Mister Donut: Why do donuts have holes?

image borrowed from http://www.foodspotting.com/places/459305-mr-donut-stall-gaisano-country-mall-cebu/items/713933-triple-chocolate-bavarian-doughnut

image borrowed from http://www.foodspotting.com/places/459305-mr-donut-stall-gaisano-country-mall-cebu/items/713933-triple-chocolate-bavarian-doughnut

Many people may not know this but Mister Donut is now headquartered in Japan and not the US where it started. That may be the reason why Mister Donut donuts are less sweet that its American counterparts. Knowing how the Japanese can be so inventive and creative with food, it gives me a lot of assurance that Mister Donut will come out with a better product than its competitors.

Where did donuts come from?

I asked myself the same question years ago. Apparently, the modern donut as we know today is the more evolved form of the Dutch Oliekoek or “oil cake”.  It was said that Dutch immigrants brought this to the United States and was later adopted and known to be an American dish, probably because it is a kind of junk food and the Dutch won’t own up to it? Maybe, who knows?

Donut or doughnut?

I remember thinking about this for the longest time. According to my research, doughnut was the original name because the Dutch oil cake had sultanas and nuts in the center.  In really really old texts, the word “doughnut” has appeared earlier than the word “donut”, which appeared in the late 1900s which was probably their version of tinyurl during the early 20th century. These days, the only place I know that still uses the old, archaic spelling is Krispy Kreme. So if you are wondering which is the correct spelling, you can now go with “donut” without of fear of retribution :-).

Why is there a hole in the donut?

Surface area exposure. The Dutch oliekoek is a kind of round flour dumpling that was deep fried. The center of the oliekoek would normally be soft and almost uncooked because the heat of the oil would hardly reach the center of the oil cake without burning the outside shell. An American named Hanson Gregory thought of a way to get rid of half-cooked and gooey center by punching a hole in the oil cake prior to frying. The hole would remedy the uncooked center creating more surface area of the oil cake to be cooked by the boiling lard.

Mister Donut is one of the best donuts in town. Grab a box now.

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