Lunch with AHA Philippines and Chefs Michael Ty and Chris Neary

masterchef series

I had the privilege of tasting the world-famous cuisine of Chef Michael Ty and Chef Chris Neary at the invitation of AHA Philippines. This culinary school has been making waves in its industry. Sadly, this school does not get the kind of media mileage it deserves in the Philippines. If only culinary school students and future students learned about AHA Philippines, many of them would probably decide to study here. Tuition is not as high as most culinary schools in the Philippines. For more information on their fees, I recommend you visit their website and be pleasantly surprised.


AHA Philippines is very serious about the education of their students. The Master Chef series is testament to their commitment of ensuring that their students learn from the best in the business. I was invited to meet the chefs and was even further privileged to dine with them. It was a most wonderful lunch indeed. Among those served to us was Burgoo, a stew made from pork, chicken and vegetables. I don’t know exactly why their burgoo was dark, but it was so delicious.


Burgoo is known as a “social stew” because it is usually served during fund raisers in the US and in Europe. Burgoo is a dish that celebrates communality. Because it is traditionally made with meat scraps, it is not expensive but definitely makes a statement.

Then the main course of crab cakes, fish and veggies with cilantro. Loved it!


I loved the fish.


Visit the AHA Philippines website and see their various course offerings. If you want to study in a serious culinary school, consider AHA Philippines.


  1. Thanks Arpee!!!!!!

    HOpe to see you in our Toba Garrett event this October 1, 3-5PM for a cake decorating showdown among press people! Again, thanks thanks so much for all your support!!!

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