

  369. Posted by Y, at Reply

    Totoo nman na may Phil. Prudential Life Insurance.
    Sabi mo hindi ka pinilit, so it’s good and it’s your decision.
    Don’t worry totoo nman kaso yung marketing strategy nila ang mali.
    Yun ang ayaw namin. kaya nag – withdraw nalang kmi.

  370. Posted by Y, at Reply

    Tama yan arpee dba? May PPLIC naman talaaga. Strategy lang nila ang mali.

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      true. i did some asking around, it’s prudentialife that lost it’s license not PPLIC. however, their marketing strategy is downright unethical and predatory

  371. Posted by mj, at Reply

    i experienced this just today. sa SM North. buti kay enlightenme nagexplain sila ng maayos regarding the payment. sa SM north hindi ganun ang ginagawa nila.

    explain muna sila about savings and all that which is actually good. so i agreed naman. tapos may pinapirma na paper na may amount. ang sabi sa akin i-check lang daw nila sa bank kung ma-approve. sabi pa nung isang babae dun na kapag may tinanong sa akin kung icredit daw ba sa account ko just say YES. i was assuming that they were gonna call the bank. nagulat ako na bigla na lang nila naswipe yung card ko. good thing hindi na-approve. tapos pinipilit nila na babaan na lang yung amount. that’s when i said NO. ang nakakainis dito gusto ko na umalis ayaw pa rin nila ako paalisin. pinipilit talaga nila ako na subukan ulit ipa-approve yung amount. the thing is ayaw ko naman sumali sa kanila. talagang nakipagsagutan na ako para lang hindi na nila i-swipe ulit yung card ko. tapos may isang agent dun na sinabihan ako na “EH DI WAG KA NA LANG PALA MAG-IPON.” tama ba yun? sinabihan po ako na “KAHIT NAMAN HINDI KA MA-APPROVE MAY SWELDO NA SI CARLO (yung nagpresent) DITO.” grabe talagang experience yun. i stayed there for 1 and a half hours kasi ayaw nila ako paalisin.

    we should advocate this. i am advocating this in my facebook account kasi mali talaga marketing strategy nila.

    sana yung ibang nagkaproblem maayos.

  372. Posted by SSy, at Reply

    Same ako ng experience with enlightenme pero walang tumawag to confirm if I was happy about the purchase.

    Legit naman PPLIC pero underhanded ung tactics na ginagawa nila to get clients. They pry on people’s naiveness and try to coax on their impulse buying tendencies kaya nga sabi nila on that day lang ung offer. Pero when you think about it, andaming arguments na pwede ka i-raise sa presentation nila. Here are some of my arguments:

    1. 5 years to pay na 90K at rate 1,610 per month tapos wait 10 years after last payment for your money to make 175K. Idagdag mo pa ung initial premium na 24K sa gastos so parang 114K ung investment mo tapos around 60K lang maeearn mo for 15 years. Ang tagal naman nun for 60K lang na gain. Parang ilang buwang sweldo lang un hihintayin mo nang 15 years?

    Eto pa. Kung follow mo ung scheme nila without them (personal saving) na 1,610 per month, in 10 years naka 180K ka na and wala ka pang iisiping payment sa bank for anything kasi ikaw nagcharge sa sarili mo. Your terms and your payment scheme to yourself. Diba mas ok un?

    2. Naraise ko ung first argument ko pero may counter sila. Sabi nila security rin daw pag sa kanila. Eto ung gusto kong counter-argument: May assurance ba ako na buhay pa ang company in or after the 15-year endeavor. Sila na rin nagsabi na nothing is certain in the future. So company nila rin kasama dun.

    Ung sa akin napacancel ko na yesterday. Parents ko naglakad ng papers kasi may work ako. Di naman daw pinahirapan. Thanks to this blog nakakuha kami ng steps on how to tackle the cancellation. Hintay ko nalang ung pagbalik ng amount sa cc ko. Follow up ko nalang pag nabalik na ung MERCI kit na nabigay sa akin. (leche nakalimutan ko pa hehehe).

    One thing we guys should watch out for sabi ng dad ko. Even to those na nacancel na ung policy and nabalik na ung money. Take measure na rin to secure your identities. Since nabigay natin ung personal information natin sa kanila, we don’t know what they will do with them. Malay natin benta nila sa identity theft organizations. Take precaution nalang and ask sa banks if we can change the card numbers but still retain the account. Un ung gagawin ko once nareverse na ung money.

    Pwede ba natin request sa PPLIC to shred the original docs in our presence? Malay ba natin kung ano gagawin nila sa returned docs.

  373. Posted by enlightenme, at Reply

    Thanks po lahat ng sumagot sa katanungan ko..

    Hi po to landline kasi ako natawagan to ask if happy ako to avail or not eh…anu ba number binigay mo? Edi hindi ka rin pinilit ng sales agent unlike nang mga comment ng iba dtio?

    Base sa explanation and pagkakaintindi ko kase nga matanong ako hehehe..5 years ko babayaran then stop na payment ko then my waiting ako 10years before ko makuha yung maturity amount. During those period na hindi ako nagbabayad protected ako (ayon sa kontrata, binasa ko siya).So if ever may mangyari sakin kahit hindi pa tapos ang pagbabayad may makukuha yung binigay ko na beneficiary. Kung bibilangin mo talaga kaya talaga natin ipunin yung amount with in 15 years, pero ang offer nila kasi with protection..alam mo yun habang nagbabayad ka or nagsasave ka protektado ka (wow whisper with wings,heheh). Naisip ko rin to, in 5years of payment sa kanila , nakasave nako ng almost 160k, if ilalagay ko siya sa bangko, and iwanan ko siya dun ng 10years magkano ba interest na madadagdag?

    To arpee: thanks po.. buti na lang legitimate yung philippine prudential life….

  374. Posted by kindred, at Reply

    Ganon din nangyari sakin kaso ngaun ko lang narealize, nakapag swipe sila sa account ko ng P16800 tapos nakapagdebit na sila ng 3 months marefund ko pa kaya un? 1610 every 15 day of the month, decided na me pacancel makuha ko pa kaya full amount na nakuha nila sa account ko?

  375. Posted by gie, at Reply
  376. Posted by djme, at Reply

    God Damn i’m so worried about my CC, ngaun lang kc ako nakapag open ng net.kaya ngaun ko lang nasaba n scam pla ung PPLIC n yan. maclaim ko p kaya ung money ko? it’s already 1 month n nila nadebit ung 20,500 php saken eh. but i did already block my CC a week a go n.

  377. Posted by Lee, at Reply

    Thanks God!!! and thanks to this site, i got my refund yesterday morning 16,180… :)

  378. Posted by S, at Reply

    I’ve got my refund as well. Thanks God and to arpee and to all who posted helpful tips here. Thank u. I hope you can settle yours.

  379. Posted by S, at Reply
  380. Posted by enlightenme, at Reply

    hi to everyone.. share ko lang po….

    Tumawag ako sa Insurance Commission and nagtanung para masure ko rin.. Sabi nila wala pa raw life insurance company here in the Philippines na nagclose or bumagsak. Mahigpit daw ang insurance commission when it comes to life insurance. Sabi pa every year daw kasi ang insurance commission pumupunta sa bawat life insurance company to review the book (indi ko matandaan kung anong book eh,,basta book daw) if okay pa yung company if dapat pa ba sila magbenta ng insurance. Eto pa magkaiba daw ang life insurance sa pre-need company,..ang life insurance daw regulated ng Insurance commission at ang pre-need eh under daw ng SEC, at ngaun daw ang SEC is under Insurance Commission na rin. Monitored daw talaga lahat nang life Insurance..Suggestion nung kumausap sakin, its better daw basahin daw yung nasa contract..

    hope everyone concerns will be addressed properly…

  381. Posted by O, at Reply

    Basta ako, no problem na ako. Kasi naibalik na sa akin ang aking pera..mag-iipon nlang ako sa banko. Sure pa na tutubo ang pera ko kahit konte..hehehee.
    Sa inyo nlang yang insurance nyo.. :)

  382. Posted by C, at Reply

    To everyone:
    Nasa Iloilo na rin daw cla. Kaya mag-iingat!

  383. Posted by Kayla, at Reply

    Hi, Last Feb 9, lang ay na sway ako sa ganitong type ng scam, 18,000 ung dinebit nila sa account ko and now reading these comments I really think it’s best to cancel my policy. Maling mali ang way nila para makakuha ng clients, I think the Insurance Commision should act on this. Kasi kawawa naman ang publiko n niloloko nila.

  384. Posted by Kayla, at Reply

    Pls. Help about the steps kung pano makkarefund at gano katagal bago maibalik…

  385. Posted by KERI, at Reply

    Grabe hindi po ako nakatulog, at umiyak me ng todo…I have 42K in my atm at ang nadebit nila sa akin kahapon ay 18,700 OMG!!! Grabe ung strategy nila para mapaoo ka…talagang pinalibutan ako ng mga sales agent nila at kinonvince na iswipe ung card ko…para daw i check kung okay sa term nila. Go naman ako…then bigla nalang sila ng nagdebit ng 4 times, first is 14,000 then 2,200/ 1,610 (payment for Aug) at 365…. nagulat nalang ako dahil sarado na ang mall…11:30 Pm nako lumabas…at hindi ako natuwa sa nangyari sakin…i didnt felt secured parang feeling ng naholdap…Pls…sana naman PPLIC tigilan niyo na ang ganitong uri ng scam…Mr. Henry Sy, wag niyong hayaan na siraan ng ganitong scam ang credibility ng SM MAlls…dahil nagha-house kayo ng scammers…ang lupit talaga ng siste nila. Sana lang makonsiyensiya sila…at matuto ng tamang asal.TANDAAN ANG PERANG KINUHA SA MALING PARAAN AY MADALI RING MAWAWALA….KAYA PPLIC itigil niyo n yan or else yan ang ikababagsak ng company niyo!!!!! Ibalik niyo ang pera namin!

  386. Posted by C, at Reply
  387. Posted by C, at Reply

    @ Kayla
    Just read my message above. Hope it will make happy a bit. ^^

  388. Posted by An, at Reply
  389. Posted by C, at Reply
  390. Posted by An, at Reply

    @ c
    wat is cc? almost 13k. do i need to do separate letter of complaint? tnx my response nmn agd?

  391. Posted by An, at Reply

    panu approach ang gagawin ko? do i need n mgsungit? begging? anu mga risons n cnbe nio?thank u rili nid help….

  392. Posted by aj, at Reply

    narerefund un.. tinatakot lang kau nila.. otherwise magsumbong kau sa insurance commission… o magwala sa loob ng opisina…

  393. Posted by aj, at Reply


  394. Posted by mixel, at Reply

    Nainvite na rin nla ko na makinig ng presentation nila. They told me it will a
    only last for 30 mins. and it took me 2 hrs.inside. Sa simula pa lang naramdaman ko na there’s something wrong. Ung office kasi nila maingay may parang disco music. Isang way nila un para maconfuse ung kausap nila and hindi makapagisip ng maaus. I even asked the agent talking to me, bkit credit card ang ginagamit nilang basis para maqualify na sumali sa kanila. Nakakapagod sya pakinggan kasi dami dinidiscuss.. Nung kinukuha n nya card ko dko talaga binigay. and lumabas ako. hinabol pa ko gang sa labas. mawawalan daw sya trabaho sa ginagawa ko. Pero sorry sila. d ako tanga na magpapauto sakanila. sana lang marefund ng iba ung pera nila.

  395. Posted by todonato, at Reply

    dapat ganun ang gawin nung ibang tao..i salute mixel sa ginawa, kumbaga pananindigan nya yung desisyon nya na hindi siya mag-aavail ng plan..diba wala namang nagawa yung sales agent, its a proof lang na kung ayaw ng isang tao, kahit hiramin nila card mo indi m ibibigay diba? so its a good lesson para sa ating lahat yung nangyari kay mixel. sana na nga lang lahat

  396. Posted by mm, at Reply

    nakaattend na din ako ng presentation dito phil prudential. but my experience is good naman even though lumampas kami ng 45 mins but about the product, maganda xa. i presented my citibank visa na card but im not decided by that time since malaking halaga ng pera din ang pinag-uusapan dun. So i decided not to avail muna kasi di pa nga ako ready. actually, savings is good. with their seminar i realized that we need to save as soon as possible. though hindi ako nakapagstart ng savings sa kanila, nagsasave na ako ngayon for my family’s future.

    i dont think lang na if ayaw mo talaga they can’t force you naman eh.. its impossible naman na pinipirmahan mo na pala ang isang contract na di mo naintindihan o nabasa.

    every bussiness have it’s own stategy, to attract client.

    Godbless all!

  397. Posted by jona, at Reply

    Hi, first of all I am a licensed insurance agent. I went to PPLIC last Feb 12, just to see how they make transactions. I commend their strategy for attracting people to go at their office and listen to their company presentation. Sino ba naman ang hindi ma-hook kung makikinig ka lang sa kanila in 45 mins at yun pwede ka na maglaro to win a brand new Honda Civic. It’s just that… at first they won’t tell you their selling you an insurance policy. Their gonna give you situations, and ask you to be participative with their questions regarding the benefits of saving money in the future. It’s like their opening your mind to various possibilities of investment.

    They say they want to promote the company by word of mouth. Delinieating Philippine Prudential Insurance to Prudential Life… Okay fine.

    But why do they only target those with cash at hand…those with ATM cards amounting to 30K plus and Credit Cards.

    Is it because kapag nabola na nila yung tao its good as right at that moment me insurance plan na siya? That at the moment she/he agrees pwede na i-swipe kagad yung card at ma debit ang malaking amount.


    Ang pagbili ng insurance ay dapat pinag-iisipan ng mabuti because it’s a long term investment. Yeah its true that its a savings with 100% protection but that truth is even the company’s existence is always at risk. Hindi ganon kadali kumuha ng refund…kpag nagsara ang kumpanya…

    And while, we hope for a better future…sometimes we are blinded by deceit and misrepresentations.

    When they debited the said amount base sa short discussions niyo. And while you feel at that moment its a good way of investment, you’ll easily agree to them…and sign the Authorization to Debit. Not knowing kung ano ba talaga ang pinapasok mo…

    They won’t be discussing you the “real” terms and conditions…unless they have debited you an amount. I asked them about giving me the contract at first but they wont. They’ll just say that its a good investment.

    Their eagerness to pursue you to get the insurance policy ends when they already got the money. Then they’ll ask you to sign documents…and then afterwards a BIG THANK YOU….

    Then after more than 2 hours of talk…you’ll get to play for the HONDA CIVIC…
    OH diba astig… Your motivation is to win…

    But in that event sometimes you got to be the BIGGEST LOSSER…

    Cause hindi mo naman talaga naisip bumili ng insurance sa mall.
    You’re just hanging out with some friends …when someone approached you that it’s free and that you don’t pay anything…

    BUT WHY DO THEY NEED A GUARANTY…That you’re rich …and has a big amount at the moment… Why???

    It comes with a HIDDEN PLAN.

    And after long thoughts after you have received and read your insurance folder…You’ll ask yourself…”Bakit ganun ako kabilis napapayag? ”

    “Do I really need this?”
    “Can I sustain myself for paying the said amount monthly?”

    WELL EVERYONE…should have an enough savings for their future…INSURANCE POLICIES ARE GOOD INVESTMENTS…THAT’s A NO DOUBT.

    But i would just like to share this thoughts not because naninira ako or something, I’m no longer in the business of selling insurance policies…I left for my own reasons…

    AS insurance agents we should have this conscientious effort to be transparent with our clients. Sabihin mo you’re here to sell them insurance…kasi eto yung benefits…

    You don’t conceal the truth just to make sure this person will get a policy and as an agent get and be on top of quota….


    Kapag sinabi ng client “pag iisipan ko pa”…You don’t ask your fellow agents to help you convince her.

    After all you just said its a company presentation…right???

    I hope everyone gets the idea of what I’m saying…
    It differs, maybe sa ibang branch ng PPLIC iba naman ang approach…
    Ganun din but their saying straight on your face… “I’m gonna sell you an insurance policy…”

    And yes to those who need any help. Pls. Get in touch with the Insurance Commission…they will help you with that.
    And try to ask the IC how many complaints their getting and you’ll be shocked.


    Your blog is an eye opener para sa mga taong nagulat sa mga pinasukan nilang decisions. I hope everybody gets the lesson … that if you have doubts…don’t say yes at the moment…sabihin mo you’ll think about it…And when the time comes you find your really interested…then go…bumalik kas sa PPLIC cause you think its a smart decision.

    And to those agents, that can’t accept a NO….Please, learn how to RESPECT people’s decision….



  398. Posted by Ayen, at Reply

    Hi, when I searched about Philippine Prudential Life … I read an online news that the company is growing and in stable condition. Saying more than 1, 000 policies are being sold monthly…WOW.

    But what if 500 of those policies were being cancelled cause they really have no idea why they signed up for that plan. What if dahil nahila lang sila sa mall eh nag go na sila na bumili ng insurance like me… Na convince in more than 2 hours na maganda siyang type of savings account…

    And after reflecting over what happened you’ll realize… what have i done???
    Kanina lang po ay nabentahan ako ng insurance plan, with initial premium of 26,600….5 years to pay/ 10 years endownment.

    Since I’m only a student, at thrilled sa mga ganitong pakulo sa mall na libre…at walang babayaran… Why not listen to them in such a short period and win a Honda Civic or $10,000…

    I got my credit card from my mom last week, that made me qualify sa promo nila.
    But then because I didn’t realize what I was being offered to… nag go ako para ma swipe nila ung card ko. Kasi their saying they’ll be checking my bank if its okay with their system sabi ko okay lang. And then me pinapirma sila sakin na paper, asking me to sign approved printed name. Nagulat nalang me ng after maswipe nakita ko me fill up na ung amount sa paper, 26,600. At yun din ung nilagay nila sa machine after and then I pressed for my pin code.

    Gosh…nagulat talaga ako. But their assuring me that its a good investment.
    Halos maiyak ako when I checked my card and its true na debit ung ganung amount.

    I was just gonna shop for a pair of shoes with a budget atleast 2K.
    Hindi nako nakabili at tulala nalang akong lumabas ng SM habang kipkip ko ung insurance folder… Thinking if I lost this… parang nagtapon ako ng 26,600.

    Pagdating ko ng bahay nakita ni mommy ung folder and told me how could I have been so stupid… We already have an insurance policy pala…

    All the while kasi I thought its a savings account…
    kaya naman napa OO ako.

    Right now, my mom is consulting a lawyer to draft a letter of cancellation and to transact business in behalf of me. Hindi ko kaya humarap sa knila na mag cancel ako kasi baka mapahiya lang ako at magmukhang tanga sa harap nila.

    All I’m praying is sana mabalik po ung pera ko…
    I don’t think me nanalo sa car promo na yun. Sana macheck din siya ng DTI…kasi baka behind that me fraud pa rin.

    At yun yung way nila para maka attract ng clients.
    Sana wala nalang sila sa mall …
    Sana sa labas nalang sila nagbebenta…
    Bakit ba kelangan mangharang pa sila…

    Balitaan ko nalang kayo regarding my complaint.

    Thank you sa mga comments… Siguro talagang ibat iba ang style nila kada branch pati ung approach ng mga sales agent.


  399. Posted by KAYLA, at Reply

    Fuc*Sh*T. while reading these post I saw my teacher MS. Jennifer Sunga (Posted Nov.4, 2009) was also victimized like me….GRRRRR

  400. Posted by Leah, at Reply

    Hello, pag atm card at Bank of Commerce siya kelangan pa ba ng dispute letter sa bank. Or like, I’ll fax a letter to my bank informing them na me marerefund ako within 30-45 days na 20K. ????

    Thanks :)

  401. Posted by C, at Reply

    @ Jona
    Nako salamat sa mga nabsa ko dito mula sa iyo. Tama lahat ng sinabi mo. Sa ngayon tumutulong nlang ako sa mga nangangailangan ng help dito. Sa akin nga yun ang nasabi mo na hindi nila ipapakita sa iyo yung policy itself unless hindi pa nila nakuha yung amount na gusto nila o na present nila sa iyo.. Ang sa akin nga nkakuha cla ng almost 40K as initial premium. Pero naibalik na sa account ko. Buti nlang at isinumbong ko yung ginawa nila sa akin.. ^^

  402. Posted by Z, at Reply

    Yang Manager jan sa iloilo PPLIC branch..mukhang mabait pero hindi rin niya ina accept yung nag ask ako ng cancellation kasi na downgrade na daw. E pwede rin nman pla mag cancel noon na hindi pa nkadown grade ah..tapos sabi nila hindi raw down grade lang.
    Tapos my assistant manager pa jan na mukhang suplada..hay nku..ewan mga sinungaling talaga yan cla!!!

  403. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    to ms ginny
    I knew you are dropping in this site to read the comments here. You have promised to give my refund after 15days. But it’s nearly 30days wala pa akong natatanggap na refund. What’s in your word all about? I have called at PPLIC office looking for Carla but I can’t reach here. Somebody said she is not around.My next call again, she just took her break..I don’t want to make any comments sana here kung nandoon ang “word of honor” sana from all of you..The next time I’ll post here sana hindi na ganito ang mga linya ko..

  404. Posted by Z, at Reply

    @ giegs
    You know hindi butin nga sa iyo e 15days yung sinabi. Sa akin is 30 days talaga and you know what? Umabot din ng 60 days bago naibalik pero huwag kang mag worry kasi ibabalik din yan ni Ms. Ginny. Mabait nman yan sya kaso lang yung sa akin nag ka probs. lang kunti sa bank pero nag worry din ako noon kasi nakabayad na ako nga almost 4 months kasama na doon ang interest. Pero naibalik din nman. God is Good talaga. ^^

  405. Posted by omz, at Reply

    naku nung last friday po nabiktima din ako sa SM mega Mall. sabi kasi ittry lang daw ung credit card ko kung papayagan daw. Eh hindi ko naman alam na ang ibig sabihin nilang “ittry” isswipe na agad pala. Wala na akong nagawa total sabi ko for insurance naman to. pero after reading all thses messages mukhang natatakot na ako. anu ba dapat gawin.nag email na ako kagabi sa kanila at dun sa Ms Ginny at naka-cc sa [email protected]. Pero hanggang ngayon wala pang reply. natatakot ako baka hindi na maibalik ung pera ko..Anu po ba ang magandang gawin?..tulungan nyo naman ako.

  406. Posted by omz, at Reply

    sino po ba may alam contact number ng Insurance Commision? Pwede naman sigurong tumawag na lang dun and i raise ang ganitong sitwasyon.. Guys i really need help,

  407. Posted by jem, at Reply

    naku,nabiktima rin ako nyan last feb 12 lng.hay,pno b dpat gawin pra mcancel ung policy? mas madali b if sa main office pumunta or sa sm pamp? sbi kc ichecheck lng daw if maaprove ung credit card ko,ako nmn c tanga binigay nmn, feel ko nung time n un e nahypnotized yta po.tnx..pano rin mkakakuha ng letter of dispute from the credit card company?tnx po..

  408. Posted by well, at Reply

    it shows na iba iba pala approach ng mga agents sa branches nila..nasisira yung ibang agent na ginagawa naman ang trabaho ng maayos dahil sa ibang agents tsk tsk. buti may customer service sila na trying to help para maresolve mga nagiging problema ng mga clients nila..

  409. Posted by gie, at Reply


    hi.. just wanna ask ung finance charge u b nareverse din lahat? pwed p kaya mhabol ung sa akin october november december p. n refund ko na ung sa policy ko pero ung interest nd p..

  410. Posted by Richmond, at Reply

    Hi, gusto ko lang po sana magtanong.. hindi ko pa nabasa lahat ng comments nagstart lang ako sa bandang simula.. pero I really need help po kasi.. Based on what I’ve read and like most of us here, nakuha nila ang pinaghirapan kong pera yesterday lang Feb. 14 dun sa SM Fairview branch.. ATM Card ko po ang ginamit. at first, ung P48K plan ung binigay sakin, then nung nasa confirmation part na nagbago ang isip ko so na-wave nila un at mababalik lang daw after 30-45 days. tapos nadala nanaman ako sa Sales talk, instead of P48K, ung P22K plan nalang daw.. Na-realize ko na hindi ko naman talaga kailangan to lalo na’t nalaman ko na meron na palang inilaan sakin ang mom ko for insurance. Naubos lahat ang laman ng ATM Card ko, 70K ung original laman nun.. Ngayon pupunta kami dun from work para i-cancel lahat.. Makukuha ko pa kaya ang buong perang nabitawan ko? Please help po, I really need my money.. sobrang pinaghirapan ko un and honestly hindi talga ako mapalagay ngayon.. First job ko kasi and first time kong na-experience ang ganito.. I’d highly appreciate you help guys.. thanks!!

  411. Posted by Jacky of Prudential, at Reply

    Go Prudential!!! keep on screwing people, its just a matter of time for your company..

  412. Posted by P, at Reply

    Pinagpapala nman ang mga mababait.. Kaya hwag matakot maibabalik din yang mga pera nyo! Promise.

  413. Posted by Z, at Reply

    Don’t worry. Ibabalik din yan ng bank once na maibalik na sa iyo yung amount na nkuha nila sa iyo. ^^
    God bless..

  414. Posted by An, at Reply

    want to ask after ko email and fax my cancellation letter to ms ginny, wat will i do? tnx a lot

  415. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ Z
    Thanks.. nag fax n me ng letter s Bank ko yesterday lang requesting to charge back all the finance charges applied.. Wait pa ako ng response. Hopefully maibalik dn , sayang dn kc un.. Pera dn un…

  416. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    i have called yesterday s bank and i was informed binalik na ng PPLIC yunbg denibit s akin..i’ll just wait for the billing statement within this week sabi s akin ng customer service.God is good..For those who have not received their refund pa try to follow-up s main office nila s ortigas.Look for ms. ginny stamaria. She’s the one i have talked with.Or look for Carla for assistance..I’m so thankfull for this site at s mga taong nagbigay ng tips kung panu maprocess ang pagrerefund. And more power to Arpee..

  417. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    naibalik na yung nakuha s akin jing…follow-up m na rin ang sau.nd ko pa nakuha yung billing statement ko but the customer service told me na nirefund na yung nadebit s akin..just pray jing..ibabalik rin yun sau..godbless

  418. Posted by ivy, at Reply

    hi richmond my sister and i will be going to thye main office today. they cancelled my policy lastweek. ill be giving the documents later. if you wan tto join just go to the main office in ortigas. yes maibibigay nila buong money mo. doon ka sa main office pumunta mababait sila doon.

  419. Posted by page, at Reply

    I had the same experience with englightenme..I don’t know kung bakit ganun nangyari sa inyo and I’m thankful na hindi ganyan nangyari sakin. I wish all of your problem will be sort out soon. Hopefully others may not experience the way others had. Actully tatlo kaming kumuha ng inalok far, so good naman service nila. The customer service through phone man or sa mga branches nila very accomadating naman sila.

  420. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    @ geigs
    nag naku ate.. sabi sakin sa email ni ms genie na that my refund was already sent to the their processing bank.. 7 days daw bago mareflect sa account ko urn refund.. today is the 7th day. i am hoping na mabalik nila today.
    and oo. those who want to cancel their plans they better go to their main office and look for ms. genie..
    sana mabalik na nila yong pera na nakuha sa cc ko.. and good luck to all.

  421. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    i hoping that the money will be back today.. since bank to bank process hindi naman tatagal o aabot ng ilang araw or weeks.. minutes or hours lang yan.dba?

  422. Posted by acer, at Reply

    hi im just thinking why do others do this kind business if it could not help others?
    Or bakit pinapayagan ang ganitong klase ng gawain sa pilipinas?
    bakit kayang gawin ng kapwa nyang manloko ng iba?
    ….its so sad to know this….

  423. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    wow, I can’t believe na after 3 days ay me mga post na ulit regarding PPLIC….
    If you’re familiar with FAMILY FIRST na pre-need company na na feature sa XXX kaya bumagsak…Well lets wait and see nalang if hindi matulad ang PPLIC dun…Anyways…they said inacquire ng PPLIC ang Family First,…dun yata nila nakuha yung bad marketing strategy nila…

    I hope maliwanagan sila…Kasi tambak na ang reklamo sa INSURANCE COMMISSION…
    And I just can’t believe bakit even 48 hours after u paid ur premium at magpacancel ka ay hindi kagad nila mabalik ung pera…

    Kasi ginagamit pa nila as revolving fund…OMG…

  424. Posted by Jona, at Reply


    Gano katagal nabalik sau ung pera???

  425. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    di ko pa rin nakuha yong pera.. bakit ganun? tama ba ako na di naman siguro aabot ng ilang days or aabot pa ng week yong bank to bank account? it is just a matter or minutes or hours maybe.. right?
    huhuhu.. dont tell me that even ms ginny nagsisinungaling din!!

  426. Posted by Cherlyn, at Reply

    hi everyone…first of all, happy ash wednesday to you guys….thanks be to God coz finally i already got my refund of 16,800 yesterday!!!!!…tawagan nyo lang palagi and PPLIC…in my case, i called them evryday…cguro nakulitan na sila sa akin kaya it just took 2 weeks for the refund…just keep on praying to God and it will surely be granted….God bless to you all….

  427. Posted by pete, at Reply

    Hi guys I’ve been a plan holder of ppl for about two years now, yes it’s true and I just want to share my thought about this issues regarding the company.
    The company is facing a lot of complaints from the client, oh well base on the comments here. What do you think guys are the problems? Customer service? The Agents? The product? The company? The clients?
    Seriously, as a two year member of the company I may say that I have not encountered any problem yet with the company, a good point for their customer service because I would say that they trained the people to entertain the client’s concern well and they doing it quite pretty.
    For the Agents, OH well, how I would say this, they are good in terms of persuading clients to avail their offer, magaling talaga and sa mga nagging clients nila tau ang makakapaghusga dun.
    Each insurance companies has almost the same package of endowment plan they are offering,
    Well, ppl is 46 years now ang ppl in the business, and I hope will stand strong til the future.
    We the client are the answer, we are the key for everything, and all decision is to be made by us. Kumbaga lahat nasa atin, anu man ang decision natin tayo ang may karapatan dun, don’t let other do the decision para sa atin.
    Sa mga issues ng company I hope it woule be lessen as well as mga nagcocomplain. Sa mga nagcocomplain. Maybe patience is needed they will attend naman kayo by the customer service.

  428. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    hahay.. until when kaya ako mag-aantay?
    sino bang may alam sa mga banko dito? may alam sa mga money transfer?

