A Rebirth is a website originally intended to give information about laws and trends affecting persons with disabilities. After a year nothing has been achieved so I have decided to partner with some civic-minded professionals to get this website off the ground. A few days ago, we have put some fresh content, reintroduced our website and have sobered to sort out what we really wanted to achieve. For starters, wants to raise awareness about persons with disabilities. We realized that the biggest struggle of persons with disabilities is not a dearth of opportunities but social barriers that prevent them from mainstream social inclusion. Many of us have ridiculed them well enough to the point of destroying their dignity and self-esteem. Persons with disabilities are what it says right there; PERSONS. They have the same rights as we do and the same capacity as we do. They do not wish to become burdens to society. Many of them dream of having regular jobs and become productive like everybody else. PWDs deserve their dignity and respect just like you and me. Ridicule is just as hurtful to them as it is to you and me.

I encourage all my readers to please visit and make comments and suggestions. We will be going around soon and undertaking projects that will contribute to raising the awareness about them. Please like the Facebook fan page for and interact with other civic-minded individuals. If the website has managed to make you change see the PWD in a better light then that would have been a success for us.

Im pasting my favorite ASL video here. Hearing or not, Im sure you will enjoy it.



  1. PWD Ako says:

    If you’re a PWD and you’re poor, you’re double-f*^ked because the government doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about you. I hope can do something… anything that’s helpful. Thank you.

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