Countryside Restaurant: Home-cooked meals along Katipunan Ave

Nov 13, 2012, 13:26

I now know what restaurant causes the most traffic in the Blue Ridge/Katipunan area. And with good reason. I was passing through this area when I saw an empty parking slot right in front of this restaurant. I figured it was a sign from God that I should go and try it, and try it I did.

Nov 13, 2012, 13:22

On the far right is Nanay Nerissa Aquino, owner and chef of the place. She said minutes before I arrived, a bunch of PBA players were falling in line for her Calderetang Kambing (goat stew in tomato sauce) and grilled goodies. There are several things that you will immediately notice when you walk in the place; yes it is a carinderia with chairs and tables both inside and outside the restaurant. However, it is a full-service carinderia. Don’t expect a menu because all the good stuff is right there in front of you.

Nov 13, 2012, 13:11

I was never the type who ate Adobong Pusit (squid cooked in soy sauce and vinegar), because squid is usually tough to eat, but Nanay Nerissa’s squid is soft and tender and the flavors are amazing. I ordered sizzling Asadong Lengua (braised ox tongue served on a sizzling plate) and it was quite a surprise. I didn’t taste like the usual salty fare found in most eateries. Countryside Restaurant is in a niche of its own.

Nov 13, 2012, 13:12

Not much to say here except that it’s a must-try. Things to remember; there is hardly any parking though they are supposed to have a guarded lot near Conti’s but don’t expect to have an easy time finding parking space during peak hours. The place is pretty much a Carinderia so don’t look for a maitre d’ or a valet. Taste the food before you complain about the prices. My Adobong Pusit cost P100 without rice, but with one taste and you will understand why. This place is not cheap; it is reasonable. If you are in a wheelchair, best for you to have takeout, unless there is someone who can carry you from the chair to the dining area. Because of road improvements, the main road has gotten higher than restaurant’s ground floor so there will be steps going down from the street. They are not access-friendly. Below are their contact information:

228 Katipunan Ave., Blue Ridge
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
(+63 2) 647-1448

Operating Hours
Open everyday from 9:30am to 2am


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  1. chito fernandez says:

    masarap daw ang luto dyan?

    are you open for business this coming holidays, 1-2 november? i plan to bring my family there after our visits there nearby.


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