  429. Posted by jem, at Reply

    pg pumunta b sa main office need na isubmit lhat ng documents? or the cancellation letter first? tnx.

  430. Posted by C, at Reply

    @t Jona.
    2 months din yung sa akin bago naibalik kasi nag ka problema daw cla sa banko. Ewan ko lang kung totoo. O baka ginagamit pa nila yung money ko as revolving fund nila..OMG!

  431. Posted by C, at Reply

    antayin mo lang jing. Ibabalik din nman ng bangko pati yung interest sa cc mo. kaya don’t worry. Ganyan din ako noon. Nagalit na nga ako e..kaya sa wakas ibinalik din nila. hehehe.

  432. Posted by gie, at Reply

    just wait lang until 10 days. ganyan din kasi ako dati. Sabi ni miss ginny 7 banking days daw pero inabot pa rin ng 10 banking days. basta update u lang lagi sa bank u..

    Cancellation letter muna.. Pero ok lang n dalhin u na rin lhat ng documents mo but be sure na may xerox copy ka rin nyan..

    Goodluck guys….

  433. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    @ C
    hi c.. what do you mean interest ng cc?
    yong bang binayad ng interest sa bank mo is ibabalik din ng PPLIC? is that it? just want to clarify.. thanks

  434. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    @ gie
    why is it na aabot pa ng 7 banking days bank to bank na nga yan so dapat mabilis na dba?
    hahay.. wla na akong magagawa but to wait.. uhm.. 7 banking days is monday to friday.. then monday and tuesday.. right? :-)
    so if 10 banking days.. means 2 weeks u nag antay non? tagal ha.. bakit nga ganun?

  435. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    wait..sabi sakin ni ms stamaria na 7 banking days, bat kang C is nakuha nya after 10 banking days na.. so what if ater 10 banking days di pa rin mabalik…what will i do next?

  436. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ jingjing
    hindi ko rin alam kung bakit na-de2lay..Maybe hindi pa nareceive ng bank mo ung CREDIT MEMO galing Bank of PPLIC. But don’t worry, sure nmn yan basta sinabi ni Miss Jinny..

  437. Posted by jocel, at Reply

    Hi I am Jocel from Cebu,I had the same experience like you guys.last sunday Feb.14 ,2010 when I am in SM city mall cebu

  438. Posted by jocel, at Reply

    Hello Guys pahiro tayo ng experience dahil muntik na rin akong maluko nong febuary 14 nasa SM mall kami nang asawa at mga anak ko bigla nalang na may lumapit sa amin na bading at nagtanong kung gumamit ako ng cc ako naman ang honest sinabi kong yes dahil magaling manloko sabi kasi pag nag use ako ng cc may promo daw sila pwede daw na manalo ako ng brand new car and 10 thousand USD hinila ako ng bading sa second floor dahil daw may interveiw 15 minutes lang daw pag tapos ng 15 mins.sabi ni Jona ang nag interveiw sa akin another 45 mins.sabi ko gusto ko nang lumabas dahil ang asawa kot anak nasa baba tapos ayaw pumayag nila pag tumayo ako sa upoan may dalawang babae at isang lalaki na gustong pumigel sa akin tapos panay interveiw about my personal life ang sabi ko ano ba talaga ang kailangan nila sa akin sabi wag daw ako matakot dahil wala daw mawala sa akin tinanong pa nila kung magkano ang limit ng cc ko sinabi ko pa ang totoo dahil hindi naman ako tanga na ibigay ko sa kanila ang card ko para i swipe nila…alam kong gusto nilang manluko dahil turoan kapa kung ano ang i answer mo sabi yes lang daw ang i answer ang sabi ko ano ba ang question bakit gusto nila na mag yes ako sabi sabihin mo muna na yes sabi ko i said no gusto ko nang lumabas sabi hindi pwedi dahil tinanong daw nila ako sa labas kung deal naba ako sabi ko daw na deal din I told them yes i said that because the question is you want to win a brand new car then i said yes sino ba naman ayaw manalo na brandnew car hindi naman nila sinabi na magbinta sila ng insurance.kung gusto ba naman nila mag binta ng insurance bakit hindi sila magsabi ng totoo sa tao tapos sabi pa na gusto nila i swipe ang card kung ok paba hindi ako pumayag hindi naman ako tanga na bastabasta nalang madala nila pero hindi rin ako uminon na kahit anong alok nila baka may hypnotize pa ako katulad nang iba siguro pinainon sila ng kung ano yun kaya sila napapayag.gusto pa niya mahiwalay sa akin ang bag ko sabi ilagay mo yung bag mo sa bakanting upoan sabi ko ayoko nga tapos sabi yung kamay mo ilagay mo sa misa ayokong makinig sa kanya nagtaka ako bakit dinidiktahan ako kung anong gawin ko sa bag ko sabi pa wala namang i million na mawala sa bag ko hindi lang nila alam kung anong laman nang bag ko.tapos kahit malapit na malapit na ako sa kanya hinihila pa niya ako gusto bang malapit na malapit sa kanya…tapos ang nasa isip ko nag prayed to mama mary and santo nino dala dala ko ang travel image ni sr santo nino…sana lang mahuli na yan sila para wala nang maluko pa nila kawawa naman ang iba na naluko nila.sana kung gusto man nila na magkaroon nang magandang trabaho wag ganyang trabaho ang pasukin nila dahil naniniwala akong may karma babalik din sa kanila ang ginawa nila sa mga inusenting tao.

  439. Posted by delia villa-bagolcol, at Reply

    Hello everyone,

    My sister was also victimized last Monday at SM City Iloilo City. P9,835 was debited in ther savings account. (atm) . On tuesday, she returned to withdraw her application. She was required to write a letter of withdrawal and was received by 2 customer service staff. Her OR and polcy contract were required to be returned. What she had was a copy of the statement of account with no signatures and a copy of the letter of withdrawal.

    Yesterday, I accompanied her to get the OR and copies of the policy and other documents. At first, they would not give but we had a heated argument and they gave us photo-copies and a certification of withdrawal stating that is being processed for cancellation and it will take 30-45 days before the money will be returned to my sister’ account.

    Last night, i have plans to contact the head office but I decided to search the internet and i found that they have many victims and it is a scam. I am now doing actions re this scam. I contcted the PNP for police blotter, I am now contacting the prosecutor’s office and commission on human rights and nbi to form a team of investigators. i am also contacting SM City Management to ask them to have some actions and not to tolerate this scam of one of their tenants. Pls. inorm me if you have received your money back within the period stated. I will keep u informed of the actions done or to be taken.

    God bless everyone.

  440. Posted by Richmond, at Reply

    @ Jocel, saktong sakto katulad din nyan ung nangyari sakin.. sa SM Fairview branch naman ako.. Nung Feb. 14, manonood lang sana ako ng movie eh hinarang ako ng isang agent nila tinatanong kung nagtatrabaho na ako, nung nalaman nilang taga-Convergys ka talagang hahatakin ka nila.. sabi sakin may chance na manalo ng Brand New Honda City tsaka P800K worth of cash.. walang fees basta maglalaro ka lang.. eh ako naman syempre kung wala namang mawawala why not diba.. tapos ayun dinala na ako sa main office nila: Danvil/PPLIC, tapos sabi bago daw ako makakapaglaro ay kailangan munang i-introduce ung Company sakin which will take just around 30-45 mins.. eh ako kasi first time nangyari sakin toh sa buong buhay ko kaya go lang ako wala akong clue.. di ko alam na pwersahan ka pala nilang pagbebentahan ng insurance.. sa una dadaanin ka nila sa small talk, tapos magsh-share ng mga kwento sa buhay hangga’t parang magiging ka-close mo na talaga ung Sales agent.. tapos honestly ung mga terms nya parang nag-iiba na masyadong nagiging complicated.. parang sinasamantala nila ung ignorance mo sa ganung bagay kasi malakas ang chance nila makabenta kapag ganun.. ayun, tinanong ako: “Kung bibigyan ka ba ng chance na makapag-save ng pera ngayon, papayag ka ba?” sagot ko naman syempre oo, tapos tinatanong magkano laman ng atm card ko.. ilang beses akong umayaw hangga’t na swipe na nila at nakuha ung P48k.. sinabi ko ayoko na at kung pwede bang ibalik ung pera.. kinausap na ako ng Supervisor at parang sila pa ang galit kung bakit hindi ako pumapayag.. tapos umaayaw parin ako, ngayon ung Manager naman ung kumausap sakin.. masyado na akong na-pressure, so napapayag nila ako sa mas maliit na plan, instead na ung P48k eh P22K nalang daw.. ubos lahat ng laman ng ATM card ko.. tapos kukunan ka pa ng Customer Relations nila ng Video na interview kung masaya ka ba sa decisyon mo… 2 beses akong umayaw tapos ibinalik ako sa manager hangga’t na persuade nanaman akong pumayag.. umuwi akong parang hostage.. mantakin mo from 6pm hanggang 10:30pm ako dun sa office nila.. kinuwento ko lahat sa mom ko, nainis at nagalit sya.. ba’t daw ako nagpadala sakanila at hindi ko alam na meron na pala akong insurance plan na sya ung nagbayad para sakin so hindi ko na kailangan toh.. bumalik kami after 2 days, nagsigawan kami dun kausap ung Customer relations manager.. hangga’t na napapayag silang magbigay ng refund at mabuti’t full amount.. kaya lang 30 days pa daw makukuha..

  441. Posted by C, at Reply

    cc is credit card account. Ang banko ang magbabalik noon once na maibalik na nga PPLIC yung money na nkuha nila sa iyo. Kaya don’t worry. E follow -up mo lang parati ky ms. ginny. ^^

  442. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    Anyone here, who got the same reply from MS. GINNY when you emailed her regarding cancellation.
    My friend Krista got this reply:

    Good Day Ms.XXX-!

    Thank you for your email today.

    Please be informed that your refund is currently being processed.
    I have already conferred with our Finance Incharge to do their best to hasten the process.
    We do understand your predicament and we will see what we can do to assist you on this matter.
    You will hear from me again after I get feedback from our Finance Incharge.

    Best Regards,

    Ginny L. Santamaria

  443. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    I think she’s doing her best, but lets just all pray that the company does the necessary refund. I mean the earlier you cancel, same us you get your refund. But I think this just applies to those na kagaya ng friend ko…hindi ganun ka pinag-isipan ang pagkuha ng insurance plan.

    I believe that all the insurance companies, go by the mandate to serve the people…
    It’s just that there are certain strategies and situations that affect the credibility of the company.

    If people from PPLIC are reading this blog. Maybe you guys need to be enlighten… An agent’s misrepresentation or unethical practice kills the image of the company.
    I can’t help but pity the company, kc all insurance plans are designed na umalalay sa mga tao sa panahong kailangan nila ng assistance…
    But not in this way, If you guys want loyal clients…make them believe in your capability to insure your clients future.
    Don’t just convince them for 45mins and half saying good words that mislead them to your company’s ideals… Give them chance to think things over and not ask them to sign immediately…don’t put force (too much persuassion) yes…its a common practice among other insurance companies…but be different … create your own image and build trust and credibility to client. No one knows the how long the company will exist…its the same predicament most of people in this blog felt. But yeah like PETE said…the clients are the ones who ensures the good business environment for the company. Love and take care your clients coz they’ll give it back. What you do to others…is what others will do to you… law of KARMA… Plant good things and it will also bore you great things.
    Simple principle that you guys hopefully won’t forget. To my fellow insurance agents(to all of u), don’t try to lose your good morals over getting your quotas, commission or promotion. Don’t work your asses in serving a company that wouldn’t give you great opportunities, but opportunities to get against people.Its bad and will get back to you. Up to this moment, my friend Krista hates those agents that deceived her.

  444. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    *Maybe you guys need to be (enlightened)— ERRATA

  445. Posted by Ayen, at Reply

    Utang na loob PPLIC…Itigil niyo na ang balak niyo na pagtatayo ng branch sa SM LIPA para dumami ang mga maloko niyo. Hindi kayo papayagan ni Gov. Vilma sa mga plano niyo na makapanloko….Unless magbago kayo ng strategy para makabenta ng plan niyo.

  446. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    Let’s not judge what PPLIC-SM LIPA would do in targeting clients…
    Baka naman maiba sila.
    Or they can establish a new way of building clients. :-)
    Calm down …God is always with those who believe in HIM. :-)

  447. Posted by Carlo, at Reply

    Can anybody help me? I had the same case last October 30, 2009 at SMCT, Iloilo. Naswipe sa akin was the amount of 96000 as initial premium. 7 days after, I returned to withdraw sana but they won’t allow me to do it for a lot of reasons. Then they downgraded the premium to 50%. Would I have the chance to withdraw or cancel this? I would really appreciate it if you can extend me the help I need. Thanks.

  448. Posted by gie, at Reply

    @ CARLO
    Magpatulong ka na lang sa INSURANCE COMMISSION ([email protected]), Try to email them.Tell them kung ano experience mo. And ask for their assistance to cancel your policy. indicate all the details of your insurance sa email mo. You can get full refund pag naayos mo yan.. Grabe, anlaki ng money involve sau.. Goodluck po…

  449. Posted by Carlo, at Reply

    @ gie, thank you po. where should i complain or send my email or fax first? sa INSURANCE COMMISSION or sa PPLIC? Main Office (Manila)? or just here at sm iloilo? i need more advice PLEASE. nalilito na ako. i can’t even sleep na. worried na worried na po ako. email me at [email protected]. thanks again. God Bless you.
    @ arpee, thanks for this site. sayang nga lang at ngayon ko lang nabasa ito.

  450. Posted by zz, at Reply

    I was able to avail sa PPl a few months ago..I cancelled the plan due to affordability, yun po yung reason ko why I cancelled the plan. The process was smooth, no hassle and naattend naman ako ng customer service nila properly. I just called their hotline then after nun they guide me what to do about my request. After I’ve done and provided the necessary requirements my request has been granted. Sabi I have to wait for 30-45 working days and that’s what I did. Ang totoo nga nyan hindi nako nkapagfollow-up sa kanila because I’ve been busy. I just found out n nabalik na pera kung when the billing statement of my credit card came. Then binilang ko yung days before nabalik was less 45 working days compare for what they said to me. I can attest na they keep their word. pag sinabi naman nila ibabalik ibinabalik naman nila,

  451. Posted by zz, at Reply

    Sa mag naghihintay ng refund nila. just wait for it kase ibabalik naman nila yun basta sinabi nila na may refund ka. Wag po kayo magmadali although naiintindihan ko na mabilis na nakuha yung pera, na experience ko rin naman yun,,syempre may mga dinadaan din naman yun..lahat naman di ba, hindi lang naman dito sa company na to. dito rin sa trabaho ko, kahit hindi insurance to may mga pinagdadaanan talaga, syempre may mga papers rin yan…

    sa mga naghihintay na lang.. pasalamat na lang po tayo kase may hinihintay pa tayo..Buti nga may hinihintay kesa naman sa wala..right? patience..and believe to them.

  452. Posted by mira, at Reply

    hay naku.. exaggerated yung iba dito kung magcomment,,makapagcomment lang..possible pa siguro yung sinasabi nila na hiniram yung credit card nila. Pero yung nagssasabi dito na hindi nila kayo pinapaalis sa ng office nila at umaabot kayo ng ilang oras dun..utang na loob ha..kagustuhan nyo yun kung gusto nyo yun kung nagstay kayo ng matagal dun sa office nila..anu un pinilit kayo magstay dun? dinikit ba nila pwet nyo sa bangko kaya indi kayo makaalis..hahaha..una pa lang kung gusto nyo na umalis dun..sus.. wla sila magagawa decided to stay there that long tapos ngaun..sasabihin nyo na hindi kayo pinaalis..nakikigaya lang kayo ng comment eh..

  453. Posted by Chris, at Reply

    @ mira, it depends kasi sa Personality ng tao eh lalo na sa mga tao na mababait at mahiyain specially kung ingorante sa ganitong proseso ay mahihirapan talagang umalis dun.. Di naman tulad ng mga walang etiquette at aalis ka nalang bigla after you’re given the chance to WIN diba and first time mo ma-experience ang ganitong bgay. tsaka para ka kasing naka-HOT SEAT once andun ka na eh. ung friend ko kasi nangyari din sakanya toh.. sa strategy kasi ng mga agent dun na kakaibiganin ka talaga, then syempre mahihiya ka na umalis naman bigla na parang hindi tapos ang usapan nyo at di ka pa naka-hulog ng Raffle Ticket mo or played the game. Akala lng nya is maglalaro ka then you’ll have d chance to win either a car or $10K but you won’t get the chance to play unless matapos ung sinasabi nilang “P45 mins” na “INTRODUCTION” lang daw sa Company. Tapos titirahin din nila ang ego mo kapag na-sense nilang umaayaw ka na talaga specially kung fresh grad ka and new sa trabaho mo, na your “OLD” enough to decide on your own.. Bottom line is maganda naman talaga ang offer, pero wag naman sana in a way na minamadali ung tao na bigla bigla mag-decide at hindi na binibigyan ng chance maka-isip muna. kasi syempre malaking pera din ang pinag-uusapan. Katulad nalang na ituturo nalang sayo ung mga pipirmahan mo na papers w/o even taking the time to fully understand and read all of it. ung Ordeal na naiiwan sa mga customers ay hindi magnda. may iba hndi nakakatulog kasi hindi palagay sa nangyari. may iba hindi nkka-kain oh nag-ssacrfice pa ng time nila para lang bumalik at magreklamo, specially kung may office hours sila na work. Para sakin, halimbawa lang na ikaw ang sales agent knowing/aware na may mga Customer na ganun or may mga chances na mangyari ung mga ganito.. sana di mo na ituloy ang pagbenta or give the customer a chance to think it through kasi ang tendency is babalik at babalik din sila para magreklamo o kumuha ng refund once they had the time to realize it pero huli na’t nakuha na ang kanilang pera. Halimbawa let them consult their family and friends about this process, give them like a week or so before mag-decide and give them your number incase they made up their mind.. Diba mas ok sana kung ganun? Let’s say you can’t really expect all NEW CUSTOMERS specially the ones who never did care about INSURANCE PLANS to understand the benefits and how the process works diba.. Iba din sa mga taong in need or GUSTO talaga nila mag-apply for Insurance for their own personal reasons at mostly wala ng problema sa pera. Pero I believe this is not applicable to everyone pero dinadaan nyo lang talaga sa Massacre Marketing nyo. sakin lang, once the Customer complains and doesn’t like it, wag nang pilitin. kaya nangyayari ang mga bagay na toh eh.

  454. Posted by jem, at Reply

    nacancel ko n rin ung policy ko.pumunta ako sa main office sa ortigas. kc nung sunday pinapacancel ko na sa sm pamp ung policy ko, tpos sbi nung agent, hnd ko na daw mrerefund ung nswipe skin, tpos if ever daw na ipacancel ko dhil sa cnb nilang ichechek lng daw if approved ung cc ko, e bka masuspend daw cla or mawalan ng trabaho, e xmpre ako nmn ayaw ko din nmng mawalan cla ng trabaho, d ko n tinuloy pgpapacancel ko,n den sun night ngsearch ako sa net at ito nga ang nkita ko,d lng pla ko ngiisa,kaya i decided na pumunta na directly sa main office nla to cancel my policy.aun, cnancel nmn nila and il be waiting for 30 days din to get my refund..

  455. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    @ jona
    yong sinabi sakin ni ms ginny is naforward na daw nila sa processing bank yung refund ko and antay ako 7 banking days bako mareflect sa account ko yong refund.. guess wat? until now la parin.. feb 9 ang sabi nya na nasa processing bank.. are they telling this to make us calm? always checking the account for the refund but i was checking for nothing..

    @ C
    i didnt receieve the refund yet. count the days from feb 9 until now. ilang araw nba yan.. tagal na dba?

  456. Posted by jing, at Reply

    grabe ang mga effects because of the delayed of the refund that ms ginny told me.. been crying many nights, and so sad dahil lang sinsurance plus the delay of the refund.. it has bigger effects on my future family.. i lost the trust of the person i love. and there is possibility that i will not have him anymore..
    siguro maiintidihan nyo kung bakit ako nagmamadali sa refund.. sana pag di din pala mabalik nila sa akin last tuesday eh di sana di nag expect yong husband ko nong tuesday. eh di sana last week of fef parin ung chance ko na binigay nya sakin..hanngang ngayon la parin ang refund.. kaya galit na galit sya.. nawala nya ang tiwala nya sakin.. i lost his trust but the worse thing that might happen is baka mawala din sya sa akin..
    di ko maexplain lahat dahil personal na..basta may pamilyang pwedeng masira dahil lang sa insurance and sa promise ng costumer representative nila na di tinupad..

  457. Posted by jing, at Reply


  458. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    @ Jing
    Yan din ang hindi magawa ng best friend ko na sabhin sa mama niya ung tungkol sa insurance. Becuz her parents might lose their trust on her. BUT that’s life, minsan we make mistakes…becuz we wanted to do something for other people. Most of us commenting here, like insurance policies kasi it has benefits for us and to our love ones. Yun nga lang we were hastened by the process, to get the plan in 2 hours. I hope you and your husband’s relationship be strengthened with this problem. All things will come good if we hoped for it and we’re doing something about it.

    Gurl… you must respect other people’s opinion and experiences with PPLIC that they shared in this blog. You can’t say people here are stupid for letting their cc or atm card be swiped…pero siyempre it depends on certain situations and factors.
    (that most people here described…affected their decisions and analysis against PPLIC persuasion* or marketing strategy)

  459. Posted by mira, at Reply

    @ Chirs- Okay..nandun n tau, kinaibigan ka ng mga agents that made a client decide to stay…so sino pa rin ang nagdecide?diba client pa rin? it was the client choice to stay, sabihin mo man dahil sa proffesionalism kaya ka nag stay or respect sa kausap mo or nagpepresent sau..still it was a decision by the client? sana nagegets nyo point ko…marami kasi dito nagcocomment na “hindi” sila pinaaalis, or ang tagal nang presentation or whatever, but may umamin ba dito na ngustuhan nila kausap nila kaya sila nagtagal? na dahil sa pakikipagusap nila or pakikipagchikahan nila sa agent kaya sila tumagal? wala diba? anu kaya dahilan? kasi nababasa nila dito nirapport sila or natagalan sila dahil sa kung anu anung dahilan,,ginagaya na lang nila..may dagdag bawas na kumbaga..pero ang totoo hindi naman ganun nangyari sa kanila…Eto pa,, the fact na nagmamadali ka,,bakit ka papapigil sa kanila diba? it is a very good reason, or gasgas na ngang alibi or dahilan para makaalis ka isang sitwasyon na ayaw mo, bkit ka pa rin nagstay? Sana umamin din yung iba na nagstay sila dun dahik kagustuhan nila not because pinigilan sila diba…

    @Jona–hi,,pleaese read my comment again if I said people here are stupid. after i read my comment again, I was not mentioning about the cc or atm swiping so I believe your comment was not for me.

  460. Posted by C, at Reply

    to all!
    huwag nman sana kayong magkainitan dito kasi opinion nyo lang ang lahat na andito..nku hwag ganyan kasi hindi kayo mkatutulog nyan ng mahimbing..hehehe.. Peace at magtulungan nlang kaya tayo.. Pwede? ^^

  461. Posted by Perenelle_HEALER, at Reply

    Just tonight one of Prudential Life agents approached me and she told me I had a free gift a bag or tumbler bec. I had BDO mastercard. And I was escorted at there office and she told me that there will be a seminar for 45 mins. after that I could play there slot machine and she gave me a raffle ticket. One thing I notice is that once you entered there 45 mins. seminar is that they will pressure you to join there Insurance and after that they WANTED TO SWIPE YOUR CREDIT CARD! Good thing for me I’m a very wise person and I’m not easily pressured. I told that agent even if it is a simple insurance I still need to think twice and SHE’S ANGRY! I was like WTF! In the end I get to play there raffle and slot machine and I got a FREE bag! 😀 YEPEEEEE!!!!!!! I WON they LOSE!!!! They didn’t get to SWIPE MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!!!!!

  462. Posted by Perenelle_HEALER, at Reply


  463. Posted by jingjing, at Reply

    @ giegs
    guess what, la pa rin ang refund..
    wow, ilang days or baka aabot pa ng weeks ako mag aantay sa refund..
    di na nga nagreply sakin ung tga prudential kasi lagi akong nagtatanong sa refund.. d nagreply kasi la pa ang refund.. imagine it.. from 7 banking days they said umabot na ng 10.. at hanggang ngayon la pa rin.. so 11 days na tom.. :-(

  464. Posted by C, at Reply

    Ay naku. kagaya din cguro yan sa akin. umabot na ng 60 days yung sa akin.
    Baka my mali na nmn sa pag process. ganyan din yung sa akin noon e.
    Basta ibabalik din nila yan sa iyo. Don’t worry.

  465. Posted by mrs. bagolcol, at Reply


    If you had a very good experience with them, then let it be but don’t criticized others of their experiences since this does not involve hundreds of pesos only. I hope you will not be victimized sooner or later so you would understand their feelings.

    Do you know that the signature of their President and CEO are not the same in 2 diferrent documents? ( Official Receipt and on the Policy Data Page) I am referring to

    Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company. I hope that somebody could inform or ask Mr. Mercado if he is allowing somebody to sign his name in a different stroke or signature? I dont even know which of the 2 signatures was forged. At any rate everything will be clarified if a proper invesitgation is done.

  466. Posted by edz, at Reply

    oo nga, grabe ang mga hayup na yan mga manloloko hihiram lang ng credit card tapos swipe nila agad makakaltasan ka na agad ni di man nila agad sasabihin sayo samantalang hirap na hirap ka nga mag bayad sa card mo ayaw mo lang masira ang record mo sa bank kaya tiis na tiis ka sa pagtitipid at for emergency lang ang paggamit tapos lolokohin kn nalang dun nga sa lugar namin piso lang pinapatay na mga tao eh kung sila kaya patayin magamit kaya nila yun mga lintik na insurance nila….sa hirap ng buhay ngayon pangogoyo ang inaatupag nila buti pa yun pulubi sa kalsada parehas lumaban nagtratrabaho ng maayos mabuhay lang d katulad ng lintik na insurance na yan para lang mabuhay nanloloko…

  467. Posted by jing, at Reply

    to C
    sabi sakin na nacheck na daw ng tga PPLIC na nasa account ko na raw ang money yesterday pa.. pero until now la prin ngreflect sa account ko ang refund. di naman siguro nila sasabihin na may mali sa pag process.. bakit ba, nong kinuha nila ang pera natagalan ba at sinabi nila sa atin na di nila nakuha ang pera kasi may mali sa pagprocess? di naman diba..ang mali lang is kung bakit tagal mabalik ang pera.
    but i am hoping na ifollow up nila ang bank tomorrow. i mailed them again today to inform na la parin ang refund.. sana gawan nila ng paraan.

  468. Posted by tz, at Reply

    magaling lang talaga sila kaya nadadali tayo, yung sakin nga kahit na sinabi ko na tama na talagang pinilit nila.. yung nangyari kasi first swipe nila hindi naaprove ng cc ko ksi nga over na sa credit limit ko so sabi ko sorry cancel na lang pero sinubok ulit medyo mababa ganun prin nangyari reject ng cc kaya i told them na tama na yan d talaga pwede nung kukunin ko na card ko ayaw pa bigay at nagpumilit na last na lang raw then d pa nga ko sumagot ay na swipe na agad 6k ung nakuha….. yung point ko lang ay sabi nila pag na reject yung cc mu ay isa ka sa mga minalas…..talagang minalas ako kasi talagang pinilit na maka-deduct sila sa cc ko…. pero npa cancel ko rin agad… ngayon maingat na talaga ako. tnx sa mga comment nyo malaki ang natulong skin..

  469. Posted by comfy, at Reply

    what the F***! sino bang pakapagsabi sakin sa vaild na dahilan na wala pa rin ang refund. sabi sakin ni ms ginny stamaria na posted na daw ang refund after checking it sa kanilang financing office at icheck ko sa account ko ang pera..monday pa daw. wow.. ginawa nila akong tanga.. pinapaasa.. tanga na nga nong naloko nila ako, tanga pa rin na nag aantay sa refund.. tatawagan daw nya ang bank kung anong cause ng delay? delay delay pa, eh bat sinabi pa sakin na nakapost yong refund.. ay naku! bat ba di pa sila nakunan ng lisensya.. dami na nilang niloko..

  470. Posted by mira, at Reply

    @mrs. bagolcol.hindi ko kinicriticize ang ibang nagcocomment just stating a fact na ung iba dito exaggerated ang mga comment na hindi naman talaga nangyari sa kanila..dapat magpakatotoo sila…about sa different stroke ng signature nung president why dont you go to their office and ask them bakit ganun..?

  471. Posted by lito, at Reply

    to comfy..try to call your credit card company if nagreflect na sa account mo..ganun din kasi sinabi nila sa akin eh..wala pa kasing sakin na billing statement so i called the cc company and verify if nagreflect na naghihintay..magrereflect sa billing statement nyo ung amount may nakalagay na negative which means nabalik na pera. Napahiya pa nga ako eh kasi dumating billing statement, nakita ko pa rin ung amount tinawagan ko sila at pala hindi xa tatanggalin ng cc company..they will just put a negative sign dun sa amount.heheh kakahiya talaga. kala ko kasi dapat wala ng magrereflect na amount sa billing. oh well at least may alam na ko..

  472. Posted by mrs. bagolcol, at Reply


    How did you know na hindi sila nagpakatotoo? Doon ka ba ng mangyari yon sa kanila? Kasama ka ba nila at nalaman mo na hindi cla nagpakatotoo? Oh, yes, If only im in manila, i would surely go to their office and personally ask the president about it. Anyway, its not your problem naman e. I can take care of this. I just want others to know the facts as it appear.

  473. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    I got my refund already last Feb.8,2010. I e-mailed Ms sta Maria and talked to Carla before I get my refund. check your bank jing. I think it is true na binalik na yung money kc ganun din cnabi nila s akin b4 nabalik yung pera.Follow-up m lng s bank.natanggap ko na yung billing statement ko and it appears there na nirefund n yung nadebit s akin ng pplic.

  474. Posted by comfy, at Reply

    @ geigs
    i think so.. my husband checked the account. we are not sure yet if yong pera na nedebit sa account is from PPLIC or galing sa friend nya na humiram sa kanya.. di pa kasi makita ang source.. in 3 days cguro.. thanks ate ha..

