Gardenia Breads: How Do They Make It


Every household in the Philippines is familiar with Gardenia Breads because almost everyone in the Philippines must have tasted Gardenia Bread at least once. In my home, I am never without a loaf of Gardenia in my pantry. For snack time, I sometimes buy the Fun Bun filled with Ube, because it is my favorite flavor. Gardenia loaves come and go and we hardly notice it until we run out.


I once had the opportunity of visiting the Gardenia plant in Laguna. The plant was huge beyond what I imagined. The plant had machinery that could produce 650,000 loaves of bread and buns in a single day! It was a tower of bread that seemed to tirelessly churn out loaf after loaf. Adults and schoolchildren alike were in awe of the mechanized wonder that made our the most crucial part of our favorite sandwich. I was surprised to learn that all of the nation’s Gardenia breads came from this one huge factory, with distribution sites that continuously ship breads from Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao on a full 24-hour shift.


Here’s something you might want to know about; how to tell if the bread you got is made the day you bought it not. There are dates on the G-lock tabs of every loaf and that tells you the expiration date of the bread, but what it doesn’t tell you is when it was baked. The colors are keys to this information.  The G-lock tabs are color-coded a represents the day when the bread was baked. Mind you that the day it represents is the day of that very week when you bought your bread, not last week. The next time you buy your Gardenia bread, look at the color of the G-lock tab and look at the list below.

  • Tan – Monday
  • Orange- Tuesday
  • Yellow – Wednesday
  • Blue – Thursday
  • Green – Friday
  • Red – Saturday
  • White – Sunday



  1. Kat says:

    Look at that wall of bread!

  2. shyne says:

    cinnamon flavor meron din sana sa gardenia..cinnamon bread with raisins..

  3. regina pagaspas says:


  4. Normita dela Cruz says:

    Yes, I’ve love Gardenia breads the first time I tasted them. It’s true that you can eat it as is (or on its own). So delicious indeed! They have different varieties of bread & I love their pandesal too. When I come to visit Singapore, I miss this bread, it’s not available here. With so many Filipinos here, I think it will be a hit if it will be introduced here.

  5. elizabeth taylor says:

    i love gardenia! i love their pinoy tasty. yum yum yum!!!!

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