Solaire Resorts and Casino Manila to open in March 2013

Picture 180

This is the new Solaire Resorts and Casinos. From this picture you will see how much of it has been finished and how much more needs to be done to look like this:

Picture 183

This is the new playground of the rich and the high-roller. This resort hotel is more geared to servicing the high-rollers or whales as they are sometimes called. There is a reason for the seemingly discriminate marketing and business model. The target market of this property are the VIPs or the high-rollers because of the Philippine’s gaming tax of only 15% for the VIPs, versus the 40% gaming tax of Macau and other territories.

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The leadership of Solaire Resort and Casino Manila are led by Don Almeda. I am personally looking forward to trying some of their restaurants, which boast of having no less than 250 seats per restaurant. the buffet restaurant Fresh, is something to look forward to.

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Solaire management was only too happy to announce that the casino was going to employ 4,500 local hires, 8% of this figure will be OFWs with experience in cruise ships and international casinos. That bit of news garnered applause from the audience. It is wonderful to hear that OFWs are coming home and working where they should be. No need to bring home the bacon; bacon’s coming home to us.

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Let’s see what good things this casino will bring to us and our economy. I feel hopeful that Solaire will be the next hot destination for locals as well as the high-rollers.


  1. Another world class Resort/hotel and casino in the Philippines!

  2. Mike says:

    So excited with this development of Entertainment City.

  3. I can’t wait to visit this place when they open. Its nice that a lot world class hotels are sprouting up in the country 🙂

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