iSense: A Revolution in Energy Management

Have you ever stopped to think how much money you could save if only you had absolute control over your electricity usage? If you were a restaurant that had peak and non-peak hours, wouldn’t it be great if your air conditioners and freezers were automatically controlled and constantly monitored? Right now, a huge part of a restaurant’s overheard go into consumables such as electricity and controlling the usage of this precious resource can divert money to the owners’ pockets rather than to MERALCO’s bulging coffers.

Recently, this author was able to have a conversation with Pixillusion Software’s big boss, Mr. Binky Kapunan. Pixillusion Software is an all-Filipino systems integration company specializing in transport and facilities management. They are pioneers in the development of GPS for asset-tracking, security and surveillance solutions. iSense is the perfect solution for monitoring energy management systems. See the image below:


This system allows you to view the energy consumption of every server, airconditioner or machine that you want to monitor. From your browser, you can download reports that date back to the installation of the system. iSense can also be customized to fit your monitoring and systems management needs without too much retrofitting: just hook up the sensors and you’re good to go.

If you’re an organization that needs constant monitoring of your transportation, surveillance or security systems, this is the solution for you. Restaurant owners who cannot afford expensive monitoring systems can get iSense and enjoy the savings and efficiency of a well-managed kitchen. For more information, you may visit

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