  475. Posted by yeza, at Reply

    grabe ang dame na pala nilang naloko..tuwing na dadaan ako sa supermarket sa SM nahaharang ako ng mga agents nila.. ask kung may CC OR ATM. sagot ko palage WALA kahit meron ^_^ dahil alam kong bebentahan ka lang ng kung ano pag cnabe mong time nasabe ko meron dhil saktong hawak ko ATM ko nun kakatapos ko lang mag withdraw, kasama ko pa mom ko dun.. pagkasabe mo palang ng Yes, inabot nya na agad nung bading na agent ung Free Item. tas fill out lang daw ng form then may chance kna manalo ng honda car at ng $10K, o db cno ba nmn ndi tatanggi kung ganung mag ffill out ka lang ng form e may chance kna agad manalo,, sabe ko pa dun sa bakla nung andun palang sa baba e : “lam ko na yan “becky” (tawag ko dun sa bakla) bebentahan mo lang ako ng kung ano man pag sumama ako sau sa taas “. sabe nya ndi daw.. papakilala lang tlga daw ung company at WALA KANG OBLIGASYONG BUMILI NG KAHIT ANO. napakasinungaling pa nila, 45 mins lang daw iintroduce lang daw ung Company kz daw wala daw pambayad para mag commercial 0_o e sus grabe halos 3 hours ata kame dun sa loob sa kakaexplain nung consultant about dun sa plan. ang tlga irreason out nila sayo kung bakit need mong i grab kuno ung ONLY chance daw na makapag save sa kanila e kung ano ung pipiliin mong pinakaimportante dun sa last part ng form na mga DREAMS mo. ang problem tlga e likas kz sating mga pinoy ang magalang at ndi balasubas na khit gusto mo na tlgang umalis e ndi ka makaalis kz salita pa ng salita ung consultant. hay buti nlng di tlga aku napapayag.. natalikuran ko nlng tlga ung consultant kz nagalit na ung Dad ko, lalapit pa sana ung manager nun kaso mablis na akong umexit ng room nila!
    God bless po sa inyong lahat. Sana makuha nyo lahat ng kinuha nila sa acct nyo. at para sa mga makakabasa neto.. para ndi po kau magkaron ng ganitong problema tulad ng iba nting mga kababayan…wag po tayong magpadala sa mga “FREE” kuno dahil po sa panahon ngyn marameng manloloko.. Mdali po tayong nadadala sa mga panloloko nila dahil mahilig tayong mga Pinoy sa “FREE”..aminin natin na nagsimula ang lahat dahil gusto ntin makuha ung “FREE ITEM” na pinamimigay nila hehe
    REMEMBER : ISANG MALAKAS na ” WALA” ang isagot natin sa tuwing may magtatanong ng ” MAY Credit Card or ATM NA PO KAYO? ” ^_^ O_o

  476. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    Mira, Please read all ur post. Before commenting on mrs. bagolcol :)

  477. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    Hi Yeza,
    Wow your great!
    Atleast you know how to say NO. Those people that are victimized by PPLIC, are just attracted to the idea of winning something/ by just investing 45mins in a short talk about the company. The problem is, they were coursed thru a situation and environment wherein they can be pursued easily, not thinking of the consequences.

    I just PPLIC would be able to realize… alot from this Posts….
    You don’t win by cheating people.
    You lose more by doing such.

    Mr. Mercado:
    Start cleaning the company! Start with changing your marketing strategy! Give your people some dignity! Don’t make them fool people just to sell insurance and make company profits. In the end it’s your loss… !

    To the Customer Service of PPLIC:
    Try to tell the truth when you are giving refunds!
    Mas mahirap umasa…lalo at kailangang-kailangan ng taong yun ang pera :)

  478. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    I *hopePPLIC would be able to realize… alot from this Posts….

    Also, I wish wala nang dumagdag na sumbong sa post na ito, kundi updates nalang regarding sa pagkuha ng refund.
    Kasi if this problem still exist, hopefully the Insurance Commission do some stricter actions. But they’re really helping a lot. The “15 day look” in period attached to the policy document is important. Mabilis kasi ang naging proseso para mapakuha nila ng isang tao ng plan like 45 mins – 2hrs (or hanggang sa pumapayag ka at mag-sara ang mall) Kaya naman if you guys want an early refund, cancel within 24hrs, kasi hindi pa xa nagrereflect sa account, your bank can revert back the money to ur atm/cc card.

    Oh well, I welcome comments vs. comments.
    I’m just here to help. :)

  479. Posted by Angela, at Reply
  480. Posted by ella, at Reply

    ako din na biktima nila sa sm north Feb 24, 2010 php39,971 ang nabawas sa cc ko, ang ginawa ko pina block ko ung cc at pinapalitan ko ng card number, para dna sila makakuha pa, kc meron pala ako pinermahan na auto debit every month until 5 yrs, dko alam paano nangyari, same thing try lang daw if ma approbahan, kso d naman sila nag call kung d swipe ang ginawa. pina cancell ko policy ko wala pa 24 hours, andun na ako sa sm north, tpos nag fax ako sa main office ng cancell request. kaso sabi ng main kung saan branch daw ako nag sign ng contact dun ako mag pa cancell. d ako pinansin ng tao sa harapn kc 1pm pa daw ung incharge, so wait ko, until na dumating nga sila, sabi ng kausap ko, pag i cancell ko daw wala daw ako makuha mas lalo daw ako mawalan, nainis ako sabi ko cge if d nyo cancell sana makatulog kau sa ginawa nyo, sabi oo daw nakatulog sila kc matagal na nila gawain un. tpos iniwanan nila ako, tpos may lumapit na isang guy sa akin, sabi help daw nya ako para may makuha man lang ako, gawa daw ako sulat na ibalik ung half, isip ko naman cge atleast kahit half may makuha ako kay sa wala, ung document na binigay sa akin, type of ammendment is downgrade half will be back to my cc pero after 45 days pa daw. sayang ung 19,985 nawala sa akin, dko alam kung paano ko bayaran ung cc ko. meron pa ba ako pwdeng gawin para mabalik ung half? wala ako copy ng policy nasa kanila pa, thank u so much po in advance.

  481. Posted by Anton, at Reply

    nangyari din ito sakin kahapon lang sa sm megamall napapilit nga ako bumili paano po ba ito mapapa cancel? di biro yung natangay nilang pera eh. Taga bulacan ako eh niyaya lang ako ng jowa ko tapos pag dating namin dun nilapitan na kami ng isang lalake, nakakainis tlga sila di kami tinigilan napapilit tuloy kami pumunta sandali lang naman daw yung raffle, pero pagdating dun may 45 mins pa daw para makita lang namin yung company nila tapos nun binentahan na kami hindi naman namin kailangan pero parang ayaw talaga kami paalisin hanggat di pumipirma naaawa na ako sa jowa ko 2 oras na kami nandun eh napilitan ako kaya pinirmahan ko nlng, 47k din yung nakuha nila sa cc ko. Dapat i report natin yang mga yan sa SEC hindi na tama ang pagbenta nila. kinakawawa ang mga tao na walang kamalay malay, tulungan niyo po ako.

  482. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    I just want to advice regarding of your case. Go personally to their main office in Ortigas and look for MS. Ginny Sta. Maria. Discuss all what you want and your reason why you wanted to cancell your policy.Just talk in a nice way.She’s nice naman eh.pagdating m doon look for ms carla to assist you.MAke sure na you have a cancellation letter with you 2 copies.receiving at copy nila then ask for the cancellation of policy galing sa kanila. They are the one who will provide it.Make sure na you have the copy of all the docs before you submit it to them. Tell them na naicancell m yun b4 24 hours.If you have read the upper portion of these posts yung draft ng cancellation letter of RAsh rasid would be a big help to you.MAke sure na you will talk MS Ginny sta maria. Sya ang makatulong sa you. Godbless!

  483. Posted by Bert, at Reply

    From what i have read from all the comments PPLIC is not that bad of a company. They just used a different strategy. We all have to understand that we live in a harsh world and that we all have to eat. We can’t blame these agents for trying to put food on their families table. Remember this quote “Be kind to everyone for they are fighting their own battles.” These people did not trick you. they showed you a presentation that YOU liked. YOU bought the plans they just offered the paperwork. YOU signed them. Now if you believe that your money was not well spent they offer the possibility of cancellation of the plan BUT if you firmly believe that IT IS a GOOD Investment then by all means don’t. Let me end with this we cannot see the future, we cannot say when we get sick or die at the worst but isn’t preparing for the inevitability a good thing. If you believe in fate then maybe those people selling insurance policies are acts of God. Maybe they are there to prepare you for what will happen. Maybe those plans will be useful if something tragic happens to us like Ondoy, Haiti, or Chile.. think about it..

  484. Posted by Samantha, at Reply

    @ Anton

    Alam nyo po kung ayaw nyo po manalo sa raffle hindi kayo mapapasubo. Pero a ng katotohana gusto nyo tlga manalo ng kotse kasi kung hindi Umalis na dapat kayo nung ipapakita nila ang presentation tungkol sa companya nila. Oonga hindi biro ang 47K pero ang binili mo makakatulong sainyo balang araw. Intindihin mo na ang buhay hindi tungkol sa ngayon lang, tungkol din to sa mga posibleng mangyari sayo in the future. Tama ung sinabi ni Bert pagisipan nyo nang maige.

  485. Posted by ella, at Reply

    Hi Giegs,

    thank you so much for your advise, I will follow up my cancellation request dated Feb 25, 2010 to them, I faxed it same day, ung staff pa ng SM north Edsa branch ang nag fax, while kausap ko ng Jerf of Jeff sa main office, wala kc c ms Ginny that day, sya ang nag sabi kung saan daw ako nag sign ng contract dun din daw ako mag pa cancell, maraming salamat sa nag post, mindyo mabuhayan ako ng loob.

    Bert: okay lang mag ipon, un ang sabi ng girl na nagpumilit hiramin nung card ko, help daw nya ako mag ipon, pero now mababaon ako sa utang ca cc, paano ako makaa ipon nyan.

  486. Posted by Carlo, at Reply

    I just experienced it myself today, i received a text message from them and that i won a lifetime insurance, with datamex educational plan that is transferable, when i asked them how they got my number, they just said that from a referal, but they dont gave me the name who refered me. they invited me to there office instead… lolz

  487. Posted by Tom, at Reply

    Agree ako sa sinabi ni Bert at Samantha. Hindi naman kasi ang insurance naman ay para makatulong in the long run. Basta lang dapat ok yung companya na kinuhaan niyo at stable sila, I think Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. naman is ok eh, maybe you can call their main office para ma reassure kayo or try asking the Insurance Commission if they are a legitimate company and if they are financially stable.

    @ella: I think you should really call their main office if you have any questions about their product, I’m sure they could help you out.

  488. Posted by mira, at Reply

    @ jona? I’m full aware sa lahat ng comment ko and i stand for it.

    @mrs. bagolcol. you would notice naman sa ibang nagcocomment dito kung talagang ganun nangyari sa kanila or nakikigaya na lang or nakikiayon na lang sa nangyari sa ibang tao..sabi ko nga “yung” iba may dagdag bawas na sa comment nila…

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      the thing with comments is that people do tend to exaggerate a little only because their fears were affirmed and that can be disheartening, to say the least. yes we are all stupid sometimes and we do make bad decisions, but that shouldn’t be the cue for unscrupulous sales agents to force-sell insurance to us. i say let’s give the chance for people to rant if they want to. naghahanap lang sila ng mahihingahan ng sama ng loob kasi nawalan sila ng pera. wag na natin silang awayin at tawagin ng kung anu ano. what happened to them is already a painful and traumatic experience. rubbing it in is is the last thing they want us to do.

  489. Posted by she, at Reply

    guyz me nloko rin ako khapon klng bumalik ako knina pra icancel ang accnt ko pro ang sv blik daw ako i need my money back b4 mag april pano po bang gnwa nio saka ung initial deposit lng ang sv nlang iba2lik nla 13,800 ung na debit nla sken at 11k nlg daw ang maiba2lik dhil dun sa mga benifits..ganun po ba tlg un me e mail me at [email protected] pls…someone help me

  490. Posted by samantha, at Reply

    as of today, check ko sa dti and sec ang Philippine Prudential Life na name and resulted to zero (0) name..meaning, di sila registered. check daw ninyo kung makita nyo ba ang PPL.. thanks..

  491. Posted by ella, at Reply

    Hello Guys,

    Update lang, just arrived from PPL thank GOD hindi na ako tinanong, nag wait lang ako ng ilan minutes then binigay na sa akin ung confirmation of cancellation at naka saad dun na full refund with in 30 days.

    ang ginawa ko ini mail ko si insurance commission, kwento ko lahat ng nangyari tpos cc copy si Ms Ginny Santamaria, pag punta ko dun dala ko ung copy na letter of request tpos binigay ko lahat ng document s knila.

    sana nga 30 days lang mabalik na sa cc ko ung nakuha nila.
    @ ARPEE, maraming salamat sa blog mo, talagang malaking tulong ito.

    God Bless sa atin lahat.

  492. Posted by well, at Reply

    gud pm to all. just received a text message awhile ago…

    RE: (Final Notification)
    Good morning.. This is Mr Louie Aguilar frm PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL Ur “3 EXCLUSIVE REWARD AND PRIVILEGES” are READY to CLAIM and still hear in Our Office. You need to CLAIM & ACTIVATE this w/in 48hours, Because our Management will Finalize All the Records of our Clients/Recipient who doesn’t Claim their rewards. Pls. call our Hotline w/in 48hours frm 9AM to 5PM for further information. MAKATI OFFICE: Hotline nos.: 02-7551532 look for Mr. Louie Aguilar. Thank you. (DISREGARD IF CLAIMED)
    sender: +639071593618

    first thing i did was to search on the net regarding PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL and what came on the pc screen was the word “SCAM”. and found this website, read some comments posted and concluded that the text i rcvd was somewhat having similar strategies with those comments posted. Anyway, while reading, another text message came with the same content. What i did was to reply saying: “OK, thanks. Pls call me on this number.” till now i’m waiting for his call or text message. Maybe he sensed i know “HE’S A FAKE.”

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      i just got the same stupid text message from the same idiot. these people never learn.

  493. Posted by Tom, at Reply

    @Samantha: hindi nga ata talaga under ang mga Insurance Companies sa SEC, ang pagkakaalam ko kasi under the Insurrance Commission talaga sila, baka dun natin malalaman kung liscensed talaga sila to operate.

  494. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    Life/Non-Life Insurance —-Should be registered sa Insurance Commission
    Pre-Need Companies/INC./CORP. ——-Securities & Exchange Commission
    Sole Proprietorship- Department of Trade & Industry

  495. Posted by Jona, at Reply

    They can’t sell sa mall kung hindi sila registered sa proper authorities, one of the requirements un sa SM malls.

  496. Posted by comfy, at Reply

    i got my refund already.. thanks for this blog and sa lahat ng mga taong magpopost sa blog na ito..
    always call and follow-up pra gawan nila agad ng paraan.
    God bless to all!

  497. Posted by guapitoako, at Reply

    Hello. gandang gabi sa mga kagaya kung nabiktima ng PPLI, it was happen last February 28, 2010, naglalalad ako sa Starmall Crossing, nang may Biglang lumapit sakin na lalaki (i dont know his name) at may inabot sya saking raffle stub daw, atubili akong kausapin sya kasi nagmamadali ako non, pero nang sabihin nya na may change daw akong tumama on the spot ng HONDA CITY at $10,000.00 na lang babayaran at no money envolved daw cause promo lang daw yon, then i became interested, need kolang daw sumama sa kanya kasi sa Megamall daw bobolahin, may mga pinakita pa syang pictures ng mga nanalo kaya nakumbinsi nya ako. nang nasa megamall nako mayron daw company presentation up to 45. mins before the raffle, may pinakilala pa syang agent name Jennefer na syang nagsama sakin sa loob, maraming tao sa loob na nakaupo at kinakausap ng ibang agent, then Biglang may Mag aanounce ng ” Lets all Welcome the new member of PPL Kaaproved lang po sya ng Bank Mr/Mrs.____ then magpapalakpakan sila na para bang scripted na. babangatin pa nila ang profession mo, napansin ko na maraming Engr at accountant ang kumuha ng insurance on that day… to make the story short, nong una ang sabi ko i need to consult my wife regarding this, at babalik nalang ako or tatawag if i made a decision na but dahil narin sa galing nilang magsalita, she convince me to get insurance at pumayag i swipe ang CC ko ng Php 24,160.00, den tsaka palang ako nakapaglaro sa raffle nila. bago umalis, sinabihan pa nila ako kung masaya ba daw ako in i said yes. But nong makauwi nako sa bahay, don lahat nag sink in sakin lahat ng nagawa ko, naisip ko kung bakit ako ganun kabilis nag desisyon sa ganung kalaking halaga, althougth maganda ang intension ko sa family ko, but insurance ia a long term investment and need a consultation with my family, relatives & friends. naisip ko rin na kahit na legimate company sila but they exercise a bad MARKETING STRATEGY. they give MISLEADING INFORMATION to us so i decided to investigate their company hangang mabasa ko ang blogsite nato, thanks to ARPEE. marami kang natulungan dito. dito ko natutunan ang mga dapat gawin if ever na magpapacancel ako ng policy. on March 02, 2010 gumawa agad ako ng cancelation letter sa kanila at pinaphotocopy ko lahat ng documents na binigay nila sakin at gumawa ako ng recieving copy. On the same same day, around 2pm from my office in makati, nagpunta ako sa kanila sa megamall para iparecieved ang cancellation letter ko, inasikaso naman agad ako ng Customer service rep nila at nirecieved naman agad ang letter ko.. then sandali akong pinaghintay para kausapin daw ng Manager nila regarding sa reason of cancellation ko. ala pang half hour pinatawag na ako ng manager sa room nya.. solf spoken sya at ako din naman sa kanya, kinontrol ko ang temper ko kasi ok naman syang kausap, she ask me the the reason of my cancellation, Tipid lang ang sagot ko, sabi ko financial problem at nabigla lang ako sa naging desisyon ko tapos i insisted the 15 DAYS FREE LOOK sa policy, at in case na diko nagustuhan pwede kung irefund ang pera ko na sinabi nila at pinabasa sakin b4 i signed the contract, she try to negotiate about the policy, bababaan nalang daw nila ang premium ko from 24 to 12thou at 200+ lang daw ang monthly ko, ang sabi ko, i made my final decision and thats the cancellation of my policy. she asked me pa kung may nasabi baraw ang agent na kumausap sakin na dko nagustuhan at kailangan ko raw isulat yon para attach nila sa letter of cancellaton ko, ang sabi ko personal decision ko ito at alang kinalaman ang agent dito.. sumulat na rin ako para dna ako magtagal don. Then bumalik ako sa customer service nila at inayos ang cancelation letter ko humingi rin ako ng SOA na may Tatak na CANCELLED at binigyan nila ko. 30 to 45 days daw ang processing. sad to say nga lang na ng tumawag ako sa CC company ko nakapost na daw sa biling statement ko ang nacharged sakin ng PPLI kahit one day lang ang transaction. hayyyyyyy its a bad experience.. at araw nato sakin. TIPS lang po, control your temper kapag nakkipag usap ka sa kanila, be FIRM to your decision kahit anong sabihin nila kasi gagawin talaga nila ang lahat ng effort para di matuloy ang cancellation. wag unahan ng init ng ulo kung maayos naman ang pakikipag usap nila.. den kung di naging maganda ang usapan move to next step,, file a complaint to proper authority like INSURANCE COMMISSION. sana makatulong itong Story ko sa iba na nawawalan na ng pag asa… Informed ko kayong lahat pag nakuha kona ang refund ko.. sana ay magsilbing aral nato sating lahat. GOD BLESS.

  498. Posted by guapitoako, at Reply
  499. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    hello to everyone..nakapag-avail din po ako ng plan sa PPLIC last feb. 18, 2010. like every one elso po dito ganun din nangyari sakin. My friend advised me to continue the plan kahit pinakita ko na sa kanya itong blog. my friend has been a plan holder of ppl for 1 year na raw so his advise is just to continue the plan although nawoworry rin ako dahil sa mga nabasa ko dito. Medyo risky pero sabi rin naman ng friend ko wala naman daw investment na risky ngaun so why not to give it a try. If ever buhay pa ng blog na to, every year magcocomment ako dito to give you an update if ever may mainecounter ako problem sa kanila. And napaisip din kasi ako, i know we have different meaning of scam and as for me, scam is something you spent for nothing in return. kanya-kanya naman yan talaga and to everyone, you can consult a friend like me to give you an advise for something your not certain,, naswertehan lang ako kasi yung friend na napagtanungan ko eh plan holder din nila so nakabawas xa worry ko.

  500. Posted by anne, at Reply

    @gerald: good for you, having an insurance plan is surely a great investment, rest assured that the insurance industry is very stable even with the global recession last year as can be seen in this article
    Sa totoo lang my insurance plan actually just matured, in the end I really got all that was promised in my policy ng walang kahirap-hirap. hehe pwede na ako magbakasyon sa Holy week. ok talaga yan pramis medyo long term nga lang pero worth it naman. Philippine Prudential Life? ok ata yang pinagkuhaan mo parang nabasa ko lang last month na kaka aniverssary lang nila eh, sa manila bulletin ata yun.

    @Arpee: Perehas ba talaga yung Prudential Life na wala nang license para mag benta dahil sa SEC; sa Philippine Prudential na insurance company? kasi di ba different naman ang pre-need industry sa insurance industry?

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      i’m no insurance expert. however i do believe insurance plans are good investments, no argument there. the gripe we all have here is THE UNSCRUPULOUS METHOD by which they lure people into buying insurance.

  501. Posted by anne, at Reply

    @Arpee: well that’s nice to hear at least we agree that buying insurance is good for us. tingin ko kasi based on the comments posted above pressure selling lang yan.same style yan sa time share holidays that was the “in” thing a few years back. pag bumili ka ng time share you are entitled to use their facilities for a week. for your info lang.

  502. Posted by Samantha, at Reply

    I saw something interesting when i was browsing about this company again..
    may statement ung president nila na registered sila and other stuff..

  503. Posted by pinoyboy, at Reply

    biniktima rin ako ng mga taong ito, nasa sm ako kahapon tapos may lumapit sakin na bading, tinanong niya ako kung may cc daw ako sabi ko naman oo. Meron daw akong chance manalo ng kotse sa raffle nila kaya na pasama ako dun sa office nila para sa 45 min presentation. Pagkatapos nlng lahat na yun bebentahan lang pala ako ng insurrance, nag tagal ko dun kinukulit talaga nila ako, ang lakas pa mangbola. mga 1hr 30 mins na ako dun kaya pinirmahan ko nlng 12k lang naman na kaltas sakin eh di katulad ng sa iba kaya medyo ok lang, pero sayang parin di ba napilitan lang naman ako pumirma. Hindi dapat ganun ang pag benta nila, alam ko tao din sila at paraan nila yun mabuhay pero may buhay rin naman kaming mga nabibikitima. buti nlng nabasa ko itong blog na ito alam ko na ngayon na ni revoke na yung liscence nila. Dapat di na yan nagbebenta d ba?. Report na natin sila sa SEC

  504. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    @anne. Its good to know na yung owner ng blog eh sinasabing good investments ang insurances. Medyo panatag nako sa sinabi mo arpee na its all about the method ang kinaiinis mo sa kanila at hindi yung product nila.

    I did some asking at magkaiba daw ang PPLic dun sa na revoke ang license to sell..Hindi daw sila iisang company..baka kaya marami rin nagagalit kasi hindi lang sa method kundi na rin sa mali nilang akala na eto ung company na wala nang karapatan magbenta ng plan eh nagbebenta pa at sa sm malls pa.

  505. Posted by anne, at Reply

    @pinoyboy: for your info lang medyo misleading yung links sa blog na ito kasi its outdated and kind of wrong. If you do enough research you would find out that Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company is very different from Prudential Life of which SEC revoked its license to sell. As gerald had said magkaiba talaga sila.

    @gerald: sabihin na natin ang method nila ay iba. Pero hindi ba na sa ating mga buyers parin ang last say whether we want the product or not? That’s what you did right Arpee? you didn’t get their product because you didn’t want to. You had a choice and you picked the option not to get. I think the problem here is not their method of selling but a problem of making decisions, the people who comment here tend to blame the sales agents, judging them as scammers because they were trained to talk well in order to sell their product. When in fact no matter how good one talks the discretion whether to buy or not still stays with the buyer. We would need to make the final decision. We can’t constantly blame other people for making wrong decisions, we should just accept it and learn from it, try to get a refund if that would make you happy?. The end point is that we shouldn’t blame people for trying to make a living, it was our choice to buy the product using the free will given to us by God, so we should take responsibility for it. We had the final say and we said YES. That I think is the problem; at least in my opinion.

  506. Posted by che, at Reply

    March 12 … beware on this company, Philippine prudential life insurance..located at 5ft floor SM Mega Mall Bldg A.
    We were walking along St. Francis then one guy approached me, sb nya they will give free pillow and a chance on winning a honda civic brand they asked if i have credit card, i said yes..then im qualified.. he said also na it will take only 45 mins in the said ngpunta na kme sa sm mall pra pumunta sa ofc.. after that ng fill up kme ng raffle ticket pra sa chance to win 10,000..after than tinawag ako sa counter to ask some info..if i have credit card, bank savings pinakita ko nman.. after than the guy entertain us well, hangng sa tinawag ako n lumapit yung consultant (girl) so chika2 muna…grabe ang galing nila mambola at ako nman ngpabola w/out knowing yun na yung strategy nila..cge usap,,explain to the make it short cnbhan ko na yung girl na NO..but ang ginawa nya ng continue pa rin cya..ang alam ko sa mga figures na cnusulat nya is pinapakita lng nya kung paano mag-earn ng money or mg-ipon…so agree ako sa cnbi nya..puro congratulation n shake hands pa..ndi ko na nabilang kung how many times yun..tpos after ng-agree ako sa akala ko eh example aba binigay ako ng form saying na i-debit nila ako ng amt of 14k sa araw na yun..ndi ko alam yun na yung agreement kz sb nya “lets see kung ma-honor yung gs2 kong amt for saving” na alam ko is example lng yun..not saying “mam, kpg na-swipe nmin yung card mo at ng-approve yun na po yung savings transaction ntin..wla nman ganun exact word me they are laughing pa dhil malinaw nman daw sa paper na ngsign ako na i-debit nila yung amt 14k today..sbhin na natin na you’re like bigla nya binigay sa akin yung form na wla cnsb na e2 yung agreement ntin ilagay mo dyn date today amt of 14k tpos signature…so after than signing lumapit yung manager daw so binanggit nya ulit yung papel na agreement na pla ..verify then ngsign cya na ndi nman malinaw na agreement form na pla yun..cnb nya lng e2 yung date ntin today na i-debit nmin yung dinala ako sa cashier booth cnb na i-debit nga yung same you’re like hypnotize nman at tumungo ako..after ma-swipe yung card so dun lng me ano yun bkt nyo swipe yung card ko amt of inicip ko agad na ndi pwede yan kz mgbill ako nya nxt month..tpos cnb ko na rin na cnb ko sau na i’m not ready to save kz marami pa ako expenses na dpat bayaran…so ng freak out na ko until lumapit yung supervisor explaining regarding sa debited amt i explain my side pro ndi na ko 2mitingin sa kanila…sb ko you need to void that transaction sbhan ba ako nung supervisor daw ah na “what if sbhin ko sau na ndi pwede i-void?” sb ko imposible any transaction pwedeng i-void yun khit ngpurchase ka ng things or not…kz nga daw bank to bank transaction daw…so ndi ko cla tinigilan ng freak out lalo ako hangng marinig pa ako ng ibang tao lumapit ulit c ko paki void na lng yan pra tpos na usapan mabait pa rin ako kz ngsorry pa rin ako for the inconvinience…KYA TO ALL.. BEWARE OF THIS GUYS…so pgdating ko sa house ngverify agad ako sa bank kung tlgang na-void yung bank told me yes mam it was void already…cguro kung hinayaan ko yun it will really reflect on mya billing ko nga mas gs2 ko na mgpurchase ng bagay atleast nakikita ko kaysa sa ganung hangin!!!God bless na lng po sa Philippine Prudential Life Insurance…Tigilan nyo na yan!!thats BAD!!!

  507. Posted by hennesse, at Reply

    guys naexperience ka n tin to.. parahas n parehas.. wala ba mgagawa ang sm north for this?? shit ung 45 minutes nila umabot ng 3 hrs na ndi ko nmmmlayan

  508. Posted by anne, at Reply

    @hennesse: sa tingin ko walang magagawa ang SM north kasi legitimized company naman sila eh. Hindi ba ikaw din naman ang may kasalanan at hindi mo namalayan na 3 hrs na ang lumipas?

  509. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    @anne—i’m not saying it was only the company’s fault kung bakit ako nakapag-avail nang..kaya nga i decided to also to continue the plan because i know it was all my decision and pinaniningdigan ko naman yung nangyari sakin. It was my decision to stay in their office and i was all my decision to avail the plan..Hindi naman ako nagreregret kung bakit ako nag-avail plan eh.. nag worry lang naman ako because sa mga nabasa ko dito..And tama ka..iba talaga method nila to attract client and tama ka rin naman na nasa tao ang lahat ng decision. it was all mine and wala naman ako sinisisi and sabi ko nnga indi naman ako nagreregret having the plan…ciao

  510. Posted by Kayla, at Reply

    Last Feb 9 nakapag-avail ako ng Plan…then Feb 11 kinancel ko…with the help of this blog nalaman ko kung ano ang dapat gawin. And March 5 nabalik na sa atm ko ang 18,700 na nadebit sakin. Ilang days din ang nakalipas halos 1 month, but I had faith that God will not let me down, same as others, nagemail me sa IC at nagreply naman sila. Ayun…. Guys, Ingat nalang po tau sa mga lumalapit satin next time and Hopefully, magbago na ng marketing strategy ang PPLIC.

