Bonifacio High Street South Block: Our Newest Foodie Haven

11.11.11, today’s date is the launch of the long-awaited Bonifacio High Street South. It’s where the other end of High Street tapers off, right in front of ROX, the sporting goods store.

On this site will rise an ultra-chic department store (aka mall), an ampitheatre (where they had an awesome light and sound show) and (brace yourselves) CINEMAS!  Yes, finally there will a decent alternative to the cinemas of Market! Market!  I love watching movies and dining out, so you can imagine how excited I am.


Already there’s Jamba Juice in the area and there are a lot of people lining up for their Jamba fix. This is reminiscent of the old Greenbelt when there used to be a park, pond and a skating rink beside the old Ayala Museum. Strumm’s used to be the hippest place to be in the area while diners could be seen by passers by cutting through Greenbelt Park coming from South Supermarket, where Greenbelt 3 is now situated.

Shoppers will soon be bustling to and fro, and so will we to the next foodie paradise! Not sure if they will be open by Christmas, probably a little too much to hope for. I noticed this new section of High Street will be very close to the new Shangrila Hotel being built at the Fort. Employees in the neighboring offices will have a grand time shopping and dining at the new mall replete with amenities that Ayala Land has been known for. See you there soon!

To know more, talk to Alveo Land for more information.

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  1. Arpee says:

    Sorry for using your pictures without acknowledgement. I hate that too when that happens to me. Those pictures were sent to me by someone, I didn’t know she took it out of your site. I have already taken them out, as you can see.

    Incidentally, I know Janette Torral too! Wow, we have a common friend. Please do give my regards to her. Thank you for gracing my site.

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