Chinese Food Festival at The Strand Cafe


They still had me at P499. The Strand Cafe is the restaurant of One Pacific Place Residences, a serviced-apartment located along H.V. Dela Costa St, Salcedo Village, Makati City. In preparation for Chinese New Year, the Strand Cafe invited me over for lunch to try out their Chinese Food Festival buffet. Though the offerings are not complete as what they would offer on February 8, the food was already delectable. I can’t wait to try their full buffet come Chinese New Year.


I don’t think most people are not even aware that there is a restaurant that offers a good buffet at P499 in the middle of the Makati Central Business District. It is good for those who want to splurge a little and yet keep the budget strings as tight. For the price of P499, I believe this is very affordable.


The ambiance in this place reeks of power and prestige. High-level executives have lunch here on a regular basis and surprisingly, it is not as noisy as most other cafes of its kind. Normally, the lunch hour would be clanking ¬†and banging with plates and loud conversation, but the acoustics in this place is very good because you can speak as loud or soft as you like and still be audible well enough to keep the conversation within the table. Sitting there with some of the hotel executives, I realized we were not shouting at each other and did not need to exert extra effort to drown out the ambient noise as it is very minimal Every now and then you will hear the piped-in music, but most of the time I don’t hear it when I don’t want to.


The Chinese food is not the greasy spoon type. It is delectable and freshly prepared. Be aware that there are more dishes than just plain dimsum. There are noodles, but the chicken and pork dishes are wonderful. I loved the Soy Chicken and the Pork Asado. There is a selection of rice, if you prefer plain or fried rice. There are veggies, salads, soup and desserts. I love the Banana Samurai Crepe. It’s like Turon but it’s not. Can’t describe it well enough to do it justice. All I can say that you must give it a try. Go on, everything is only P499.

Banana Samurai Crepe

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