  511. Posted by headstrong214, at Reply

    Oo nga po gnagamit pa nila yung mga sexy na agent kuno at dalaga daw wow…. tapos tatanungin ka kung tagasaan at hahanapan ka pa ng agent na kababayan mo…. wala daw sila ibebenta just explain lang daw pero dapat minimum ka ng 30K sa account mo, then kunsensiyahin ka pa tungkol sa future ng family mo…. hehehe pati pangarap mo bubusisiin, mag start sa 75K hanggang 500pesos na ipipilit sayo na avail mo at meron bigla papalakpak na meron pumayag na mukha naman kasamahan din nila, then pag di ka pumayag after 2 ours kahit sabi nila na 45 minutes lang, ay bigla ka na yayain lumabas at mag slot machine na alam naman ng lahat naq imposible ma jackpot, scam talaga bakit kaya nakaka operate pa nga yan, saka ayaw nila na dati ka ng nag attend hehehe….. patawarin ang mga yan baka isang araw bigla na lang sila gilitan ng leeg dyan sa booth nila ng niloko nila… pwede pa naman mag shopping nga kitchen utensil sa SM.

  512. Posted by easie, at Reply

    yes ur ryt anne!
    halos lahat na selling companies ngayon mat ibat ibang strategies to get clients attention,as i weigh titas perception of PPLIC mayaman lng cguro ang company na iyon kasi naka afford cla sa pagpalabas ng maraming pera para sa SUPER magandang trainings nila para sa magagaling na agents..magaganda pa!(il try to visit der)hahaha…

    @ARPEE: ikaw ba lalaki?? kung lalaki ka let me ask you; Are you courting a girl you really love the most?? ikaw ba kung mahal mu ang isang tao, gagawin mu ba ang lahat para mapasayo sya?? Syempre OO! Simple analogy lng bai!!!
    Just like the agents there in PPLIC, syempre mahal nila ang trabaho nila, of course gagawin talaga nila lahat ng magawa nila for them to insure clients para naman may pera sila..dba?????kung na-invite ka doon and slow-learner ka cguro para sayo biktima ka!marami dw kasing way of handling clients or selling, either persuasive or pessure..katulad ng tita kong na-invite cguro persuasive selling cguro ang na-encounter nya kaya Happy :-) cya sa policy nya sa PPLIC, pero sa iba dyan na Sad :-(, cguro pressure selling yung na-encounter nyo!!!sabi ni tita marz, mga magagaling lng daw iyong agents nila lalo na pag ang client fast learner, or hindi LOWbat!kasi pag slow learner ka daw at papasok ka sa PPLIC, hindi mo daw maintindihan ang pinagsasabi nila or explanation about sa promotion!kc sabi ng tita ko mga bigatin daw usually ang mga nag-avail ng policy sa PPLIC sa time na na-invite cya kasi may LAWYER,priest,doctor,engineer,at nagmamay-ari dw ng paaralan.
    and lastly my tita said,REALITY daw ang pinag-usapan nila sa loob,hindi daw pangloloko,ni-remind lng daw ng agent ang reality in d future kaya na-touch sya!inexplain naman daw ng aent ng maigi ang promtion na hindi lng daw by chance na raffle-raffle, ma Choice naman daw na savings…bsta Happy talaga ang tita ko til now sa policy nya sa PPLIC!

  513. Posted by jean, at Reply

    Thanks for saying the word “TANGA” its very flattering easie.

  514. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    @ easie–maybe im a fast learner,,nyahahaha…naintindihan ko namn kasi yung plan ng PPLic eh and I think base dun sa example mo eh, persuassion yung nangyari sakin..siguro sa lahat ng nang mga nakaavail or hindi nag avail ussually the agents extract sa client yung mga gusto nila, mga dreams, mga future plan. etc. . and then the agents show what are the possible na mangyayari indi the future. and siguro isa yun sa mga reason kaya nakapag avail ako ng plan. they opened my eyes about the reality ng iba siguro ganun din ang nagngyari naopen din yung eyes nila about sa reality ng buhay kaya lang pag uwi nila nagsara uli mga mata sa reality.hihihi..

  515. Posted by jean, at Reply

    well maganda naman yung offer ng PPLIC.. pero kung good intention naman yung pakay nila bakit kailangan nila mag sinungaling? bakit nila kailangan sabihin na “gift lang po kuha kayo for endorsing purposes lang.wala kayo ilalabas na pera. maglalaro lang po kayo.” syempre ang tao ang akala yun lang ang gagawin kasi naniwala sila eh na yun nga lang ang gagawin. so dahil naniwala sila at napapasok sila sa loob ng office dahil akala nila yun lang yung gagawin, naive na sila? So SUPER good training pala ang pagsisinungaling ngayon ah.OH! trabaho nga lang pala nila yun ang magsinungaling., sorry naman. Yes, sinungaling, kasi they will promise you na wala silang i ooffer konting presentation lang. So kasama lang ulit sa trabaho yun.Ok. kailangan nila magkaron ng client eh. Pero maganda naman pala yung offer eh, bakit mo kailangan pag sinungalingan yung client? Bakit hindi na lang nila sabihin kung anu talaga yung motibo nila kung confident naman pala sila na maganda yung company nila? Maganda naman din talaga eh kaya napapayag yung mga tao. BUT, they know one thing kasi na sinabi ng mga agents.. “sa ganto pang date ang bayad” so yung alam nila. Pero pag nagsurrender ka na ng cards, atm, etc.. if you ask them again the same question na tinanong mo sa kanila. iba na ang sagot. Well CONGRATULATIONS sa kanilang magandang SUPER training.

  516. Posted by jean, at Reply

    Ok naman yung plan nila. Pero ang nangyari kasi their answers was NOT precise.They wont answer you the TRUE answer kasi it might hold you back for continuing the plan. So kailangan nilang mag tell ng LIE. Maybe yung iba di nila masyadong nahalata yun, kasi nga magagaling talaga yung agents with their SUPER training. Hindi ka nila paalisin hanggat hindi ka napapapayag. VERY GOOD INDEED! Trabaho lang talaga nila yun. So kahit sinabi mo ng may lakad ka, dededmahin ka nila kahit narinig ka nila at hinidi ka pa rin paaalisin. At isa pa sa napaka GOOD training nila ay ididikit pa nila ang chest nila sa any part ng body nung client most especially sa guys (it happened sa guy friend ko). BRAVO! What a good training! Well hindi naman siguro lahat.

  517. Posted by hardie, at Reply

    @easie, easy lang! so SUPER masaya k na nyan? at kelangan mong ipagmalaki ang todo SUPER magandang trainings ng mga MAGAGALING na agents ng PPLIC.. kung ok sa tita mo.. edi ok. edi dun ka na! dun ka magmalaki! pwede bang mag-SORRY?!! ndi naman ako BIGATINg tao eh.. kung bigatin USUALLY ang nag-aavail ng policy nila.. baket sa mga MALLS sila nagkakalat ng lagim nila.. pupumunta ang tao sa mall para gumastos or magsaya lang.. Kung gugustuhin nya mag-save.. may alkansiya naman. ayusin naman ang marketing strategy nila!

  518. Posted by jean, at Reply

    If you are going to make a decision, how can you be decisive if you are thinking under pressure. So if napa agree ka, well your going to take the consequences under the circumstances na gusto nilang mangyari sa yo. Well strategy nila yun na ma pressure yung tao. Ang nakakainis naman sa PPLIC yung marketing strategy nila yung SUPER good traning nila. If they are really a GOOD company and they have many prestigious clients there, they should never tell LIES. That’s what SUPER GOOD training is. Well, yung mga LAWYERS, doctors, engineers,. maybe they don’t worry that much about money beacuse they have enough of that. Those people who complains are extremely worrying with regards to their money beacuse it MATTERS to them. That’s why they WORRY. How can they be so sure na credible nga yung company? Within one hour or more than an hour of conversation how can they be assured na credible nga yung company? They don’t have time to research, they don’t have time to ask questions sa ibang plan holder because there are no opportunities for that matter. Kung nag exceed sa 45 minutes ang presentation, well then, tell their prospect client politely na mag eexceed ng oras, hindi yung hindi man lang nila pag salitain yung tao na obviously naiinip na. That’s what GOOD training is. Kung CONFIDENT ang PPLIC na existing sila and hindi sila SCAM they should give their clients a time to think without PRESSURE.

  519. Posted by ella, at Reply

    @easie Salamat sa pagtawag mo sa amin nga na biktima na TANGA, siguro isa kang agent na ng guyo sa amin. baliktarin mo nga ang sitwasyon ikaw ung naguyo, im sure maramdaman mo din ung naramdaman namin. Hindi makatulog sa kakaisip kung paano nangyari at napa oo kami. kung wala ka magawa wag ka na mag comment, nakaka dismaya ka lang. Good luck sayo, sana isa sa mga friends and relatives mo di makaranas tulad sa nangyari sa akin.

  520. Posted by che, at Reply

    @ella Agree ako sa cnb mo kay easie @ easie sna nga alam mo cnsb mo …kung happy ang tita mo gud for her…
    ako lucky in a way na-void nga yung transaction ko pero upto now naiicip ko pa rin yung ginawa nila sa akin.. wla lng cla mgawa kz ng freak out na ako at ayaw nila marinig pa nung iba yung mga cnsb ko kya na-void na yung transaction sa credit card ko…

  521. Posted by anne, at Reply

    @easie: maypagkatama naman ang sinabi mo kaso hindi din tama na sabihin nating mga tanga ang mga feeling nila na nabiktima sila. Maaaring hindi lang nila gaano naintindihan yung pagpapaliwanag ng sales agents na sabi mo nga ay may super galing na training, agree ako dun sa analogy mo kasi pag pinagisipan mo kahit sino naman na nangangailangan ay gagawin ang lahat upang magkapera, alam naman siguro ng mga sales agents na yun na maganda talaga ang produkto nila kaya nila iyun binebenta, kung ang plano lang nila mag scam bakit sa SM pa nila gagawin yun d ba? kaya tingin ko hindi talaga iyun scam.

    @jean: Ano ba ang mali sa sinabi nilang “gift lang po kuha kayo for endorsing purposes lang.wala kayo ilalabas na pera. maglalaro lang po kayo.” eh wala naman talagang perang ilalabas para sa gift na bibigay nila d ba pati naman dun sa raffle wala din. Mag lalabas ka lang naman ng pera kapag nagustuhan mo yung produkto na inoffer nila eh, kapag nakapag desisyon ka na kukuhain mo yung produkto nila.

    @ella: so sinasabi mo may mga kapangyarihan ang mga sales agents ng PPLIC dahil hindi mo alam kung paano ka nila na papayag kumuha ng produkto nila. ganun ba? Baka naman napa oo ka dahil naniwala ang iyong looban kahit papano na ang produkto na binebenta nila sayo ay mapapakinabangan mo naman talaga sa future.

  522. Posted by sympathizer, at Reply

    Kay Ms. Corazon, mawalang galang na po but, this blog is very helpful to all the people who were SCAMMED. Obviously, this isn’t for you or for the thousands of people who are happy plan holders of PPL. Sana po nagbasa muna kayo ng laman ng blog bago kayo nagpadala sa damdamin nyo. I’m sure you were not fooled into getting your plan by the same agents who tricked the victims into obtaining a plan. Pero karamihan mo dito sa blog na ito, sadly were all unwilling victims.

    There is no doubt that the company itself is legal. Yung pamamaraan ng agents nila ang illegal, I say illegal kse may misrepresentation. The fact na hiningi nila ang credit card ng tao with the guarantee na “ichecheck” lang with the bank kung papayagan yun pala ay iniswipe na ang card, ay illegal na paraan. Tama ang nagsabing ang insurance ay pinagiisipang mabuti. Hindi ka kailangan pwersahin katulad ng ginagawa ng mga agents na yan sa kanilang mga biktima.

    Sa admin, Ipagpatuloy nyo po ang blog na ito. Sa mga nagbabasa, huwag po tayong mahiyang tumanggi kung tayo po ay hindi sigurado. And beware na po kung hiningi na ang credit card nyo. Kung kailangan nila malaman kung aaprubahan kayo ng bangko, sabihin nyo nalang po na tawagan mismo ang bangko. Kapag naiswipe na po ang card nyo, debited na po kayo nun. Kaya credit card ang hinihingi nila kse alam nilang automatic debit, at automatic na planholder na kayo…

    Ingatan nalang po natin ang ating mga credit card.


  523. Posted by sympathizer, at Reply

    At dun naman po sa mga may ibang opinyon about PPLIC, gawa nalang kayo ng sariling blog. Unfair naman tawagin nyong “slow” or nagpaloko ang mga biktima. Sino ba ang gustong maloko? Ang insurance pinaghahandaan at pinagiisipan yan. Paano nyong masasabing tintulungan lang kayo ng agents isecure ang “future” nyo kung ngayon palang hinoldap na kayo sa credit card at hindi na masecure ng biktima ang “present” nya dahil sa biglang kaltas? Everybody needs their job but let’s not lose our dignity.

    Peace pa din.

  524. Posted by realize, at Reply

    ano ba kasi ang hindi natin lahat alam??? db ang future? so masmaganda siguro na atleast my shield tau to protect our selves from diz damn world dami pnamang adik sa labas at hindi lang naman mgaganitong nature ng business ang umuunlad ee, meron din sa pagnanakaw obvious naman diba? sila para silang lamok na nagkalat sa buong lugar kung masarap ang dugo mo masarap din ang pagkakakagat sayo hihihihihihihi im just 17 guys and i know mas matanda nakayo kesa sakin kaya dapat naman isip muna bago gawa (basic) samga agent naman aztig ang pagconvinced nila ng tao, wala kang magagawa, kaysa naman sa magnakaw sila jan satabi2 diba????? i think diz nature of business is like your playing the plants and zombie na larong pangPC hihihihihi i just curious lang sa mga scam2 nato? maybe tatawagan din ako ,kinabukasan hahahahahaha

  525. Posted by jane, at Reply

    hi, gud pm, tanong ko lang po,i’ve received a call from a woman this morning saying that i can avail a prudential life premium plan, which is they will deduct 350pesos monthly sa credit card ko,with a confirmed insurance of either accidental or medical insurance,the woman asked for my details and credit card number, is there such a thing as that premium account? what should i do? po, thanks…

  526. Posted by jean, at Reply

    @anne: pag nag bibigay ng gift ang mga agents sa mga passerby na tao it only means one thing.. may kapalit yun. so ang iniisip ng tao anu kaya kapalit nito. Obviously hindi mo bibilin yung gift kaya nga GIFT eh. May gift bang ibibigay tapos babayaran mo? Alam na ng tao yun. Hindi sila ganun ka slow tulad ng sabi ni easie. Syempre nagtatanong yung mga tao para san yung GIFT bakit may binibigay na gift? Yun ang gusto nila malaman nila, dun nila sinasabi ng mga agents na for endorsing purposes lang ng company nila. Wala nga daw iaalok, di daw maglalabas ng pera. That statement was very general. Iisa lang iisipin ng mga tao, wala sila gagawin kundi kunin yung gift and then play. HIndi naman lahat ng tao pagdududahan lagi sinasabi ng mga agents eh. Syempre naniwala sila na yun nga lang gagawin diba. Anyway, bakit hindi na lang sabihin nga ng mga agents na may iaalok sila na plan. Say it in a nice way. People would entertain naman siguro if it is really credible.

  527. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    @ sympathizer..hi binasa ko yung comment ni mrs. corazon after ko mabasa yung comment mo sa kanya. in fairness naman sa kanya I think may point naman siya…kahit ako nung nabasa ko ang blog na to nagworry din naman ako sa mga comment dito.. and i believe marami sa nakabasa dito nagpacancel because sa mga nabasa nila whether kapareho nangyari sa kanila or hindi. Syempre nga naman plan holder na siya for quite sometime na tapos kaw mababasa mo na lang sa net na scam pala diba.. kahit siguro kaw matatakot,magagalit ka rin..Well maybe ang point out nya is based sa sabi nya is the title nung blog at saka yung ibang nagcocomment dito..kasi siguro nung nabasa nya yung title ang pagkakaintindi nya the company is a scam while in fact kahit si mr. arpee sinabi na rin nya yung marketing strategy lang naman ikinagagalit nia and the company is legal so doon pa lang may conflict na sila….

  528. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    @ sympathizer..No doubt na marami nang natulungan ang blog ni arpee..kahit ako natulungan ng blog na to na mag-isip talaga and marami na rin talaga nagbigay nang tulong sa kapwa mga nagcocomment. Dapat sa bawat comment makita natin yung point ng bawat isa kung ano yung mga isinasaalang-alang ng bawat tao plan holder man o hindi.

  529. Posted by gerald, at Reply

    @ some point I believe also na mga planholder na naapektohan na rin sila. investment nila sa companya yun eh, so kahit paano mag-aalala sila. we can’t blame them if they got worried..kahit ikaw or ako, nung hindi pa naman alam na may blog na ganito i’m sure like me at least medyo panatag pa loob mo right? then after mo masearch and mabasa yung title im sure also bumilis ang tibok din ng puso nagbasa ka na and you found a way to do your what’s your in mind initially after mo mabasa yung title and that is how can i get my money and presto yun na lang naisip the whole time na nagbabasa ka ng mga comment and again you find this blog very helpful.

    @ business minded ka ba?hihihi

  530. Posted by Anne marie paredes, at Reply

    just my opinion.. don’t blame them(agent) because you have options… you can say no if you really don’t want the plan they offer.. they are just paid to do their job to convince people… actually, I’m a plan holder and Philippine Prudential Life is not a scammer you can check them from Insurance Commission.

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      if you are happy with your plan, then go ahead and buy some more. but you need not be preachy if we felt cheated. it’s as much our right to rant as it is yours to rave.

  531. Posted by sympathizer, at Reply

    @ Gerald, hindi ko naintindihan ang last comment mo…pero totoo may karapatan kang magalala kung existing planholder ka. Who wouldn’t worry? It is unimaginable for a reputable company to resort to this kind of modus operandi, pero nangyayari. Ebidensha ang mga nagcomment at nanghingi ng tulong sa blog na ito. Pero imbis na maglash out kayo sa admin ng blog or sa mga naloko ng agents nila, dapat mismong sa PPLIC kayo lumapit at humingi ng assurance na secure ang mga pera nyo.

    @ Arpee, I could not agree more.

  532. Posted by bea, at Reply

    want to cancel my aplication also..fils lyk i wna jz an ordinary citizen..oh my…huhuhu…how wil i get my money bck?…am a bdo mc holder how wil i gt a dispute leter frm dm?

  533. Posted by josh, at Reply

    muntik n rin nila ako maloko..they will act like they are friendly of you pagkatapos pinatry iswipe ang credit card koh,.pagkatapos pinafill-upan akoh at pinapirma ng kung anu-ano, wen i changed my mind that instant mismo, they get try to cheat me, by giving me an option, pero ganun din nman..And then I decided to cancel all the transactions and make everything void, they got mad and even blamed my decision to my boyfriend who just seated at my side and waiting patiently for me.They were all liars..They are not professional,haharangin k nila sa daanan pagkatapos magsasabi ng kung anu anung kasinungalingan, and then pag nde ka nagpaswayed sa kanila, the manager will scold at you IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY.. PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE WAS SUCH A MESS!!!…

  534. Posted by mav, at Reply

    Tawag na tayo sa Insurance Commission. Ito #s nila: (02) 523 84 61 -70 / 404 17 58. Dapat ipaalam sa kanila yang maling strategy na ginagawa ng PPLIC.

  535. Posted by ella, at Reply

    Hello Guys,

    just received my cc billing, thank you God na ibalik na sa card ko full refund po dated March 18, 2010. March 03 ako nagpa cancell, hindi na nga ako nangulit kay Ms Ginny after ko makuha ung cerificate of cancellation.

    @ Arpee- Maraming salamat, malaking tulong talaga ung blog mo, at sa nag po post din thank u. makakatulog na ako ng mahimbing.

    Sa iba pang dpa naka kuha ng refund, dont worry makukuha nyo din yan. God Bless us all.

  536. Posted by u&i, at Reply

    well.. alam ko yong mga nagcomments na mga tanga ang mga nagpaloko ay mga agents ng PPILC.

  537. Posted by kyrie, at Reply

    Nakabili ako sa mga ito last week lang, pero pagkatapos ko mabasa mga comments ninyo na realize ko ang pagkakaiba natin sa pagtingin sa ating mga produktong na avail. Para sa akin ok naman ang produkto nila, pati na din ang sales strategy nila, kasi pag pinagisipan natin hindi naman natin sila papansin kung namimigay lang sila ng fliers tulad ng mga iba eh, aaminin ko pag inabutan ako ng flyer tinatapon ko lang pagkalagpas na pagkalagpas sa nag abot sa akin, at malamang marami din sa inyo ang ganun. Kung hindi namimigay yung mga sales agents ng gift e di paano sila makakakuha ng customer, kung wala silang customer, walang benta, kung walang benta, walang comission, paano naman sila pati na ang kanilang pamilya. D ba? kung tayo din naman ang nalagay sa ganun na sitwasyon malamang din gagamitin natin yung mga free gift upang makabenta.
    Kung titignan naman natin ang sinasabi ng mga nag comment sa taas na pinilit sila or sinisigawan sa harap ng tao, isipin nlng natin kung sino talaga ang nalugi sa pangyayaring iyon? ikaw may free gift, maaari ding mayroon kang plano na makakatulong sa iyo pag dating ng panahon, eh sila kung sinigawan ka nila eh di wala silang benta, nawalan pa sila ng gift na mabibigay sa iba, d ba? haha so pag tinignan talaga natin panalo ka. Sa tingin ko din hindi tama na sabihin natin sscammer sila kasi ang produkto naman nila ay totoo hindi naman ito mga panloloko tulad ng fertilizer fund scam na pinagaawayan dati.

    @sympathizer: sabi mo “It is unimaginable for a reputable company to resort to this kind of modus operandi” eh bakit nung pumunta ako sa SM north kahapon binentahan naman ako ng ibang insurance company trip to boracay naman ang pakulo.

  538. Posted by Xtremegc, at Reply

    …ai patay, c papa na avail knina sa sm city iloilo, ..62k yung kaltas sa cc.panu yun?.. totooo bang may scam?

  539. Posted by marie21, at Reply

    i was invited also yesterday and i said NO

  540. Posted by ivy, at Reply

    Thank you Lord… Thanks everyone for the help. Thank you to arpee for this site… a big THANK YOU. Thank you also to rash rashid for the letter the cancelllation letter i copied, it was a big help indeed. I just got my cheque last wednesday and deposited it just now.Thank you also to miss ginny santamaria, shes really an angel… sobra bait at accomodating nya. Thank GOD for all this wonderfull people.. GOD bless them all…

  541. Posted by maria, at Reply

    they are operating in sm cebu too. i was invited today at 3pm. ang kapal talaga nang mukha nila mga walang hiya maraming mga pilipino na nag hirap ay at nagsumikap ay lalo pang naghihirap dahil sa ganito mga klaseng negosyo nang mga manloloko. ewan ko ba kung bakit ang mga malaking mga mall ay opina upa pa cla. madamay ang iba matinong negosyo. buti nalang sinigawan ko yung nag seminar sa akin dahil alam ko at nafeel ko na scam na ito. sino bang taong matino kausapin ka sa malakas na sound nang musika para mag oo kalang nang oo kasi ang lakas nag sound. biro in nyo ang pera ko daw sa atm ay ipatransfer nila sa kanila para may insurance ako. sana mamatay cla lahat. mamatay lahat sa kulam.nagpupumilit cla na magbayad ako dahil yun daw ang requirements bago ka makalabas, ang kapal.

  542. Posted by jem, at Reply

    guys. just got my refund from prudential.tnx for the info’s that uv shared..after going to their main office and getting my cancellation letter,i was relieved.. there’s no need to call on them everyday..just be patient..i know prudential is a legitimate company,its just that everything happened so fast..if they really wanted to help people,they don’t need to pressure them.. there are some other ways to get people buy their policies..let’s just think several times before we decide..a lesson learned..let’s just respect other’s opinion.after all, it’s a free country..

  543. Posted by geeee, at Reply

    glad i found this blog site, grabe worried din ako about the premium n nkuha sa PPLIC, nakuha ko ung premium last january 23, and i really wanted to cancel it kasi nagkasabay sabay ang gastos, very true para talagang ang bilis ng pangyayari after nila makuhaan ang card ko, maganda naman ang paliwanag nung agent na nag assist sa akin although di talaga ako ready na maglabas ng pera sabi nga itatry lang nila kasi depende daw un sa bank if iaaprove nila, ayun nakaltasan tuloy card ko..sana nga marefund ko ung initial ko kasi by august pa start ng monthly ko, thanks at nakahinga me ng
    maluwag,…sana nga maging aral na sa atin n wag nga tayo basta basta nagtitiwala..

  544. Posted by andy, at Reply

    @Xtremegc: Hindi ito scam alam tulad ng sinabi ng may ari ng blog na ito sa mga comments magandang investment daw ang insurance. Nagkataon lang din cguro na naisip ng dad mo gumawa ng investment para sa future.
    @marie21: Good for you marie21, it just shows how us consumers have the right to say NO, we still have the power to make the final decision.
    @maria: baka naman matino din ang negosyo nila at pinapayagan sila ng mga malalaking mall umupa, sa mga comments naman dito registered naman pala talaga sila sa Insurance commision so cguro nga matino talaga sila. Baka naman hindi kayo nagkakaintindihan nung agents sabi mo nga sobrang lakas nung music d ba?
    @jem: congrats on your successful refund.

  545. Posted by Samantha, at Reply

    Sa lahat ng mga nagcomment dito I just want to say that this blog has been really helpful to those na bumili ng plan ng PPILC may friend ako na nilapitan the other day sa SM pero d sya bumili. So i showed her this blog about all the things these agents do to make us buy their plans. Sabi nya sakin bibili daw sya ng plan. natawa lang daw sya kasi nung inisip nya ng mabuti na kung ang gastos nya sa yosi at inom ginawa nya nlng pang bayad ng monthly bill nya mas nakatulong pa daw sya sa sarili nya. wala lang sharing lang ako 😀

  546. Posted by lester, at Reply

    hi to all..i was able to get an insurance also but not in PPLic. share ko lang naman,,indi ko na lang banggitin name ng company. i received a call then from someone and un nga may mga freebies or free insurance ako to get sa company..well dahil wala naman ako ginagawa that day pumunta ako to get the free insurance then you super sales talk n rin sila sakin ang na swayed na rin ako..i presented na insurance sa wife ko..indi naman xa nagalit maybe daw ba makatulong din..who knows..sobrang tuwa ko nga kasi di xa nagalit..whew..sabi pera ko naman daw un..hihihihi.

  547. Posted by cherry78, at Reply

    Hi po..

  548. Posted by emil, at Reply

    Had a smilar experience last March 27 at SM City Cebu.

    I bought stuffs from SM Department store and soon as I went out, a bunch of people immediately approached me, took a look at my receipt and asked me if I have an existing savings account or a credit card. As soon I told them that I have a savings account (on my ATM), the sales talk begun. These people are all around SM, seen them before and they abound specially on entrance/exit points. But this will be the first time I have entertained them. I had time to spare, so I didn’t mind a few moments with them.

    The talk revolved on the oppurtunity for me to win a car or a $10,000. That’s great! But, will they just give away such things? So I asked further about their company, its nature, their purpose for or what will they gain from such promotion and what will I have to do in return. They said that that the promotion is intended to introduce the company to people (sort of advertisement, publicity stunnt…) and all I have to do should I win a price is to acknowledge and represent the company and aggree on arrangement for photo opps (picture-picture to land on their adds).

    I thought I would just have to drop the ticket they provided me on the the box, wait for the raffle and be advised in case I win, so the next things were unexpected. The agent lead me to their office (at a part of SM not frequented by people) so that their consultants can brief me for 45 minutes on the necessary details before I can play for the Car. I was surprised to know that they have an actual office at SM. I thought, that since I have already reached that point, I guess I would just have to cooperate. 45 minutes is not that long. Their office was filled with ‘consultants’ (which were all the same age as I am) who were engaged in conversations with some other random shoppers who were as confused as me. They handed me an iced tea (which I regret I accepted.. I had loose bowel soon as arrive home that I have to wake up every now and then that night…). A ‘personal consultant’ was then assigned for me. She then led me to the older lady and asked me to have my ATM swiped for balance inquiry. I was a bit scared and cautious. The reader they use is the same device SM counters use when you pay purchases using an ATM. I made it sure that the transaction was just for balance inquiry before I entered my PIN (but will have to check later on that nothing has been taken.. the agent who swiped the card told me that I can sue them should even 1 peso is taken from my account. (The lady is the only person in the office that looks older.. around 35.. the rest were like fresh grads.. my personal assistant said she was around 28). After the balance was shown, the consultant grabbed a chair and a table and begins the long talk about the company, about jobs, financial security, and the importance of having savings and to make savings NOW. I think I had been fairly polite with the consultant, nodding to some of her points, responding to her questions and asking her of things I want to get clarified.
    Things went well, and then the point came when the true nature of this whole process was finally revealed. She then explained the convenience of the savings + insurance plan that their company, PPLIC (Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company), can offer me. With the plan, the consultant explained that I have to pay a monthly of around Php 1,160.00 for 7 years. And when I turned 37, i.e 15 years since the time I first enrolled for the plan, I will be provided a cash of Php 175,000.00. Not a big sum but the money you put in ‘grows’ and the consultant added that the plan covers insurance – health, death, education… blah blah. The consultant also said that the monthly payment will be secured and they will assist me with managing the savings, plus in case I miss a monthly payment, they will have an option for me to pass payment for that month without penalty.

    Okay, that was nice. BUT, the biggest revelation is… to start the plan, the consultant said that I have to make an initial deposit of Php 9,832.00 immediately, i.e., NOW. She said that their usual initial deposit is around $16,400.00 and that she is doing favours and making considerations for me that is why they only offered Php 9,832.00. Wow. That was a shock. It means that they need to take that amount from my savings the moment I leave their doors to avail of the plan. So, I told the consultant that I have to think about that before I make any decisions. And the battle begins..

    The consultant insisted that it will be more convenient and fruitful if I place my money on their account rather than placing it on my own savings account from my bank. She asked me of what’s keeping me from taking her “HELP”. I said that I have to think about it, I need more information and that I am not fully ready for such since I have intended my current savings for an immediate concern and I am just 8 months with my first job. I said that maybe later on, I will be ready to have business with their company. She then insisted that the right time to start making savings is NOW, that I would regret in the future if I let this opportunity slip away. She said that they are not offering second chances should I decide, come back and avail of the plan. (Really?!… wow..) It will be now or never. She said that if I don’t get their savings plan now, it means that I have not recognized the value of savings and that my priorities are not right for my future plans. Wow. That hit me. That was a little below the belt. (Just how much have they saved themselves on their personal account? or are they makings saving themselves at all?). Yet, I maintained a polite and professional atmosphere. I told her that had I not learned a little of the value of making savings and minding priorities, I could have used the money on my account to upgrade my degraded 3110 classic nokia, bought a personal laptop or fulfil my frustration on having a DLSR camera.. and more. I told her that it is just that I am not ready for it Now, that I need time for me to decide on it. I think that it really is foolish to rush in (wise men say.. hehe), in situations like this. Look, think before you leap(from the fable of the Fox and the goat.. hehe). Then another consultant came in to the rescue of my personal consultant. It’s them against me. The second consultant talks much faster and is more direct to the point.

