Jollibee Online Delivery is now available!


Yup! Jollibee Online Delivery is now up and running. You can now order online  your favorite Jollibee meals through the convenience of the world wide web. Just go to! No need for paypal or any online currency. You just need to place the order online, wait for their call and pay the food when it gets there.

Don’t know how to work the website? Worry not. It’s as easy as Peach Mango Pie! Watch this video on how to order using Jollibee Online Delivery.

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  1. Posted by Chef Ward, at Reply

    That’s cool!

  2. Posted by wyatt, at Reply

    tried it in angeles. it works.

  3. Posted by philippines classified ads, at Reply

    Cool! With this online order wherever you are, your craving for your favorite Jollibee meal is not a problem in just a click away your order will be deliver. Jollibee you’re the #1!

  4. Posted by armers, at Reply

    Is it available here in baguio city, by the way i created an account but i cant log in.

  5. Posted by lily, at Reply

    im living abroad and i want to surprise my family in philippines by ordering online through jolibee i want to pay it myself through my bank account jow can i do that?…

  6. Posted by catherine, at Reply

    1 pc palabok
    1 jolly hotdog with cheese
    1 regular yum
    1 sundae
    1 regular fries

  7. Posted by assej, at Reply

    is it possible to order abroad?im dying to eat jollibee!please here at korea :(