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I amĀ appalledĀ at how some people are actually very proud to do drag racing along Macapagal Avenue. At whatever time of the day or night, there are people, commuters and travelers on these streets and drag racing, whether with old or new cars is just plain irresponsible. I am a motorist and I do not want to be hit by these erring drivers when I go to the Mall of Asia or to Solaire. They practically block the traffic and race along the highway even in the midst of so many motorists, as you can see from this screencap. The husband of the lady who shared these videos owns a car repair shop. I realize that this is his way of promoting his shop which is probably a good one, but racing like this is illegal and extremely dangerous. There is a reason why MMDA put a speed limit along Macapagal Ave; this is because there are now more cars than there used to be mostly going to the offices (some of which are 24/7), malls and casinos. More of such entertainment centers will soon be built and even more cars are expected to ply this route. If you do not stop drag racing, you are bound to either hit an innocent motorist/commuter or be injured yourselves. Boys, there are better ways of getting your adrenaline rush. If you really want to race, there are racing clubs you can join. Please stay off Macapagal Avenue because this is a public highway and not your personal playground. If you are unsure of the law, see this link.

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  1. oscar de leon says:

    may protektor siguro sila na pulis kaya hindi hinuhuli

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