    She reiterates all the things that had been said by the previous one. The situation is getting pushy. Despite all the talks, I decided that I will leave their premises without money taken from my account. (I hope so. I will have to check my balance later.) I said no. It was almost a 4-hour battle. (Perhaps they let me go since Earth Hour which will start around 8PM, March 27 was nearing… time for them to make savings themselves.. maybe. hehe..)

    They then lead me to one of their computer to play for the Car. Their willingness to assist me now has somehow faded. (I’m sorry). So I went on to play the game. It was like a slot machine where you have to match the the numbers that are rolling randomly to the numbers above it. They added that somebody from Luzon almost hit the car only that he miss 1 number. I only got 1 match out of 8.(haha.. that was worst… the person before me got 3). Then I dropped my ticket on their drop box. Anyway, after all those, it’s time for me to step out of their doors. Before I leave, they said I can get any of the items – wall clock, a gym bag, tumbler… for their appreciation to my cooperation. I told my personal consultant that I can leave without the item. She insisted.. And I do not want to fail her this time.. So I got the tumbler. Thanks! (Haha..)

    I am sorry if my post had been very long. I wanted others to have an idea on the processes of PPLIC based on my personal experience with them. I hope this could be of help as had others posts been.


  549. Posted by cherry78, at Reply

    Hi po.. gusto ko lang po mgpasalamat sa lahat ng ngpost kc last month I was able to avail the same insurance: PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. at SM CEBU. Pumunta ako ng sm mga 4pm nun kc imemeet ko sana ung bestfriend ko at para mkakain kc whole day ako d nkakaen. Eh timing pagbaba ko ng jeep ung entrance na pinasukan ko dun pa ung “raffle booth” nila near Mcdo. As I entered the mall, one of their agents (CHEVAS) pointed at my yellow blouse so xempre tiningnan ko, ang tanga ko kc tumingin pko ulit sa kanya. Eh d tinawag ako, ako naman si ms. Tanga lumapit naman ako tas aun!
    Ang dami ng sinasabi.. ‘ma’am, fill-up kau ng raffle na ito sandali lang ito..pwede kau manalo ng US$10,000 or Honda car..” ako naman kc wlang tulog at walang kain nung time na un, napa-OO agad.. inicp ko nun na sandali lang un tas pwede nko umalis.. naku! D lng pala un.. ang tanong pa nia eh “nakita mo b ma’am sa baba ung nakadisplay na car na mapapanalunan mo?” then I answered him, “nde eh kc minsan lng ako pumupunta dito…” tapos after nun hiningan ako ng id at tinanong ako kung mga credit card or checking account ba ko.. ako naman si tanga sbi ko “wala eh, atm lang meron.” Ung pinakita ko pang id eh ung ‘alumni card’ ko. ang masama pa dun andun sa card nakasipit ung paper na may balance 2 days ago.. tas sbi nia “ma’am, pwede ba mkta ung balance today.. punta tau ng atm machine para proof na pwede kau mag-avail ng insurance..?” Ang bilis ng pangyayari nun.. buti nga ung isang kong atm nwala pero ang masaklap nun kc dun nakadeposit sahod ko.. eh d xempre alam na ni “chevas” ung balance ng atm ko, tas pumunta na kmi sa office nia..
    Before kmi pumasok sa office nila, parang may pinapamemorize pa xa skin at tinitingnan kung maaalala ko ba.. sbi nia, ma’am pag nanalo ka ng 10,000 dollars wag mo kong kalimutan balatuhan ha.. size 8 ung size ng sapatos ko tapos ung pangalan ko CHEVAS.. tas last part pa, sbi “ma’am wag ka magNO ha kc maforfeit ung panalo sa raffle chka may free gift po kau mam..” naku tlaga! Kakabwesit! Xempre lumilipad utak ko kc lang tulog at kain oo lang ako ng oo.. ang akala ko sandali lang un.. nku! Umabot ng 3 hrs.. tang-ina sobra! Buti nlng ung PAL pwede pa mag-check-in kht late basta d pa boarding. si LANCE (MELANIE) ung nag-entertain skn ang daming sinasabi tas may iba pumalit.. etc2x.basta naconvince tlaga akong mag-avail. Sinamahan pko ng dalawang agents nila magwithdraw.. o dba? Cgurista! Tapos nung nkapagwithdraw nko, naicp ko na parang may mali..pero dko lam bat dko nlng kinausap na d ako kukuha ng insurance nila..ang pgkaalala ko kc dati nakapagpirma nko ng forms at may NOTICE TO WITHDRAW FROM ACCOUNT sila na form na pinirmahan ko tapos HINDI PA BINALIK ung form after kong magbayad.. kc nakalagay dun “This is to authorize Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. to withdraw the amount of 2*,***.00 of (Name) having the account no. ******” I was so stupid kc nung kinuha nila ung atm ko, alam kong ndi cla mkakapgwithdraw nung kc d nila alam ung PIN. Binalik skin ung card, sbi “ma’am, may problema ata ung bank nio pwede kau nlng magwithdraw..” HELLOOOOWWWW! ATM yan ndi CREDIT CARD! Grabe un! Ung laman kc ng atm ko that time mga 30k ata, tas sbi ko ni lance ung starting daw is 28,551.00.. tinanong ko if may lower pb na amount sb b nmn skin is standard na daw un.. naku! Grabe! ANO SA TINGIN NIO? Kung magkano talga makukuha seo un ung standard nila noh??.. grabe un! Sobra!
    I didn’t wear my watch at that time kc naiwan sa probinxa, kya pagtingin ko ng phone ko ang daming missed calls at txt ng bestfriend ko.. ndi ko tlaga napancn ung time..kc naman ang bilis mgsalita ni lance. Wala talaga akong nadala na papers kundi ung OFFICIAL RECEIPT ng binayaran ko, buti nga kinuha ko ung OR kundi wala talaga akong mkukuha na refund. Wtf! Pagdating ko ng manila, kinompute ko ung sa insurance na snabi skn, at sinearch ko sa net.. lahat ng nabasa ko puro scam.. sobrang shock ko.. I called my bf at kwenento ko ung nangyari skn.. and we decided to go back their khit pareho kaming wlang tulog.. buti mura lng pamasahe nmin papuntang cebu.. grabe un! WALA NA NAMAN AKONG TULOG AT KAIN! Kc xempre kararating ko lng ng manila nun tas binalikan pa namin.. I told him and my sister, “Oo nga ung pera, pwede mo pa ma-earn un.. ang skin lang kc ung thought na NALOKO AKO.. ndi naman ako nahold-up or na-snatchan sa manila dun pa sa cebu! Parang hold-up un na harap-harapan eh.. I don’t want to keep asking myself the same question after last night, “WHAT IF?”” Grabe un tlaga! Ung natira kong savings naubos kc xempre kasalanan ko nmn un, nkakahiya kung ung bf ko gagastos ng malaki.. but alam nio, worth it na binalik namin kc nung time na un, 2 days akong wlang tulog at kain kc shock tlaga ako nun..nakatitig lang ako sa ceiling tas pg lumalabas kmi tulala ako bigla ung d ko napapancn tulala na naman ako.. nagging ok lang naman ako after a few weeks eh.. kc khit npacancel na naming, parang andun pa rin ung doubt na baka d namn pala talga kinancel.. ADVICE KO LANG SA MGA MAGPAPACANCEL: “wag kang mgpadala sa mga sinasabi nila at magsama ka ng taong pwede kang ipagtanggol.. wag kang pumunta dun na mag-isa ka lang kc paikot-ikotin ka lang nila para ndi mo mapacancel ung insurance na na-avail mo..chka wag kang magbait-baitan kc walang mangyayari seo..hehe..” maswerte ako nun kc ung nagsasalit para skn nun is ung bf ko.. ikaw ba naman, shock, 2 days lang tulog straight tapos lang kain.. naiyak na nga ako nung time na kinakausap naming ung “manager” nila eh.. tas aun nung narinig ng “manager” na tatawag ung bf ko ng lawyer sbi nia ‘ndi naman dapt umabot sa ganun sir eh..’ kaya sabi namin “ung pinunta naming dito is magpacancel, wag mo paikot-ikotin ung pinag-uusapan natin dapat nga ung ididiscuss mo sa amin is ung requirements ng pagpacancel ng insurance..” eh d xempre ok na napacancel na, sbi ba naman, kunin daw ung letter of cancellation at original OR eattach daw dun sa insurance.. sbi ko, “Ms. ETO NA NGA LANG PINAGHAHAWAKAN KONG PROOF, TAPOS KUKUNIN NIO PA? UNG XEROX NA BINIGAY KO SA INYO, UN NLNG EATTACH MO NOH!” bwesit! Akala cguro bobo ako..
    Finally nakuha ko nman ung refund ko this wk lang at buti sinama ko ung bestfriend ko na tinulungan talaga ako sa “pagconvince” ng agent na makuha ung cheke… na but nagtatalo pa rin kmi ng babae kc sbi nga ndi valid id ung alumni card, eh xempre ako wala naman akong driver’s license.. sbi ko, “miss, ang aga ko knina sa office nio, pagbukas pa lng ng sm andito nako tas sbi mo 12nn pa darating ung may hawak ng cheke kaya pinostpone ko ung trip ko tas ngaun sasabihin mo ndi ko pwede mkuha ung cheke kc dapat 2 valid ids?? Bkt ung prc id d pb sapat un? Gusto mo bumalik pko ditto ulet??? Dpat in the FIRST PLACE, HINDI NIO KO PINAKUHA NG INSURANCE KC ALUMNI CARD lang dala ko nun tapos ngaun papahirapan nio ko sa pagkuha ng refund??” nku talga! Kung ndi kmi busog ng bestfriend ko nung time na un baka sinabunutan na naming ung babae.. kainis sobra! Sbhin ko nga, dpat nga cash ibayad nio skn kc cash binayad ko! bwesit! Natawa pko kc kinuha ung atm ko para ixerox, sbi ko “ok lang wala k namang makukuha dyan kc 500 nlng laman nyan!” Share ko lang kc sbi ni chevas eadvertise ko daw sila WORD OF MOUTH..:)

  550. Posted by emil, at Reply


    wow.. buti nalang nakuha mo refund mo…
    grabeng inconvenience inabot mo..

    bumalik ako ng SM Cebu today para i-check balance ko kasi na-swipe din kasi yung atm ko sa office nila.. buti na lang balance inquiry lang talaga yung transactiong nangyari..

    Ang problema kasi sa strategy nila ay yung processo ay deceiving at umaabot sa point na medyo pamimilit na.. Dinadala ka nila sa bilis ng mga pangyayari na endi ka makapag-isip-isip ng maayos.. (wala din akong tulog n’un kc galing shift).. dapat hindi sila magmadali.. bigyan ang tao ng panahon na makapag-decide.. sa case ko, nung sinabi kung pag-iisipan ko pa, sabi nila di na ko pwedeng bumalik ulit dahil yun lang ang chance ko… pro buti nalang at nag-insist ako na hindi ako handa at di ako mag-aavail ng plans nila hanggang di ako makapag-isip ng mabuti…

    kaya nga nag-post din ako ng experience ko para yung iba na mahaharap sa parehong sitwasyon ay makapag-isip isip bago umuo sa kanilang pakulo…

  551. Posted by andy, at Reply

    @emil: buti naman nakapag tanggi ka, just shows how people who are put in those kinds of situations can still say NO, even if the sales agents are being pushy because of their training, as long as we are firm with our decision we can always decline the offer. hahaha malas naman 1 out of 8 lang nakuha mo… I myself got 3 out of 8 also pero kumuha ako nung plan nila kasi I think babalik din naman yun pagdating ng panahon. 😀

    @cherry78: congrats at nakakuha ka ng refund.

  552. Posted by elisa, at Reply

    hi everyone! seems like madami-dami na tayong niloloko nitong mga ito. last saturday i was at the mall, sa southmall. hinarang kami ng sales rep nila tehn sinabi din na anniversary promo daw nila, maglalaro lang daw kami. kailangan lang daw ipromote yung company nila. akal namin doon lang sa baba, maya-maya pinaakyat na nila kami sa room nila. sabi nung sales rep it will only take 45 mins at pwedeng hindi tapusin kasi hindi lang sila pwde magsabi ng ibang time. ipapakilala lang daw yung company nila. e di out of curiosity, sama kami. sabi nyo nga likas na mabait ang mga pinoy. so noong una, okay pa, hbng tumatagal yung discussion, nkkita ko na yung point nya. gusto ng presentor na mag-avail ka ng what they called “insurance”. syempre noong una, chichika-chikahin ka about your family. noong, tumatagal na, ginagabi na ako. nagpakita na ako ng discomfort at hindi na ako interesado. tinignan nila ung atm ko and credit card, sana nga hindi nmn nakuha ung number. kc i never handed it to them. tinignan lng nila at sana naman hindi sa ganun kabilis nila nakuha ung number ko. the only thing that worries me e nagfill up ako nung form na pang-PROMO lang daw un. syempre i signed that document, baka may gawin sila. mali talaga to trust someone, kung kaduda-duda, wag na kayo sumama. sasaqyangin lang nila oras nyo at ipapahamak pa kayo! hindi nmn namin natapos yung usapan kasi i really insist na kailangan na akong umuwi. sana lang… sana matapos na panloloko nila god speed…

  553. Posted by kyrie, at Reply

    @elisa: buti nalang na assert mo yung right mo na tumanggi sa kanila hindi tulad ng mga iba sa atin na napabili ng produkto na hindi naman nila gusto. Dahil sa comment mo maaaring makita ng mga mambabasa na nasa atin parin ang choice kung gusto natin tumanggi or huwag tumanggi. Peace 😀

  554. Posted by jho, at Reply

    Hi everyone! Share ko lng po experience ko with Prudential Life. I was in Sm South mall last tuesday. I was about to go home when on of their reps approached me. She said exactly the same thing like, it’s not gonna cost anything and that they just want to promote their company..They even offered a gym bag and told me to just use it and promote their company. But then she said that she’ll just get me a new gym bag for the one they have on display was dirty. So I sat down and listen. Then she mentioned that I can win a brand new car. Afterwards, I was told that they’ll just give me infos about their company

  555. Posted by mo, at Reply

    hi thanks to this blog I joined PPL @ SM- Cebu, last march 29,2010. I saw this blog site the next morning. I was depressed why I signed up and debited 25000 on my atm. Upon reading few comments here it helped me do some actions by canceling my policy account. I rushed to SM cebu with my cancellation letter and informed them that I want to cancel my policy and my full refund, it took us 2hrs to cancel it but atleast I was able to cancel the policy, as written on statement of account- policy account -canceled, as promised they will refund the amount after 30-45days. Because of exhaustion I wasn’t able to have my copy of the letter of my cancelation ( photocopy) because i forgot to ask for it.
    Do I need to have a copy of my cancelation letter? or SOA is enough? please help me..

  556. Posted by jem, at Reply

    to mo: much better if you have a copy of the cancellation letter to serve as ur proof in the future, if some problems might occur in the future…when i cancelled my policy in their main office,they were the ones (PPL) who provided me with the photocopy of my cancellation letter..

  557. Posted by dash, at Reply

    hi guys! just really want to thank most of you who posted helpful information about these people from PPL. It helped me a lot last week. My experience was like this.. They have been calling me for a month at home telling me I won a so-called scholarship. They did not even say which scholarship it was and yes indeed they asked for 3 ID cards for identification which included a credit card. Actually it got me confused how come a credit card is imperative for identification so I ended up not going. I was suspicious. I had 2 digit missed calls from both of my phones and numerous text messages on the day I told them I will drop by but never did.. and then they stopped so I thought they have given up on me. Last week, they called me again and obliged myself to going a few days later. Warning, they are also located on the 14th floor of Keppel Bldg. at Cebu Business Park which is a pretty good front for them. I was accompanied by a friend (out of curiosity) and we playfully agreed to run for life once they start convincing us to buying something. Those people there really know what they are doing since I find it to be a well-orchestrated set up. It seems they know all kinds of objections from their prey and corners them so well. All of sudden, so many of them pop out from out of nowhere, pushing you to the corner.. everything just happened so fast and yes it caught me off guard to the fullest sense of it.. perhaps at the same time I was half convinced of the way they had tag lines like ‘savings for life’ and ‘we teach you how to save your money’.. perhaps I was just too polite which they have really taken advantage of.. anyways, I was only supposed to look for their number online since they did not give me one which they said they did and presto! the scam stared blank at me from my computer screen.. My regret was why I never got to goggle them before going, I was just so unassuming! The next day I first went to MB and filed for a dispute. The lady was kind enough to ask, SM mam? insurance? to which I added, prudential?.. ‘there are so many of you already.’ All she wanted was a letter of cancellation from Prudential so that the amount will be charged back to me. So that afternoon, armed with what I know, I brought my officemates and a friend from the media. Indeed, the agency manager bullied me at first and wanted my friends who were not involved to step out of his room to which we answered in unison NO!.. He got angry because he said we were in his office and that I should not shout. He read my letter of complaint/ cancellation. He had delaying tactics here and there. He kept telling me at first that I could not cancel my 20-year Endowment plan etc.. etc.. they really tried bullying us, entering the room one by one.. At some point my media friend put on her ID. He got distracted with this and started to mellow down and told me they can cancel my account but it will take months.. I insisted and I kept on insisting.. I told them I had enough and will not listen to their lies and deceit anymore.. when I saw that he was still stubborn, I got my phone and called my sister.. I asked where the TV reporter was (from a major network) and prompted me they were near SM already.. to this, he slowly got up and did something outside. It took him awhile to construct such a short letter. Then he came back and my plan was cancelled with full refund. Everything was documented and signature affixed where necessary. He promised a refund in 2-3 weeks. I went back to MB and they processed my papers. I called them again this afternoon and told me to wait 2-3 weeks for processing. My friend from the media told me to make the necessary followup and if not done in 2-3 weeks I will have to level up my complaint.
    I gave them back everything they gave me, 2 scholarships and 2 accident insurance for free. He told me it was mine. I told him I did not want to have anything to do with them.
    I will have to wait until then but we are thinking of exposing them. MB tells me they are a legit company only that their marketing strategies are questionable. That is why they cannot be blacklisted. I wonder what protection the consumers have for people like them.
    @mo: my letter of complaint etc. which contained the details of my transaction were photocopied by MB and the originals given back to me. Perhaps that is helpful. You did not say to whom you gave your letter of cancellation. I do think you need a copy as it takes longer for your refund and as my media friend told me, document everything. Hopefully you get it by then (30-45 days) but if not, in case you need to pursue them again you might need those documents.

  558. Posted by cherry78, at Reply

    @mo: ung skin kc lahat ng documents ko may photocopy ko, except for the last part na nkuha ko n ung refund kc may pinasign cla skn na affidavit na i cannot sue them kc nakuha ko na nga ung refund and everything.. matalino nga eh.. d pumasok sa icp ko kunin ung copy kc medyo kabado pko nung time na un..everytime mkta ko ung booth nila kabado ako at napapamura talaga ako.. hehe! pero ok lng un kc binasa ko namn ung affidavit.. basta mo may proof ka lng na na-avail mo nga ung policy like OR at ung STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT na ibibigay nila sayu tas nakalagay sa POLICY STATUS na CANCELLED FROM INCEPTION (CFI) or sa CA STATUS na CANCELLED.. kc ako wla talga akong copy nakuha kundi ung OR lang.. kung dko pa kinuha ung OR wala akong mkukuha khit piso nun.. thank God tlaga..d Niya ako pinabayaan.. good luck seo mo..:)

  559. Posted by cherry78, at Reply

    @emil: onga eh.. grabe un.. naabala ko pa ung bf ko na wala ding tulog pagpunta ng cebu kc 2hrs pa xa ngdrive para umabot kmi sa first flight papuntang cbu kc un lng mura eh.. grabe tlaga cla.. makoncnxa sna cla sa gnagawa nila.. karma is a bitch p naman.. hehehe!

    sa lahat mag-ingat po kau lagi sa mga taong katulad nila.. ako I’VE LEARNED MY LESSON.. DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS lalo na pag EYE-TO-EYE.. hehehe! mahypnotized kpa agad.. hehe! GOD BLESS PO SA LAHAT… :)

  560. Posted by shermit, at Reply

    hi! i am a victim too…yesterday, i went to SM pampanga just to unwind and then sum1 invited me to their office…presto! feeling ko naholdap ang savings ko s ATM…dhil ndi nga me mapakali…naisip ko n icancel n endowment policy n na avail ko khapon…so i tried to call the customer service knina pero naubos ang load ng cellphone ko ng walang sumasagot n CSR…alam u ang feeling n kinakabahan k n bk hindi n bumalik ang pera u…and then, nag net ako… eto nga nabasa ko mga comments nyo…thank u sa lahat ng comments nyo…i will go to SM pamapanga tomorrow n dala lahat ng mga documents at ready sa lahat ng gagawin ko…i just want to cancel the policy and full refund of my money….

  561. Posted by yeshha, at Reply

    to cherry78 di ako nakatulog kagabi ksi nasabit din ako sa scam na yan kahapon. paano ba itsura ng pinapirmahan sa yo? kasi may form ako na filled up about personal info at beneficiaries, yun na ba yun para sa policy? nirerecall ko, hawak ko lang credit card ko, i think hindi naman na swipe, baka ksi macharge ako next billing then huli na para mapacancel ko. may policy ba na pinirmaha ka/binigay sa yo?

  562. Posted by yeshha, at Reply

    wooried ako kasi baka yung form na pina filled up sa akin un na yun gagamitin sa policy, baka sabihin pumirma na ako contract, sa bandang dulo ksi may signature ako. Ilang forma ba ang pinapirmahan?

  563. Posted by joy, at Reply

    upon reading all a little bit worried now..i just got an insurance for my mother 3 months ago, though its only P500+ per months malaki rin yun kung susumahin mo na lahat ng binayad mo…nabasa ko ung ad nila sa bulletin and its called PRIME 40….sa tingin nyo po ba ok naman eto???? some advice plssss!

  564. Posted by anne, at Reply

    @Joy: ok naman yan, sa mga comments naman legitimate talaga yung company so secure yan naka register naman sila sa Insurance Comission. Nag aagree din naman si Arpee sa akin na good investment ang Insurance. Long term lang talaga yang mga ganyan. I think you should keep it para pag maynangyar sa mother mo merong nakatabi for her.

  565. Posted by JJ, at Reply

    hi… ask ko lng if my mangya2ri kya sa credit card ko kc naka avail aq nyan bnawas nila 8thou plus… nung swipe nila how come na e honor ng bank kc nalaman ko na lng na laman na lng pla nun is 6thou plus… kc di ko nman gnagamit yun parang maintaining balance ba!automatic cancel b yun or what?

  566. Posted by joy, at Reply

    @anne: thanks so much!

  567. Posted by FB, at Reply


    Pls. help me, how do I compose the cancellation letter? Pwede ba tagalog? Ganito ba takbo ng leter ko:

    I want to cancel my account/ insurance because after a week long
    reflection on the cost of maintaining another insurance (may isa na ako insurance at 10 yrs na ako naghuhulog, kaso namimilit yung kausap ko) I found out I couldn’t pay for insurance premiums simultaneously given the financial situation I am facing now as the sole breadwinner of my family….

    Pwede na ba kaya ito or kulang pa expalanation ko? Kasi may 2 pa akong dahilan namely, kulang ng time sa pagdedesisyon ng mabuti kung kailangan ko nga yung insurance nila at kung kakayanin ko talaga financially dahil may time pressure sila at may deception sa kanilang part…

    Sa SM Pampanga ako nadale noong April 4 2010.. pero pwede kaya na sa main branch nila sa makati ako magfile ng cancellation letter o makipag usap na, kasi sa QC naman ako nagtratrabaho. Tinulungan na nga ng manager yung kumausap sa akin kasi hindi ako makumbinse ng babae, eh gusto ko na umalis dahil gutom na ako ng oras na iyon at yung mga kasama ko hinahanap na ako…. Originally P19,899 something ang cash out or idedebit sa CC ko, pero ng sabi ko hindi ko kaya, binigyan nya ako ng other plan, yung P9,835 nga, na hindi iniexplain sa akin ng mabuti bakit naging ganon ang halaga, at ako naman hindi ko naitanong bakit biglang bumaba at para sa anong plan naman yung halaga na iyon kasi nalilito na ako at gutom na, acidic pa naman ako bawal ako malipasan ng gustom. pati iyong iba na dapat mabasa ko muna bago ko icheck kung yes or no, sabi ng babae check ko na lang lahat no at pirmahan ko na lang, tas later sa bahay nabasa ko na dapat may mga yes pala akong sinagot tungkol dun sa health status ko… kaso hindi ako binigyan ng sapat na oras basahin yung application at iba pang dokumento. Pero sinabi ng manager na may 15 days daw ako para umurong kung hindi ako satisfied.

    Mga kasama, please help me!!! Gusto ko na sya i cancel kasi ngayon ko napag isip isip na hindi ko pala kakayanin. Maraming salamat sa tulong nyo!

  568. Posted by FB, at Reply

    Guys, may nakita na pala akong guide ng cancellation letter dito sa responses nyo, sorry, hindi ko lang agad nakita.

    Anyways, hope you could still give me advices sa step na gagawin ko

  569. Posted by ivy, at Reply

    @FB,copy paste mo cancellation letter ni rash rashid. un gnamit ko den lagay mo kailangan mo un pera para sa medical expenses ng kahit sino family member mo. photo copy mo lahat ng documents at ng cancellation letter at lahat ng pinirmahan mo.Dalhin mo lahat un sa Main office sa Ortigas CEnter sa burgundy caqncellation letter mo wag mo kalimutan lagay contact number mo kase dun ka nila tatawagan. Hanapin mo si Miss Ginny Santamaria mabait un siya ang kumuha ng cancellation letter ko.pag bigay mo ng cancellation letter hintayin mo pirmahan nila yong copy mo ng recived. 30 working days bago nila ibalik pera mo,sigurado ibabalik nila un,tatawagan ka nila kung kelan ka pupunta doon para kunin cheque mo. 2 valid ID ang kailangan mo para makuha cheque..good luck… main branch nila sa Ortigas Center…

  570. Posted by FB, at Reply


    Maraming salamat sa reply mo agad. Kailangan ko pa ba sabihin kung saan ko gagamitin yung pera or may dahilan kung bakit need ko ma refund ang pera? Kasi noong una pa lang, sinabi ko na naman na sa consultant at doon sa pinakilalang manager na pakiramdam at tingin ko, hindi ko kaya na kumuha pa ng ibang credit na ang pag presentation o pinalalabas nila ay savings or time dep. lang dahil sa sabay-sabay sa ngayon ang mga gastusin ko lalo pat maraming kailangan ipapaayos dun sa hulugan kong bahay na isang taon pa lang namin natititarahan. Pero totoong kailangan ko yung pera kasi nga ako ang breadwinner sa amin at ngayong darating na panahon ay may pinaglalaanan ako sa perang nakuha sa credit card ko? Kailangan bang matindi ang rason na ilagay ko sa letter?

    Kaso hindi kaya maging problema na yung binigay na kopya ng application ko ay xerox lang, katwiran nng personal consultant baka daw kasi ma misplace or mawala ko yung orig kaya photocopy na lang binigay nila para sa kanila pa rin ang original..

    Maraming salamat ulit. Sa Ortigas office na lang ako pupunta kesa dumayo pa ako ng SM Pampanga, update ko rin kayo kung ano resulta ng gagwin ko.

  571. Posted by FB, at Reply


    hindi ko kaya na kumuha pa ng ibang “insurance”

  572. Posted by mav, at Reply

    @ FB..ppunta kba sa ortigas office? keln?

  573. Posted by will, at Reply

    i was invited in also yesterday..i got my tumbler and a clock..hihih..sayang nga eh..i got 3 number correct dun sa game na pindot ka sa screen..I just said im not not interested, im not interested to buy,,,well yun naman sabi ng naginvite sakin eh. insurance daw but to obligation to buy lang cnabi ko..

  574. Posted by FB, at Reply

    not sure, baka Monday or Tues. basta early in the morning, para tuloy na ako sa work ko tapos doon.

  575. Posted by silpharion, at Reply

    why don’t we all go? one at time, listen to their sales talk, orientation, then if asked for the credit card, “oooooh we forgot”, sorry to waste both our time. xD

  576. Posted by mav, at Reply

    gusto ko na rin pacancel yung sa’kin..type ng plan ko yung wealth builder..haayzz.. i want my money back..

  577. Posted by FB, at Reply


    kung ka ka insured mo lang, pa cancel mo na habang maaga pa… kasi sayang naman ang dp/pera mo kung hindi mo rin sya itutuloy pala, magagamit mo pa sa ibang bagay. But if u need insurance, think harder about continuing it

  578. Posted by joan b. bristol, at Reply

    I had encountered the same thing just yesterday,Apr.11,2010 at SM soutmall Las PiÑas..same stories all of you guys have made mentioned..i’m about to cancel it afternoon coz my husband was there this morning working for the cancellation but they told my husband that my presence is needed there..i do not knopw what will happen later, thanks for all the infos. ive read from all of you..

  579. Posted by Kon Sernd Sitizen, at Reply

    I joined this blog to provide balance last Saturday, 4/12/10. Bakit nabura ata? Anyway was just saying that buyers like us have a responsibility to check and scrutinize whatever good or service we intend to buy beforehand — failing which we forfeit any right to disown or repudiate the sale. This is the universal tenet of BUYER BEWARE. In principle, a buyer may repudiate the sale if it can be established that he was underaged, mentally infirm, etc., or if the sale was characterized by the element of coercion or some other anomaly. Otherwise said, fairness dictates that we as buyers must first examine where exactly the fault lay (sa buyer ba o seller) before we condemn any company wholesale. The other point I wished to drive at is that life insurance as a financial product has long proven itself as a timely source of financial succor in the event of death, disability and/or old age. It should not be dismissed so readily as a “racket”, let alone, a “scam” because its value is recognized worldwide.

