The Snack Shack in UP Diliman

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical. Then I heard this place was actually being lauded by culinary professionals at the American Hospital Academy, I figured I should finally go see this place for myself.

It was what they said it would be; a kiosk with a grill and a couple of ice boxes in the back. At the front of the kiosks were monoblock benches, not even tables where you can rest your elbows.  This is a small place, no different from the food stalls in the MRT stations.  However, the buzz emanates from their burgers; quarter pounder and (my favorite) the half-pounder. Pure beef, well-seasoned and grilled to perfection. At prices you will surely love.


I went there on a Friday, totally forgetting that Lent had already started and that Fridays were supposedly no-meat days, which delighted me because there were very few customers when normally there was a long line of people waiting for their fix.  I ordered a half-pounder and with a bottle of water (para healthy), I only paid P150. The burger itself was only P135.

They would grill it over hot coals and add double cheese, all inclusive in the P135 price tag. I was truly in burger heaven. It wasn’t too salty, but the the taste of beef was truly exquisite.  If at all they put bread crumbs, I didn’t even see it. The beef was delicious, almost with that milky taste that goes with fresh beef. Grilled, not fried!


Where is this place? If you are going to UP campus by public transportation, take the UP campus jeep from Quezon Ave and ask the driver to let you off in front of the UP Post Office. You will see it from there.

They have a FB fan page and you can like them here. To avoid long lines on days other than Friday, call them and tell them that you want to order ahead, because even on a Friday with few people buying, there is a serious waiting time, because they have to grill the burgers. They will not cook it if no one orders it. So call it in ahead of you before you go there so you can enjoy the burgers as soon as you arrive.

Address:  AREA 2 BRANCH: roces st. corner laurel st. near U.P. post office

Mobile:  09152599495 (Globe)

Email: [email protected]

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  1. Karl Ace says:

    Love the simplicity of the burger. Some new ones nowadays look so hefty you don’t know how to eat them.

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