quickdelivery is such a disappointment

I never had qualms telling the world I love Tropical Hut hamburgers but 212-1212 can be such hassle! I loved the old delivery number when Tropical Hut handled their own orders. I’ve been saying repeatedly this delivery service NEEDS to improve. I ordered from them today and despite their P500 minimum I still went for it. quickdelivery said it will take 50 minutes (almost an hour) for the food to come here from Buendia. OK, I said. Then the agent told me that she I only have two minutes to cancel or change, I said it’s done. Seconds later she calls back to tell me there is Palabok and taking the Palabok out would make my bill less than P500, which meant it would not be delivered. There was no advice to pay a delivery charge instead if the total bill went lower than P500.

So again I went on this long litany of going through the bill of changing this, changing that. Then I said cancel it. I was hungry and was spending too much time talking about food and I didn’t want to order food that I didn’t want to eat. So I decided to cancel. The agent says I couldn’t because the burgers were being made already. Huh? A while ago she wasn’t sure of they had Palabok or not, now she knows the burgers were in the fryer. Really. I insisted I would cancel and they did.

I decided to go online and went to the Wendy’s delivery site. I filled out the form and hit Submit. I was told that Wendy’s would call me back to confirm my order. 30 minutes pass by, no call back. So I called Wendy’s delivery number at 533-33-33. Lo and behold, it was quickdelivery again. They said they had no record of such an online order. It had been 1 hour and 40 minutes since I decided to call for food. I told the lady on the other line “you guys need to improve your service.” She dutifully apologized and was polite about it. 

Bottom line is this: quickdelivery badly needs to improve their service or else they will losing customers really really fast. Right now, Mcdo or Jollibee seems to be the intelligent choice. I pray neither of them goes to quickdelivery. Mcdonald’s and Jollibee have some of the most reliable food delivery systems available.

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  1. rod salazar says:

    minsan nga fail sila. kaya basta delivery nagma mcdo na lang ako, mabilis pa.

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