When you sell the bubble not the tea at Tokyo Bubble Tea Fort Bonifacio


Tokyo Bubble Tea is a nice place to look at. In my opinion, the place is so dolled up, they don’t need print ads to be noticed. True enough, word of mouth spreads so quickly that when I saw it across the building where I work I wasted no time in getting a table. I like the surroundings, very homey yet sophisticated. Looking at the menu, I saw that most of their items are in the P150 and up. The average meal would go from P300 up, depending on what you order and how much of it you eat. Still, price is never an issue for the impulsive diner that I am. I saved up money and all the loose change in my car just to have P1,100 pesos to enjoy the dimsum at Shangrila Manila’s Shang Palace, which happens to be well worth it. I like restaurants that is much like my barber. P250 for a haircut, P220 for a shave but the whole experience is well worth every cent. You probably see where I am going with this.

Tokyo Bubble Tea badly needs to spruce up their act, at least this branch at the Ground floor, The Fort Residences, 30th St. cor. 2nd Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City . The interior is very nice but it is far from parking, possibly because they cater mainly to employees of the surrounding office buildings. They are open from 9am to 3am, so if you plan to come here for dinner make sure you are ready to park a few blocks away.

Service is OK when you enter. I was greeted warmly by the lady at the door and she immediately gave me the menu and congenially answered my questions. After I gave my order a large group came in. A lady in a different uniform who seemed like a manager had the gall to ask me to move to a different table because she wanted to accommodate the large group in a long table! She was polite in asking but why in hell did she even ask in the first place?!

A restaurateur once said occupying a table is like renting an apartment. To rent the table and the service, you order food and drink. I already ordered food and drink and I like the table where I was because it was beside the glass wall where I could see the passers-by. I was happy where I was. After ordering, this Tokyo Bubble Tea manager asks to move because “para po madikit naming yung table nila.” Like I give a shit! I was there first! Is this how Tokyo Bubble Tea treats lone customers?

The food wasn’t exactly so fantastic as I’ve read in the reviews. See their Tempura.


Before I finished one piece, I started counting the pieces left. I know I’m bad with numbers but I also remember I ordered 5 pieces. After taking one I only saw 3 left. Wow! For a restaurant of supposedly their caliber, that mistake is a big one. They only serve Tempura in two portions, 3-piece and 5-piece. When I called their attention, the waitress took my order, while I was still eating the first one and got back to me 4 minutes later with 4 pieces. She apologized and seemed sincere, but that kind of mistake shouldn’t have happened at all.

Serving time took 17 minutes after I first ordered. That would have been OK if they served the Tempura crunchy and freshly cooked. It was almost chewy and there was more flour than Kitaro’s Tempura, which happens to be my standard in cheap Tempura. Makunat na yung harina, but the Tempura was warm, which gives me the impression that the Tempura must have been reheated.  The way they served it was equally disappointing. There was sauce all over the serving paper. Quite sloppy. See this photo:



Their milk tea is very generic. I still prefer Serenitea or that tea place in Eastwood, which is a whole lot cheaper. Tokyo Bubble Tea refers to Sago as “bubble”.  Your choice is you want to dine here. I will not be coming back unless I’m with a group I can’t say no to, or if someone pointed a gun to my head.

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  1. dante says:

    that’s what you get when a place doesn’t have a proper kitchen but a lot of microwave oven. for the soy sauce it’s an added service for you, you no longer need to dip the tempura for it is already soak for your

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