Me and my butane stove

It’s been more than a year since I decided to move to a small apartment in downtown CBD and only lately did I realize the importance of knowing how to cook. At first it seemed fun, but eating out often can be more detrimental that just plain convenient. My flat didn’t have any cooking facilities so sometime in the later part of 2012, I decided to buy a small butane stove.

Portable Butane Gas Stove232

Originally I meant only to fry hotdogs, eggs and spam. Later on, I became more brazen and decided to try making more complicated dishes. From omelets to French Toast, I was slowly getting acquainted with my little stove that began reading recipes and started learning about how ingredients behaved under low heat, high heat and no heat. Lo and behold, the wonderful things that came out of my butane cooker.

Not so bad. Next time lalagyan ko na ng paminta, hehehe

This is my first attempt at making Hot Prawn Salad and my goodness, it was such a hit. My sister loved it, I loved it even more. I wolfed every single prawn piece and I am not planning to buy some more in the new year. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought it would be. Just read the recipe and follow it. Some recipes explain the science behind the technique, which I am just so very thankful. Another important resource is YouTube. This video hosting website taught me how to devein shrimp, flip pancakes and hard reset smartphones.

The one thing I managed to make a lot of is pork Adobo. I loved it! I would make a batch and bring it to potluck parties and I would get a considerable amount of compliments, which is not bad for a beginner cook such as myself.


So what’s my next adventure? Beef Roulade, Braised Ox Tongue or maybe even Fish and Chips. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy a proper stove next time.

From me to you and your loved ones, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you have more wealth, health and prosperity in 2013!


  1. Dante says:

    Good for you. I recommend adding chicken liver to you adobo. It will add wonders to your dish.

  2. Arpee says:

    that’s a good idea. pwede ba reno?

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