Boy Bawang’s Big Daddy corn chips is here!


Just out last February, Boy Bawang has now transcended beyond corn nuts, they now have CORN CHIPS! Saw this at a friend’s house and I was surprised that it tasted way better than the usual corn chips that I buy. Seeing that my friend was stashing them away, I didn’t allow myself to go home without a whole bag. This is crunchier than the usual and because Boy Bawang knows the Pinoy taste bud better than Doritos or any of those imported corn chip makers, I think this product will hit the market in a big way, perhaps at par with the Boy Bawang phenomenon. I saw this being sold online to Pinoys abroad. I wouldn’t blame them for paying a few extra bucks for this product. Boy Bawang is the penultimate taste of home. It is salty, savory and definitely delicious.

It’s a weekend! Watch your favorite movie and grab a bag of Big Daddy corn chips. It goes well with ice-cold softdrinks! Pwede rin beer if you’re into that.

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