Jollibee Floats: A Great Summer Treat

Jollibee Float is now available at P45 pesos each with their new flavors Chocolate and Coffee. Personally, I like the coffee-flavored float. It tastes almost like the Starbucks variety. The ice cream on top is smooth, soft-serve ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup swimming in strong-flavored iced coffee. It’s a nice and comforting tall, icy glass of refreshing cold coffee goodness. I work nights and it’s one of the main reasons why I love the Coffee Float. My resistance to caffeine is quite low thus a tall glass of Jollibee Coffee Float will keep me awake for hours.

Compared to the old varieties of the Jollibee Float, the Chocolate and Coffee flavors have more substance, nutrients and health benefits other than raising your blood sugar levels. Coffee contains anti-oxidants that have been proven to be beneficial to health. Chocolate, on the other hand, has equally good effects on your well-being. Dark chocolate has even been proven to help prevent cancer.

I think the Coffee float is a fantastic dessert and summer refreshment. The mixture of flavors, i.e. the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, go very well together. I don’t think there is a store out there that sells a similar product. ┬áSo for those seeking a break from all the sweet-tooth sweetness of fruity, sugar-water floats, Jollibee Floats are your best bet.

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