My experience with the MyPhone A919


For Christmas I planned to buy myself a new smartphone. My budget was rather modest, I did not intend to go higher than P12,000. That being the case, most of the high-end phone were automatically out of my reach. The Samsung S2 and S3 were all in the P20,000 plus range. The IPhone was even farther off, the new IPhone 5 retails for P33,000, prepaid. I decided to see if the Sony Xperia had something for me. Sony did, the problem was the the screen was rather small, 3.2 inches or so. Logically, I went down the line and started looking at Alcatel models. While at a store in the Park Square area, I saw a line of people. Curious of what it was, I squeezed myself into the crowd and I saw it was someone taking orders for the MyPhone A919. I looked at the brochures and because the price was affordable (P7,990) I queued my name in the order list. Apparently, there was going to be an arrival of units after 3 hours that day. After three hours and a half, I got my unit. I love my MyPhone.


I like the screen because it’s 5 inches. They call it a “phablet”, a cross between a phone and a tablet. I already own an IPad 3 and I wasn’t in the market for a tablet, but I like the big screen because my eyes are not as good as they used to be. I got more than just a good screen. I also got a very efficient smartphone. I put an extra Smart Bro sim in the other sim tray and I enjoy superfast Internet when I’m out of the house. I just load up when I will go where there isn’t any wifi. I even use it as a hotspot for my IPad.

Let me tell you what I mean by efficient. I get my emails in real-time (push email), both my Gmail and my personal email. GPS is as good as any because I get to check into to foursquare anywhere I go. When I go to an event, I no longer bring a camera. I use the phone’s camera and post it to social media just as fast. I downloaded the flickr app and automatically uploads to flickr to I can just grab the image from the website when I get home and begin blogging. It automatically kills other processes to free up RAM and this happens without any lag in the screen and performance. For its price, it can do what most high-end smartphones can. I am so loving the 8-megapixel camera! It also has video call function and allows me to take panoramic photos. It synchronizes to my pc without a hitch.


The image above was taken with the MyPhone A919. Best of all, I was never paid by MyPhone to write this review. See the receipt above. My overall experience with this device is so good my friends are actually getting tired of hearing me rave. I have managed to influence other people to buy one and they too have been convinced about the smartness of buying this phone, rather than an IPhone or a high-end Samsung. In the race for the best smartphone, I believe price has become a crucial aspect of the buying process. There is the user experience that most people would pay through the nose for, but the MyPhone’s user experience is not too different from that of an expensive gadget. Besides, it’s also Android, an OS used by HTC, Samsung and Sony. I have used IOS too and it is a good experience, but the price is terribly prohibitive. I don’t think it is wise to put so much money in a device that speaks more status than service, although that depends on what you value the most. For me, it is efficiency and price. Like a car, if it gets me from point A to point B safely and comfortably, it’s a good buy. Besides, if I am to show off, what better way than to show off with a little patriotism?



See this link for the phone’s specs. It is called the Micromax A110 in India.

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  1. Posted by Mastahflan, at Reply

    saan pu kayo nakaorder?

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      i got mine from ADI telecom at park square 1

    • Posted by Aldeen Presbitero, at Reply

      I got mine from sm sta rosa

  2. Posted by netnavi, at Reply

    check the picture of the receipt.

  3. Posted by Searching for gps.... problem, at Reply

    ayaw gumana ang gps ang nabili ko. it says…”Searching for GPS” ni minsan di pa nagbabago.

    • Posted by pen, at Reply

      service center lang katapat nyan!

  4. Posted by erick, at Reply

    i want to buy myphone a919, but i will wait for your phone 919 if you dont want it anymore.

  5. Posted by rose falcis, at Reply

    ano po yun 550 na binili nyo???

  6. Posted by Eric John Clavio Posesano, at Reply

    Yo bro on your last pic, is that a crystal casing or my eyes just deceive me? I got a919 too but its hard to find a casing like that to protect the back part of my phone. If you know one can you tell me where to buy? maybe near SM North or Cubao will do. Thanks in advance an nice review you got here. :)

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      as i mentoned in my email to you, there i got that silicone casing also at park square 1. medyo mahal lang kasi nagiisa lang syang nagtitinda nun. inbought itnfor 200 pesos

  7. Posted by Jude, at Reply

    hala! pinakita ang imei!

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      @jude, thanks for pointing that out!

  8. Posted by Warren Chu, at Reply

    I’m a mobile phone dealer, and myphone is our #1 selling brand, I am currently using an A919, its an amazing phone, and myphone didn’t give it to me, but I paid dealer’s price hahahaha.

  9. Posted by TVXQsam, at Reply

    Before the December came, I was dreaming to have a phone like yours. But things went complicated and down when I got out of my training. All of my dreams were trashed out including that one. T______T I’m so envious of others or those who got to buy that phone. Now, it seems they are limited, I lost my hope having one. How lucky you are!! I really love myphone. No other Pinoy phones would ever replace them in my heart. Take care!! Sorry for being down. I’m just…….whatever! Don’t mind it anymore!

