Sambokojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill: A Great Buffet Restaurant


Named after the Japanese god of the kitchen, Sambokojin Yakiniku Smokeless Grill is a place where Japanese and Korean food come together. Sambokojin Restaurant is an example of the Yakiniku style of dining, where raw meats are provided and diners cook these over a grill and dip the meats in whatever sauce they like. That’s the Japanese part of the buffet. The Korean part comprise the cooked dishes served as part of the buffet: Chapchae, Korean beef stew (loved this one), tofu steak and six or seven selections of Korean appetizers including a variety of kimchis in all shapes and sizes. I happen to love kimchi (spicy pickled vegetables).


I love the service. The staff will fawn over you like you’re some kind of celebrity. At P495 per person, that’s an absolute steal! I can’t help but compare this to Yakimix in Greenbelt, which I love to go to but the terribly heavy lunch and dinner crowds can take your appetite away and make you settle for fast food. Good thing about Sambokojin is that they just opened last November 26. Yeah very new, thus less people go there. For now. I will enjoy this place for as often as I can while there are few customers. However, come Christmas time, it’s going to be a different story. Until then, I recommend you to come and enjoy Sambokojin.


See that? Those are real black tiger prawns, not the pretend prawns they serve at Yakimix. Dito pa lang, sulit na yung P495 mo! I love the way the food is arranged here. Unlike Yakimix, Sambokojin’s plates are located under every buffet table, so when you see something you like, you just reach underneath, grab a clean plate and fill it to your heart’s delight. Did I say they also have ox tongue? Well, I just did.

Top 5 tips on how make the most out of the Sambokojin buffet

I want to share some tips that my friends and I talked about during lunch. These are important tips to remember when dining at Sambokojin:

  1. Make sure there are no leftovers. Because if there are, you pay an additional P100 pesos! To save money and make the most out of it, just get what you can eat, because you can always come back for more. Putting too much food on your plate and not finishing it is wasteful.
  2. Don’t drink too much water/juice/soda. This is important in any buffet. If you want to enjoy your money to the fullest, just take sips while eating because the liquids can make you full faster. Take your time to chew and savor the food. Don’t just swallow after two bites.
  3. Avoid rice. Unless you really want to have some of the Kamameshi Rice which they will offer you, I suggest that you stick to the grilled items and ignore the starch.
  4. Keep the fire on the lowest setting because you will tend to overcook your meats during lunch conversations. Be mindful of what you’re cooking because most meats shrink and when they burn, they won’t taste good. Again, good food goes to waste.
  5. Don’t mix your desserts with your main course. Do not use the same plate because everything on it will taste weird. Just get a new one. The waiting staff will take away used plates .


When you arrive the staff will give you a small bowl of lumped fat. Use this as your oil on the grill. Do not eat it because it’s too oily and it doesn’t taste good. It’s just there to provide oil to the grill.


Their Chapchae tastes better than most Korean restaurants I know in the city. Really good. You should also try the Korean beef stew and beef curry.


Desserts are always grand at Sambokojin. A plethora of choices abound! There’s chocolate fondue, fruits, cakes, cheesecakes, shortcakes and ice cream with toppings. I love their Brazo de Mercedes. Seems like it was homemade or something.


Sambokojin has a salad bar that has been overshadowed by their delicious Ebi Tempura. Beside it is their appetizers, which as mostly Korean.


The sushi was wonderful.



Rolls, rolls and much more.



Sambokojin is located at Eastwood Citywalk, Quezon City, at the second floor of Something Fishy. For reservations call 421-0145 or 421-0146. Buffet rates depend on the time and day of your visit.
Monday to Friday P495 – Lunch only
Monday to Friday P595 – Dinner only
Saturday and Sunday P595 – Lunch & Dinner

Bottomless drinks:
Iced tea – P85
Soda – P81


  1. Kat says:

    Yay! Still drafting mine. :p

    I agree with the service. It’s the first time I ever had any crew ask my name and tell me theirs, and talk to me like I’m someone worth their time. Kulang nalang they stand right next to me and as soon as my plate’s empty, they whisk it away. Panalo! Food + Service = WIN!

  2. roni says:

    is there a yakimix in greenbelt?

    • Arpee says:

      yes there is. it’s better than most other branches, but after trying Sambokojin, i decided to bring my friends and family here instead.

  3. iya says:

    shoot. ang layo. dear lord, sana meron din po sa makati.

  4. Zee says:

    ARPEE, YOU NEVER FAIL TO INFLUENCE MY DINING DECISIONS. I’m soooo going to visit this place.

  5. Lito BAlquiedra says:

    Thank you guys for trying out Sambokojin. We’re glad you liked our food and service. Please spread the woed to your friends. Again, domo arigato.

  6. Kat says:

    Arpee, finally got my post up haha. Kapagod mag-isip. I’m envious kasi you got to eat here again. I’ll drag my sibs there one of these days.

    Sir Lito, props to your staff. Panalo sila!

  7. Gienecees says:

    Panalo dito, sulit… must try! =)

  8. FoxyReign says:

    Must go here soon!

  9. is there a yakimix in greenbelt?

  10. shoot. ang layo. dear lord, sana meron din po sa makati.

  11. Panalo dito, sulit… must try! =)

  12. Nona Mills says:

    Thank you guys for trying out Sambokojin. We’re glad you liked our food and service. Please spread the word to your friends. Again, domo arigato.

  13. Nimrod Arceño says:

    Shucksss….binabasa ko palang nakakagutom na..!Mukhang panalo nga dito, lapet lang sa office toh, cybeone bldg ako nagwowork so anytime pwede,,,ayos!

  14. ady says:

    which is better?yakimix or this?:)

  15. fil_kusinero says:

    I agree, it’s not only the food, but also the service that makes this restaurant a true winner. the only buffet type of meal i’ve experienced where the waiters would recommned or encourage the customers to try their best dishes –the US beef in my case.

  16. Kat says:

    Looks like Sambokojin’s expanding! I saw a sign for a new branch along EDSA, just beside Dad’s/Saisaki.

  17. lolit says:

    wow…love japanese and korean food…hope we could visit

  18. nesa says:

    food was good at sambokojin.

  19. Eric says:

    What time do Sambokojin opens Saturdays & Sundays?

    Is this the same as DADs/Saisaki, only up to 2pm.


  20. yohc says:

    pare parang lagi ka kumakain ng buffet ah, kaw ba si sambokojin?

  21. jhea says:

    is there a sambokojin in SM mega mall?? im planning to celebrate my birthday here

  22. eva says:

    We’ve tried Sambokojin Edsa…money’s worth naman…

  23. Gracy says:

    bakit ang lalayo naman ng mg to? nasa fairview ako, traffic pa inis!

  24. Antonio V. Salonga says:

    During my recent Holiday I was invited there and honestly, the food is great, the service is superb at a price you can afford. I did return 2x before I left the PH. Nice innovation, oh by the way, the place is also very clean, one negative point is that they should have 2 Restroom upstair ( i know there is one downstair)In a scale of 10, i’ll give you guys an 8.8. Thanks for my nephew, Lorenzo “renchie” Vera Cruz, he brought us to the place.

  25. You’ve got the best grill in the country…Sarap!!!!

  26. lizel says:

    sobrang sarap talaga!sarap balik balikan…

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