  580. Posted by Kon Sernd Sitizen, at Reply

    I concede that perhaps the source of confusion is the relatively new mode of marketing that is called telemarketing. Unique, creative and swift, telemarketing is often mistaken as some form of deception [where does it lie?] or even “hypnosis” [please!]. But, again, if it is legally recognized and publicly employed even in more progressive Western nations, why not here in the Philippines?
    Siguro sa pamamaraan lang o marketing approach nagkakaiba sa traditional style but the financial product known as life insurance per se is above reproach.

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      there is no argument that life insurance is a good investment. but if you read the entire blog post, it was the marketing method where no such disclosure of insurance selling was ever made until it is almost too late. calling a stranger and telling them that they won money and a new car, while NEVER mentioning that the whole thing is all about selling insurance is a no-no, IN ANY INDUSTRY. telemarketing is not even the gripe here. ok lang yun. i politely say no when offered something i dont like and buy it when i want it. pero wag niyo papuntahin yung tao sa malayong lugar, panahon yun saka pamasahe, kasi pinapaasa mong nanalo kami sa raffle na hindi namin sinalihan, panloloko na yun di ba?

  581. Posted by marC, at Reply

    to Mam joan b. bristol .. I’m from Las Piñas and also a victim of this scam..I managed to cancel my plan last april 9,2010.. yap kelangan po na personal kau na pumunta dun and dalhin nyo po lahat ng docs nyo including un receipt ng payment nyo. Punta lang po kau dun at hanapin nyo un consultant agent nyo,after that you need to talk to a customer service representative. Gawa po kau ng letter of cancelation. Mam if you want you can txt me on this number..09185480525.. Biktima din po ako kaya alam ko kung ano ang nararamdaman nyo..

  582. Posted by marC, at Reply

    agree ako kay arpee kc pinapaasa nila ang mga tao.. During that time mag isa lang ako nagpunta sa SM at nagkataon rin na empty batt ang phone ko kaya dko namalayan ang oras. Ang sabi sa akin it will take 45mins only. But it took about 4 hours. Pinapaikot ka nila at binobola. Para ka nga tlga nahi-hipnotyze sa mga sinasabi nila. Nun umatras na ako kc auko tLga ng inoofer nila, lumapit sa akin ung manager at xia nman ang nagsalita. Tiningnan nya ang credit card ko at sinabi na ichechek lang kung papayagan ng bangko ko pag d pumayag eh d sorry na lang daw. I thought that is phone banking pero hindi! gosh! naiswipe ang credit card ko without any authorization. Ewan ko nman at bakit pa ako pumirma although I know na pwede pa nga clang kasuhan kc naiswipe un cc ko w/o informing me. Putang ina tLga cLa!!! I’m just upset with these kind of people. Kapwa natin pilipino niloloko. Malaki man o maliit ang nahuthut nila sa atin dapat hindi nila ginagawa yun dahil bawat sentimo ay pinaghihirapan natin iyon. I cancelled the contract last april 9,2010 and I’m hoping na maibalik un perang nadebit sa cc ko. Hindi lahat ng bagay ay dinadaan sa pagmamadali dapat pinag iisipan ng mabuti. Wag basta magtiwala,lalo na sa mga unggoy na naka poLo at neck tie na umiikot sa mga malls!!!!!!!!!! Lintik Lang ang walang ganti..

  583. Posted by FB, at Reply

    @ Kon Sernd Sitizen
    investing and insurance are good things, hindi masama yon.. kaso by the way they had us into entering or acquiring the insurance, hindi good way eh.. Nung kumuha ako ng insurance sa philam, hindi ako pinilit ng agent ko pero inalok nya ako, binigyan nya ako ng application form. At that time, maliit talaga ang sweldo ko but alam ko magandang bagay ang magka-insurance na ako so inuwi ko sa bahay at napag-isipan ko ng mabuti, tapos dinaanan na lang nya ulit kasi nafill upan ko na… that was 2001.. na ipagpatuloy ko hanggang ngayon kasi kaya ko sya.

    Nagpunta na ako kaninang umaga, kinuha lang muna ni ms carla ang cancellation letter ko, kasi sabi nya hindi raw nya macaccancel ng basta basta, only the manager kasi assistant lang daw sya….tinanong nya ako saan ko nakuha ang format ng cancellation letter ko, sabi ko sa net… ang next na tanong nya, kaya ba daw ako magcacancel ay dahil sa blog (na nabasa ko)… sabi ko hindi… and stated my reason which i already said here. Pinasulat nya sa cancellation letter ko reason ko… sabi ko nung time pa na kinausap ako ng manager sinabi ko na baka hindi ko kayanin magbayad ng monthly premiums, pero sinabi ng manager na may 15 days free look or trial naman, so na-swayed ako. Sabi ni ms carla, within this week ay malalaman ko kung approve ng management? Ganon ba yon? Hindi ba dapat right ko na mapa-cancel yon? Pwede na ba akong magreklamo sa Insurance Commission nito kapag within this week hindi nila aprubahan??

    Habang nasa bus papunta ng Ortigas (btw, ang traffic sa edsa south bound kanina!) ni review ko yung mga xerox copies ng orig documents na dala ko… Yung authority to debit na pinirmahan ko may note pala sa bandang baba na “This is NOT to verify the bank or credit card blah-blah” kanina ko lang narealize na yung pinirmahan ko ay intended talaga na magdebit/kumuha ng pera sa cc ko. Pero ang sabi ng personal consultant ko habang pinapapirma nya ako dun sa form na yon , check lang daw kung approve sa bangko or cc… siguro kung nabasa ko yon ng mabuti at ng ilang ulit, malamang hindi ko na lang basta basta pinirmahan yon. Hindi ba parang nanloloko sila kapag ganon ang pananalita nila tapos iba ang mga ginagawa nila?

    Tapos nabasa ko pa yung parang report ng personal consultant kung paano or gaano nya ako kakilala at ilang oras nya ako nakilala para masabi nya na ok akong bigyan ng insurance – nakalagay doon 1 1/2 hours… ngek!

  584. Posted by michael, at Reply

    hi guys and to moderator ng blog na to.. i’ve been reading this blog for 3 day na..from beginning to end to balance everything if i made na right decision or maybe to ask for opinion na rin. well kasi its very confusing na rin whether scam ang company or just the marketting strategy. I mean, the moderator ng blog even stated na yung strategy lang naman ang ayaw nya ang the product itself eh wala naman xang problema, (wiell maybe i cant say that, kasi indi naman xa nakapag avail to know if the product is good or not) then may iba naman who claim na scam yung company.. uhm nakapag-avail ako last march 27, 2010. and im still confuse..I believe the product is good, I had the same experience how they did they strategy to gain clients and it was a very eye opening experience . Should I cancel the plan or not?

  585. Posted by jem, at Reply

    to fb: dapat sinabi mo kay miss carla na sinabi sayo nung manager n ichecheck lng nya if approved ung credit card or atm mo, tpos bgla na lng naswipe sm pamp din ako nkpgavail ng plan n dumiretso nko sa ortigas office nla for cancellation..dapat be firm sa lhat ng cnsabi mo, nacancel ko ung policy ko that same day..

  586. Posted by alex bristol, at Reply

    hi sa lahat ng mga nag comment..maraming salamat sainyo nakatulong sa amin.last sunday april 11,2010 nakapag-avail din kami ng asawa ko sa ppli ng sinasabi nilang insurance daw na un.shit di ko namalayan naswipe na ung card ko i’ve charge 12,000 pesos.pag uwi ko sa bahay namin nag isip kami ng asawa ko nasabi ko shit naloko early in the morning april 12 pumunta ako ng sm southmall para ipacancel ung transaction ko so kinausap kami ng costumer service rep.nila madami tanong bakir daw gusto namin ipacancel sabi namin ung dahilan.pinagawa kami ng letter for salamat sa dyos napacancel namin ung policy dat day,ngayon april 13 punta ako ng banko para isubmit ung letter para maibalik ung nacredit sa card ko.maraming salamat sa lahat ng nag comment sa..malaking tulong sa aming mag-asawa..sana maisip nila ang kanilang mga ginagawa..thanks godblesss….

  587. Posted by kina, at Reply

    everyone in here please i need your advice regarding my situation. i availed the endowment plan last september 2009. it was exactly the same thing that happened to me as mentioned in the previous posts. the agent told me he will see if i can avail of the plan by checking my atm. it had 38,000 and 16,800 was deducted from it. when i arrived at home i have decided to cancel it because i was afraid my mom would learn about what i did. the next day, i called their office at SM North where I availed the plan, I was instructedto drop by their office and make cancellation letter and so I did. But when I came there the manager talked to me and was persuading me again for another bogusness. I was told that I can only get my money after a year, that i can continue with the plan in that case i could either pay monthly for 1610 or just leave it unpaid. so i just left the office and did no further action. after a month i received a notification letter informing my first due date of payment for october. i didn’t respond nor did pay. after a few days i already left the country and had no any news about the plan. but last december 2009 i received an email from PPLIC that my plan is now on pastdue status, it was stated by the agent that my account was insufficient making my plan on lapse status. I actually intended to leave my atm almost empty so it won’t be auto debited every month. in reply to the agent, i stated that i plan to cancel it again and he said that i should raise my concern to the authorized person and send email to Guys please help me, what do you think is the best action for this? Please enlighten me. I’m still hoping to get my money back. I’m still out of the country and will go back in PI this month. What shall I do?

  588. Posted by kina, at Reply

    everyone in here please i need your advice regarding my situation. i availed the endowment plan last september 2009. it was exactly the same thing that happened to me as mentioned in the previous posts. the agent told me he will see if i can avail of the plan by checking my atm. it had 38,000 and 16,800 was deducted from it. when i arrived at home i have decided to cancel it because i was afraid my mom would learn about what i did. the next day, i called their office at SM North where I availed the plan, I was instructedto drop by their office and make cancellation letter and so I did. But when I came there the manager talked to me and was persuading me again for another bogusness. I was told that I can only get my money after a year, that i can continue with the plan in that case i could either pay monthly for 1610 or just leave it unpaid. so i just left the office and did no further action. after a month i received a notification letter informing my first due date of payment for october. i didn’t respond nor did pay. after a few days i already left the country and had no any news about the plan. but last december 2009 i received an email from PPLIC that my plan is now on pastdue status, it was stated by the agent that my account was insufficient making my plan on lapse status. I actually intended to leave my atm almost empty so it won’t be auto debited every month. in reply to the agent, i stated that i plan to cancel it again and he said that i should raise my concern to the authorized person and send email to Guys please help me, what do you think is the best action for this? Please enlighten me. I’m still hoping to get my money back. I’m still out of the country and will go back in PI this month. What shall I do?? Help me.

  589. Posted by FB, at Reply

    to jem,
    hindi ko na sinabi yon kay ms carla, kasi naisip ko napirmahan ko na kasi yung authority to debit pero hindi nga nya sinabi ang totoo na pag chineck nya ay automatic debit na sa cc ko. Kung tutuusin ay ok sa akin na magkaroon pa ng another insurance, kaso talagang hindi ko kakayanin ang maghulog ng sabay sabay na premiums..sabi ko kung buigyan nila ako ng chance like a month from that date, baka maka pag isipan ko ng mabuti , pero ”today” lang ang offer nilang help sa akin.. kung magsusuffer sya na mahinto ako magbigay ng premiums within the 1st yr or anytime within the 7 yrs. its wiser to cancel it from the start.

    Naku, parang complicated ata ang kaso mo? pero alam ko, kapag lapse na ang insurance mo, parang wala na.. iyong hindi mo na iintindihin bayaran pa, at yung mga past premiums mo, wala na rin.. pero kung gusto ma mareinstate, babayaran mo naman ang mga past dues premiums mo, na siguradong malaki kasi naipon sya ng ilang buwan.. maybe you can ask yung public assistance hotline ng insurance commission sa kaso mo. search mo sa mga replies dito, may nagbigay ng telephone number at email address ng insiutance comm.

  590. Posted by lara, at Reply

    Hi po.. Victim din po ako.. Anu po kaya pinakamabilis na paraan para po mapacancel yung policy and marefund? Last Friday ko lang po naavail yung plan.

    Help po please.

  591. Posted by kina, at Reply

    FB, thank you. siguro it’s okay na rin if i don’t get my money as long as ma cancel yan plan na yan.

  592. Posted by kina, at Reply

    anyone please kindly send the telephone number and email address of insurance comm. i badly want to raise my concern with them. thank you

  593. Posted by FB, at Reply
  594. Posted by kina, at Reply

    thank you FB..highly appreciated.

  595. Posted by Tess, at Reply

    Hi everyone,

    I’m sorry to hear what happened to you guys. Buti at di pa ako nabibiktima ng mga scammers na yan. Suplada kasi ako sa mall. Sorry na lang sila at di ko sila pinapansin.

    I just had to react kasi baka you guys are complaining about the wrong company.
    Just hope you’re not getting confused with these two separate companies Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company and Prudentialife Plans Inc.

    Ewan ko ba bakit pinayagan ng government / SEC na halos pareho ang name nila. Kawawa naman ang tunay na company insurance company at di scammer. Pati sila nadadamay.

    Anyways, I tried accessing the site of Philippine Prudentialife pero down eh. What I got lang yung nakacache ng google
    Weird na down ang site nila. Baka nagtatago na. Don’t know when they started at kung sino si Danvil.

    Yung Prudentialife Plans, Inc, their site is up They started in 1978 and founded by Mr Alba. Their office is in Makati.

    Check ninyo na lang.

  596. Posted by Greshie, at Reply

    Hi! I want to share my experience with PPLIC sa megamall though di ako nag avail ng insurance nila. Sabi nila promo lang daw para makilala ung company nila maglalaro ako sa slot machine to win the Honda Car. Nilinaw ko sa lalake na if bebentahan nila ako NO ang sagot ko ang akin lang was to play. Nung nandun na ko sa loob kinakausap ako nung agent panay sabe nia saken ng Congratulations with matching handshake pa.. So napaisip ako na feeling ko nabebentahan nia ko. Sinabi ko kagad na di ako interesado sa insurance at kaya ako nandun is for the promo kasi un naman talaga sinabi saken.. Then sabe ko kung pede na ba akong umalis ayaw pumayag nung agent na lalaki. Sabe ko 2 hours na kong nasa loob and 45mins lang usapan.. Then ang kulit nia alok sya ng alok from 14k naging 6k then 2k hanggang sa naging 365 pesos then I said no pa din.. Then sinabi nia na libre na daw.. wala na kong babayaran mag iipon na lang ako still I said NO… then I was asking over and over again na kelangan ko nang lumabas kasi emergency.. Still they won’t let me out until tumawag na mom ko coz i texted my mom that they won’t let me out, I was stuck there for 2 hours. I feel harassed in a way kasi Ayaw nila akong palabasin tpos inooffer pa nia ung insurance and I said No talaga.. Until nagalit na ung sya sobrang kulit ko pinalabas na ko.. Funny though kung makulit sila na ipilit ung insurance mas makulit pa ko na sabihin sa kanilang palabasin na ko kasi RIGHTS ng kung sinuman ang mag decision na umalis kung gugustuhin nila.

    Ibaba talaga experiences natin everyone’s opinion here kasi base sa experiences yan. Mine was sana If they want to clients mag benta sila in right manner di ung kukulungin nila and pipilitin nila ung tao. And sana pakilala nila ng maayos ung company hindi ung sabe promo pag dating dun pipilitin kang bumili. Ayt. Un lang guys..

    Have a nice day!

  597. Posted by reni, at Reply

    @ greshie—hi, we almost had the same experience. if ikaw sa megamall ka, sa sm north naman ako and hindi rin ako nakapag-avail the plan nila. they were so persistent talaga and matyaga to gain the clients. I always said no and vow lang ako vow and asking kung pwede na ko umuwi since i was there lang naman for the promo. Sabi ko my decision is final and I won’t avail your product. well medyo okay naman nakausap ko indi naman to highest level ang pangungulit. indi nman umabot na uminit na ulo for that. And of course I was able to play the game and got the freebies from them. So guys. just stick with your decision, its your own choice.

  598. Posted by Ave, at Reply

    Hi, while I too was “victimized” by a texter with the number 0905-4183608 who claimed that I won “3 Exclusive Rewards” from Philippine Prudential, my research showed that the SEC registered 46-year old firm Philippine Prudential is not the same as Prudential Life Philippines. I just wanted to clarify that. Please refer to the following post

    I also wish to encourage those who have been receiving such text messages to report them to the NTC as I have done previously. Indeed, these messages are irritating and insulting ploys to increase their sales. They seem to think that people are stupid. I hope you guys would also find time to write letters of complaint to SEC and DTI about the devious “sales techniques” of these companies so that they may be subjected to disciplinary actions. I have observed that a number of companies including those selling Club Shares and Time-Share Vacations are also using these techniques.

  599. Posted by Ave, at Reply

    Hi, while I too was “victimized” by a texter with the number 0905-4183608 who claimed that I won “3 Exclusive Rewards” from Philippine Prudential, my research showed that the SEC registered 46-year old firm Philippine Prudential is not the same as Prudential Life Philippines. I just wanted to clarify that. Please refer to the following post

    I also wish to encourage those who have been receiving such text messages to report them to the NTC as I have done previously. Indeed, these messages are irritating and insulting ploys to increase their sales. They seem to think that people are stupid. I hope you guys would also find time to write letters of complaint to SEC and DTI about the devious “sales techniques” of these companies so that they may be subjected to disciplinary actions. I have observed that a number of companies including those selling Club Shares and Time-Share Vacations are also using these techniques, they “award” you with free accommodations to their hotels so that they could give you a “one-hour” sales presentation that lasts for almost half the day.

  600. Posted by lara, at Reply

    hello po sa lahat I was able to cancel my plan yesterday sa main office nila.. okay naman yung mga tao dun.. hope to receive the refund within 30 days…

    thanks po sa ideas dito…

  601. Posted by SWEET, at Reply

    hi.. pwd nyo ba akong matulungan ksi nbiktima din ako kahapon.. ngayon, gusto kong ipa cancel pero hindi ko alam kng panu at kng anong idadahilan ko para iallow ako nilang ipa cancel yung insurance/plan n pnakua nla skin.. taga iloilo po ako and im a student..

  602. Posted by slv, at Reply

    marami na rin talaga gumagamit ng strategy to gain client using telephone. dapat masanay na tayo. like me ilang beses na rin ako nareceived ng call from different company kesyo may mga makukuha daw ,etc, yung iba free facial, massage, ganun then after ng kunting dotdot sa mukha mo they will talk you and offer their service..halos pare-pareho na nga sila, dapat lang talaga maging mautak din tayo and mag isip talaga.

  603. Posted by mav, at Reply

    Sino may alam ng Wealth Builder ng PPLIC..kind yan ng plan nila..i just want to know more something pa sana regarding this plan..

    @ FB: kamusta na yung refund mo?

  604. Posted by FB, at Reply

    nacancel na sya kahapon.. isinoli ko na ang mga docs sa kanila. Need ko na lang maghintay within 30 days.

    strange, nag comment na ako kanina telling what i did and what ahappened until yesterday, kaso hindi ata pumasok kanina.

    Ok naman sila kausap doon sa main office nila, in fact wla nga masyado kaming pinag-usapan pag kasubmit ng letter ko.. sabi lang hintayin ko within this week ang sagot nila.. aba on the 2nd day, may tumawag sa akin informing me nacancel na ang insurance policy ko.

    thank you guys for all the help!

  605. Posted by Karen Santos, at Reply

    hello po… i was also victimized by this scam. i got my insurance last nov. 21, 2009. is there a way para marefund ko po ung mga binayad ko s kanila na 6,650 as initial premium payment at 5 months na monthly which costs 1, 610? sino na dito ang naibalik ang pera pagkatpos magsubmit ng cancellation letter? please please please need help here ASAP. tnx a lot!

  606. Posted by sweet, at Reply

    hi… thanks for sharing your experience… thank you for sharing on how to cancel the insurance.. i just have mine cancelled today. i’m relieve.. by the way, do i have to file a dispute letter? and how am i going to do that? can anyone give me a sample of a dispute letter regarding this insurance thing… please help me… thank you!

  607. Posted by guapitoako, at Reply

    Hello sa lahat! gusto kolang pong ibalita sa inyo na nag reflect na sa Billing Statement ko ang refund ko na PHP 24,160.00. sa wakas nabalik narin ang pera ko. Salamat sa Blogsite nato, lalong lalo na kay ARPEE. Sa mga dipa dumarating ang refund, wait lang po kayo at kunting pasinsya lang, within 30-45 days babalik sa inyo ang pera nyo. God bless.

  608. Posted by lizz, at Reply

    hi to all! i totally agree they are all scammers. 1 day was wasted because of this people. They deserve to be exposed. Anyone has any idea on how to report them in a television investigation like XXX?… My sister spent 2 hours in there because they wont let you go if you dont buy their life savings. My sister just asked for a paper proposal for her to bring at home inorder to decide w/ her husband pero hindi daw cla mag bibigay if hindi ka kukuha or mag sign. Galit na galit na ako sa labas kahihintay kasi sabi nila 45mins lng daw. pero naging 2 hours. kung hindi ko pinalabas sister ko baka more than 2 hours pa un. and in the first place hindi namin gusto sumama pero niloko kami. sabi daw na claim lng daw namin ung prize namin kaya sumama kami.. Can anyone help exposed these people?

  609. Posted by dash, at Reply

    as a followup of my experience last March 25, today I called up MB and they informed me the charges have been reverted. I am so thankful. At long last, it really is a relief.. I do agree people like them should better be exposed. Something like this should be stopped. Thanks as well for the bloggers and to those who shared enough, it has been helpful indeed.

  610. Posted by cherry78, at Reply

    @boying santos: pwede ka naman magsumbong eh.. dati ko p kc plan magsumbong sa imbestigador kc kawawa naman ung ibang maloko nila tas taga ibang lugar pa tulad ko.. dko tlaga magets baket pumayag ung sm mag-operate sila kc ako may trauma nko pumunta ng mga sm eh.. lalo na’t nabasa ko na meron sa sm north, sm pampanga, at sa sm iloilo meron din.. kc pagpunta ko sinalubong na naman ako kc nakita akong nakabackpack.. cguro tingin ng ahente tagaprobinxa ako at maloloko na naman ako.. its unprofessional rin kung mumurahin ko xa for no apparent reason tas sa loob pa ng sm.. baka sa sobrang inis ko sigawan ko xa ng MANLOLOKO.. tas aun! may kaso nko… hayyy.. anyway, eto po number ng imbestigador 928-4713 or ung mailing address ng gma from their website:

    6/F GMA Network Center
    EDSA corner Timog Avenue,
    Diliman, Quezon City, 1101

    “To contact our writers, contributors, columnists or editors send your e-mail to [email protected] with the name of the recipient on the subject line.”

    Sana maexposed ung totoo.. if legal ba talaga ung company nila or hindi..sana maipalabas din ito sa abs-cbn, studio 23 at tv5.. kung ano man ung tv program na pwedeng magpalabas nito..

  611. Posted by naisahan_ako, at Reply

    ako ang pinakabagong nayari nito.. hahahaa. natatawa na lang ako sa sarili ako.. lakas ng budul budul ng mga to.. akalain mo napapirma ako.. ayun talpog ang 24190 ko. ngayon huhuhuhuhu. ako. tawag ako sa CC, wala na daw magagawa nakapost kagad. kabilis ng mga tinaaman ng ipis! di na tuloy ako makatulog. 3 am na gising pa din ako at nagbabasa ng blog na to. aantayin ko magkaaraw at susugudin sila.

  612. Posted by naisahan_ako, at Reply

    anyway. im on my way to file the cancellation. ok naman yung program, problem with this, sa dami ng negative feedbacks and dami ng withdraw/cancel. i dont think that this company will last in 15 years. pero galing ng sales talk nila. kakabelieve. makahingi ng advice. for sure effecive yan sa panliligaw. ahhhhahaha..

  613. Posted by lala, at Reply

    hay naku ako rin bagong naloko kahapon lang sa SM pampanga,ndi ko rin alam kung bakit ako napa sign naiinis pa nga ako dun sa kausap ko na ang name nya ay aries ung unang nag approach kahapon tapos ung sa representation ay angelica cunanan actually magaling talaga sila ,pero sana ndi nila ginagawa un para lang makapanloko ng tao ,at sana ndi bumalik sa kanila me kung ano ang first step para macancel ko un contract kya ako nag research this morning kasi kahapon lang duda na ako ,pero nakinig pa rin kasi ako sa explanation nila sana pinanindigan ko na lang ung una kong pagtanggi sa kanila.SANA maipalabas ito para ndi na madagdagan ang maloloko nila .

  614. Posted by naisahan_ako, at Reply

    ako ginawa ko ginawa tawag sa credit card pero charge agad. prepare ka ng cancelation letter. ako andito na sa PPILC sa SM Megamall. ok naman allow naman nila since nakalagay yun 15 day free look period. pinababalik ako ng 1pm. papakausap sa Manager.

    Punta ka na kagad sa SM Pampanga. Pacancel mo na.
    Sabi ko na lang sa dami ng negative feedback at ngcancel di na ako nakakasiguro kung maglast pa sila ng 15 years.

  615. Posted by nagpaloko, at Reply

    my wife & i were victim also this scam…ang galing nilang magpaikot… im wondering din kac ni wala silang inipresent na product for 2 hrs +… hay nako papasukin ka nila muna bitag tapos doon na nila ipresent ung product.. tapos hiramin nila ung credit card for verification dn sabihan ka pa na huwag mo kaming pagagalitan ha kung ayaw pumayag ng credit card company… at yun na swipe ung card… 57T ang babayaran ko dn pwede rn unti2x ang pagbayad.. then i said.. kung unti-untiin ang pagbayad di mas lalong lalaki ang babayaran kac may interest 3.5% kung hindi mo mabayaran ang lahat sa credit card… dn nagchange cla ng topic… i told my wife.. can we talk.. tapos interupt cla ng interupt.. nung paglabas namin.. were doubtful na.. i told my self bat ako nagpaloko… since in a hurry.. i told my wife to go back and cancel the policy… kaya ayon daming oras na nasayang… follow the procedure to cancel… nakakahiya kasi kapwa pilipino lang ang naglokohan.. SHAME ON THEM… my paiyak-iyak pa don.

  616. Posted by nagpaloko, at Reply

    this group are now operating in SM city Cebu….. sana matigil na un… ni website nila di mo makita…..

  617. Posted by lala, at Reply

    Thanks! naisahan_ako for the advice ok tomorrow pupunta ako ulit ng SM pamapanga para sabihin na icacancel ko na ung policy kc idoubt it natatagal pa ito insurance co. na ito sa dami ng negative feedback.ok lang ba na yun ang ireason ko sa cancellation ng policy ko.naitawag ko na din sa credit card ko pero wla na nai charge na nila buti na lang din sa akin medyo maliit pero ang msakit kasi dito bkit kailngan nilang manloko.kc ang sabi lang nila sa akin e ichechek lang nila kung mag aagree ang credit card ko un pala iswipe na nila ung 6,650.w/o asking kung payag na ako.

  618. Posted by naloko din, at Reply

    Alam niyo tama kayong lahat diyan eh, pero kung legal ang lahat ng produkto at aprobado naman ng SEC or kung sino man ang nag reregulate sa kanila, hindi naman ata scam ang tawag diyan. Cguro talagang magaling lang talagang mang bola yung mga ahente nila. Ano kaya tawag sa i style nila, ang tingin ko kasi sa scam binebentahan tayo ng produkto pero wala naman. Cguro verify nlng natin sa SEC kung may produkto talaga na ganun. Ano kaya talaga ang pwedeng tawag sa kanila kung hindi scam???

  619. Posted by me-to, at Reply

    @naloko din—my point ka nga and ang alam ko insurance commission ang regulator nila. kasi diba life insurance? We should ask if legitimate sila..or totoo talaga yung product then if totoo product nila siguro nga indi natin matatawag na scam yung company kasi may product diba?

  620. Posted by naloko din, at Reply

    @me-to: ah insurance commission ba ang nag reregulate sa kanila? akala ko pa naman SEC, anyways dapat nga tanong natin sa kanila kasi tulad nga ng sinabi mo kung legitimate yan hindi natin ito dapat tawagin na scam kasi may binebenta naman talaga sila eh hindi naman fictional yung binibenta nila.

  621. Posted by bmc, at Reply

    hello. eto ako, naloko din. sana po matulungan nyo ako. yung situation ko, same as urs kaya lang, andito ako sa america ngayon. gusto ko ipapaterminate ung policy ko, i signed it last feb pa, di ko naman alam na ganito pala ito.:( i was really expecting na this is a good investment since im young but then it turned the other way around. and worst thing here is, i decided it on my own. i ddnt tell my parents about it coz i wanted it to be personal. so now im asking for your help how am i suppose to do this.

    they already deducted 14k+ on my atm card under metrobank, and my policy and all other documents are in the province (cagayan de oro) coz i sent it there before i left manila to the US. ngayon, gusto ko ma termnate ung policy, o kaya, hindi magbibigay ng pera ung bank ko. pano ko gawin un? can i write the bank to withhold any transactions with my atm card? pwede ko kayang itigil nlng ung pagbayad instead of terminating it? will it be terminated automatically if hindi ako magbabayad? and will the bank look for me if i will just close my account and at the same time hindi ko iteterminate ung policy ko? what is the best way for me to do this? please help.

    i will be home on august pa.:( so by september ko pa siguro mateterminate ung policy ko kase il be back in province with straight flight eh, from US to CDO. tapos baka september pa ako balik ng manila.:( tulong naman ho..::(

    please email me, [email protected] thanks

  622. Posted by adnes, at Reply

    sa lahat ng nagccoment ang ngrreact with regards sa mga nakakakuha ng mga plans with insurance companies na na-invite either via phone call or via approach sa mall ito lang po masasabi ko,>>>>sometimes hindi rin po nakakatulong na nagpapaniwala tayo sa sabi-sabi ng ibang tao dahil sa naging ganon din ang experience nila. with should also bve fare dun sa agent na nakausap natin the time na kumuha tayo, we should also accept the fact na minsan kumukuha tayo not because nagustuhan natin yung product but because we like the person assisting us. then afterwards pag dina natin nagustuhan magbbck-out tayo after we committed ourselves parang napaka stupid kasi ng ganong act. and besides before naman maging successful ang ganung mga transactions dapat may mga pinipirmahan din tayo which leads to them na maclose ang sale. so ang logic nun wag kang basta pumipirma sa isang bagay na hindi mo masyadong naintindihan tapos ibabato mo ang sisi sa ibang tao dahil sa kamangmangan mo.san magsilbing aral po ito sa lahat.

