FVR resigns. What now?

It made quite the buzz that former president Fidel Valdez Ramos aka FVR resigned from his job as special envoy to China. And he does it so with such diplomacy as if not wanting to offend the administration, or even giving them the elbow room to make excuses for his resignation. There hasn’t really been much explanation why he left, so wannabe pundits (like myself) can only speculate.

For starters, we know FVR doesn’t like the idea of the government cozying up to the leftists. I don’t know about you, but my generation was always taught that the communists are enemies of the state since after the Second Word War. The closed fist used by President Duterte was first used by the communist movement during the 1950s. Internationally, the clenched fist is known to mean defense in the face of violent attacks, or revolution. Communist groups have adopted this clenched fist to refer to their cause. A head of state that openly supports the communists when clearly laws have been passed outlawing such movement is quite disturbing, and this is even more confusing when FVR is known to openly support such an administration.  Being a military man, FVR knows only too well how our military have struggled and fought valiantly to defend us from the communist threat, and now the communists leaders are not just freed from the jails, they are wined and dined in Malacanan Palace as well.

FVR has openly crticized the Duterte administration as being “disappointing” and not having a full grasp of our history of mutual defense with the US. Now with his resignation, it behooves us to think that FVR’s disappointment with the administration may lead to something more “draconian.” What that is, we will probably find out soon enough.

Senator Trillanes, a former military officer, is not very happy with this government’s more-than-cozy friendship with China. He believes that the popularity of the duterte administration began to wane when this administration started implementing the “war on drugs” policy. True enough with thousands of dead druggies and suspected druggies in as short as 100 days, this is beginning to look like such a policy is basically anti-poor. Because most or almost all of the victims of the project “Tokhang” are poor people living in poor neighborhoods. Ever heard of a Tokhang victim living Dasmarinas Village, Forbes Park or Ayala Alabang? Chances are you havent, because Tokhang executions do not happen in these upscale village.

When will the poor realize they’ve been taken for a ride?  FVR has already severed ties with this administration. So what’s next?


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