I like KFC’s Man-Sized Double Decker Chicken Burger

Nov 30, 2012, 15:08

Last November, I got to try the KFC Double Decker, which is basically the Double Down in a bun. I loved the Double Down because I love boneless KFC original recipe chicken. Well, bottomline is, I love Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Experience tells me that KFC is not the same in all countries in Asia. I’ve been several countries; Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the US, Spain, France and Portugal. I have had the wonderful privilege of saying that I have eaten at the KFCs in those places, except for Portugal, Japan and Malaysia. Yes, I had KFC in Paris which was a bit disappointing because it tasted nothing like the one in the US, which is actually very close to the KFC flavors we have grown to love in the Philippines.

I once had KFC in Singapore and it was downright appalling. The gravy flavor was different, no liver. Plus I had to pay for extra gravy, which tasted nasty. The chicken was alright but they eat it there with catsup which is such a shame.

I am fond of the Double Decker because I like my chicken burgers excessively flavorful and filling. I remember when the Double Down was first being introduced to the Philippines, it was actually difficult to find a KFC outlet that had it in stock, mostly because there was always a shortage of it. It’s not so bad with the bread because the bread adds depth to the sandwich and not just all savory flavors which can be satiating.

Check out their website for more information. Call KFC at 887-8888 if you want some delivered to your home.

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