  623. Posted by Queenie, at Reply

    sino man mtwagan pls..,,wag po agad kau mniniwala na winner kau? any raffles or promo na u,know nman wala kau sinalihang games or any promo about sa knina lng sinasabi sa nio.alwys think na “many sa pnahon ntin e2 mga manloloko na hindi nila iniinda or hindi nlia iinisip na kung nkksakit or mali na pla ung gingawa nila?..Ginagawa nila i think dis b’coz need nilA NG MONEY?..or tlgang talamak na cla gumawa ng kalokohan.God know’s nman watever he/she doing bad sa “kapwa nila” my KARMA UNG MGA GINAGAWA NILA WRONG.i pray nlng pra mtapos na po ung gni2 scam.ipinapa-sa DIOS ko nlng po ung mga tao gumagawa ng gn2.

  624. Posted by realize, at Reply

    whatever!!!pwede nman kayong mag not interested nlang pra di magulo buhay nyo!!wawa nman kau!!belat!!!!!!!!!

  625. Posted by yawa, at Reply

    anak ng puta… son of a bitch.. yawa.. karma to prudential life philippines

  626. Posted by Greshie, at Reply

    hi reni! yeah tama ka jan… stick with your decision guys, in the end din naman mapapagod din sila kakapilit basta consistent lang ang sagot natin kahit nakukulitan pa tayo sa kanila 😀

  627. Posted by cross, at Reply

    well i guess ang problem nang ibang tao is their decision making. We should learn how to decide for ourselves. wag tayong masanay na ibang tao magdecide para sa tin. I seems naman the marketting strategy ang talaga problema nang mga nag-avail nang plan eh and the they experience it parang feeling nila naloko sila. The first instinct nila syempre mag-aalala sila then madagdagan pa ng mga nababasa nila. BEst thing to do is research..research, research then verify.

  628. Posted by God_lover, at Reply

    last april 19, 2010, nag-avail ako ng savings sa philippine prudential life at totoong dahil naainis nalang din ako. sa mga nagsasabing bobo ang mga taong nag-avail, prove it yourself dahil kung kayo ang nasa situation, masasabi niyo bang kasalanan niyo yun? mga sira ulo kayo. wala kayong alam.. yung pinakaayoko sa lahat ay yung mga taong gaya niyo na sinisi pa ang ibang tao kahit na wala silang mali. ako mismo, naranasan ko ang ma-pressure sa kanila.. sira ba ang ulo niyo? nainis na ako dun sa kumakausap sa akin kahit na i gave my best to have a good relationship with him. hindi nga scam ito pero yung sasabihin nilang magbibigay lang ng gift tapos yun pala may 45. mins. presentation pa, eh nakakaasar.. nasa mall ka at wala kang ganoong oras pagkatapos pipilitin ka pa nila. pag sinabi mong no, sasabihin pa nila na ganito. mga sira ulo kayong sinasabing kasalanan ng mga tao kung bakit nangyari sa kanila yun. yung 45 mins., naging 4 hrs., 5-6 pa ata.. ngayon, imbes na maglalaro ako, yung oras ko, napunta’t nasayang sa kanila, 2-21/2 hours yun. dalawang araw nakauwi ako ng alas dose.. wala sa plano ko ang sineserve nila. nakakaasar lang yung 45 mins., tapos 4 hours pala, hindi mo alam, ganon pala ibibigay sayo. marerealize mo nalang, gabi na.. take note, 11pm na ako nakalabas ng sm dahil sa kanila. humindi na ako pero ire-rebut pa nila yon. now, masasabi mo bang kasalanan ko yon? gabi na and all you wanted to do is to go home. kung talagang nagc-care sila sayo, hahayaan nila pag nag-no ka na oh well, i’ve learned from my experience and i am taking it as a good experience/ atleast, makakakuha na ako ng mga i.d.’s na kailangan sa work. God bless sa lahat!

  629. Posted by God_lover, at Reply

    Comment from realize
    Time: April 20, 2010, 10:46 pm

    whatever!!!pwede nman kayong mag not interested nlang pra di magulo buhay nyo!!wawa nman kau!!belat!!!!!!!!!

    the thing is, kahit na nag-not interested ka na, di ka parin nila titigilan. as in, to the point na maaasar ka na at magy-yes ka nalang. not to mention, gabi na non. as in inabot ako ng 11pm. kung talagang nagc-care sila, hahayaan ka nila. paaalisin ka nila. pero di pa tapos magsalita.. wag ka mag-alala dahil makukuha ko ang pera ko.. pag nangyari sayo ang isang sitwasyon na ikaw ang biktima, hindi mo gugustuhing sisihin ka pa dito. sana lang pinag-isipan mong mabuti yung sinabi mo dahil pag hindi mo pinag-isipan, kakarmahin ka rin.

  630. Posted by God_lover, at Reply

    I still won dahil after na nakapag-yes ako, may 15-day conformation. So know your rights lang po. Kahit naman wala yang 15-day policy, I beleive na makukuha niyo parin yang pera niyo kung gugustuhin niyo. Kayo parin ang masusunod dahil pera niyo yan. God bless po.

  631. Posted by God_lover, at Reply

    siguro hindi ko nga masisisi kung bullshit ang tingin ng iba kung may pinirmahan sa credit card nila tapos alam nilang pag pinirmahan, doon tatanggapin ng company. yan ang isang side ko na i doubt if may ganyan talagang situation dahil kasalanan na talaga ng tao yun. kaya ang aral sa mga may credit card, refuse to sign the paper/cheque, whatever you call it, if you do not like the transaction. I am writing because I wanted to help. Maaayos na yung sa akin at gusto kong makatulong sa iba. Maraming oras ang nasayang. Pera, na otherwise, hindi mo gagastusin. Sana maayos na ang lahat. Ipapasa-Diyos ko nalang ang lahat. Sa mga gustong magtuloy ng policy nila and you think that it’s a good company, ituloy niyo. I think it’s not a scam. Pero see their marketing strategy. In the end, ikaw parin ang magdedecide. Sa mga nainis, kasama niyo ako diyan. Totoong nakakainis yan. Learn something from it.

  632. Posted by Dawn, at Reply

    may nag text po sakn 09305390210 sabi Final Notification. Good Day!!! This is Abby Oropesa from PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL. You are Entitiled for 3 Exclusive Rewards and Privileges for Free are still here in our office. You need to claim and Activate it within the day, because the management will finalize all the records of our clients/recipients who don’t claim their rewards. For your claiming code which you will need to present upon claiming, you may call us exclusively in our Makati office form. Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm for further information , pls call at (02)-7551532, upon recipient of this messege. Thank you and Godbless..(Disregard this messege if claimed)

    —Totoo po ba yan? o hindi po?
    Thank you po..

  633. Posted by CJ, at Reply

    @ God_Lover: Ang dami mong sinabi pero agree naman ako, kaso hindi lang sa lahat. Agree ako sa sinabi mo na ang mga pumirma sa papel ng hindi nila alam kung ano pinipirmahan nila ay may malaking problema, at sila na ang maykasalanan doon. Pero hindi ako agree sa sinabi mo na dapat wala tayong magagawa upang matanggihan sila. Kasi we, the customers will always have the last say, Sabihin lang natin sa kanila that we do not want their product. We simply take a firm stand with our decision, I my self told them No and that no matter what they said I won’t get their product and so they let me leave and stopped bugging me. Ang aral natin dito bilang consumers ay matuto tayo mag desisyon para sa ating sarili at depensahan ang ating pananaw. Kasi maraming mga tao diyan hindi lang ang mga sales agents ang magpipilit satin gumawa ng bagay na ayaw natin, ang lesson dito ay pakita lang natin sa kanila na we are in control of our lives and that we can decidw for ourselves. Yun lang po thanks.

    @Dawn: totoo yan, legitimate naman sila eh

  634. Posted by CJ, at Reply

    !@dawn: check mo pa sa IC

  635. Posted by lenneth, at Reply

    waaaah..what to do?? it really hard for me to decide if i’m going to continue the plan or not..meron kasi ako relatives na kaavail na last last year pa, indi ko lang matandaan kung anu year sabi nang tita ko okay naman daw hindi naman daw scam yun kasi if scam daw yun malamang isa na daw sila sa mga magrereklamo. pero yung mga friends ko naman sabi much better na icancel ko na lang para daw magamit ko pa sa ibang bagay yung pera. nakapag avail last month lang. tnx

  636. Posted by lara, at Reply

    hello po sa lahat… nacharge back na po yung premium ko… i’m so happy… better kung sa main office kayo pumunta for cancellation mas mabilis ang transaction and mababait naman sila dun…

  637. Posted by Greshie, at Reply

    Agree ako sayo CJ :) Tama ung sinabi mo :)

  638. Posted by AlmostDuped, at Reply

    thank god, i read this blog before i gave out my CC details… thank you, guys, for posting… :)

  639. Posted by sad, at Reply

    hello po sa lahat iam the newest victim of this PPLIC scam.nandon po ako sa sm annex ng my lumpit po sa aking babae name nya po michellle sabi nya kung my cc ako or atm sabi ko my BDO ATM DEBIT CARD AKO then invite nya me dun sa office nila para dw manalo ng kotse at chance manalo ng $10k one of there representative bryan explain about PPLIC akala ko naman kaya ako dinala ni michelle para lang sa raffle but when bryan started to talk pra iba na pakiramadam ko scam nga ito.i try to tell him uwi na ako but he insisted savi nya try ko dw ung atm ko swipe sa machine nila para makita kung pwdi maaprovahan ung atm ko un pala agad kaltas ung 14,010 pesos ko:( ill go tomorrow to cancel also my insurance policy i wish marefund ung money ko kasi kylangan ko rin sayang!!! please give me some tips how to make a letter also to ms.ginny thanks all!!

  640. Posted by jay, at Reply

    HI..kumuha ako ng plan sa kanila, well nakakuha pala ako ng plan. I decided to continue the plan since 1,610 lang naman monthly ko so kaya ko naman yun.hihihii..wish all the best sa inyo..

  641. Posted by jovelyn, at Reply

    Hello to all,
    Hi sa lahat ako din na victim na dito sa phils prodential life insurance gusto ko rin mag cancelltion please poh tulongan niyo ako gusto ko makuha yong money ko naka kuha sila ng 57,102 sa credit card ko sana mahinto na ito para wala ng ma victim sana poh myay mag sabi paano mag cancelition alm niyo hiningi nila yong credit card ko tapos kinaltasan ng 57,102 pesos sana wala silang ma kuha sa credit card ko sana maka tulong yong imbestigador sa problem nating lahat

  642. Posted by pylip, at Reply

    Hi…I am one of those victimized yesterday in sm megamall..Its good that before the finalization of my plan the Consumer Relation Officer helped me realized that I can still cancel the transaction…on the spot i wrote my cancellation and they had voided the transaction. But, when i called my cc they told me that the cancellation is not yer posted and i have to wait for 7-10 days…the good thing was the transaction is still floating….Guyz thank you for shedding lights…i hope that this
    PPLIC realized that there methods are not ethically right.

  643. Posted by shaiya, at Reply

    Hi! Help naman po gusto ko na rin kasing ipacancel ang policy ko nag-avail ako last June 2009. Ayaw ko talagang pumayag sabi ng agent na si Tania De Leon itry ko lang daw kasi kung talagang ayaw ko after 1 year marerefund ko daw ang money ko as if para ka lang nag-save sa bank. And then hindi talaga ako convincebumalik ako after 1 week to cancel it pero wala daw akong marerefund. Ibang agent na kuma-usap sa min kasi wala daw si tania yun din ang sinabi hintayin ko na lang ang one year. Feb. nakareceive ako ng call from my agent to inform na wala na silang makuhang pera sa credit card ko tapos sabi pa nya malapit na kong mag-one year pwede ko ng makuha yung money ko. P ero nung nag-iquire na ko kung stop ko daw sya 5 thousand lang daw ang pwede kong makuha… Whattttt! bakit ganun? 1 year kong pinag-tiisang hulugan yun kasama ang interest pag-nalilate akong magbayad tapos 5k lang. Huhuhu

  644. Posted by shaiya, at Reply

    hay naku wala naman talaga akong balak mag-avail nyan nag-shopping lanh ako sa sm north nahila hila lang ako ng bading na si happy ayun na! Ang galing nila sa sales talk may pa-kotse kotse pa silang nalalaman…. hay…. sana kahit 80% man lang di ba mabalik pero mas ok kung 100% imagine sariling pera mo na nag-mamakaawa ka pa. sana nag-bank na lang ako sa bank anytime pag-may emergency makakawithdraw ka .

  645. Posted by shaiya, at Reply

    sino po ba ang president ng organization na to magtulong-tulong kaya tayo para sa tin din naman to saka kawaa naman ang iba pang mabibiktima. Lalo na ngayon malapit na election baka may makatulong sa tin pati media. Tinganan nyo ang dami dami na natin. May mga pagkakataon po ba na may gumawa ng action regarding dito?

  646. Posted by Jaycee, at Reply

    @shaiya: Kala ko wala ka talagang balak mag avail eh di bakit ka nakakuha? Dahil magaling sila mag sales talk? eh alam mo naman pala na sales talk yun eh bakit ka parin nadala sa pinagsasabi nung sales agent? Sa palagay ko lang ang may mali dun ay tayo na bilang mga pilipino. Mga pilipinong sobrang bait at kumukuha ng produkto na ayaw naman tlaga kuhain kahit alam natin na magaling mag sales talk ang mga agents. Alam mo kasi shaiya hindi natin masisisi yung mga yan kung nadala tayo sa ppinagsasabi nila kasi tulad nga ng sinabi mo alam naman natin na istyle lang nila yan upang makabenta. Marami na kasi ang ganyan magbenta ngayon siguro dala lang ng pangangailangan. Pero lahat ng desisyon ay nasa atin parin pwede tayong tunanggi.

  647. Posted by Samantha, at Reply

    ang dami nanaman nag cocoment sa Blogsite na 2. Good Job arpee for helping all these people vent out. Napadaan nanaman ako dahil may isa nanaman akong friend na nabwiset sa mga mga tao na nagbebenta at natauhan sya sa mga commnet nyo kaya hindi na sya kumuha. Payo ko lang sa lahat ng mga tao dito mag vent lang kayo ng galit at wag nyo tanim :)

  648. Posted by teban, at Reply

    @sales agent ng PPLI;
    in fairness, they are all damn good to the stake na napapa.oo nila ang tao but guys you don’t have to scam. cguro for now it will help you sa sales figures nyo but mind you things will get back to you.
    @sa mga hindi pa na bbktima;
    first, they would catch your attention by the color of your shirt, dress, bag or whatever you have and say your lucky cuz its the theme of the day. Then they will lure you to their batcave, smother you with their perks then finally to their haven na nagkalat ang mga batikang agents (plastic). bbigyan kayo ng drinks (or whatever comes with it) and then simula na ang sales talk. At first puro positve ang ibbigay nlang info na logically tama naman. Then along the conversation may isisingit silang company info + offer then balik ulit sa positive convrsation. They will ask a lot of personal questions sasabayan p ng jokes. magaling silang magsulat ng pabaliktad (letters facing to you) while talking. Watch out sa keyword na TRY. hhiramin nla ang credit card mo plus an i.d. na w/c they didn’t bother to look at all. then all of a sudden na.swipe na CC mo.
    @upon cancellation
    sa mga gustong mag.cancel try to do it as early as possible. don’t harass the agents cuz first d sila ang nag.sign up sa inyo. second they have their own metrics na they would make a save attempt once or twice. just be firm on your decision then they will hand you a paper to write your request to cancel. do it quickly otherwise ma.ppasa ka sa ibang agent and you’ll repeat from step 1. don’t forget to get a number just in case because they will refuse to entertain you without it even though they’ll say they will just call your name. Iwas pusoy o sadyang bobo lang. after that they will receive your letter and tell you na cancelled na. but no. iwas pusoy pa rin cla nyan. they will say to you na wala ang autorized person para mg.cancel ng policy. buti nlang napansin ko ung ahead sakin sa line na nakakuha ng SOA n may status n cancelled or CFI. insist for it kasi nung first attempt akng humingi nag.deny cla kasi d daw cla capable nun on my third attempt since i point the man ahead of me of what he had tsaka cla gumalaw at nagbigay. real BAD customer service.
    @PPLI management;
    i think dapat nyo baguhin business process nyo. focus kayo sa customer value rather than sa pg.hhgpit s mga sales agents. kc this agents would do and find smarter ways to get if not to deceive a client. then eventually comes to cancellation. these will give clients a very BAD experience and scatter these into words or here on the net.

  649. Posted by shaiya, at Reply

    @jaycee: Tama ka po jaycee, but ang point ko dun is yung pagpresent nila ng product na after one year makukuha mo yung money mo in full amount kung hindi mo talaga nagustuhan ang product nila. After one week bumalik ako dun para i-cancel na ayaw nila icancel pinipilit nil na makukuha ko lahat ng money ko after one year kaya naghintay ako. umpisa pa lang nagsinungaling na sila. pano ka pa magtitiwala?

    Tip ko lang po sa mga bago pa lang nakakuha ng product nila na gustong ng mag-pull out from the time na nakuha nyo yung product may 15 days allowance pa kayo pwede pa nyo ipacancel ang pplc nyo pra maremmit nyo ang full amount money nyo.

    Policy nila yan na hindi nila sinasabi sa mga client….

  650. Posted by may, at Reply

    Shaiya correct na correct k dyan misguided ka nila sa pagpresent ng product nila. Same case tayo june 2009 din ako kumuha ng pplc na yan at until now undesided pa rin ako kung anong gagawin ko at pano ko makukuha ang money ko. Nakakagigil di ba? na meet ko na rin yan happy and tania hindi ko lang matandaan yung isang girl na nakausap ko pa. Hay naku! sa umpisa ang agling nila at ang babait ang haba ng time nila para alukin ka ng product pero pag may concern ka na ayaw ka ng harapin at paghihintayin ka pa ng matagal. sna naman matapos na ang pang gogoyo nila.

  651. Posted by may, at Reply


  652. Posted by may, at Reply


  653. Posted by ivan, at Reply

    to she nabasa ko yung blog mo at nabawi mo yung money mo in full amount gaano ka na katagal na member bago ka nagpacancel? sana mabasa mo to kasi malaking bagay sa kin at lalo na sa pamilya ko kung matutulungan mo ko na mabalik ang pera mo mag-one year na rin ako since 2009 pa ako naloko ng pplc.tnx.

  654. Posted by may, at Reply

    jaycee salamat s comment mo ang laking tulong! grabe na ito siguro isa ka sa mga agent ng pplc na nagmomonitor ng blog na to. well guest ko lang yun.hehehehehe

  655. Posted by angel, at Reply

    OMG! I received a call just saying that I won some freebies because its their anniversary, like 25k life insurance and 25k educational insurance, they ask me the same requirements and also bank card or any bank statement. Im about to schedule tomorrow to go to their office. Thanks GOD I saved my credit card details. Good thing to check their website first especially the Rip-off report or scam report like this so u cannot be the next victim. Thank you guys.

  656. Posted by ivan, at Reply

    To Arpee at sa mga bloggers na nakapagrefund ng ppl.

    yung ppl ko mag-one year na kung ipapacancel ko po ba yun immediately marerefund kaya ang total amount na kiunha nila sa kin?

  657. Posted by ivan, at Reply

    sory sa typoerror ko

  658. Posted by leo, at Reply

    hi i have received call also from certain company. indi ko matandaan kung anu name nung company eh but insurance siya. Isang company lang ba gumagawa nito? kasi nabasa ko dito some were able received text and some naman calls..and iba iba gamit nila freebies. are they the same?. and if iba-iba sino ang totoo ? i mean legitimate to do such things?thank you

  659. Posted by Jaycee, at Reply

    @may: hahaha ganun ba ang dating? baka may kakilala ka dun recommend mo naman ako, para magka dagdag na income ako. haha

    @leo: Marami namang companies na tumatawag sa phone or texting messages para ma advertise ang products nila so mahirap masabi kung ang tinutukoy mo ay ang mga tinutukoy namin dito.

  660. Posted by may, at Reply

    Jaycee worried naman ako sa yo wala akong ka-close dun, apply ka na lang sa office nila im sure matatanggap ka, ang galing mo kasi. Sorry sa joke ko hindi alam na ganyan ka pala naghihirap, you need extra income to feed yourself….

  661. Posted by pylip, at Reply

    to shaiya and the rest na gustong magcancel……just read all the messages here…those who successfully cancelled and refunded their money in full shared their experienced..have the patience of reading it.

  662. Posted by shaiya, at Reply

    pylip thanks!

  663. Posted by Rai, at Reply

    So true!!! I received a text message from 09234671698 yesterday from a certain Ms. Yen then I called 7551532 kanina lang. Qualified daw ako for a life insurance til age 65 and 2 years scholarship (transferrable) from Datamex. For FREE daw, I just need to bring 3 IDs and my credit card. Super rude nung nakausap ko, asking for personal details then very demanding na pumunta ako sa office nila somewhere in Makati. Ayaw nila sabihin yung exact location hangga’t hindi raw ako sure na pupunta dahil sasayangin ko lang daw oras nung “officer” na maghihintay. I said I’m not interested tapos binababaan na ako bigla without even saying goodbye.

  664. Posted by reign, at Reply

    hi arpee tnx sa blog sobrang nk2long tlga. nka receive kc aq knina lng ng txt msg came from phil prudential life ms aifa ramos same msg kay mr well may xclusive rewards and priviledges daw aq na hindi pa na cclaim then tumawag daw aq at this no# 7551532 then 2mwag aq curious about that rewards. taka lng aq kc ask nia un id’s na meron aq 3 valid id’s needed. then i said postal pasport and voter’s id lng meron aq. sabi nia kung meron daw ba qng gngamit na credit card. i told her that i dont have a cc. then punta na lng daw aq ngyon dun sa office nila to claim my price . then i called my mom pra mag pasama sna bcoz my mom is also an agent b4, sabi nia kung tru text lng daw na reciv q its fake. pero sayang nmn db kung 22o kya i open my laptop then search on the net to confirm if its true or just a scam. then i found this site . halos lht binasa q ang dami pero mdalas sa mall cla nbibiktima. and tnx god kakabasa q meron pla q parehas na nangyari. kya thank you thank you tlga!
    i love ur site. hindi n q punta dun bukas to waste my tym. ingatz! and regards to all. sna mkuha nio na ung mga kinuha sainyo ng mga manloloko na un!

  665. Posted by JEM, at Reply


    Hello po!
    I only posted once here.. yung comment ko po last November 6, 2009, 7:24 pm (you can refer above po)

    I wasn’t able to update everyone regarding that dispute. After all the waiting…. mine has been resolved. Thanks to HSBC. I think that was around the 1st week or 2nd week of April when I received the charge-back for the entire amount plus credits for finance charges coz i’ve been paying my card in full.

    I sent a written request to PHILAM PLANS main office in Manila and in Cubao re: my request for the cancellation with the details of what really happened to me. (sent them through LBC Nov9, 2009) I received a call from the main office around Nov 11 and i was told they will investigate on it. I faxed to HSBC all the necessary docs/receipts/letters form philam plans that will be helpful to expedite the process of my dispute. HSBC rep also advised me to change my account number, which i did that same month (Nov2009). A few calls every now and then to check the status, then i got tired of it. when i checked in April i was surprised that everything was credited back to my HSBC credit card.

    I hope all of us will learn from this. Especially ME. :) before buying anything or getting yourself to anything that involves your hard-earned money, make a RESEARCH first. listen to what others have to say. make sure you’re not being deceived. take time to validate, to evaluate all the details when you can. Coz in the end, we will be the ones who’ll be at the losing/winning end, right? :)

    Let’s pray for the others who were victims of these companies, that will win and recover their losses. hope no one will be added to the victims.

    *sighs* i really feel better now. i guess this will be my last comment here. for the others, feel free to send me a personal message at the email address i indicated above.

    God Bless you and your families!


  666. Posted by rin, at Reply

    i was invited din sa sm pampanga. may nagpresent din sakin regarding sa insurance nila. but i said i’m not interested to avail kasi hindi ko talaga priority ngaun ang insurance kasi dami ko bayarin. medyo mapilit nga yung agent eh pero sinabing kong hindi talaga ako interesado pa sa ngaun stick lang sa decision nyo po. they can’t do anything if ayaw nyo talaga.

  667. Posted by imu, at Reply

    hello to all bloggers and commentator of this site. First i want to thank you guys for giving ways and advises to resolve same problems. Dhil sa inio napacancel ko po un incurance ku and i was able to file s dispute to HSBC. Nkakahiyang aminin but i am also a victim of the PPLIC. Inde po s pgmamayabang pero inde tlga aku madaling maniwla s mga offers like this but i don’t know how it happened na I voluntarily gave may CC and let them swipe it and signed all the their documents. I felt it was a hypnotism that I can’t speak wat my mind is thinking. Agent named Nornell Gallardo had actually difficulty in convincing me. How did I know?? Coz he told me obvious lies. Sbi nia Owner of BDO and PPLIC is the same, its Henry Sy daw. Of course I don’t believe him. Sinita ku din un flyer nila bkt wlang DTI permit. PAti pag inum sa iced tea khit alam kong inde dpat inumin napainum din aku ng konte.lhat n ata ng pagdududa nasambit ku n s agent pero still nabiktima p din aku. What a F***k strategy!!!!

    I read an article that SEC revokes the pre-need plans of PPLIC but there’s a comment from their representative that they will still continue in offering their service. Bkt kaya ito pinayagan???? As per diffrent arcticles I’ve read, ang dating Family First ay naging Danvil at ngaun PPLIC na????? yet they still operate huh?????

    S mga new victims, just follow the abovemenioned advise and ways to resolve our problem. pinagdugtong dugtong ku lhat yan and made my time plan first. And now I’m p waiting for 30-45 working days pra nman macharged back from HSBC.
    Actually the frst thing I did was to cut my CC and never replaced it. CC is useful but it needs a very systematic and careful utilization eh. nadala na ku so i cut-it na.sna lng wlang bad effect ang ginawa kong un.

    If anyone there know the efefct of wat i did, please post it here..


  668. Posted by cheri, at Reply

    they are also operating here in SM CEBU and we are planning to complain sa SM management. they should not tolerate PPLIC kasi SM masisira din coz they are in most of SM branches. muntik na din kami maloko nitong PPLIC nung sunday – May 09, 2010. sobrang abala.. we went to sm para kumain at tumingin ng stuffs for my sis wedding kaso hinarang kami ng bading agent named Chevas Colon and the agent who orient me was named Padz. inexplain sa akin ung plan nila tas kinoconvince ako na magcheck if i qualify.. sabi nila bank to bank transaction daw tas sabi ko wala pang laman card ko magdedeposit pa ako, sabi ba naman nung Padz tumatanggap din daw sila ng cash.. sobrang mapilit sila but we were firm in saying NO. nakakabadtrip lang kasi nga sobrang nagutuman kami coz sabi 45 mins lang daw but it took us more or less 3hrs there. bwisit talaga yang PPLIC… dapat matigil na panloloko nila.. Thank God d kami naniwala coz we needed the money talaga.. ang sama nila.. mga walang konsensya!! sana mangyari din sa kanila ung ginagawa nila sa mga taong niloloko nila..

  669. Posted by giegs, at Reply

    what happened to ms. ginny sta. maria? i’ve heard she’s dead? How true is it? I was a victim also of this plan but I already got my refund thru this lady. Kc I found her “mabait” naman and nice unlike the other people na agent ng plan na to.

  670. Posted by FB, at Reply

    Hi to all!
    I just want to share na naibalik na sa CC ko ang P 9,835 noong April 26, as per my inquiry sa HSBC agent a while ago… hind pa ako nag follow up nyan, from the date na na cancel ang policy ko. Kaya sa mga gusto ipa cancel ang kanilang sapilitang insurance plan/policy… paki back read na lang sa mga earlier posts para sa may guidelines kayo.

    saan mo nabalitaan yang si miss ginny sta. maria ay patay na? Sana hindi totoo yan no, kahit na biro pa. I also found her nice and down to earth, kahit hindi kami nagkausap ng pumunta ako sa office nila para mag cancel ng policy.

  671. Posted by FB, at Reply

    May correction pala dito sa address … ADB building yon at hindi EDB building…


    PHILIPPINE Prudential Life
    Insurance Company, Inc.
    Suite 305-308, 3rd Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower,
    ADB Avenue corner Garnet & Sapphire Roads,
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

    RE: Cancellation of Insurance Policy # PPLxxxxxx

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Please take this letter as a formal request to cancel my insurance policy and stop all charges to my Credit Card (company) from your company. Please make this effective as of DATE OF EFFECTIVITY. I also request written confirmation of this cancellation, as soon as possible.

    Your Name
    Address & Signature

    Include nyo na sa letter niyo ang reason for cancellation para hindi na kayo pasulatin pa ng taong tatanggap ng letter nyo sa office ng PPLIC.

  672. Posted by FB, at Reply

    ay sorry ibig kong sabihin, ADB Avenue hindi EDB Avenue.

  673. Posted by Jaycee, at Reply

    @cheri: Buti naman napahayag mo sa kanila na ayaw mo makuha ang produkto nila.

  674. Posted by cool, at Reply

    This is my first time na mag comment dito. I was able to received na rin yung refund ko..okay naman po mababait naman sila. i just explained my side why i need to cancel the policy, not that i was force to avail but because of my obligation. I found the product good naman. be attentive na lang po sa stragtery nila but product wise, i think its good naman. just give them your cooperation and have patience na lang. I think they doing their best naman to handle all clients to minimize the negative notation sa kanila. Since marami na rin nagclaim dito na narefund nila pera nila proof na yun na they are attending to every client..godbless to all..

  675. Posted by cheri, at Reply

    @jaycee – oo nga. pero paikot ikot na ung usapan namin. pabalik balik na yung sinasabi ko na ayaw ko talaga magcompromise kasi nga mas kelangan namin ngayon ung pera. and i told him na pwede naman akong mag save if talagang gugustuhin ko since may savings account na naman ako sa bank. ayaw pa rin tumigil, bigay na naman ng ibang options. but we were firm talaga na ayaw namin. ayun nga after more or less 3hrs eh tumigil din, nakarealize siguro na d nya talaga kami mapilit biglang nag iba ang tono niya at biglang sinabing “makakalabas na po kau mam”.. yun nga lang sobrang nagutuman na kami.. my sis was so pissed off. we’re still planning to complain sa SM management kasi bat inaallow nilang magkaroon ng tenant na gaya ng PPLIC. nakakaistorbo sa shoppers eh. at marami na din akong nababasang complains na mga taga CEBU din.

