Rak Of Aegis: A Must-See PETA Musical

I may have never seen the Broadway musical Rock of Ages, but I am about to witness something better, the Rak of Aegis! This musical is one of the most sought-after in theater for 2014 and we are all in for a treat. One of the most jologs and bakya bands of the 1990s has finally come to the theater scene and I am so proud to have been one of the first to have witnessed the media preview.  Mind you, I meant it as a compliment because this musical is a huge celebration of being jologs and bakya, primal elements of being Pinoy.

During the press con I promised Ms. Maribel Legarda, Rak of Aegis director, that I will not write spoilers regarding the story line. It is a PETA play so expect it to have a beautiful storyline courtesy of accomplished playwright Liza Magtoto. Rak of Aegis was supposedly borne out of a joke when the PETA artistic director Maribel Legarda saw the play Rock of Ages with a friend that suggested it would be better if they did a play that featured Aegis hits. The idea was contagious and two years after the joke, nobody was laughing anymore as they all dug their noses deep in conceptualizing the storyline, meeting the Aegis Band members and managers and re-arranging the songs.  Rak of Aegis features Aicelle Santos and Miss Saigon veterans Robert Cena and Isay Alvarez.  Here’s an except of their performance of the eternal Aegis hit, “Basang Basa sa Ulan.”

Ms. Legarda did say there won’t be a movie version, but you’ll never know. I personally never liked Aegis back in the 1990s, but if someone put a gun to my head and told me that the only way for me to survive was to sing an Aegis song, I could sing my way out of there. The LSS effects of any Aegis song is so great that you can’t forget it even decades after. It is Pinoy, it is emo, it is jologs and best of all, it is a PETA production. How can you wrong with that?

Rak of Aegis will begin its run on Jan 31, 2014 and will continue throughout all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until March 9, 2014. Bring a loved one, bring your kids, bring a date and watch the Rak of Aegis. Believe me, I hated listening to Aegis back in the 1990s. After the preview, I was singing “I Love You Na Lang Sa Tago” while driving home from Cubao to Makati. A must-watch for the Aegis band lover and more so, the hater.

For tickets, call Ticket World at 891-9999 or buy your tickets online. For group sales, contact PETA at 725-6244 or 0917-5765400, email them at petatheater@gmail.com or visit www.petatheater.com.


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