Ommason Kimchi Restaurant in Quezon City


I saw this restaurant when I dined at the Chic-Boy across the street. I told myself that the next time I was in the neighborhood I would make sure to stop and try their food. Thus came the opportune moment and I went with a grumbling stomach. I’m glad I did.


As you can see from their menu, the prices are not expensive unlike the Korean restaurants in the area. It’s a no-frills Korean snack house where you can enjoy Soju and your favorite Korean “side dishes”, as what most Koreans call it. I guess they like to call something that is eaten with rice as a side dish, for the lack of a better translation. The basic “side dish” are the primary appetizers which are free with whatever you order.


This Kimchi is so very, very good. Nothing really beats the real thing when compared with those sold in bottles or foil packs. They even have white Kimchi, fermenting inside a freezer, that didn’t have the usual chili powder and paste, thus the color white. Too bad I didnt try it. Next time I probably will.


I ordered Kimbap along with this Ramyeon, or chili noodle soup. The soup stock is very spicy and yet does not burn. I don’t know what they put in it, but it is very savory but not salty. In fact, it’s rather bland, but tasty at the same time. I don’t think it is something that came out of a pack because it was served very fast, like under 4 minutes. Even Lucky Me chicken noodles don’t cook that fast. However they made it, I loved it. Oh and it only costs P100. The Kimchi and other good stuff you might get a glimpse of in the background, were all free.

I would highly recommend that you visit this place if you are looking for authentic Korean food for a very low price. Their Kimbap sold for P80 and their Ramyeon for P100. Best meal I ever had in weeks.

Ommason Kimchi is located along Holy Spirit Avenue, Don Antonio Heights, Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City, right across Puregold Jr, Holy Spirit branch. Sorry I dont have number for them, but do stop by when you have the time. It’s worth the trip.

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