Phiten bracelets: Do they work?


As we would very much like to think that staying healthy is all about eating the right food, it can also be about wearing the right accessories. For the longest time, I had thought Phiten was a brand name for badminton rackets and sports apparel. Though they do have apparel, they don’t sell badminton rackets. Their titanium is mainly in their bracelets and necklaces. It is believed to be able regulate the body’s bio-electric current helping the wearer relax more and suffer less pain.


I can echo all the marketing talk I heard about Phiten, but I would like to go to the heart of this blog post. Does it really work? The ultimate answer is dependent on other questions whose answers I will just list down. These are information that I found out by both trying the product and researching about it.

Top 5 questions about Phiten

1. How much is a necklace? A bracelet? The range is pretty wide. Necklaces and bracelets sell from P1,500 to P15,000, depending on the design. According to their sales and marketing department, there are varying degrees of the pureness in terms of titanium content, thus the varying prices. The more concentrated, the higher the price and efficacy.


2. Will the bioelectric regulating ions cease to be emitted after it “expires”? No, as long as the necklace or bracelet is not severed, it will continue to balance the negative and positive ions in your body. A Phiten never expires, as long as it is not cut.
3. Does it have to be in contact with the skin to work? Nope. You can have it on your person as mobile phone strap and it will still work, according to their people. As such, Phiten also has shirts, pillows, blankets and even house paint (no kidding) that will work as well as the necklaces and bracelets, if not better.
4. Have there been reported side effects from prolonged exposure to Phiten products? I had to ask this one. Phiten people have been steadfast in saying that there has never been any complaint about the titanium. Titanium is the same metal used for bone surgery. Because it is the only metal that is not rejected by the human body and also because it is not ingested, it is very safe.


5. Does Phiten work? If I am to base my answer on their number of believers, I’d say it does. So many athletes, businessmen, office workers and senior citizens across the globe who swear that it works for them. Phiten detractors say that it is mostly the placebo effect.  Anything you pick up and believe that it will work for you, will work for you.  Call it what you will but there is definitely something working here for Phiten. After exposing myself to this titanium product for more than 24 hours now, I feel that my carpal tunnel pains have been significantly lessened. Placebo? Perhaps, but there are so many people believing in it, like the members of the PBA and scions of wealthy taipans. Movie actors, celebrities and other captains of industry mostly wear the Phiten necklace or bracefight. Still think it’s all in the mind? Millions of people can’t be THAT wrong.

Skeptic? Try one of their bracelets or necklaces and find out for yourself.


  1. peachkins says:

    Arpee, this is very interesting…nice post.

  2. Chef Ward says:

    Yeah, I can agree to that. It’s really very interesting. But there’s one thing in common on all the people who have attested that it works. Is that they are all can afford. I still believe the old fashion way for a healthy living. That is proper diet, exercise, well rest and a good relationship with others.

  3. fritz says:

    I’ve had titanium rings before. They don’t tarnish so so they retain that sheen for longer without the need to buff them every so often. They’re like surgical stainless steel but with a grayish hue. They’re as pure as any titanium can get and a ring costs around 600 at the most. Very trendy (not loud) designs, too.

    It’s the titanium in Phiten that does the magic, yes? How do you think would it differ from those rings in terms of efficacy in continuing “to balance the negative and positive ions in your body?”

    • Arpee says:

      I honestly don’t know how different it is with the other titanium rings, as I haven’t tried any other titanium accessory other than Phiten. However, I can tell you based on first-hand experience that since I started wearing the Phiten bracelet, the shooting pain of my carpal tunnel problem has not recurred. Normally it would happen every now and then, when I reach for something, when I try to scratch my back and even while holding a spoon. Call it placebo, but I am a definite believer. I’ve been doing all those things since then and the shooting pain hasn’t happened, yet.

  4. rommel says:

    Placebo effect…. just like the power balance…

  5. bem says:

    i can attest also that after wearing phiten products, i feel much better and feel less stress than before. There’s something different and i can feel it. less fatigue and less pain when doing workouts. placebo effect? maybe but i’m sure it’s working for me and others out there.

  6. Junie says:

    Hi Arpee,

    I too was a skeptic. But being an avid badminton aficionado, for 7 years now, who was already wearing knee braces, wrist and elbow braces to play a decent game of badminton (not to mention having to take pain killers and apply lots of liniment) I was willing to try anything.

    Fortunately, during a reunion with my elementary classmates, i saw them wearing something in common, it was in fact, the Power Balance bracelet, and they said, it helped them a lot in their physical activities. Being a cautious buyer, i did my research online (thanks google) and decided i’d try out and purchase one for myself. I decided to get a Phiten 3-bone Rakuwa Bracelet.

    After taking the plunge, i am glad to announce that in the few days i wore it, i stopped using all the braces i wore when i played badminton. Even the painkillers, i stopped taking them already. I got back the youthful energy and agility which i thought had been lost forever.

    I know there are many skeptical about this, I was one of them too.

    Phiten made a believer out of me, and for people who arent using this yet, well, its their loss. 🙂

  7. OVidandAbia says:

    placeebo or not, i like to try it, what matters most is, gumagana sa health ng tao.

  8. Oliver says:

    I started my fascination with magnetic therapy method like iRenew bracelet because I was having a knee pain due to tedious long hours of running on a treadmill. Then, one day I thought I try something similar such as Trion Z bracelet to match it with iRenew and have bracelets on each wrist. Then, somehow for some odd reason, I was doing squat heavily that cause my shoulder and neck painfully for a week. I wasn’t sure what was going and why my bracelets weren’t working for me. And this where led me to try another product, I thought I need a necklace to get rid of my shoulder and neck pain. It worked, but I wasn’t fully content with the result. So finally I did some experimentation. I took off iRenew and Trion Z when I went to sleep and left my bracelet on over night. Woke the next day and my shoulder and neck pain was almost gone. Then, another weird thing happen. That morning, I put two of the bracelets back on and my pain started to return slowly, so I took it off again. I thought maybe because iRenew and Trion Z are not made of Titanium and maybe conflicting with Phiten Necklace. I couldn’t stand not having a bracelet so to avoid another conflict with Phiten Bracelet, I bought another bracelet and this time it was the Sports series Phiten bracelet and ever since then, my experienced with the combination of Phiten bracelet and necklace, the experienced I had has been remarkable and loving life as ever even through difficult time such as dealing with stress at work. I am a firm believer that this is not just placebo effect.

  9. Sinichi says:

    After I bought my first Phiten bracecelet, I hurriedly wore it as I was so fascinated about the effect of Phiten. My usual complaint is ache on my shoulder. After 4 days of wearing my Phiten bracelet which is X50 I noticed that the usual ache and pain on my shoulder as if it was swept. Been working 12 hours a day 6 days a week and sitting for a long period of time in font of my PC. I can attest that Phiten really works for me and I think it has nothing to do with placebo effect as those skeptic about the effect of the product sarcastically says. Try it and feel the difference.

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