  676. Posted by HANS, at Reply

    Hello everyone. I am hoping anyone could give me an advise on how am I going to cancel my plan. I had been paying to this company for a year now. And I am planning to cancel my plan. Please anyone who can advise me on this.

  677. Posted by MEL, at Reply

    Aq din nabiktima ng SCAM nayan… Malas q dahil Birthday q Pa nman ngaun….. Napilitan aq mag Avail ng MERCI life insurance na nayan… 21 yrs. old lang aq… kakatapus q lng umatend ng misa sa megamalll ng may lumapit na bading pangalan GLEN na nag alok ng raffle… cnu ba naman hndi makakatanggi eh ang premyo HONDA CITY na kotse… nag tanung xa kung may credit card aq… aq nman c engot umoo nman…. aun tpus cnama aq sa kaduluduluhan ng NORTHWING LEVEL 5 .SABE PA 45 MINS LANG DAW… Aun na sinalestalk aq muntik paq mag avail ng Endowement Saving nayan…… atauhan aq kaya d aq pumayag….. peru naholdap parin aq kc nag avail nman aq ng MERCI LIFE INSURANCE….. totoo kya itong life insurance nyan???? buti nlang daq napapayag na mag avail ng Endowement Savings naya….

  678. Posted by honest, at Reply

    i think its not a scam, its just a good marketing strategy. the secret is 2 trust them and 2 trust that ur money is in gud hands. after all, pera nyo pa rin un at may right kau na kunin ung pera nyo anytym.. GODbless everyone..

  679. Posted by Bel, at Reply

    Kindly help me kung sino man ang nkka alam sa inyo kung papano k e cancel ung na avail kung Philippine Prudential Insurance Company SM Fairview branch yesterday at mabalik yung 27K n kinaltas sa credit card k .ang di k lng gsto kahit ng aalangan ako n ibigay k credit card at gsto k n umuwi dahil ng aantay misis k ng tulungan pa rin sila pra ma convinced ako.Now k lng nbsa mga comments nyo.Paalis n ako sa ibang bansa at gsto k sna ma settle ito bago ako bumalik.thnks and regards.God Bless….

  680. Posted by cheri, at Reply

    @Bel – read the previous posts… sundin mo lang ung mga advice nila.. may napost na din na sample cancellation request.. Goodluck sa u..

  681. Posted by mel, at Reply

    hindi q xa kyang tanggapin na marketing strategy… panggigipit ung ginawa ng philippine prudential life saki nung may 16….. even ung mga katrabhu q nabiktima dn cla ne2ng pekeng insurance company na2… hindi nga cla accredited ng Security of Exchange Comission eh…..

  682. Posted by cheri, at Reply

    andami na pala talagang naloko ng PPLIC… so why SM is allowing PPLIC to operate there? alam ba ng SM kung anong ginagawa ng PPLIC? just wondering… coz they are located in most SM branches..

  683. Posted by kimi, at Reply

    @ mel— your right indi po talaga xa accredited ng security and exchange commission..I did some asking and found na pag life insurance they are under insurance commission which higher than security and exchange commission. I called Insurance Commission and found na rin na ang sec is under IC na rin. Much better daw pag handle IC and isang insurance company because they undergone a lot of masusing proseso kung talaga pwede ka magbenta ng insurance. un sabi nila..then found ko rin na ang inaacredit ng sec eh ung mga pre-need daw..I dont know the difference..

  684. Posted by mitch, at Reply

    @mel: Hindi ko alam kung saan based yang mga pinagsasabi mo pero pag binasa mo yung mga comments dito it has already been said na philippine prudential life is a legitimate insurance company. Under daw sila ng Insurance commission na nag reregulate sa lahat ng insurance companies. Nung pumunta ako sa site ng insurance commission may pdf file dun na nakalagay ang list ng mga liscensed na insurance companies sa pinas at ika nga nandun ang pangalan nila. Nakakainis lang talaga at ang mga tao ay hindi nagbabasa ng mga comments dito basta nalang mag popost ng kung anu-ano.

    @cheri: sa palagay ko kaya pumapayag ang sm na mag operate sila kasi legitimate na companya naman sila at ang produkto naman nila ay totoo, at hindi isang scam. May insurance policy naman tayong nakuha nung buili tayo hindi tulad nung mga pyramid scam na nakadali sakin dati yun ang scam talaga. anyways at least better ito kesa nung nadali ako sa mga pyramid scam. hehe

  685. Posted by Samantha, at Reply

    Just learn to say no guys lalo na pag ayaw nyo tlga.. buy lang kayo ng insurance pag sure na kayo you can afford it kasi makaka2long tlga kasi in case of emergencies. ingat kayo gus god bless..

  686. Posted by pat, at Reply

    nabiktima din ako ng pplic nung may 13. grabe para akong nahypnotized. kahapon napacancel ko n ung plan and tumawag cla for final decision. sabi ko final n un. w8 lng daw ako ng 30-45 days para maibalik sa cc ko ung 8935 n nacharcge sa cc ko. hayszzz.

  687. Posted by shelley, at Reply

    hi! i also made a similar post from my site..please feel free to read:

    **Some notes**
    *If they could try engaging in a small talk, so would you! Try to get to know the person you are talking to as well. In my case, Myrna (the agent) was trying to get to know a little bit of my background, so try to get hers! They would NEVER refuse to answer any personal questions. Use your own interrogation to your advantage when they start making sales, to make them fall for their own trap!

    *Make your own research. Instead of experiencing it first-hand (which I totally do NOT recommend), use resources like the internet and read for consumer feedback.

    * By all means, ignore the people handing out flyers, or the ones that look like people offering you credit cards, unless you really need one.

    * ANY investment should be well-thought of. It is not an IMMEDIATE decision that could change your life. REFUSE if really unsure. No gentle push backs! The offer will STILL be available should you decide to push through with it.

    * Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD and DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! You may not know that you may be signing an authorization to use your card for a transaction that you may be unaware of.

    Thanks po.. :)

  688. Posted by honest, at Reply


    This is once and for all. I had similar cases with the others who posted their comments on this blog. Actually, I searched a lot throughout the web and other blogs concerning this insurance company – PPLIC (Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company) after nag-avail ng policy nila. Heto po ang na experience ko:

    Sunday iyon, pumunta ako ng SM upang mang grocery sana. Sa bungad pa lang, isa babae, at naka suot na parang ‘dark-green-office-attire’ ang biglang lumapit at nagtanong if more than 18 years old na ang edad ko. So I say “oo” then she asked if I have CC(credit card) or ATM. Sabi ko, “ATM lang dala ko.” “Ay! Entitled kayo ng raffle ticket na pwedeng manalo ng Honda car at pwde pa maglaro ng slot na may winning jackpot na $10,000.” Yun yung sinabi ng babae sa akin nung sinabi ko na may dala akong ATM. WOW!!! Napa wow ako, “sige” sabi ko. Sinamahan ako papunta sa pinakalower ground floor ng SM with matching pa “chika-chika” style pa sa akin. Pagpasok, pinakitaan ng mga freebies or gift items like tumbler, wall clock, payong, magic pillow at kung anu-ano pang regalo na aking pagpipilian na pwede kong iuwi. Pagkatapos, inalok pa ng ice-tea or water. At that point, feeling ko parang VIP ako. Sa buong life ko, doon ko naranasan na parang big time ako, na parang super star o di kaya very famous ka na ini-entertain ako nang bonggang bonga!. Sabi nila, 45 minutes lng daw kailangan ng time ko, orientation lang para sa company nila para makilala lang daw. At voila! May raffle ticket ka na to win Honda Car, slot game to win $10,000 at may free gift items ka pa. Sosyal! Mukhang mayaman ang company na ito, sabi ko sa sarili ko. Sa loob, ang 45 mins naging 1 hour, na naging 1 hour and 30 mins na umabot sa 3 hours mahigit!.To make the very long long long so looooong story short.. naavail ko yung policy nila. Swipe, debit, pinakilala sa audience using the microphone, pinalakpakan, shake hands, nagpirma, lumabas at umuwi. Para akong na hypnotize! KALOKA!!!
    Nung umuwi ako sa bahay, dun ko narealize lahat. Ang lahat lahat incuding this blog.

    Here’s my reflection:

    5 years to pay, 10 years to wait pa para makuha ang money mo, that’s the total of 15 years. Think about it, 10 years??? 10 years is no joke. Malayo na ang marating ng pera mo sa 10 years. Kung itototal mo lahat lahat, parang mas lugi ka pa sa sobrang baba ng perecentage ng interes nila. It is much better to have it invest na lang sa mga business opportunity na pwedeng madouble or ma triple o much higher pa ang money mo within that 10 years. It is a good reason to say na “insured” ka naman habang dun ang money mo. But the question is: are you SAVING? Or LUGI ka pa? Kasi iniinsist nila na more on SAVING ang concern ng company nila. I DOUBT ABOUT IT. PPLIC is not perfect sa mga taong sabihin natin low-income. PPLIC is good sa may malalaking pera, sa may nagmamay-ari ng big establishment, sa mga high-income company or firm, which, kailangan nila na mainsure ang pera nila ‘coz they’re holding millions of pesos. They need trust funds. Ikaw? May millions ka ba? Then PPLIC is one of your options.

    The method or strategy na kanilang ginagamit is some sort na ‘madiskarte’. Sa mga nagsasabi na scam, pardon me but it is not. Let’s call it “madiskarte tactics” to attract more clients or more customer upang makilala sila. No question about it. However, at some sort of a point, THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ONE’S INNOCENCE. Na tipong niloloko ka na, na pini-praise nang pini-praise ka na maganda ka, or mayaman ka or kung anu ano pang pambobola. Raffle, big prizes, free gift items, perfect location like SM Malls, then that’s it. Perfect combination upang ipahiwatig na very reputable ang company nila since they are operating sa mga SM malls, which, tayo naman, basta sa SM malls, bihira yong may nanloloko, tapos go and go rin tayo. They are very formal even to their dresses and physical appearance. Kudos to them, datapuwat, the POWER OF CHOICE is still yours. After 2 days, since close sila on Monday, bumalik ako Tuesday at pina CANCEL ko yung policy ko. I realize PPLIC is not the best for me, or even sa inyo. You have 15 days to decide if you satisfied with their policy. I am very sad and sympathize ako sa mga taong much worse pa kaysa sa akin since yung iba, CC pa yung nagamit sa kanila at yung much worse pa, ilang years na sa PPLIC at wish na ipacancel. I know for a fact na may kaltas na at malaking waste of time kung tutuusin. Sa gustong magpacancel sa mga wala pang 15 days, bumalik kayo sa office nila sa mall kung saan kayo nagkaavail ng policy. (By the way, “policy” yung ginagamit nilang term since they are calling you as their “policy holder” ng kanilang company) Sabihin ninyo na mag-INQUIRE muna kayo but BUO ANG DESISYON ninyo na icacancel pala ninyo yung policy. In other words, huwag ninyo sabihin agad na magcacancel kayo, sabihin ninyo na mag-iinquire muna kayo since wala kayong naintindihan sa policy. Kasi pag sinabi mo na magcacancel kayo, baka echapwera agad kayo at hini papansinin. Tip ko lang ito sa inyo. But in the end, gusto mo na lang magpacancel. You have your reason. Pwede mong sabihin na, marami ka pang priority sa life mo, na low-income ka lang at hindi mo kaya ang Php 1,610 every month, pwede mong sabihin na marami pa namang time at pwede ka pang bumalik total ang office nila ay sa mall lang naman. Again, I repeat: YOU HAVE THE POWER na pwede mong icancel since PERA mo yong nakuha nila. Don’t leave the office na hindi nacancel ang policy mo. Marami rin silang delaying tactics at 3 to 4 pa na tao ang kakausap sayo hanggang sa manager nila at magtatanong na bakit mo ipacancel. Be aware din na magsasabi sila na i-down grade mo na lang but, heto ang malaking BUT, if you decide na cancel na talaga, DO NOT ACCEPT ang down grade na sinisabi nila. That could be your another problem. Again, don’t leave their office if hindi nacancel yung policy mo. Sabihin nyo na wala na kayong time at kailangan mo ang pera na nakuha nila. TALK to them and INSIST that you want to cancel, but to do it with gentleness and respect. Bear in your mind: CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL, but do it politely. In my case, I gonna wait 30-45 days para ma refund yong pera ko. Its just okay,.I have no worries na since napacancel ko na at hindi na ako oblige na magbayad ng Php 1,610 for 7 years. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik sa likod. Thank you so much guys… I hope that what I posted here will be used as a good reflection sa inyong lahat. GOD bless everyone!!!


  689. Posted by aldrin asuncion, at Reply

    tnx for this info… just now i received a msg from abby oropesa… i try to search some info about this girl… hehehe… when i type her name ang lumabas …. Philippine Prudential Life Scammers!!! hehehehe… pero wala din namansila mapapala sakin… wala ako kahit isa sa requirements nila….

  690. Posted by rene, at Reply

    @honest: haha natawa ako sa post mo, na huwag inumin ang iced tea nila haha, sa palagay ko wala talagang pang hypnotize yun at napabili tayo dahil dun hehe. Anyways, agree ako sa sinabi mo na hindi nga scam ang kanilang ginagawa kasi nga alam naman natin na legitimado naman ang produkto nila at nag eexist naman talaga yung insurance policy na binili natin. Tulad nga ng sabi mo sales strategy lang nila yan, lalo na sa panahon ngayon na tag-hirap ang mga sales agents na yan na malamang commision based nagsusumikap makabenta. Hindi lang ako agree na “Taking advantage of ones innocence” ang ginawa nila kasi tayo din naman nambobola eh hehehe. Anyways, totoo yung sinabi mo na nasa atin parin ang choice kung kukuha tayo ng produkto nila or hinde. Nasa atin din ang choice kung papacancel natin ang plan o hindi. Para sakin hindi ko pinacancel kasi sa panahon ngayon na madalas nalalagay sa news na marami ang nalalagay sa aksidente mas mabuti na na may back up plan ako para sa aking pamilya kung may mangyari man sakin *knocks on wood* hehehe. PEACE 😀

  691. Posted by mcad, at Reply

    hello. navictimized din ako knina. please help me gusto ko na magcancel ng PPLIC.

  692. Posted by shaiya, at Reply

    mcad pwede mo pa yang ipacancel gawa ka lang ng cancellation letter. may 15 days allowance ka pa para ipacancel yan from the time na kinuha mo yung pplc nasa policy nila yan. basa basa k lang ng tips sa mga blog na to.

  693. Posted by JJ, at Reply

    ask ko lng pwede pa bng macancel khit with in 2 months kanang naka avail?last feb. 26 kc ako eh pwde pa b yun?

  694. Posted by rin, at Reply

    @ mel–with regard sa ice tea, ano paranoia lang nang iba yun..kasi when the time na nagpacancel ako uminom naman ako ng ice tea nila. if may nilalagay sila dun di dapat ng nagbago na isip ko at hindi ko na xa pinacancel diba? but dapat ingat pa rin sa lahat ng bagay.

  695. Posted by honest, at Reply

    @rene.. hehe.. tip q lang na wag inumin yung tea.. hehe.. malay natin, may nilalagay cla na kugn anu-ano hehe.. gudluck sa you sa pg-avail mo na policy nila. Again, the POWER OF CHOICE ay sa atin pa rin. but 4 me, PPLIC is not the best 4 me. gudluck sa ba, if you think na doubt kayo sa PPLIC, better na ipacancel nyo nlg just like what i did. Godbless every1!!!

  696. Posted by megz, at Reply

    sa totoo lng nagpacancel din ako… bale 4 na tao ung kumausap sa kin, ang pnakalast ung manager nila and then ang offer sa kin downgrade nga, means to say mababa ang makukuha ko. that time nag init ang ulo ko lumabas ako sa room and then nagsisigaw ako infront of many clients outside..hangang sa may lumapit na isang girl sa kin ang sabi nia 30-45days ko p daw makukuha ang full amount… grabe inantay p nila ko magwala para lng maibalik full..hirap mag antay im still waiting for 30-45days…sana maibalik nila unT_T

  697. Posted by honest, at Reply

    @megz. nagwala talaga? haizt.. control your temper. ganyan tlga jan sa PPLIC, gus2 pa nila i down grade. ako, I insist 2 dem na hindi ko kelangan yung down grade nila. Again, its our choice. but i do suggest, cancel nyo nlg since hindi nman mainam ang mga offers ng PPLIC. invest nyo nlg ang money nyo. try nyo sa BDO. maraming offers cla. Godbless every1

  698. Posted by bitz, at Reply

    hi guyz i availed their endowmnt policy nung may 18 lng.. i found this blog knabukasan, may 19.. i went to sm north wer i got d policy.. sbe xken nde rw nla magaguarantee na mare2fund xaken ung full amt na knuha nla dhil nde rw enough valid na dhil sa negativ feedbcks na nbsa cu eeh ipa2cancel cu na ung polcy.. i decided to contnue d polcy nlng.. im still so bothered bout this.. sh*t !! help po pls..

  699. Posted by honest, at Reply

    @bitz. hey bitz, bkit hindi mrefund ung money mo? eh in the first place wala pang 15 days ka nung huling nag avail. i do suggest na bumalik ka and INSIST na ICANCEL ung policy mo since ayaw mo. Sbihin mo “its my right to cancel this policy since I am not satisfied with your policy. Thats it. Period.” clear na clear sa pinirmahan mo na may 15 days ka pa not to avail the policy. Be STRONG sa pagsalita at ISIPIN mo, money mo yung kinuha nila. Magpasama ka ng mga kaibigan na mataray at may alam sa larangan na ito. Wag sayangin ang pera sa hindi mo gustong i avail. You have time pa, so DO IT na. NOW na!

  700. Posted by pylip, at Reply

    @bitz. go back there and inquire about the plan….tell them that u can’t afford the plan even they will downgrade it….insist that you have your rights to cancel it and you will make a report to the Insurance Commission about the matter…goodluck

  701. Posted by islandrose, at Reply

    Ingat kayo sa SM megamall sana ako mabibiktima nito..nun thursday (May 20) mabuti nalang d ako nadala sa panloloko ng mga nandun..i remembered yun name nun kumausap sakin was FRANCIS XAVIER..i dont know if its his real name and he is a UP DILIMAN psych grad DAW!…infairness magaling talaga sya magconvince kasi madami pa sya namention na mga artista na nag avail nun pero sorry nalang..d ako mabilis nacoconvince sa mga bagay na yan…so please mag ingat nalang kayo sa mga nag tatanong about credit cards..

  702. Posted by ross anne, at Reply

    hi..may nagtext sakin from Philippine Prudential at nanalo daw ako ng rewards and privileges.. tumawag ako sa kanilang office at di nila masagot ng maaus ang tanong ko kung pano nila nakuha ang no. ko at kung may permit b cla from DTI…
    nagtatanong din ung Trixie kung may valid IDS ako at Credit Cards, lalo akong nagduda.. nabasa ko p mga comments nio.
    Ingat tayo, mukang mas madami ang manloloko nowadays.

  703. Posted by megz, at Reply

    @honest uu d ko na kc tlaga matiis eh..kaya dun ako nag voice out in front of their clients…hahaha! can’t see myself na mgagawa ko nga un e.. now, i’m still calling in head office to make follow ups.. mdami nman nagsasabi d2 na nkukuha tlaga…hayzzzz God help us^_^

  704. Posted by gotwoot, at Reply

    Hi kahapon nakapag avail ako ng plan nila then nung kinausap ko family ko pag kauwi ko sabi skin i pa cancel ko na then basa ako dito. Kaninang hapon pumunta ako sa SM North Edsa para i pa cancel na yung premium ko sabi nila hindi ko na daw pwede i pa cancel.. please help me namn po kung panu po gagawin ko po.

  705. Posted by honest, at Reply

    @gotwoot. pwede mo ipacancel yan, read mo lng ibang suggest d2. i do suggest, bumalik ka dun sa SM north then IPAKITA mo dun yung nkalagay na 15 days free look period heto ang nakasaad dun:

    it is very clear nman na pwde mo icancel. so go bak ka dun. i do suggest also i photocopy mo yung docs na nabgay sau pra may copy just in case umabot sa korte yan. hehe.. be firm sa pgsagot na ayaw mo yung policy nila since d mo kaya or ayaw mo yung policy. dats it. period. kaya mo yan. do it wisely but firmly and with gentleness and respect. Godbless every1!!!

  706. Posted by gil, at Reply

    Muntik na din ako mabentahan nitong mga ito kahapon sa SM north. Tumagal din ako dun sa office nila dun sa isang sulok sa may annex ang dami ng tao dun. Ang galing galing talaga nila mag sales talk, buti nalang naisip ko wala akong pera pambayad hehehe, tapos sinabi ko wala akong extra income to alot for insurance. Nag offer sila ng mas mura na insurance pero in the end dumikit lang ako sa desisyon ko at pinaalis naman nila ako hehehe at least may nakuha akong payong. Dapat lang talaga wag tayo ma pressure sa mga agente na yan nasa atin parin ang huling salita. We will always have the LASt say hehe

  707. Posted by HAZEL, at Reply

    I want to convince my self na kaylangan ko nga ang PPLI. Siguro nga magaling si Jomar na giging Jona (nagsales talk) at si Angelo na Angel daw pag gabi (nangaalok ng raffle car).Kabadtrip kasi sb nga 45 mins lang daw e inabot km ng 4-5 hours sa loob. Aware ako about the debits and i signed it.Pro d tlg ko mkatulog pag naiisip kong nawalan ako ng 14+++ ng harap-harapan.I researched about this company at first i convinced my self that it is a well established one kc nga umabot na cila ng more than 60 years. Kaso to think na nakakaloko nga ang strategies nila to convince the client, ano pang mga mas nakakalokang strategy and susunod for 15 yrs na member nga ako. I will cancel the plan ASAP.Ok lang maghintay ng 30-45 days para maibalik ang pinaghirapan ko. Mas mbuti na un kesa sa 15 yrs n hndi ako makatulog. Sana matuto na tayong magsabi ng NO lalo pat di tayo sure sa pinapasok natin.

  708. Posted by Sandra Ventura, at Reply

    hai guys..plss help me kung pano ipacancel ung policy??? khapon lng din ako naloko ng company na to…Im from tuguegarao city pa nman..dont know wat to do na tlga…ang lake ng kinuha sakin eh 52000,,,,kung cno man po ang concern jan,..txt me plssssss..09262562888…..para matanong ko nmn po sainyo regarding d [rocess of cancellation,…dont have my laptop hir iniwan ko eh kya nakinet lng ako naun sa kapitbahay,..plssss plss do txt me…have to log out na po,….tnx sa mga tutulong….godbless u

  709. Posted by Sandra Ventura, at Reply

    dis is my smart no pla 09995202849…plss guys text and do help me,,..

  710. Posted by vojo, at Reply

    Hi L&G, PHIL. PRUDENTIAL sent a txt message to me , Here is the message.
    FINAL NOTIFICATION: Gud day! This is Nathalie De Guzman from PHIL. PRUDENTIAL. Your 3 Exclusive Reward and Privilages for FREE are still here in our office. you need to claim and Activate Today because the management will finalize all the records of our clients/recipients who dont claim their rewards. For your Claming Code which you will need to present upon claiming; you may Call us exclusively in our Makati Office from 9-5pm for further information. Ito po ang kayang cp No. +639185787772. sana throught this number matigil na ang scam na ito. thanks

  711. Posted by bitz, at Reply

    @honest & pylip.. kei kei pu.. tnx sa advice ahh.. nde cu lam kng bket acu napa-oo sa policy natu.. haist.. wil kip u posted guyz..

  712. Posted by Roxy, at Reply

    Hi Guys, I just received exactly the same message Vojo above received. Then I called the landline number indicated on the text message. A girl named Camille told me that I won an insurance and sort of an educational plan and a raffle ticket….. I never realized na this is sort of a scam pala…. buti nalang hindi ako pumunta.

  713. Posted by mel, at Reply

    alam nyo dalawa ang naglalaro sa isip ko nung mabasa ko ang blog na e2 mula una comment hanggang dulo,,myron nagsabi na naloko cla,,myron nman na ok lang na ituloy ,,sa company diskarte ang pinairal nla para makakuha sila ng costumer,,ang akin lang kung talagang d ka rin nagkainteres sa mga raffle nla d tayo maloloko at dapat bgo muna mag go pagaralan muna ang mga hakbang kc sa huli talaga ang pagsisisi,,sa isang banda ikaw pa din ang magdesisyon kung tutuloy mo,,o ilagay na lang sa ibang negosyo kung d tayo mkahintay ng taon ok sana kung sobra sobra ang pera mo,,ako member ako sa ibang pre needs company,,nung una kc ok sa akin kc magavail ng product ang sarili ko naisip ko,,kc pagedad ko,,maganda pa work ko that time,,ngaun bigla nawala ang work ko wala na ako panghulog ,,minsan gipit ako nagdadalawa isip ako kc nanghihinayang ako sa nahulog ko kc half na lang tapus na,,at ngaun naisip ko na kunin na lang kc kaylangan ko kahit d na full bgay sa akin,,sa mga nkaavail na at d pa nakakuha, kayo po ang my kapangyarihan sa gagawin nyo kung sa palagay nyo tama gagawin nyo wag kayo magdalawang isip.

  714. Posted by honest, at Reply

    GODbless guys,,,, mga pagsubok lng yan. Kung ano ang nasa puso nyo, sundin nyo.. well, base on my experience, PPLIC is NOT the best insurance u can avail. if u think sa tactics plang nila na pagkuha ng clients ay doubt na kau, much better cancel nyo na lng o di kaya humanap nlng iba o di kaya huwag mo na kayo mag avail ng insurance if hindi pa ninyo kaya in a sense na evry month eh magbabayad kau. tpos f kailangan mo ung pera at wala pa sa maturity date eh kaltas pa ang mkukuha nyo.. sugest ko lng yan guys… but I think it is true nman ung mga sinabi q…
    PPLIC is NOT the best. Period.

  715. Posted by vivi, at Reply

    my sister experienced that also and she got angry, sa tagal ng daldal hanggang na hypoglycemic na sya. then i was victimized recently, sa dami daming explanation nila and telling pa na how could the sm city will give them the place kung hindi sila legal. ang pinagtataka ko lang na mag ipon as what they called as endownment savings na magbayad ka sa same account mo gamit ng credit card. nong narinig ko yon paalis na ako then dumating ang manager and convnced me again, but i finally walked out without swiping any card. ang worry ko lang until now ay nabigay ko lahat na mga details ko about myself, address, benificiary etc. but still they are there convincing people everyday na naka office attire pa sila – ang theme nila ay tulong lang po sa kanila. hope na presence of mind lang in dealing with these kind of marketing.

  716. Posted by jill, at Reply

    ang dami namang mga comment sa blog na ito. Alam niyo nung nabasa ko ito na realize ko na ako din ang may kasalanan kaya napabili ako ng produkto nila. Kasi hindi naman nila ako ni require bumili e. Makulit lang sila talaga mag benta pero sino ba naman ang hindi ganun lalo na kung sales ang trabaho mo. Pag wala kang benta wala kang kita. Hindi naman nila kasalanan at magaling sila mag small talk at na papabili tayo. Na realize ko din naman na ako naman ang nag baka sakali na manalo ako sa raffle nila eh yun ang ginawa ko na dahilan para sumama ako hahaha. Sa tingin ko nasa atin parin naman ang desicion kung bibili tayo. Kaya hindi ko din masabi na niloko nila ako, kasi hindi naman nila ako niloko eh, binentahan nila ako at dahil magaling sila mag salita bumili ako. Hindi naman totaly bad yung experience eh atleast natutunan ko na dapat hindi ako bumigay sa pressure selling nila. haha yun lang po ang gusto kung sabihin.hehe Gud luck nlng po sa inyo 😀

  717. Posted by jade, at Reply

    ako kaninang alas dos lang ako ng hapon naloko…hayy nag swipe ako ng cc ng 16,200.00. Ang sabi nila e i checheck lang daw kung approve or not nabigla kao bakit lumabas na ung merchant and customers copy and papasign na sakin tapos nung magrereklamo na ako dumating ung manager tapos kinonvince nia ako then napilitan akong sumang ayon kse sabi nila for savings lang daw..paglabas ko ng SM pampanga na realize ko na parang naloko ata ako dun sa policy nila kaya sinearch ko sa google ung name nila then i found out na marami rin pla silang naloko!! tapos tumawag ako sa BMO Canada para ireport na pina boblock ko na ung cc ko kse na scum ako. Paalis na ako ng canada sa linggo may 26, 2010. kaya for sure pupuntahan namin ng tatay ko ung branch nila sa SM PAMPANGA. then im gonna find out tom.

  718. Posted by jade, at Reply

    sana mapayuhan nio ako kung ano ang taman kong gawin..pls anyone???

  719. Posted by jade, at Reply

    @Lala- hi. sa SM pampanga ka rin ba na scam?? musta ung pinapacancel mo? mabilis lang banilang iprocess dun?? ano ung hiningi/ginawa mo nung pumunta ka sa SM Pamp? same person din ung nag approach sakin name nia Aries. Tapos nung pinapasok na ako un Jon Paul Ninoy naman ung nag explain sakin tapos 2 manager pa ang nag convince sakin dun s a loob kse doubt na ako..then sobrang explain pa nila tapos napa swipe din ako kse ang galing nilang mag convince ng tao. Sana help mo naman ako kung ano ung ginawa mo..tomorrow mag 1 day plang ung policy inaplay ko.

  720. Posted by pat, at Reply

    bakit ganun ung sakin? nagbigay n ako ng letter to cancel ung insurance policy ko with receiving copy pa nun last may 17 pero pinadalan p din nila ako ng insurance policy kahapon may 26. kasi naswipe din ung card ko nung may 13 e decide kaagad ako ng pacancel nung may 17. tapos nagulat ako meron pinadala sa akin n policy. help nman po

  721. Posted by bitz, at Reply

    hi guyz !! got my policy cancelled na nung friday,, 30-45days dw processing ng chargeback of the amt they deducted on my cred card,, cust service asst lng kumausap xaken,, 1hour lng kme dun,, grabe !! nung unang punta cu dun to cancel 5 people kumausap xaken !! well at least settled na,, i’ll be checkng nlng on d bank,, g