Camera confessions

Yes my dear reader, I am guilty as hell. Guilty of never even wanting to buy a DSLR (because I’d rather spend it on a new laptop) and guilty of using only a MyPhone A919 camera for most of my pictures here. If not the IPad 3’s camera, most of the images you will see here are shot using a P7990 -peso cell phone camera. I felt I had to disclose this. No this is not a sponsored post, because I bought this phone out of my own money (Christmas bonus 2012).

My point here is this, good photos need not be taken with an expensive camera. I don’t take the best pictures, but I just want them clear and distinct. I do have a P4,000 – peso point and shoot Canon, which takes beautiful pictures but sometimes I forget to bring it with me. Besides, with my phone I can immediately upload the picture and post in foursquare, instagram or facebook. A point and shoot that can do that will definitely have my attention.

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  1. dante says:

    The Nikon Coolpix S6500 and the Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 has WiFi capability that you will love

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