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      @TVXQsam, hindi naman sya super mahal, you can buy one. sa sm cubao daming stock or you can try going to ADI telecom in park square 1 where i got mine.

  10. Posted by Pit., at Reply

    Eric John Clavio Posesano
    Just look on sulit.

  11. Posted by gil irinco, at Reply

    i have one!!! and i really like this fone,amazing pinoy fone,good job,well done!

  12. Posted by ayaka, at Reply

    Yeah i also got my last wed at automatic centre at rob galeria i tot it was 7990 pero discounted pa sya so i just bought it for only 7720… i really like a919 but im woried about the led light it doesnt change any other color just red and yellow lang, i use go sms.. i also bought a jelly case at myphone quiapo… at may ask pano po ung pag capture/ print screen :)

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      best to return it right away while it is still under warranty

  13. Posted by Sheena, at Reply

    Awesome! I hope that this is easy to find. I do not want to play hide and seek with a phone. Is this available in SM North edsa?

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      i got mine in park square. if you get to a store that does not have it, ask when their orders will arrive. i heard there is enough stock of A919 at SM cubao

  14. Posted by Michael, at Reply

    You did a colossal impact on your write-up about the myPhone A919 unit. I am on the verge of finalizing what I should buy to replace my old myPhone Q21 which I bought more than 5 years back already. Though the unit is still truly and amazingly functional, I guess I got to reward myself with something new and fantastic. I did a tiring canvassing of units through the internet. My criteria? same as what you’ve iterated. I don’t go for high-end phones. Knowing that technology gets to play people’s qualms on tech hype, you will be off-driven by the fast changes/updates these electronic gadgets have gone into. Well, now I have fixed my mind! myPhone A919 is definitely the phone I am going to buy for myself!!! Thanks for your comprehensive experience with myPhone A919 ……….. :)

  15. Posted by Michael, at Reply

    By the way, which unit is much amiable (for me) to have, black or white? :)

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      the black is not yet as widely available as the white.

  16. Posted by apple, at Reply

    hello..have you tried testing the alcatel 997d? im torn between alcatel and myphone 919

  17. Posted by Derick, at Reply


    What a nice blog you have. I am planning to buy this phone tomorrow and I am curious on how to set the GPRS on this unit. I am planning to use my SUN CELLULAR postpaid sim on this unit and eventually use the unit for tethering, too.

    How did you do it?

    Thanks. More power

  18. Posted by JJ, at Reply


    Have you tested its GPS?

    I am not sure if the problem is just with my unit or the A919 model. I can’t get a decent GPS signal. The message is always “Searching for GPS” or “No GPS”.


    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      gps on my unit is working well

  19. Posted by Derick, at Reply

    I am using my SUN postpaid sim on the unit and the internet is running pretty decently but the 3g is not fast.. why???

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      as for the internet, i am using a smart bro sim card. internet is so fast

  20. Posted by jho, at Reply

    i got mine last friday (12-21-12), never thought twice about it because i know it’s worth the money. yay!

  21. Posted by Rence, at Reply

    Where did u buy ur protective case?

    • Posted by Arpee, at Reply

      i got it from park square in makati

  22. Posted by erick, at Reply

    where to download pinoy app content for this phone?thanks

  23. Posted by vincent, at Reply

    me i just got my a919 in sulit grabe tyagaan lng yan i got it for only P6,8k astig talaga ang myphone

  24. Posted by Lawrance Navalta, at Reply

    mas maganda po yan pag nai root up mag dadagdag po yan sa ram at speed

  25. Posted by Daniel Angeles Fernandez, at Reply

    Sa mga naghhanap ng Pinoy2 Content simply follow this link:

  26. Posted by ヅ ArViN sEcIlLaNo (@CALLYAXE), at Reply

    hmmmmmmmmmmm lahat po ba ng accessories like LCD Screen and many more may mabbili na po ba sa mga stores most especially in Provinces. Ang hirap Kc kapag nag crack ang LCD and then not available in the market. hope you correspond to my query.

  27. Posted by Arpee, at Reply

    best to coordinate with the store where you got your myphone, especially with matters regarding warranty and repair. i’ve dropped my 919 twice already and it is still in great condition. however i dont recommend you drop yours just to test it. with normal use the lcd is tough enough to withstand minor bumps and bruises. i dont think you have to worry about the lcd cracking by itself. buy a case and screen protector and you’re all set.

  28. Posted by kim, at Reply

    same with you guys, im also using a919, ang problem ko lang ay meron bang nakakaalam na website kung saan makakakita ng user guide/manual ang a919 ntin? wla kasing ksama, ang hirap kapain. hehehe